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    Haha, there's no desire to be a know-it-all. Sharing knowledge or information just seems like a natural thing to do.
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    The worst of this particular incident is that the local Police fleet has now been reduced by 50%.
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    Nut job. We have more than our fair share of those here. You sometimes have to have thick skin and a short memory.
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    I've been copied on a number of condolences for this woman that have a common thread. "She did good work for us, always going above and beyond to help.."
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    What reason would your neighbors have for saying she got what she deserved???? Because she was a lawyer??? I ask all of you to look around in this community and you will find many retired lawyers doing very good things for this community.
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    Sad news. I knew her very well. I'm crushed.
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    I was shocked she said it, but she and her husband are very vocal on their hatred for lawyers. She sent me 6 smiley faces, with tears of joy... just darn gleeful. I will never speak to these nuts again. I'm sure they are the rare people, and most people don't jump up and down for joy at anyone's murder. When I told her I was absolutely appalled at her reaction, she said "f-you Jo, I'm allowed to speak my opinion". Wow. I'm saving that text for forever, in case I'm ever tempted to forget she actually said it.
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