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    Please. A lady is a lady and a gentleman should always have good words and compliments to ladies in a very respectul way. It doesnt have to do with any "dating" situation. It is only being and behaving like a gentleman under the presence of a lady and should not be seen as a personal approach. of any means
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    Well said Bud. Both Roger and as well Two Sailors are wonderful friends of mine (as is Bonnie). These are some super great people ! I'd hate for there to be any kind of misunderstanding as you explained. You are an excellent moderator and we all appreciate you jumping in.
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    I don't want to sound like a pessimist here, but it may not be possible to get coherent or definitive answers to our questions. I thought the rules for a Friendly Nations visa were pretty clear when I applied, but it turned out that the interpretation was not consistent at Immigracion, and it varied between the clerks. I spent weeks complying with new requirements that were imposed, only to have a different clerk impose something entirely different. The 4th time was the charm. It's not just a Panamanian thing. Lawmakers in the USA routinely pass legislation without even reading it. Afterwards, other people must attempt to figure out what Congress intended. It can take years for a court to decide. Here, as everywhere, the people who enforce the law or policy had nothing to do with the creation of the new directive. They make their best guesses or do whatever their immediate boss tells them to do. I think we may have to wait months or even longer to see how or if Panama consistently addresses individual cases. The track record will be far more useful than logic or predictions. At least it will for me...
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    That is correct. We wanted to get rid of them but they are like cockroaches.... They appear suddenly from every crack available. Remember that the laws are made to protect criminals not decent people.
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    I was boarding a flight in Houston, going to Panama. There was an agent stationed right at the airline door asking everybody if they had more than $10,000 on them. The guy behind me muttered under his breath, "If I had $10,000 I'd be flying first class."
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    If this is correct and true....it is a serious problem and authorities should be placed in knowledge of this thing. Unfortunatelly he hasnt done anything yet and authorities couldnt do anything based on assumptions but.... keep a close look at that.
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    2500, maybe 3,000. The best source of data would probably be Pricesmart's membership list, lol.
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    This is a cultural/language problem with the USA, Roger. I can have any number of amigas in Panama but only one novia. The USA does not have a good word for amiga. Our only word is girlfriend and it isn't the right word. jim
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    Do you know any Russians who can help you hack into the site?
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    Interesting. I'm trying to do the right thing and sign up for STEP. No matter what i attempt to do I get bounced. Username choice?: taken. Ok new user/pass. Half way through the site jams and shuts down. I then went to page #1 and attempted to put my newer choices of user/pass. I was told they were taken. I put my email in there and was also told it was incorrect. ( I do better buying stuff on Amazon.com !) I'm taking a breather. Will try again later. This may be why so few have signed up...just a guess.
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    I think all of us knew it was a joke. Bud just wanted to make sure everybody realized it was.
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    I was in the meeting with the ambassador last week. Actually what he was said about 4,500 US expatriates in the Chiriqui province, not Boquete. Not a big deal here, but he was trying to make a point that only 297 of them have registered for the Step program. Nothing wrong with using the same number for Marie Elaine's purpose. But on the other hand, JohnF makes a good point. I go further to sugtgest that if someone is a border hopper then they likely are on a smaller budget and they would be onthe low end of spending money here. To my way of thinking, this issue is not so much about the financial impoact on Panama, but rather the country has a right to determine its policies. As a guest in their country (you are a guest if you are not a citizen, be you a resident or a tourist), then we should respect their right to determine their policies.
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    At my age, Roger, I accept any and all compliments. Yours was particularly nice.
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    Why would you make such a serious accusation?
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    In Panama, according to the law, they should count the money. They will fill some documents stating the amount of money and the name of the owner with ID information and so on. They will deposit the money in a goverment account. They give you the chance to prove the source of that money. If you satisfactorily prove that this money is product of your savings, a sale of any property or money you won at the Miami Lotto they will return it back to you. Remember that all this measures are asked by the DEA and the US Government to control money laundering from drugs business or terrorism. All countries should have this report and present them to the US authorities when requested.
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    They might take it away from you. That's what they do in the U.S.
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    Marcelyn and I were headed to The Dog Spot for Anouk's grooming appointment this morning (about 9:30am), when we were blocked by a downed tree and a power pole on the opposite side of the roadway that was about to come down. It was a HUGE tree. Location of the problem is about 1/2 kilometer north of Café Ruiz. Workers were just arriving and beginning to place warning cones, etc. We had to turn around, and go around the valley in order to get into town, and then faced several streets there that were closed for construction of the water works project. We eventually got Anouk to Roberto at The Dog Spot, but a bit late for our appointment. He was understanding of the situation. When we did finally get back home we discovered that our entire area is without electricity. I started up the generator (again, harrumph!). I suspect this is going to be a long service restoration job. Here is the only picture that I was able to take of the scene.
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    It is the same rule that is now being used in every airport I travel. In the US or in any country of Central America and South America.
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    I highly recommend Millo (Emigdio del Cid) 6674-8242. He is very professional and has all the needed tools. He is located by the Terpel station in town, the one where you see all the washers and driers.
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    It is only for Panama City. The problem was that the repair on the electrical substation located in Condado del Rey area will take some days and they need to work on the system and any excess of the demand will affect the now affected system that is not working at its 100%. When everything is repaired it will return to normal operations.
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    Yesterday a group of 15 like minded folks hired Explora Ya & Mucho Gusto Panama to take us to Sendero Chorro de Kiki. This waterfall is located inside the comarca Nagbe in Cerro Banco about one hour from the high way opposite direction of Boca Chica. You will find very little information on this magical place. Here is a bit on Trip Anvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g12175891-d11488037-i221022633-Comarca_Ngobe_Bugle-Soloy.html They transported us in a 4x4 vehicle's because the road is very rough and it does provide an extra adventure feeling to the trip. ( Actually you would be crazy not to have a very high clearance 4 x 4!) The trail down to the waterfall can be quite challenging specially in the rainy season because of the mud. Since it is dry season is was actually pretty easy as long as you take it slow. The angle down is about 45 grade. You need to bring some type of shoes to get in the water and walk around the rocks to protect your feet. It was an awesome adventure and words cannot describe the falls and this beautiful swimming hole! Oscar and his guides provided us with a wonderful trip that we shall remember for a long time! Here is his contact information:Explora Ya & Mucho Gusto Panama/ Oscar Peña www.exploraya.com www.muchogustopanama.com +507 6596 2070 +507 730 9427
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    The 27% doesn't surprise me. After all, a lot of the U.S. Folk live nowhere near a border and don't have an exploring spirit - apart from the U.S of A.
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    STEP...not as easy as one might think ! OK I dove in for my 4th attempt and I'll have to say I got farther along this time. BUT...the site jammed again and then shut down. Both jams and shut downs happened when I hit the button: "Do you wish to add an additional phone number?" If you say "yes" The site tells you " wait just one minute" with the circle circling. After several minutes the site turns itself off. Tomorrow is another day when I may have more steam for attempt #5.
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    OK...so I didn't want to be a quitter. I again tried to open a new account with yet another user/pass ( now the 3rd attempt at starting fresh) . It would not take the newest user/pass. When I entered my email it refused that as well. It told me it did not match...what I have no idea as I was just entering it as a result of "forgotten" user/pass. I could go for #4 try but I'm running out of creative user/pass ideas.....ha ha
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    just want to be sure that no one was misunderstanding what TwoSailors wrote here. This was a kind of "tongue-in-cheek" and light-hearted joke. Totally "tongue in cheek"! I cant get why it should be seen in other way than it really is. ........It was not meant in "any other way'!
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    I've seen some websites that put the estimate over 10,000, although as I recall they were including Canadians as well. That's patently absurd to even a casual observer, although I have no idea how many gringos reside in or near David. I'm also amazed that only 297 Americans have signed up for the STEP notices (and certainly some of them are no longer here in Panama but have not unsubscribed to the emails). What would be your best guess as the expat population of Chiriqui, Keith?
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    Bonnie You are right. I am happily married with 4 young adults kids and two beautiful grandkids. It was always a pleasure to have good words and compliments to a lady in a very respectful way. I cant get why it should be seen in other way than it really is.
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    But not all of those 4500 are border hoppers. That makes the impact of the new regulations much less extreme than you are suggesting.
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    Yes, but it's still not clear when one has to leave, at what point he has overstayed.
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    I believe Roger is married. I know he has children. In any case, I'm sure I'm much older than he is. But it's always nice to get a compliment.
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    I have to agree with you in principal Jim however, I came here to retire and, while doing business here is a nightmare (I have a friend who started a business in David and after 1.5 years, still does not have a bank account) it is impossible to be here as a retiree these days as well. We don't work so we are not taking jobs, we contribute millions to the Chiriqui economy monthly and we are responsible for many charitable organizations that help so many groups but we are still caught up in the recent legislation. If they are doing this to retirees I can only imagine how much harder it will be in the future for people wanting to start businesses here.
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    Bonnie You are a nice and good looking lady. Very elegant. Sorry If I am out of subject.
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    It's a good policy.i agree with it,one of the problems facing Europe right now.people enter as tourist and stay for ever.but it's always had a large amount of grey areas and weird loopholes.so does Panama. I have a corporation.a business licence.ruk no.my children went to school here all done legally.i paid over 15000 dollars to seguro sociale.but never got residence due to various things.i was never illegal.but fell foul of a system operating a huge grey area.this should be a great example of a flawed system and Some one caught in it.i don't want sympathy .I just want to navigate my way through the grey areas and get out of it.
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    I have written the Embassy asking them to seek clarification from Panama Immigration.
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    Bill, the "statement at nominal cost" you reference is the temporary visa you receive while yours is being processed. You can get a Panamanian driver's license with a temporary visa. The question is at what point in the process is the temporary visa issued? Before you arrive in Panama you would be well-advised to get all your documentation together: your FBI check, your marriage license apostiled, etc. The sooner all this can be given to your attorney and the process begun, the sooner you can get your driver's license and then your resident visa.
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    Another question that occurs to me is how to deal with the driver's license issue. Can one drive for only 90 of the 180 days? It would appear so. Or is there a way to reset the driver's license without leaving the country for a month? Also, at what point in the resident visa process does one receive the temporary visa allowing that person to stay in the country until the final visa is issued? When one first begins the process, or when all documentation has been gathered and submitted? Let me know other questions and answers that aren't clear to you so maybe I can seek clarification in just one email.
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    I don't understand the answer to the last question. It suggests that one can have a tourist visa for two years if they just pay the overstay charge. Doesn't this contradict the requirement that anyone on a tourist has to leave for one month every 180 days? Anyone reading it differently? Should I inquire further of the Embassy?
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    I don't know, Marie. It isn't much trouble to send an email. They're probably trying to get a sense of how many to expect.
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    Wetlands International, to the rescue of the mangroves of the Laguna de Las Lajas Mirta Rodríguez P. mrodriguez@laestrella.com.pa After more than 70 years of being degraded by the hand of man, some 150 hectares of wetlands of the laguna de Las Lajas, in the district of San Felix, province of Chiriqui, are revegetated with mangrove. The recovery of this ecosystem, important for the province, the environment and its biodiversity, is part of the project of Protection of reserves and sinks in the Mangrove Forests and Protected Areas of Panama, that Wetlands International develops in the country. The revegetation has as main objective to improve the water capacity of the area, to the mangroves and the wetland can be recovered in a more accelerated, since according to the specialists is being discontinued for many years. The replanting The mangrove planting day began in the early hours of the morning. At about 8:30 a.m. more than 50 people , between members of Wetlands, the network Panamanglar, officials of the Ministry of the Environment (MiAmbiente), and authority of the Aquatic Resources (ARAP), activists, volunteers, and others came to the site to participate. There the sun was stifling and the breeze almost zero as punishment of the damage perpetrated decades ago, at a time when there were no laws prohibiting the award of wetland areas and coastal marine areas of the country (Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama in 1972). This is the third day of reforestation of the organization in the laguna de Las Lajas, a site where there are still traces of the old trunks of trees that predominated in the area hundreds of years ago. This time propabulos were planted approximately 2.000, mangrove seedlings and seeds of various species: white mangrove, red, cork oak and pinuelo, explained Sander Carpay, Wetlands International. While in the previous day, in November last year, planted more than 12.000 mangrove seeds. The seeds have been produced in nurseries. To date, there have already been planted around more than 12 thousand seedlings in the laguna de Las Lajas, an area whose lands are privately owned (of the Family Career and Motta) but their owners agreed to their recovery and care according to carpay. The precise scientific reason for the degradation is still unknown, but it is intended that has been the product of the extension of the agricultural and farming activities in the place. 'There are several hypotheses of what has affected the area of wetlands and mangroves of the Laguna de Las Lajas, but are still in the research," said Wetlands and in charge of the Project, Andrew Fraiz. However, Carpay was more went further to ensure that the site had been degraded by a pipeline that was made to stop the entry of salt water from the sea to the lagoon, causing the deterioration of the existing vegetation at that time. The biologist and a member of the Advocacy Center (CIAM) Ambientan Isaiah Ramos agrees with the hypothesis of Carpay, adding that the process of deterioration that has occurred in the Laguna de Las Lajas is something similar to what today is happening in different areas of the country, such as the Gulf of Montijo and Matusagarati. Therefore, in addition to re-vegetate, as part of the process of the project, seeks to remove the channels that were constructed over 60 years for the flow of water to happen again and again to recover the entire area, Ramos said. Healthy wetlands can reduce the damage caused by the disaster and speed recovery, however all over the world are receding at an alarming rate. At least 64% of them have disappeared from 1990, warn the international environmental agencies. Panama has about 1.600 square kilometers of mangrove forest. But it is estimated that from 1930 to date, has lost 68 per cent of the existing mangrove coverage in the country, cited the recent studies of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) and other researchers from international universities. "There are currently only a few patches of mangroves that are there, but you have to understand that a wetland goes beyond merely mangrove area, includes fangales, cativales, meadows and a whole series of marine and coastal ecosystems," said Ramos, who noted that the initiative to reforest is linked to the alliance of the 1 million hectares. The reforestation day Las Lajas was carried out within the framework of the IV Meeting of Communities and journalists of the Panamanglar network focusing on the topic on ecosystem-based adaptation in coastal marine areas. La covocatoria fue en San Félix, Chiriquí Participaron miembros de Wetlands, Panamanglar ARAP y MiAmbiente. Se plantaron unos 2,000 propábulos, plantones y semillas de mangle de diversas especies: mangle blanco, rojo, alcornoque y piñuelo, http://laestrella.com.pa/vida-de-hoy/planeta/wetlands-rescate-manglares-laguna-lajas/23985046
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    PRICE is $279,000 for a quick sale. Unbelievable opportunity. Same units have sold for over $300,000. 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for sale in Valle Escondido. Located on the ground floor with a large covered terrace opening out to lush greenery and a small stream. View of the golf course from your patio! Greenhouse window in kitchen, 2 car carport. Dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer all included. Contact for information and showing, Fred Good at: 6693-7242. or email: Fred@finediving.com Please do NOT respond on this thread, call or email person above. Thank you.
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    Bud, Time to start a Dating category here on CL? Looks like Roger and Bonnie can be the first!
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    Wonder if anyone will complain about copyright infringement? https://www.google.com/search?q=montana's+grill+logo&num=20&safe=off&client=firefox-b&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjS6LPi-63SAhUFNiYKHVTtDK4Q_AUICSgC&biw=1360&bih=659
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    Hi, everyone in Boquete and those who wish they were! Most of you who are US taxpayers probably already know this (or use it), but if you don’t, and if you’re working and can live abroad in places such as Panama, you should definitely know about how you can legally exclude over $100,000 from your US taxes. This article is a year old, but it still applies today. https://www.thestreet.com/story/13519656/1/expats-may-be-able-to-avoid-paying-u-s-income-taxes-say-experts.html Chuck Bolotin Vice President, Business Development The Site That Potential Expats Trust BestPlacesInTheWorldToRetire.com Chuck.Bolotin@BestPlacesInTheWorldToRetire.com Cell: U.S. (520) 940-0481 Skype: Chuck.Bolotin Download the free eBook: Panama- 62 Things You Need to Know. Download the free research studies: Expats: Expectations & Reality, Is It Cheaper to Live Abroad? and Expat Report: How is Healthcare Abroad? Visit us on Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest To see articles written by our about us in NextAvenue, TheStreet, Yahoo, MoneyWatch, Forbes, MSN, LifePart2, Sixty&Me, Daily Finance, etc., visit press.