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    Thanks for this reminder about what wonderful work Boquete Hospice and Health does. Spread the word. Not enough people take advantage of what they have to offer. It's an outstanding community resource, manned by talented, dedicated people.
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    We want to thank everyone that took the time to offer what help they could and to share how we over came the transport problem. Thanks to God - Aubrey's red blood cells came up enough to fly (no cruise would take the responsibility). We are purchasing a reclining wheelchair (like a cerebral palsy person has) so he can be transported by plane in a laying position from Toucmen in Panama City (our tickets are for medical assistance). David airport is to small to accommodate us - Luis Acre taxi service out of Panama City (has all size vehicles), will pick us up at our home in Boquete along with our luggage and take us to Toucmen. I hope this information helps others in the future. Lynn Wilson
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    Former Mayor of Boquete Manolo Ruiz has been found innocent of charges that he used state funds for political purposes. The decision took about 4 years.
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