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    This should come under the heading of "bochinche" and I won't mention my source, but I was told that the Ministry of Public Health was blessed with a new director about three months ago, and that this person went on a power trip, checking all the various sub-administrations and ordering a rigorous enforcement of all the laws and regulations on the books. One of the consequences was the shutdown of imports of cosmetics. It seems that samples were taken from a number of shipments of cosmetics and sent to labs, to verify that the actual ingredients correspond to the labeling. The uproar and blowback from the freight forwarders has resulted in a lifting of the embargo. There will likely be more scrutiny, restrictions, and delays in getting cosmetics imported than has been the case in the past, but nothing particularly onerous. New procedures and announcements will be forthcoming, but everyone is in face-saving mode, so it may take a while longer to clear up the situation.
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    Sept. 2, 2017, will be the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. 8am to 1pm. It will be at Heavenly's Hotel, which is right on the beach. It will always be on the 1st Saturday of every month. It is free for vendors. But you must bring your own table. Heavenly's Hotel is even offering a deal for vendors only. It promises to be a fun shopping experience. Come if you can. Then you can say you were at the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. You can find more information, on livinginpanama.com/market
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    This event is the Panama Jazz Festival that is held in Panama City. Do not confuse this six day event with the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival. For more information, see http://impresa.prensa.com/vivir/Shorter-Valdes-Bose-festival-jazz_0_4828017222.html
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    I found the David recycling place today. I think these directions might be easier. Get on the Pan American coming from Price Smart. Take the last right turn before the overpass. Go one block and turn left. You will see the recycling center on the left and just a little farther down you will see the wonderful Chinese Steak house on your right.
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    UNTIL the center in Boquete reopens, here is where i go to in David............. oh no! one friend said she could not find it so here I am posting my map. Its so easy, go as if you are heading from Boquete to downtown David, taking the overpass over the Pan American Hwy, when you go over, go slow, and look for the first right turn at Calle N norte, take that right and go to Ave 7 oeste, turning right again, you will immediately come to the corner where the Steak Restaurant will be on your right. Take a left here and the recycling center is on the right. Here is the problem, It doesn't look like anything except junk everywhere. But my map told me i was there. BEWARE THERE IS NO SIGNAGE. But i took the intitative to knock on the door at 6395 and the man said yes, i was there! he was happy to take all i had. He opened a gate you could not see thru, and a worker came out to help me unload. All i saw was piles of scrap metal from the road. But i assure you, this is it. If you don't like my map, go to Google Maps on your phone and enter Steak Restaurant. It will show up because i added it!
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    This newcomers lunch immediately follows the Open Forum and New Comers meeting in the theater at BCP at 10:30
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    You CAN'T get sick, Dottie. Way too many animals depend on you!
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    Google results for "holistic treatment conjunctivitis". Medical resources such as Dr. Axe, Mommypotamus, and Holisticsquid recommend using everything from soup to nuts.
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    Dottie, what scientific studies are you talking about? Can you give some links to these? I would like to know if these studies are real or junk science, peer reviewed and reproducible or just opinions. Some evidence please. By the way, Dr. Mercola is a major profiteer in the health care field, identifying maladies then selling his own products to cure them.
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    I'm now reluctant to say publicly for several reasons: I don't want to create new problems for anyone. Businesses compete. I don't understand this new complication. It seems harmful and indefensible from any perspective -- government, consumer, trade union, etc. I don't know who was being "harmed " by the status quo. I don't subscribe to "misery loves company" , either. Just because some couriers have problems does not mean that all must be required to have problems. I don't want my next shipment of perfectly innocuous blood pressure and cholesterol control medicine jeopardized. That's selfish, perhaps, but I am not convinced this problem is universal in Panama as to prescription medicine.
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    No drug is without risk. That's why there are so many lengthy warning notices in ads and in the drug's info. The choice is to weigh the possible side effects and the percentage of their occurrence (the risk) against the potential benefit. I agree that your decision is a reasonable one, Jim. My quarrel is with those who cite anecdotal evidence, repudiated studies, and quack science to support their point of view.
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    Well. Me with 57 yo and almost hundreds people in Panama that I know such as family, relatives and friends have been taking all the vaccines required and given in Panama and I am here. Alive and kicking. Still productive, without any strange disease, only the normal caused by the wear and tear of the age.
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    Well said Bonnie! You just can't argue with people who think their personal opinions are better than scientific evidence, especially if they negate the validity of the evidence.
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    These small communication and resource centres help students and the public .
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    Below is a report on Facebook by our friend Roger Bellido concerning a television news story about the new cosmetics regulation. It sounds as though the courier companies are making inroads into putting some sense into this. However, am not aware of anything official being issued yet. This is the news on channel 2. It talks about changes and that will allow people to bring those products but in limited quantitiea Descontento por restricción en la importación de cosméticos La Dirección de Farmacias y Drogas del Ministerio de Salud (Minsa) sólo permitirá el ingreso al país de uno o dos productos cosméticos en las compras vía "express".… tvn-2.com Top of Form Rogelio Bellido This was the result of a meeting between the Asociation of Couriers Companies in Panama and the Direccion de Farmacias y Drogas. The couriers were concerned about the increased claims from their customers regarding the prohibition to import those goods without any registry in Panama. They agreed in terms of the amount and also every individual should fill a form accepting respinsability for the use of such products Bottom of Form
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    Roundabout, please give the map and directions to half of the state. I would like to see this huge contamination.
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    "Cheney administration." You got that right!
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    This topic came up in Expat blog about carrying around your passport. Our great friends P & B recommended this. Copy the front of your passport and latest entry stamp and get it laminated at Mailboxes for .50. to keep in your wallet. Unless of course you are going to the Fronterra.
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