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    What the hell is wrong with this picture? $17,000 to purchase six puppies??? And the purchase of a red carpet for $14,000? Give me a break!
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    I mainly wanted to see if others have the same problem. I didn't readily notice a way to contact the owners, and I sure as heck wasn't going to waste my time searching. I don't care whether ITS performance is improved or not.
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    My God! Up to 12 years in prison for this? When crimes go uninvestigated and murderers walk free? The criminal justice system in this country is seriously screwed up.
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    I went to Global Bank this morning to deposit a check on my U.S. bank account and to make a cash withdrawal to avoid ATM fees. I’ve done this innumerable times over the past ten years, it’s always unnecessarily time-consuming. The main road out front was closed, so it took a while to find parking and brave the wind to the bank. So I admit I was already disgruntled. After standing in line, I was greeted by the cashier with a new twist: I would have to complete separate slips for the deposit and the withdrawal, which I’ve never had to do before. After redoing the paperwork and standing in line again, the cashier took my check, scrutinized it at length as though she had never seen such a thing before, and then made the usual time-consuming trip to somewhere in the back of the bank to have it okayed! This always annoys me. Don’t they know me by now? Why does a deposit require an okay anyway? After spending 25 minutes in Global, I moved next door to Banco Nacional to pay a tax. Everything was filled out and ready to go, but there were 18 people ahead of me in line and only two tellers. The wait was interminable as every transaction took forever, but I finally got to a cashier and produced my document and cash. The cashier scrutinized it for a period of time as though it were something new, took the money and gave me my change, and then set about inputting the information.He clicked, and clicked, and clicked some more with a puzzled look on his face and after at least ten minutes got it entered and gave me my receipt. What could have been the problem? They regularly receive tax payments from hundreds of people. Don’t they know the procedure for inputting them yet? I left home at 9:00 and returned at 11:15 from an errand that should have taken no more than half an hour. Panama banks have become no better than when I first visited them 12 years ago. I go into every bank errand with a sense of dread.
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    I treated a friend to lunch at Isabella's yesterday. The place is spotlessly clean and Isabella speaks much better English than I was led to believe from Marcelyn's post. I think my friend had the salami sandwich and I had the Isabella special. The sandwiches are panini style and very tasty French fries not an option.🤐 Total bill was $11 and included two soft drinks. I'll return. By the way, there's another new restaurant in the former Machu Piccu site. It's run by Reynaldo, the owner of Electronical Nacional next door. Basic Panama food.
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    Isabella’s Bakery & More. Isabella Fasano is owner and chef of this eatery located in Bajo Boquete, diagonal from the Police station and next door to an auto parts supplier. We enjoyed a berry pie with ice cream and took home an individual pecan pie. Her menu includes coffees and sandwiches. Special salads will soon be added. Here’ a copy of her business card plus some pictures.
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    What he's saying is that you need to drink more vodka and beer so that you can cope with the inefficiencies of Panama Banks. Here's my story. Last week I went to Caja de Ahorros to pay two separate annual tasa unica fees (annual corporate or foundation fees). I've done this 15 or 16 times before. You use a pre-printed and numbered form. One of the forms had the corporation number (RUC) with a few of the numbers written darker than the rest of the numbers and it was rejected -- and, of course, they had no blank forms. The other form was accepted and I got a receipt. However, an hour later they called me and told me I had to return as the number was wrong on the form. Thinking it was the corporation number I returned with a new blank form. What was wrong was the pre-printed number on the form. The number supplied by the taxing office and printed on the form. How can that be? Well, the answer is "this is Panama" so let's just shrug and continue. Then I presented the second corrected form and they rejected that for the same reason -- the preprinted number was wrong. I took that form across the street to Banco Nacional and they accepted it without question. I waited for them to call me to come back and bring a new form. No phone call so far.
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    It’s not clear to me how inefficiency keeps costs down.
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    I agree, Doug. As Panama is a Catholic-driven country (like all of Latin America), I suppose it's considered an honor to host this event. I personally fail to see how Catholicism has benefited Panama. Even the poorest Panamanians are "encouraged" to support the Church financially, while the Church offers precious little in return by way of charitable support for needy families. In my work with a number of charities here in Boquete, I've never encountered any interest by the Church in joining the efforts. Another out of many examples of how the Church hinders the country's development both financially and socially is that contraception is condemned yet out-of-wedlock children unaddressed. I know a number of "good" Catholics who keep bearing children, in and out of wedlock, without the means to support them--all with the sanctimonious blessing of the Church and little if any aid for those children.
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    Call me cynical, but I don't see how this isn't really a giant fundraiser for the Vatican at the expense of Panama. Maybe they chipped in a lot of money toward the expenses, but I haven't seen any mention of that in the talk of the costs of this event.
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    I came across this article today in an online newsletter called Gardenista. It doesn't bode well for the highlands of Panama and many other areas of the world. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46845461
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    Draco would be pleased. Merchants, club operators, and other citizens in Aguadulce ..probably not so much.
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    My kind of healthy. Lettuce on the salami, ham, bacon, and provolone sandwich that I'll be seeking. Maybe with fries. 😊
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    Panama Expat Exchange Forum
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    There's a link for contacting the owner at the top of the page, and I have contacted him twice. He is aware of the problem and says his computer team is working to fix it.
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    I noticed that yesterday. I was trying to get to a posted classified and no matter what I did it took me to the top of a scrolling list and I never did find the ad despite spending 10 minutes or so screwing around with it.
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    Boquete Flower & Coffee Fair January 2019 YouTube: https://youtu.be/y5-xPmhCVeE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100000700576218/videos/2298103240223006/?l=7393686365163526265
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    Someone built a small Cock Fighting ring in the field behind my house here in Alto Boquete opposite the highway from Plaza SF. There must have been over a hundred people screaming bloody murder from 8pm Saturday to 7am Sunday morning 50' from house. I was so loud it was rattling my windows and I didn't sleep at all. I thought Cock Fighting was illegal in Panama and there were noise ordinances? The Police were involved in it and didn't do anything.
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    Uh, oh...someone sent almost $300 to my Paypal account, so I needed to go through the hassle of getting the money and then closing my account. At that point, I could log in but could no nothing else--except RECEIVE money into the account, of course. I couldn't use the funds to pay anything and couldn't retrieve the funds. Against my better judgment, I sent a copy of my US bank statement, one of their ways to "unrestrict" the account. (My bank account was no longer linked, but of course they knew my bank--since they also knew minute details about my life from 20+ years ago that even I didn't remember). Ten days later, I had heard nothing from Paypal, even after I sent a message asking WHEN my account would be unlocked. So I went through the ordeal of calling them. This time the wait was only 30 minutes, and the young woman said, "Yes, we received your bank statement." To my surprise, during my conversation with the very first person, the steps online for unlocking my account were fairly easy. As soon as I had access, I linked my bank account, removed my funds, and closed my account. Goodbye, crooks!
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