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    IS YOUR DOG BORED ALL DAY? Learn more about the benefits of DOG CAMP Daycare Did you know that DOG CAMP can help your dog... ELIMINATE OWNER - ABSENT BEHAIVOR PROBLEMS BUILD CONFIDENCE DEVOLOP EXCELLENT SOCIAL SKILLS MAINTAIN GOOD PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH DECREASE STRESS Come to DOG CAMP and ask for our SUMMER PROMO DAYCARE!! We are open everyday since 8am And if you are thinking to adopt a puppy, young dog or an old dog, contact us. Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
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    This is a positive step in ensuring that vehicles maintain year round insurance coverage. Hopefully it will put an end to the old trick of purchasing a cheap policy by making a down payment, then using it to obtain the car's annual Revisado inspection and Plate. Afterwards, the person would quit paying and drive uninsured for the balance of the year.
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    Subsequently, the President and his team made a tour of the new Aqueduct system, Sanitary Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boquete, which will benefit more than 22 thousand residents of this district with a progress in their infrastructures is of 76%?????? I have my doubts on this number.
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    Nancy and Nairn are two of the people who make Boquete a great place to live. The fact that they've donated more than $22,000 to charity amazes me. I'm a volunteer for the Handicap Foundation and I know that some of the money comes to us. Good job Nancy and Nairn.
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    Thanks. I have to say that Keith is a person that I do really admire because he is always trying to be informed and keep informed the community and people of ths sites he constributes with his posts about Panama. That says much about the kind of person he is. My respects to Keith.
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    Top 10 Boating accident causes: 1. Operator Inattention (#2 cause for fatalities) – Staying attentive at all times while boating is critical as a boat operator. Being the main cause of accidents proves the ease of distraction while boating. 2. Improper Lookout (#7 cause for fatalities) – Similar to operator inattention, not properly having your surrounding visible is the second highest cause of boating accidents. A boat operator needs to have unobstructed views around the vessel to ensure a clear path. 3. Operator Inexperience (#5 cause for fatalities) – Boating does not require much education, by law, therefore many operators are not experienced or educated properly. Not only is it a good idea to take a boating education class but building up experience operating a boat is absolutely necessary. 4. Excessive Speed (#6 cause for fatalities) – Maintaining a safe speed, depending on many factors, is imperative for turning and avoiding other vessels. 5. Machinery Failure (#9 cause for fatalities) – Maintaining a boat is a large part of ownership responsibility. Being the 5th cause of boating accidents proves the importance of keeping a well maintained vessel. 6. Alcohol Use (#1 cause for fatalities) – – Even though alcohol related accidents comes in as the 6th leading cause it remains the #1 cause of fatal boating accidents. 7. Navigation Rules Violation (#8 cause for fatalities) – Believe it or not, boating has proper navigation rules. Knowing these rules can save your life from a head on collision. 8. Force of Wave or Wake (#10 cause for fatalities) – Weather related waves or artificially caused wakes from other vessels can be tragic if not navigated properly. Understanding how to proceed over these will prevent anything from passenger ejections to full role overs. 9. Hazardous Waters (#3 cause for fatalities) – Many types of hazardous waters can be the culprit of a boat accident. If boating on a holiday weekend thousands of boats can cause congestion to the point of highly dangerous waters. Strong currents, shallow water, rocks, and many other hazards can cause a major accident. 10. Weather (#4 cause for fatalities) – Knowing the forecast and closely monitoring the skies while boating is a must for boaters. The dangers that can arise from a severe storm, especially on a large bodies of water can be disastrous. Some weather storms are powerful enough to capsize smaller vessels leaving passengers in extremely dangerous situations.
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    How often does a country (Panama) cancel a ship’s registration under it’s flag? I understand and agree with the reason, but what happens next?
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    It would be really helpful, imo, if a photograph of the deceased could accompany notices. Facial recognition is often the only way people know someone else.
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    This is a photo of Inga Collins with her son, chef Charlie Collins. No date on the image. thevisitorpanama.com
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    It always seemed strange to me that this guy (the Ambassador) wrote a monthly column for the online Escape Artist magazine based in Panama. He would give highly complicated investment and tax advice to people. Much of it was based on avoiding US tax. Now, I don't think it's either a sin or a crime to pay the least tax possible, it just seemed a little unseemly for our ambassador to be giving such advice.
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    It was more crowded than ever when I tried to drive in front of the fair to town about 4 pm Thursday. I've never seen it so congested on opening day. Usually, nobody attends until Thursday night as the vendors are still getting ready. Of course, the fact that Varela was in town didn't help the congestion. Took about 40 minutes to go from my house in Jaramillo Arriba to the main street. Everyone in my neighborhood gets the passes to pass in front of the fair from either the mayor's office or the Jaramillo corrigadora but the pass doesn't help when it's stop and go traffic and you count your progress by the inch. Couldn't even attempt the same route going back home as they had stopped all bridge traffic. Went around the Alto Lino loop which can also be a problem at night when many folks of the inebriated persuasion walking in dark clothing on the road. But, having said all that, I still love the fair.
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    Good for Feeley for honoring his conscience. Down on the ground, here in Panama, there are some consequences for US expats to the Trump "shithole" doctrine (even though it was only verbalized publicly yesterday). For me it has meant that my Panamanian girlfriend / partner (who will join me in Boquete in a few days) has been denied a travel visa to the U.S. We had planned a 10-14 day trip to introduce her to my family and friends, but that trip now won't happen. After paying the fee and submitting the required documents she was "awarded" an interview with a U.S. representative. And in spite of the fact that she had previously had a 10 year U.S. visa when her work required U.S. travel, and that she owns her home in Panama City, and that her son and three grandchildren all reside in Panama, the visa was denied apparently because she (African descended by the way) was deemed a risk to stay in the US beyond our travel plan. Apparently the interviewer said something to the effect that once she and I boarded a flight, either or both could fall in love with some other person and that she was therefore a risk too great for US entry. In the frame of reference of so many other much more important issues going on in the world. she and I will easily survive this situation. But for those of you who find important relationships in Panama, don't count on being able to share them with your US bound loved ones.
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    1. IT BEGINS 4 hours ago U.S. Ambassador to Panama Quits, Says He Cannot Serve Trum Reuters/Eliana Aponte The U.S. ambassador to Panama resigned “on principle,” noting that he cannot serve under the current administration any longer. John D. Feeley has served as ambassador to Panama since Dec. 9, 2015, after being nominated by President Obama. “As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the President and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies,” Feeley said in a statement. “My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honor-bound to resign. That time has come.” The State Department reportedly confirmed Feeley’s departure but said he decided to “retire for personal reasons, as of March 9 this year.” According to the Associated Press, Feeley’s resignation came before Trump referred to several poor countries as “shitholes,” as the announcement was on the State Department’s website prior to the Thursday remarks. 1. IT BEGINS 4 hours ago
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    These documentaries ( all of them from Keith and Roger) are excellent and worth time to view.
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    Jocie was in see Dr Almandral this morning. He has no visible burns, but does have a persistent cough. Apparently he burned his lungs but should recover completely. He gave permission for me to post this so his many patients will be reassured.
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    Keith and all Below is the link that explain, more or less in english, the events of the 9 de Enero de 1964 in Panama. I have to say that I have a cousin that participated as a high school student marching with the Panamanian flag to the Balboa High School. He is alive. He told us all the bad things that happened the day they went to Balboa High School and how they were insulted, spitted and their flag was destroyed and torn by the Zonians. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martyrs'_Day_(Panama) The guy holding the flag at the right of the student with glasses is my cousin. Inocencio Garcia. My cousin is the third guy from left. Watching the torn Panamanian flag. Flag that was taken abruptly from their hands by zonians students and their parents. My cousin is the first on the left holding the flag while talking with the Canal Zone Governor in front of the Administration Building and Balboa High School. This violent act against the Panamanian flag was the spark that fired all the other events in that day and following 3 to 4 days. "Only one flag. Only one territory". Stones and rocks vs bullets and shotguns.
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    -- Jacqueline Fuentes Professor in Higher Education Authorized Public Translator
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    Solomon's Montreal Deli in Punta Paitilla, where the waiters wear shirts that say "Yo Poutine". Definite coronary material at this place. Pricey but unique, and delicious. http://www.solomonsdeli.com/
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    I saddened to hear this news. Larry was one of the finest persons I have known in the Boquete adventure. He and Dottie had a very rough year following his head injury and then the hurricane in Florida. We are thinking of her and remembering Larry.
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    Expect the Unexpected and drive carefully. Near La Chorrera this morning. Somehow these two vehicles collided head-on on the right shoulder. Fatalities.
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    It's a good idea imo, for foreign residents to understand the history and significance of the Dia de los Mártires or Martyr's Day. The Panama Deception film is a good primer
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