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    Whatever happens with Martinelli is relevant to Panama, IMHO.
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    Exactly. There are many needs in our community, and many organizations have been established to address them. Duplication of effort dissipates support and participation rather than enhances it. I see this as an ongoing problem. Rather than supporting existing groups, too many people see the need to create their own. As to having a good relationship with the police, I know of no one who had a better relationship with the police than Marion Clamp.
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    Suspicious ..of duplication of efforts. Why? Because we have an existing Vecinos Vigilante program with a Police representative in our neighbourhood as do 158 others in Chiriqui. Members of the expat community previously established the Alto Al Crimen and RodnyDirect reporting services, as well as an organization to help families of Police. Are those groups supporting this effort?
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    This is the first sponsored meeting held by the group of officers of the Boquete National Police to promote the Vecinos Vigilantes Program. Our Neighborhood Watch Program will be ramping up and widening in ways we have all hoped for. We are having a meeting of all minds to solicit ideas, enlist help, ensure support, and successfully reach a goal we have all hoped to attain. Please attend this upcoming meeting and invite your neighbors and friends from your own community as well as different communities. We want to expand and cover thoroughly all of the residents of the District of Boquete. Our Boquete National Police Force is behind this momentum and expansion. They want ALL in the District of Boquete to be proactive for their own safety. We are our own best weapon. We are the first line of defense before things escalate. We are the eyes of our communities and also its ears. We need to work closely and securely with our Boquete National Police. Their primary goal is our safety and together we can all enjoy a safe Boquete. Meeting to be held at the Feria grounds in Boquete beginning at 3:00PM.
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    As I recall, Vecinos Vigilantes was an initiative of neighborhood leaders and was and is neighborhood based. The police joined the effort, at least the publicity effort, but I'm not aware of any role they had in starting it.
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    It's not the Vecinos Vigilantes that has been around a while and that the neighborhood signs represent. And I find it hard to believe that the police initiated this on their on.
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    If that was the case, the Policia Nacional would be sending out a signed official communication. This logo is from a Mexican blog. http://denunciauruapanvg.blogspot.com/2017/01/ayudemos-localizarlas.html What do others think?
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    Curious why you are bringing in US political crap into this news feed? Better still, onto this website? I come here to get away from that crap and you stick it back into my face.