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    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters are pleased to announce the delivery of 33 blankets, 23 sweaters and 43 caps to the Clinic in Palmira, the Centro de Salud in Bajo Boquete and Nutre Hogar residential treatment facility for severely malnourished infants and children. Our members create hand-crafted quilts, blankets, caps and booties for our tiniest neighbors. If you knit, crochet or quilt -- or would like to learn how -- or even if you're just curious about our organization, please contact Brandy Gregory by replying to this notice.
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    I do have one good piece of news that I should have reported earlier. None of the medicines or free eyeglasses they brought were stolen. Another group last week, 3 doctors and 35 construction workers who built classrooms , saw 150-200 patients a day and gave out nearly 500 prescription eye-glasses. So, this mission can continue as far as the work they were doing. They had already purchased their food at PriceSmart, and pre-paid the hotel before the robbery. The money was to be used to purchase additional medicines and things for the local Panamanians, not the doctors themselves. We do pay a local doctor approximately $200 daily to oversee us, but the theft mostly hurt local citizens and the poor doctor who lost his passport. Doug and I have put up a few folks in our house to defray expenses. I guess I'm more embarrassed and afraid Panama will be thought of as a dangerous place. These people went to Rawanda and Kenya recently with no incidents.
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    You're wrong on this. I have spent years working in virology research and your experience doesn't pass muster, I'm afraid. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the restaurant, based on your testimony.
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    Just curious how long after you ate until you got "deathly ill". Do you know what the "Classic Salmonella" incubation rate period is? It's generallly 2-72 hours, but could be up to 6 weeks.... To be accurately identified the actually food should be cultured in the lab... I have a feeling you ate from lots and lots of sources during a 6 week period. Why pick on the last place you ate? Do you know it could be Shigella? Or Campylobacter? The symptoms from those 2 are more severe than Salmonella. Was there blood in your stools? Hot food is very, very unlikely to be the culprit, it is much more likely in unwashed vegetables/fruits. Undercooked meat yes, but otherwise proper cooking kills most pathogens. I think perhaps you should share your SYMPTOMS here, rather than just your "feelings" on what you have. And never point to "who" or "where" in a public forum, as this can get you into huge legal jeopardy. I suggest you take the time in this same forum to "unpoint" your finger and possibly undo some damages. A trip to a physician/lab would have helped all of us. I feel so badly for any restaurant to be blamed based on mere assumptions. People often invest their life savings into their restaurants and have a right to not be devastated over some wild guessing.
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    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Great cabins, restaurant and pool. Beautiful grounds an they allow dogs ! We had a great time
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    I have been working with several groups of medical missionaries this last month. Yesterday morning we picked up a group of ten doctors at the David airport in our large van (we have a school bus, a large touring bus, and vans). They asked to stop at a bank to cash traveler's checks and to exchange some foreign currencies. After leaving the bank, they went to Pricesmart to get supplies for their stay here. Around 1 p.m. our hired Panamanian bus driver, a professional who drives even our huge touring bus, was tapped on the back bumper by a car. When they opened the door to inspect the damage, their van was rushed by the passengers from the car that had just rear-ended them. Our doctors were robbed of $8,000 in cash and one passport. We were able to get a license number (photo), and vehicle description, and gave the police the information (a "mere" 4 hour process of paperwork/interviews). I hope they catch the thugs. Crime is indeed rising here, and I hate that. One bad experience like this hurts the reputation of the entire country. I hate to think it, but it is possible it was an "inside job" , that someone from the bank knew we had the cash. Or perhaps the thieves merely watched them go to the bank and took their chances that it might be an amount worth going after. Who knows? But, I will now not open my door if involved in an accident until I am in a safe area, or the police are present.
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    Titles are very prominent, Pat. Many may see it and not bother to read the discussion. Then the damage is done.
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    I’ve been at Multibank and seen customers walk out the door carrying large amounts of cash visible in their hands. Usually happens on payday Friday. Probably not a good idea.
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    At least retitle it, if not deleted.
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    The usual MO in these cases is that bad guys were watching the Bank and followed you around from there or tipped their accomplices. A terrible way to say Welcome to Panama 🇵🇦
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    Thank you for posting this. Bad news for the doctors, and a bad reputation for Panama. Lost passports and large amounts of money stolen really hurt the victims. Were any weapons used (guns, knives, etc.)? Is there anything the community can do to help? Just curious -- what nationality are the medical missionaries? Apologies for all of the questions, but this really ticks me off!
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    Bartelyby, you just don't get it or you do not understand the seriousness of your accusation. There is not a medical practitioner alive that would substantiate your "claim" of salmonella from a restaurant meal just eaten. Were you even diagnosed? You only make yourself appear more irresponsible by continuing this. The issue is that in my adopted country (of 6 years), we are more careful about making unsubstantiated claims. Time will tell whether you stay in Panama (I will not take bets on it).
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    9 hours doesn't mean it came from chopsticks. Whether or not you had chicken in your stomach has nothing to do with it. A virus, like norovirus, could have been in your gut for two days just waiting to explode. It's THE MOST common gastrointestinal disease and most likely what you had and you'll never know where you got it at this point. I really think this post should be deleted. It's irresponsible and potentially harming to the restaurant.
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    You state it appeared to be Salmonella without actually knowing and then you slam and blame the restaurant without taking more action on your part to confirm this. Sad for you!
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    What's irresponsible is claiming **I** put people in danger. How did someone come up with that ? It was an isolated case, but 99% cause-effect. Not well stated in the OP by me. The odds are overwhelming that there was something, anything wrong with my food that day. I wish people would stop deflecting the truth. I like Chinese food. I had the same dish ( Curry Chicken ) in carry--out from them once before. No problem. I'm the one losing out by being forced to blacklist them now. My date had something entirely different and she did not get sick. I just related my experience and I am finished here.
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    A couple weeks back I got deathly ill from what appeared to be classic Salmonella after eating a sit-down Chicken Curry meal at the ChopStix in Alto. As one lady put it, "I thought I was going to die." describing her experience with food poisoning. I've had food poisoning before but nothing of the severity of this. Talked to a guy at Value Motors, he said he had heard that other people had gotten sick there. You've now been warned.
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