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    Top 10 Boating accident causes: 1. Operator Inattention (#2 cause for fatalities) – Staying attentive at all times while boating is critical as a boat operator. Being the main cause of accidents proves the ease of distraction while boating. 2. Improper Lookout (#7 cause for fatalities) – Similar to operator inattention, not properly having your surrounding visible is the second highest cause of boating accidents. A boat operator needs to have unobstructed views around the vessel to ensure a clear path. 3. Operator Inexperience (#5 cause for fatalities) – Boating does not require much education, by law, therefore many operators are not experienced or educated properly. Not only is it a good idea to take a boating education class but building up experience operating a boat is absolutely necessary. 4. Excessive Speed (#6 cause for fatalities) – Maintaining a safe speed, depending on many factors, is imperative for turning and avoiding other vessels. 5. Machinery Failure (#9 cause for fatalities) – Maintaining a boat is a large part of ownership responsibility. Being the 5th cause of boating accidents proves the importance of keeping a well maintained vessel. 6. Alcohol Use (#1 cause for fatalities) – – Even though alcohol related accidents comes in as the 6th leading cause it remains the #1 cause of fatal boating accidents. 7. Navigation Rules Violation (#8 cause for fatalities) – Believe it or not, boating has proper navigation rules. Knowing these rules can save your life from a head on collision. 8. Force of Wave or Wake (#10 cause for fatalities) – Weather related waves or artificially caused wakes from other vessels can be tragic if not navigated properly. Understanding how to proceed over these will prevent anything from passenger ejections to full role overs. 9. Hazardous Waters (#3 cause for fatalities) – Many types of hazardous waters can be the culprit of a boat accident. If boating on a holiday weekend thousands of boats can cause congestion to the point of highly dangerous waters. Strong currents, shallow water, rocks, and many other hazards can cause a major accident. 10. Weather (#4 cause for fatalities) – Knowing the forecast and closely monitoring the skies while boating is a must for boaters. The dangers that can arise from a severe storm, especially on a large bodies of water can be disastrous. Some weather storms are powerful enough to capsize smaller vessels leaving passengers in extremely dangerous situations.
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