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    Sounds like someone was conducting an IQ test on social media.
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    This is the result of what we called here: government and politicians "paternalism" or "populism". It is a bad strategy used by politicians to get support from uneducated, low income masses. The more ignorant and dependent thos people are the better for them to get their support at elections days. They create this kind of dependence and those people thinks that they deserve everything for free from government. I dont like to much all those "social" trips to poor areas in the comarcas to give food, clothing and toys a couple of times a year and what happened to the rest of the days in a year. I am a believer of this old saying: "Dont give people a fish.... teach them how to fish them." What is needed is to improve education. Increase health and create better conditions for creating good and new jobs. By giving away everything for free you create a society with parasites that dont want to work and pretend they deserve everything for free from the government.
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    #22: You are banned from participating in a Boquete-centric website administered by non-Boquetenos because your knowledge of and opinions about life in Chiriqui Province are too inflammatory for the tender sensibilities of a few newcomers and a couple of old soreheads.
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    Dear Dog Camp...You have our support. We hope Anita gets well and finds a happy home real soon. Thank you and the person that found her for such compassion and dedication. Alison, Bill and Flossy ( who was once a street dog too)
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    That is thoughtful of you to repay their kindness. Good people attract good people.
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    Agree! There is more going on here then we know. Very sad for the dogs. It would be nice if there could actually be a public supported rescue and adoption center that is nonprofit on property legally owned by the organization. Maybe someone can donate some land and others donate construction resources? That would be a very worthwhile goal.
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    A sad situation for the dogs. I can't help but wonder why a business like that (even if it is non-profit) would be in a rental property. Even with the best of landlords and the best of neighbors, 20+ dogs in a rental property is bound to cause issues. A rental is never permanent and subject to sudden change. It is just a matter of time. Hopefully all of the dogs can find better living situations. I would hope they do not repeat the mistake of getting into a rental situation with such a large number of animals again.
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    My career before retiring was in global sales and marketing for a large multi-national health care equipment company. Spent lots of road time in Asia and Latin America, as well as US and Europe. In China, as an example, the rule of thumb seemed to be "if you're not cheating, you're not trying". Corruption often exists so deep in the layers of a culture, that it's hard to find whistle blowers, but easy to find folks who know what is going on and how things work. But at the end of the day, the winning value that allows corruption to exist, is based mainly in the materialist world view. A corrupt official or decision maker thinks they don't have or make "enough". So they can be corrupted, since the next level provider (maybe a sales person or distributor or other actor in the chain) needs to make enough (money, or make the plan or the quota or whatever). Then the next level in the chain, maybe the manufacturer or core provider of the product or service in another country (maybe a place with strong laws against corruption and a more advanced "moral culture"), makes sure they don't want to know how deals get done at the end user level, since they have investors and a financial constituency to answer to, and any hint of corruption being part of the material chain they exist in must remain silent. So, anyway, there's a long and deep chain of participants involved in any corruption scheme and it always goes back to a materialistic world view. And unfortunately the really good alternative world views are not well known or understood. But it could start with anyone trying to figure out for themselves, when is enough stuff enough. Sorry for spouting off with a long post. Too long to proof check for errors :-).
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    We have developed a scientific theory based on a lot of observation points. We have collected at least 10,000 cans (2-3 large bags per week for several months). The cans are split into 3 categories--sodas and juices near schools/bus stops, various items scattered around, and the HUGE winner (at least 70% of the items) are light beers. Most of the light beers are in groupings of between 6 and 50 cans. Based on our observations, we have a theory that the vast majority of littering of aluminum cans is by young men, because in our experience young men are the ones who drink light beers in large quantities (alone or with others). This is unfortunate, because these are exactly not the people who are cleaning up litter. We see kids picking up cans for their school programs--YEAH to the schools and teachers supporting these programs. We see parents and grandparents teaching their children/grandchildren by picking up cans and explaining the importance of not littering. We see people our age and older picking up cans and other litter around town. So, the question is, what do we do about this problem? From our observations, it appears that the majority of the littering is done by people who are currently not being reinforced for better behavior. A suggestion we have is to charge an amount of 5 to 10 cents per cans and pay people back at the grocery store for returning the cans. This worked well in California early on in the recycling effort. Since beer sells for 50 to 70 cents per can, adding on 5 to 10 cents (and paying it back for returning it), might make a serious reduction in the litter, particularly for those people dropping large quantities of beer cans
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    Dunno Keith. It is hot in David, much cooler in Boquete at 4000 feet or so. If these folks had a brain cell between them the should be able to predict it would be a whole heck of s lot colder 7 thousand feet further up. Yes, make them pay for the rescue.
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    “Statistical information” should be available on various information channels, and on a timely basis IMO.
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    If I recall correctly, there's no way a toad could enter your property via the fence. So he must have come in through the bars on a gate. Buy some fine mesh screen (metal or plastic) and affix it to the bottom of the gates. I just use twist ties.
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    I uploaded a document that gives instructions. If the vet has atropine, that is helpful too, after you've done the emergency treatment, which has to be done right away. Don't wait. Treatment for toad poisoning.doc
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    His name is Jack and he very much enjoys being petted. Word has it he actually has a human and a house, but he likes to hang out on our street during the day.
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    I also want to shout out to George and his wonderful staff at Zum Emslander (aka "The German Restaurant"). They have the best omelet in Boquete. It's a little difficult to decipher the menu description but it's basically a huge farmers omelet stuffed with potatoes, ham, onions, etc. All of their lunch and dinner menu items are also excellent. Their home fries are to die for. Prices are great and service is top notch. There's a small gang of us who breakfast there every Saturday morning.
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    We also like Zum Emslander in the San Francisco Plaza. Good food, fair prices, wonderful wait staff, plus available parking. Great combination.
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    We don't generally ask for the jubilado either unless the resteraunt is clearly charging N.A. Prices. We eat quite often at Zum Emslander in the San Franciso Plaza, his menus clearly state the regular and jubilado prices. Trout, salad and fries for two, less than $14 and the wait staff are excellent.
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    We recently tried out Colibrí for the first time. The food was good, the service was as to be expected, but the attitude about the jubilado discount was thrown in our faces. We actually did order one of the main entrees, but apparently because it was the time of day that it was, then the discount did not apply. There was a good deal of arrogance about their "relationship" with ACODECO. Unlikely that we will return. We have better options without the attitude.
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    Allow me to register a formal Request for Appeal from the Board of Negative Reputations here on Chiriqui.Life. Yet again, a (rather lame) attempt at light-hearted banter has been misconstrued as some kind of an affront towards: 1. Gringos 2. Canadians 3. Canadian Gringos 4. Gringo Canadians To reiterate, in my own defense, I hate everybody. I consider myself to be an equal-opportunity hater. I have worked very hard to be a kinder, gentler, and more compassionate hater. Additionally, it is well known that Canadians are actively involved in a fell conspiracy to conquer the world with their cheerful miens, their happy-go-lucky attitudes, their neighborliness, and other dangerous things like donuts. (Cheerful, friendly, neighborly donuts have already compromised my own ability to react forcefully to Canadian incursion by stealthily coating my manly fast-twitch musculature with multiple layers of too-sweet donut-meat.) Do not be swayed from the mission to closely observe and catalog wily Canadian Gringo methodologies! Beware the turtleneck! Oh. Yeah. And site Management? Remove this negative reputation immediately, or you may expect to hear from my team of Abogados! (Remember, Dear Reader, positive reputations are ALWAYS AVAILABLE here at wryawry.gov for only $9.99 Balboas, plus $9.99 Balboas shipping and handling.)
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    The headline is misleading. Alto al Crimen Hotline Service and Rodny Direct terminated their contract with each other, but The Alto al Crimen Hotline Service has NOT been terminated.
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    How about; you're not wild about Boquete because there are too damn many Gringos (bet I hit a sore spot here). :-)
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    Nice thought Woody. I hadn't thought of Boquete as being a stage of a journey. It will be interesting to see what perspectives you bring to your next home. Bonnie, ever so true about carefully considering one's budget before you move here. But frankly, it is so much cheaper than it was in the US for us. Most of the people I know have left for legitimate health reasons- not excuses to return. Others just can't adjust to the culture and to the fact that Panama is still a developing country and has to develop a much better infrastructure. Panama isn't for everyone. It is like friendship- some people are a good fit for you as a friend, others aren't. It is all about how you mesh.
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    Javier & Magaly's Dog Camp is great !! Our dog, Max is treated to Doggie Daycare every time we go to David. All we have to do is mention Javier ' s name and he's running toward the door, excited to go ! He comes home well cared for and exhausted after wrestling and chasing his friends. We love that he's learned to play gently with smaller dogs & puppies, and can now eat his dinner with the pack ! We never worry while he's with J & M and Max has a blast ! Such an INCREDIBLE deal at just $15 for the day ? We're signing up for Javier ' s dog training services, next ! Thanks to both of these dedicated animal lovers for all the many ways they serve our community ! Rod & Debe Emerson (& Max)
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    Javier and Magaly, This blog post amazes me at how much the two of you do for our animal friends. So many dogs (plus some cats!), and the pictures show them getting along well with each other. I don’t know how you can even remember their names because there are so many. Thank you. HAPPY NEW YEAR back to you as well. Wishing you all the best.
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    Kris Berg has the same gift/skill. Dogs are attentive to her and instinctively follow her commands.
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    Thank you, but I think it would be utter chaos at my house. At least I have a "system" of feeding a couple at a time and keeping the others separate. Also, two of mine are on special diets.
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    The party just keeps on going. This is the biggest and most well organized Independence Day(s) celebration I can remember. Possibly due to more support from the ATP Tourism Authority than in previous years. Many more photos and videos here: https://www.facebook.com/lujamluz?hc_ref=ARRjG6VLEZPQQqB6H3oUdfNfx1KtLi-j-4getgFVrtWXYp90ITuZPr8I-mwhtMqLxWU&fref=nf
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    Here are some pictures taken this afternoon of the wire mesh that is being installed. We believe that cane toads will find it difficult to come through the fence once this project is completed. The mesh has about 1/4" openings, and goes up about four feet from the base of the fence. The mesh is being tack welded into place. Painting will be done after all of the welding is complete. We are pretty sure that the neighborhood cats will no longer come to the back door for food.
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    If only people would start using these, we wouldn't have so many lost dogs here.
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    lol he had that look; "just leave me alone"
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    I used to give my dogs raw beef bones. But Dan Evers, the highly respected veterinarian who comes to Boquete two or three times a year to participate in the clinics and sees dogs for special problems the following day, advised against it. When he was here full time a few years back, he rented the house next door, came over often, and observed me giving the dogs raw beef bones. He said that in his practice in the States he did many, many surgeries to remove bones from dogs' intestinal tracts. Most were chicken bones, he admitted, which are the worst, but a significant number were raw beef bones, he said. As much as my dogs enjoyed those bones, I gave up the practice. I respect your experience and opinion, Dottie, but I respect Dan's more. My dogs now get only Nylabones, which last a long, long time. Occasional chewing just doesn't do it for some dogs. In the absence of a safe chew toy, they start on household objects.
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    Congratulations. Boquete retirees are becoming true dog lovers. I can't believe how many friends in our neighborhood have an adopted dog now. We cross paths walking in the mornings and evenings....great fun, friendship and exercise.
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    Here is a picture taken a few minutes ago. Note that Anouk is shunning the towels we put out as well. No bed. No towels. She apparently really likes concrete. Her choice.
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    Whoa .......why is this link posted on Chiriqui life?
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    Attn Two Sailors: "Let's not get hung up on that" All this praise about Colibri Restaurant sounds like you are not even eligible for the Jubilado discount which is required by law. Yes, Colibri is getting "flack" because they are not being law abiding citizens. ACODECO in their future.
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    I agree whole heartedly with the comments on this site and, like our blogger, I too had a horrible experience with a controlling person when volunteering. Waaaaay too much drama and need for control. This person fired volunteers (is that even possible?) just because she didn't like them. While I agree that there is nothing more gratifying than volunteering and that most of us do not need a "pat on the back", volunteers should always be approached with an element of gratitude, kindness, graciousness and tolerance because even the most inept of us is giving the greatest gift of all, our time.
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    Colibri Restaurant The law is very clear and you are very wrong. The discount applies on all food and drink items except alcohol and sodas. It applies on the soup, the salad, the dessert, the coffee, the tea, etc, etc. This is not difficult to figure out. Bud and Marcelyn both qualify for the discount. That they chose to share a meal is not relevant. The tax thing isn't complicated. If you charge $10 for a meal you report $10 gross income on your income tax. If you discount the meal by 20% to $8 you report $8 gross income on your income taxes. Now, was that so complicated????
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    I think that one thing that restaurants might want to consider here in Boquete is that tourist season brings in a lot of customers. Rainy season can be dismal. There are few if any tourists, and restaurants need us full-time residents as customers in order to survive over the long term. Know your market. Courting Juliados can be very important to a restaurant's survival, since if they choose not to go to your restaurant during rainy season, you may very well find yourself empty much of the time. There are many restaurants in town with consistently excellent food and they are all in competition in rainy season. Whether a restaurant is following the letter of the law on the Jubliado discount or not isn't so much the point, as what is the perception of your Jubliado customers who will choose to patronize or not patronize your restaurant as the rains keep coming down for months and there is not a tourist to be found. Just something to consider. It is all about perception.
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    I don't understand. Are you saying that if two jubilados order one dish, the discount doesn't apply? How is the discount being "transferred?" It is my understanding that a jubilado cannot order two dishes, one for himself and one for a non-jubilado, and expect to receive the discount on both meals. But one meal and two jubilados? I would be interested to know on what part of the law you base your interpretation.
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    A few years ago Bud and I attended a conference. Lots of good information, but the one "jewel" I appreciated was the saying "Go where you are treated best." We use this rule in just about everything we do; where we live, where we shop, our friends, etc. When we first heard this "motherhood statement" at that conference, we thought "how trite". But then it started working on us. We were noodling the implications of those few words, and the result has been enlightening and liberating at the same time. We frequently have choices in our lives, and this decision making rule works for us.
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    I rarely ask for the jubilado discount at the restaurants I patronize. However, when a restaurant (RetroGusto and Colibri) are arrogant and brazen about flaunting the law, I will not patronize them at all. Speaking of fine dining, it's interesting that McDonald's in David gives a 25% discount just for having gray hair. As a fast food joint, the law only requires them to give 10% discount.
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    We signed up on Wednesday as well. A very easy experience! Thank you Brundagea... Your new neighbor's!
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    "Jubilado discount applies only to the five main courses listed on the menu" and this is "to keep their prices down"...... My question : is this legal? I'll ask my attorney, but this sounds like a poor excuse. Anyway, I will continue to eat at restaurants that provide good food at reasonable prices and honor the jubilado discount according to the rule of law.
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    We went to the event this afternoon at the Boquete Library. A large number of photographic works were being viewed (and appreciated) by a large number of attendees. There were several very impressive photographs. Not wanting to take anything away from the other photographs, but my favorite was one in color of a hummingbird by Robert Braun. Free refreshments (drinks and munchies), but I didn't taste any of the munchies. Also, lots of good conversation, and many friends and newcomers were there. What pleasantly surprised me was the inclusion of works of art by both expatriates and several Panamanian photographers, some from as far away as Colon and PC. I thought that was a wonderful integration. Kudos to the photo club. Very glad that we went, and we look forward to more such exhibits.
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    Another great resource is languagetransfer. I downloaded all 92 free lessons and practice every day. It is free and can also be watched online on YouTube. Other languages as well. Thanks Phyllis, great article!
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    That is good!!! It is a good start to learn and master the Spanish language. And it is better if you are reading a book that is interesting and captivating.
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    I've been a part of a few sites such as yours. All sites have a few minor problems at first. And, suggestions to you from members are considered promptly. Over all I find your site informative, well managed, and for the most part local. The rules are clear and concise. Some of us just need to reread them once in a while!!!!! lol Have a good day Bud. Hil
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