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    Why Planet Telecom is NOT renewing its advertising with Boquete.ning. We were solicited last night by the owners of Boquete.ning to participate in an advertising program. As current advertisers, we were expecting this, as our ad is set to expire at the end of the year. My response to them was unequivocal, and with the backing of Planet Telecom's shareholders, we responded, both via email, and on ning itself. Needless to say, our response on ning was quickly removed, and I was... eventually banned from the site. This speaks volumes about JLM's intolerance for dissent, and their absolute desire to control the message at all costs. Here's what we responded: We have been following very closely the development of Boquete.ning under the new ownership and management. Thus far, we have seen a vibrant, interesting and useful resource turn into a platitudinous and vacuous forum where all content remotely critical of the changes is treated with immediate censorship and "disappearance" under the guise of moderation. It has become, in our minds, a virtual North Korea. The misguided and expedient efforts to mold the content of ning speak of a general disregard for ning's most precious asset - its contributing members. Good friends and clients have been banned, others silenced. These are people who have lived here many years, and have contributed richly to both local and expat life in Chiriqui. Moreover, the overall member attitudes towards ning has shifted from "the place to be" to the dustbin of cyber irrelevance, in the inglorious company of Panama-Guide.com, bananamarepublic and others . It is Voltaire who famously said, "Monsieur l’abbé, je déteste ce que vous écrivez, mais je donnerai ma vie pour que vous puissiez continuer à écrire." Sadly, JLM Foundation has failed to heed those eternal words - words which encompass our philosophy and values. Whenever our company was criticized on ning or elsewhere, we respond - not with a surreptitious call to Lee to have the critical posts deleted (the vulgarity of such a gesture would be unimaginable), but with our candid explanation and response. This has garnered the respect of the community - and of our clients. We sincerely believe the new administration bears the responsibility for this deterioration. The advertising asset known as ning, has in our estimation been significantly impaired to a point of no longer being a viable platform for Planet Telecom. Please remove our ad at the end of the term.
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    I invite you all to take a look at this link from Best Places in the World to Retire: https://bestplacesintheworldtoretire.com/stories?view=entry&id=328 This is a come-on article, advertising that health insurance for tourists is free. This hasn't been true for over two and a half years. Only at the end of the article is there an "editor's note" that this insurance is no longer available. If you were honestly trying to disseminate information helpful to persons thinking about visiting or retiring to Panama, as all these sites represent, why would you publish an article with out-of-date facts? Of what possible good, I ask, is this information inasmuch as it no longer applies? I've said it before, and I'll say it again: what these folks do to make a buck is unconscionable.
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    Best Wishes at New Year's are generally directed at another person's health and prosperity, and I pass them on to all. Mine often include a word or two about all of humanity living in peace and harmony, and I pass those on to you, too. Perhaps not my best, but maybe one of my better wishes this year, is for less acrimonious and non-productive content to be posted by all members of the local online community. I'm passing that on as well.
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    Agree. That said, I didn't retire here to die early on the road. That was not part of the package I signed up for. One would expect average driving skills...or maybe a bit below. I could deal with that. What we witness is way way below average to the point of absurdly dangerous, and frankly I just don't understand it. It is what it is, I understand.
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    Pondering this I can only reflect on thoughts Bill and I had when we first decided to reside outside of the USA for our retirement. Laws change, procedures change and the climate of life changes ..and possible more so in foreign countries. We were also aware that in spite of all our research we may have missed something. We knew that it might not be easy and at times frustrating but decided we would weather whatever transpired. It's been 10 yrs and some things have in fact changed and we did miss a few things we should have known I guess but we are happy here. Very happy. We've had some fun times navigating bumps in the road in fact !
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    You are welcome to go to the Prosecuters office at any time and look through the records yourself. They are open to anyone, they are PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE.
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    To clarify - yes we were both single when we got married. We had a choice of getting married in the US, in Colombia or in Panama. Colombia was the easiest, least expensive and least complicated as far as paperwork. When it comes to a resident visa in Panama, the marriage is only important in the fact that it is needed to prove that my Panama company (Friendly Nations Visa via my Panama S.A.) is what is providing the income. Neither of us are pensionados and she does not qualify for any other type of visa. My point was that in order to get the paperwork to prove our marriage in Colombia, we would need to go to Colombia to get it and upon returning they will not let her enter the country. So the lawyer suggested that if we could not return with the paperwork, then we should essentially lie to Panama and get married here again as if we were single. This goes to my point that yet another so called reputable lawyer's answer is for us it to lie and create false paperwork to get around what should be a simple trip to get proof of marriage. This is the system here. Lie, cheat, get around the rules and play the game. I did it before for 5 years because I was naive. I am smart enough now to know that Panama is going to keep changing the rules with new decrees. What the Panama and the lawyer tell me today will not be what the facts tomorrow. Admittedly we are in an unusual situation. Looking at her passport it appears she has been border hopping for the last year. In fact we were merely dating and travelling between the two countries until we finally got married a few months ago. The lawyer had no answer when I asked what the difference was between visiting often and border hopping. Everything we did for the last year was legal and within the laws, rules and decrees at that time. Our visits were always in one country or the other for at least a month length - not a 3 day hop. Is there a way for us to go thru the system and get her a visa? Yes. The cost is estimated at $5,000+ due to various circumstances. There is no simple way for Panama to look at my residency for the last 8 years and then give her a spousal visa for some additional fee. On the other hand, Colombia looks at me as her new husband and says I can have spousal visa for about $200 (effective immediately) and then permanent residency and dual citizenship after 3 years. The process is a few hours long and my passport is updated within a week or two. As one lawyer told me - Panama sees the border hoppers as a great deal of money if it can just force them into a visa process. And I do not disagree that people should be here legally. I have proudly showed my papers at every checkpoint and admired the country for making sure people were legal. My complaint is that they are punishing the very people who want to go thru the process, such as my wife. Don't get me wrong, I love my life here and I have fought hard to be here legally. As I said in my original post, I am raising the white flag. I have lived here and been a supporting member of the community. I have employed dozens of Panamanians and given to the country in many ways. I have changed as Panama evolved and sought to always be honest and forthright. Panama is asking too much. The lawyer sharks are circling ready to lie and cheat with promises of a simple visa that is just a mirage. I think I will swim somewhere else, thanks...
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    As far as the invasion of Marion's home goes and her subsequent attempted murder, I do not think anyone has been prosecured for it even though the police caught at least two of the perps. Just prior to Marion leaving the Country she was called back in by DIJ for a further "interview" and she did mention that she was uncomfortable with the way it was conducted. I would suspect, that since she has gone to Mexico, that nothing further will be done. This was my first (and so far only) introduction to Panamanian detectiving and as a retired police officer I was not terribly impressed. It seemed to me that everything was about "process" and not much about investigation. Lots and lots of police officers on scene, many at the hospital, numerous long interviews done where the preamble to the interview ( both verbal and written) seemed to take much longer than the interview itself. I couldn'd help getting the impression that everything was being done for show. Given that experience, I would not trust the Panamanian police to investigate and prosecute expat crimes. Yes, there are a ton of people in the David jail, but for what, exactly? Seems to me most of them must be on remands waiting for trial, heck if Wild Bill hasn't been tried yet after admitting murders it does not bode well for a contested prosecution. I guess all of the above can be distilled down to "you are responsible for your own safety". Indeed, this isn't Kansas, or Canada, or Britain. Look after youselves and take care.
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    We stopped in this three level store today and were amazed! It is a mashup of Ahorra, Conway and Super Baru with an array of additional merchandise that you may need and much that you might not. There are higher end clothing labels available such as Columbia, Izod and Italian makers. A huge selection of shoes, sporting goods, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, home decor, kitchen and bath, a very large pharmacy and health and beauty area, and the grocery section is as large, if not larger than Price Smart. I found many American label foods at reasonable prices and items that are hard to find (or stock that is seldom replenished) like Blue Diamond brand Almond Milk, Ghirardelli dark chocolate and dill pickle relish. The fresh meat and fish section is very big as is the veggie and fruit selection. All prices seem to be on par with Baru or Price Smart although some are higher, some are lower. The feel is what a department store used to be in the U.S. The place was jammed today with shoppers taking advantage of many ofertas and live entertainment outside in the front parking lot. We will definitely make this a stop when we schedule our Price Smart visits.
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    Obviously, I’ve gotten my priorities wrong and my sense of community is twisted. After all, there’s at least 14 families here who would rather squeeze a couple of dollars out of their castoffs than support an important local charity.
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    Patches is well on the road to recovery! Look at her now! Thank you so much to our incredible fosters….you have really made a difference in this girls life. She will only continue to get healthier and look more beautiful! If you would like to help us help animals such as Patches, please donate today: http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html
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    Took Anouk for her physical check-up with Dra. Chely this morning. Remember when we accepted this beautiful Husky about one plus years ago, this rescue dog had some health issues including raw ears devoid of hair because of flea infestation. So bad that Dra. Chely was fearful the hair would never grow back! With the application of medicine and a lot of work on our part Anouk now has clean and "hairy" ears. Per Dra. Chely's instructions we bathed Anouk's feet daily in white vinegar and water to get rid of fungus and of course there was a problem with poor fur (matty and bad smelling). This morning Anouk got an A+ in all areas including her clean teeth. We give her a raw bone (preferably tan bone, pig) once a week plus dry dog food with a small amount of canned wet food morning and night. "0nly egg white" per Dra. Chely "not the egg yolk" is included at breakfast. Anouk enjoys chewing on a Nyla bone on a regular basis. "Excellent mouth, no dog breath" per the vet. Will admit that Anouk could lose a few pounds. Guess that means more walks and my throwing the ball for her to chase more times. Reckon I better get busy....rain or sunshine ?. She really is a beautiful dog and a major addition to our family.
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    I will share one of my experiences with "shared tips" here in Panama. In 2009, I owned and operated a poker room in Panama City within the Royal Casino. Typically, poker dealers keep their own tips but I was quickly informed that in Panama they shared their tips. In my opinion that takes away from the incentive to give good service. I further learned that they collected the tips and then split them up every two weeks. Everyone got an equal share regardless of the number of hours worked. That meant that if an employee only worked part time or if they called in sick, they still received the same amount of the tip pool as those that had worked full shifts or even overtime! Unbelievable to my way of thinking. In my effort to balance out this practice, I implemented a system that percentaged out tips based on hours actually worked, thinking this would give incentive to show up for work and volunteer for extra hours. I was quickly proven wrong as the employees acted as a group. Upon receiving their tip envelopes with varying amounts, the group collected them all up and redistributed the tips back out evenly. Dealers that had worked twice as much, receiving double the amount of tips, put their money in the center and drew out the lesser yet equal share. I watched it happen. There appears to be a belief that tips are a group effort rather than an individual effort. Based on this and several other experiences, I came to the conclusion that it is a cultural difference. If you wonder why a nice big tip does not get that extra smile or appreciation, you need to realize that the person receiving the tip does not necessarily see that as personal reward. There is comfort in being just a member of the group without the desire to be better or advance.
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    The ANAM offices are 1Km south (toward David) of SuperCentro Ivan, on the same side of the road. There is a blue-roofed bus stop across from Seminario Franciscano. Coming FROM Boquete, turn left onto the unpaved road. Drive about 100 meters until you come to a cross-road, turn right and follow that road about 200 meters. The office is the single-story white building. There are signs (the one on the highway is more visible when you are coming from the south) that say "Agencia de Boquete". If you pass Instituto Guadelupano (on the south-bound side of the road) coming from Boquete, you've gone past your turn.
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    Why haven't they done that to Martinelli? He certainly deserves it.
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    Well said Bud. Both Roger and as well Two Sailors are wonderful friends of mine (as is Bonnie). These are some super great people ! I'd hate for there to be any kind of misunderstanding as you explained. You are an excellent moderator and we all appreciate you jumping in.
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    Isn't the problem, though, that Panama does not recognize the legality of the marriage? It's similar to the time when most states in the USA did not recognize the legality of a gay marriage that was lawfully performed in one that did. It seems to me that under Panamanian law, you ARE single, and it's not dishonest of you to say that you are. All you are conceding is AS TO PANAMA ONLY, you are single! I don't think Panama recognizes my marriage, either. My wife and I applied jointly to acquire our visas, but I'm pretty sure obtaining them didn't register our marriage. That could be a problem if any of my estate is subject to Panamanian probate. Don't tell my wife that I think I am single here in Panama, please.
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    We put the entire house on a 3 minute timer delay. When power comes back on...it's 3 minutes before we gets ours. That minimizes ( or possibly eliminates) the surge destruction. .I know you can get plug in lights that will go on immediately when the power is out. They stay in your wall sockets. Kind of a cool idea. I have these glow in the dark led flashlights all over the house. Another thing we found that is totally cool is a multiple bank led lamp. It will light up the entire living room and stay on for hours on one charge. We bought those for trips to the coast so we can read when power's out. I still haven't found a battery operated fan for those trips. Man the heat is brutal. When power's out on the coast, you go outside for a night breeze to sleep in the hammock?...you get Dengue there.
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    They make it sound so easy. Only 4 hours to Houston, 2-1/2 hours to Florida from Panama City! What they don't say is first you have to get to Panama City, then wait maybe 4 hours for your next flight, because if you don't take the early flight from David, you will miss the international flight. So a 4 hour trip to Houston, factoring in the time of driving to David and all the waiting, is actually 12 hours. It took me 16 hours to get to San Antonio, and 19 hours altogether to get to Seattle. You're right B, it is hype.
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    Agreed, Keith, and most wholeheartedly!
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    SO concerned? Hardly. Posts about .ning rarely appear here anymore since so many of us were banned from that site for minor infractions. To say that posts over there are the responsibility of the person posting is disingenuous, as MANY conversations over there have been closed down solely at the whim of the moderator(s). At a certain point, I think, when the content that appears there becomes blatantly racist, there is a good reason for stepping in to stop it. As others have said, it reflects poorly on both the site as well as the community we live in. I would post a couple of pictures from the thread I referenced, but they are SO over the top offensive that I'll leave it to you do your own research.
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    Earlier this year, I started blocking my FB friends who overdo it with political comments. I'm really hopeful that I can unblock them after the elections. p.s. I'm not happy with how we are being governed, and I'm not happy about our choices for future governance, but the social networks, including CL, will lose their intended purpose if political discussions are uncontrolled. I use the comment blocks in the internet news stories to vent my steam, and those comments are only read by people who want to read them.
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    Regarding dog rescue...... Let me say that this dog and my husband have fallen in love. Bill and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in a sweet little beach house rental that will allow us to take Flossy...(try figure) Our lives now seem to revolves around the dog.(..and it's a GOOD thing......something different, unexpected and very special). This dog is now an essential part of our life. Thanks again Judy, Dottie, Javier and Magaly ,Ruby and the entire team. You are making lives for dogs better................ but as well....ours !!!! Alison
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    Today I had a chance to look at the screens and frames in detail. To say the least, I am impressed. They were designed from the ground up as security devices and the thoughtfulness shows. For example, the pin hinges are very robust and the pins are screwed in from the inside, so you can't just knock the pin out and take the door off. As for the light transmission, it is almost exactly like looking out of a car with tinted windows. You never even notice them. They also keep bugs out, so you could leave your windows open without sacrificing security. Based on the comments about frames, I inspected carefully. The frames are very sophisticated aluminum extrusions, designed to be mounted when possible with screws at right angles to each other. All screws are covered with trim covers that would be very difficult to remove without special tools. You can not bash through these screens with a sledge hammer and I would guess even a .22 bullet would have a hard time getting through, although this is a question for the full review. According to Betheny, almost everyone in Australia uses this type of product, so it is a mature and sophisticated technology. I'll be doing an in depth review of the Fuertech products in the near future.
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    The following 6 profiles have been identified and are in reserve for your eclectic personalities: BarflyAwry CockeyeAwry (often in partners with BarflyAwry) SlyAwry (ever lurking) RabbiAwry (for use on the Sabath) NecktieAwry (very formal) ByeByeAwry (just in case) Please send $9.95 Balboas to "Just Me" and we will begin setting up your profiles.
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    Priorities are definitely misplaced. Contractors have been busy working for months now building a wall and fence around the high school in Alto Boquete while students have no text books.
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    Boquete's latest attraction is the Capilla de la Natividad, located in front of the Franciscan Seminary in Alto Boquete. The attention to detail and execution of the construction project has been extremely well organized and it prompted me to stop in the other day. (I am not a Catholic) The Capilla was built to hold a very detailed display, including over 1000 figurines, of the 18 stations of the birth of Jesus Christ. It was assembled by a family from David. La Capilla is open to all visitors 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 8: 00 p.m., 10:00 to 6:00 during summer, and 11:00 to 5:00 during the school year. This is an article from La Critica. By: José Vásquez Chiriquí - Wednesday, December 26, 2018 12:00 AM The structure houses 18 stations of the birth of the Child Jesus, embodied in more than a thousand pieces, which were located according to the biblical story with the main objective is to evangelize those who visit the chapel in this tourist region of the country. During the visit, people listen to the biblical narrations of the 18 stations, which become illuminated as the biblical passages are related with their respective readings. The Cardinal and Bishop of the Diocese of David, José Luis Lacunza, points out that it is an opportunity for all Panamanians and foreigners to have a personal encounter with the meaning of the Nativity of the Child God and the opportunity to visit this chapel and enjoy family the experience of finding all the passages of this birth which was built especially for the community. He points out that from the date, many people can visit this new chapel, which is unique in the country and will remain open throughout the year so that visitors to the Boquete district can visit it. Elida Nader, who visited the chapel of La Natividad, assures that every detail of the construction was taken care of to turn the structure into an environment that transports people to enjoy the Nativity and to reflect on the passages that are shown during the more than 45 minutes that delays the narration. He affirms that this new chapel comes to fill a void that existed in the community, since this structure allowed a family from the province of Chiriqui to decide to invest in the construction of this important work for the inhabitants of Tierras Altas.
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    Power on finally in Volcancito. Part of Naturgy's (gasNatural fenosa) new global strategy to show sympathy for the people of the Carolinas (but without actually being there).
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    After almost 25 years down here I've learned at least a couple of things. One of them is that patience and tolerance are among the greatest assets that a foreign resident can have. Another is that personal tranquility is inversely proportional to expectations.
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    Let's not rush to judgment and panic the community. Where did this information come from? It concerns me that the police "apparently" are saying this. They generally are very close-mouthed about investigations. All rumors spread rapidly here, including those that may have no basis in fact.
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    Maybe they can catch the thieves with their hands in the cookie jar. At least that would be a start. And then, hold each province school administrator responsible. The school system here is in sad shape. It's all about politics, money and priorities. The biggest problem with all of Panama is CORRUPTION. At least the prosecutors in Panama City are over loaded with work under this administration "trying" to prosecute and get a handle on corruption.
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    I found the original licence from 2011. I got it renewed. All I needed was my current passort. A copy of my 2011 passport. My Cedula and 2011 licence. Cheers for the tips ?
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    There was an accident in front of my house last Monday. Would anybody be surprised if I said it involved a taxi that was going way too fast and attempted to pass another car on the right? Of course 10 taxi drivers stopped to help and I'm sure most of them were solicited to be witnesses. Very lucky that nobody was hurt. There were a mom and baby passengers in the taxi and it's a miracle they didn't go through the windshield.
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    Subsequently, the President and his team made a tour of the new Aqueduct system, Sanitary Network and Wastewater Treatment Plant in Boquete, which will benefit more than 22 thousand residents of this district with a progress in their infrastructures is of 76%?????? I have my doubts on this number.
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    Thank you! There are plenty of scientists working for non profits on cancer research without a financial motive. And anyone who comes up with a cure for any cancer will be a world wide success and make crap loads of money. The reality is that scientists are very slowly starting to use the word "cure" for a handful of cancers like thyroid, testicular and a few others. These cancers have recovery rates in the high 90 percentiles now. If I'm not mistaken, even early diagnosed breast cancer has a recovery rate in the 90% range. Science is amazing!
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    Well. I know Ing. Roberto Roy. The only thing I can say, according to what I have known about him, is that he is a very good and succesfful professional, a very good public servant and a great businessman. Being in the construction business I know him from the CAPAC or construction chamber and this news have taken us by surprise. I seriously doubt about this bribery accusations. Let see what the investigations bring out to light.
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    In these two photos you can see some dogs that we have at the DogCamp, please come to see them and consider to adopt one of them
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    Bless you for caring and your efforts to help, Brundagega. None of us can do everything. I do the same for dogs and cats that need help. Every one one of us "privileged" people living in Panama can do something to help the people or the animals. Sadly, too many are either blind to the problems or they don't give a crap and are too involved in their gossip sessions and group functions. I know people in the Boquete area who are absolute champions--and you are among that number. Thank you again for your efforts, whether for human or animals.
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    So, Deborah, nothing at all to do with your problem but I thought I might mention my water heater "failure". Water heater running fine this morning, at lunchtime it was dead, the igniter was trying to work but no flame. Have had this problem before and sure enough, when I took the cover off I saw that one of the contacts was disconnected. Fixed it and fired the heater up, working fine. But, says I, why did this happen? Closer inspection revealed a bunch of leaves in the hot air output hole. A bit further inspection revealed the culprit - a possum had crawled into the heater and was nesting on the top of the heater stack. He is still there now, I have put out cat food to lure him out tonight. Meanwhile, cold water only. Oh well, joys and laughs of Panama. Moral of the story, put a mesh grate over your heater exhaust vent!
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    A few days ago we had a really special sunset in Boquete, which several people photographed and shared. It happens that on that same day, I set up my time lapse camera on the deck and, well, gee whiz! Watch till the sunset. Notice how the jungle looks like it is on fire - and it is - burning off water vapor into the streamers of clouds that we see so often downwind of Baru.
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    From the album: Brundageba's Photo Album

    Great cabins, restaurant and pool. Beautiful grounds an they allow dogs ! We had a great time
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    I also want to shout out to George and his wonderful staff at Zum Emslander (aka "The German Restaurant"). They have the best omelet in Boquete. It's a little difficult to decipher the menu description but it's basically a huge farmers omelet stuffed with potatoes, ham, onions, etc. All of their lunch and dinner menu items are also excellent. Their home fries are to die for. Prices are great and service is top notch. There's a small gang of us who breakfast there every Saturday morning.
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    Penny, I'm not sure what you really want. The police are checking the major entrance to Boquete from David. I live off of Caldera Road, and I have seen them check traffic going South after crime incidents in Boquete. It would be great if every entrance and exit to/from Boquete were protected 24/7/365 but what we have now is a major improvement over what we had last year. But, that just gets more and more expensive. I've been pleasantly surprised that the checkpoints have lasted until now. I'm thankful for the upgrade in protection that they have come up with even though it seems to be short by your standards. It must be very expensive to operate the checkpoint. And, I'm really disappointed with your implication that they are only checking in a comfort zone. Be thankful for small steps that improve protection. Maybe you can make a case for expanding the checkpoint, but please do so without slighting the officers trying to protect you. Best regards, Woody
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    Dear Fellow Chiriqui Livers, Lifers, and Lovers: Perhaps some of you may have heard rumors of upcoming political elections way up here in the Land of the Beer and the Home of the Rave. As there appears to be no small interest in the potential results of the plethora of contests for unbridled power, and the likelihood of their impacts on all creatures and expats, great and small, I believe that it is high time that Chiriqui Life addresses these history-making events with the institution of a Political Commentary topic, complete with the requisite hyperbole, baseless accusations, ad hominem attacks, sputtering invective, and screeching rhetoric. I believe that the human condition, something which we all share in common, can only be advanced and enhanced by any opportunity whatsoever to spew vitriol in the general direction of any and all who may happen to disagree with our more comprehensive and correct opinions and viewpoints. Perhaps editorial boundaries could be lifted in these endeavors to permit the untrammeled employment of filthy language in order to permit participants to fully express their true feelings. As an empathetic and humanitarian soul, I would start the discourse with outlandish and outrageous, I mean serious and piercing commentary, i.e.: Politics suck, politicians suck, people with political beliefs suck, people who like politics suck, people who don't like politics suck, and people who don't like people who don't like politics or politicians suck. Pretty much everybody sucks. I will eagerly anticipate meaningful dialog and the intellectually-enriching sharing of opinions pertaining to these crucial issues. Your friend, wryawry Next up: religion
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    We LOVE Ivan's. Most things that you run around town all day for can be found with one stop at Ivan's. (My favorite story is about the man who found an obscure part there for a 1983 Datsun!) And, yes, the service is the best. It's a pleasure to shop at Ivan's.
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    I just returned from downtown, where I observed two women and a dog running errands in a golf cart. Perhaps they are new to town or don't follow the forums, but this is an opportunity to remind everyone that golf carts don't have license plates, lights, or safety equipmment and therefore are illegal on public roadways. I'm remembering the poor man who not only was ticketed but also had his golf cart confiscated by the police. He ended up paying for its being towed to David, for its being impounded there, and for its being towed back to Boquete after the fine was paid. My recollection is that the total amount was in the neighborhood of $550.
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    Complaining about getting dumped from .ning? No, its more about the loss of an old friend, and about the rude and clueless way the new owners/moderators have behaved. They don't get a pass. People, myself included, are pissed about what these idiots have done, and probably even more about the way in which they have done it. Sure, we can & will all move on - that doesn't mean we forgive these jerk-wads for what they have done.
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    and for those who left voluntarily Feel free to copy and use
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    I don't believe it for a minute. They got caught and are in CYA mode.
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