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    Dear Dog Camp...You have our support. We hope Anita gets well and finds a happy home real soon. Thank you and the person that found her for such compassion and dedication. Alison, Bill and Flossy ( who was once a street dog too)
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    2019 Presidential Inauguration Day In observation of the Inauguration of the President-elect in Panama, Mail Boxes Etc., as public and most of the private stores will be closed on Monday, July 1, 2019. If you need information about your packages, please feel free to send to us an e-mail boquete@mbe-ca.com Arturo Gonzalez MAIL BOXES ETC. - Boquete TEL. 011 (507) 720-2684 / 1019 | Ave. Central, Edif. Don Andrés. Local # 2 Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá www.mbe-ca.com
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    Here's some photos of the preparation:
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    First my apologies for such inconvenience with the phone coverage at my place. I have learned from Movistar that they are in the middle of a process to upgrade their coverage at my place. This process should end this week. In the mean time the signal is weak at some spots in my residence, affecting more my dormitory. So I will Move to other area tonight so any one needing help can reach me. This upgrade is also affecting voice mail and they are slow or will not get to me Again sorry for this situation. Rodny Moreno
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    If you are going to drive on your Panama Lic. some states in the US also require you to have a International Divers Permit. Here is a link to a site that is supposed to get you the local contact numbers. https://internationaldrivingpermit.org/country/panama/ When you click through the site you get the following: ASOCIACION AUTOMOVILISTICA DE TOURING Y DEPORTES DE PANAMA Sport & Mobility CONDOMINIO MAR DEL SUR APT 2B PUNTA PAILTILLA Panama President: Dante R. Pescetto Foppiano Tel: +507 6612-5910 Fax: +507 215-0518
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    I think Dottie was pointing out a problem with Rodny’s poor phone service, not criticizing Rodny.I agree Rodny Direct is an important Service, but must be dependable when people have an emergency
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    To say Rodney Direct..." .no service " I believe should have been discussed with Rodney directly not here. I agree with Keith 100% who BTW who was giving you sound advice. Hey if I have an issue with a person I go to them directly.....To blast him here on this forum was unfair to him. I do know that phone service was out on the coast and is out frequently when transmission issues arise. That may well have been the case here.
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    We have been with him from the very start. 4;00 am , when I needed an ambulance for a neighbor is bad shape Rodney helped...and that neighbor was not with his service. He as well was outstanding when another neighbor had a home invasion...and one of the residents was Panamanian and spoke fluent Spanish!! In an emergency, Rodney is a vital asset to you. To drop his service would be ( as my mom would tell me)...."Biting your nose to spite your face" Crazy. Don't drop. . ...his service is ridiculously inexpensive for the value. Alison
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    Why aren't you taking up this issue with Rodny himself? I don't think anyone here can help you.
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    I want to say that the Jaramillo Arriba water system is one of the smallest in the greater Boquete area. It's also one of the best and least expensive water systems. My neighbors say that it was contamination from the coffee farmers and the water system board had to declare an emergency in order to get a judicial order of no trespassing against the farmers. To my knowledge, nobody has gotten sick. The contamination apparently happened about 8 AM Friday morning and many, many people drank the water before they heard about the problem.
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    Went to PriceSmart today and the InterAmerican was backed up past Cochez. Took best part of an hour to get there. Authorities are resurfacing the road heading West to Paso starting just past the PS turnoff. All traffic heading West diverted onto the opposite side. Looks like it is not a short term thing.
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    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters are pleased to report the delivery of 70 Baby Quilts 22 Knitted or Crocheted Blankets 2 Knitted or Crocheted Sweaters 24 Knitted or Crocheted Caps and 1 other item to the Centro de Salud in Bajo Boquete and to the Clinic in Palmira Centro. This represents our production for the month of June. We have welcomed several new people, some only here for a few weeks, and we would love to have you join us. We meet at the Handicap Foundation in Alto Boquete across the highway from Chopsticks Restaurant on Friday afternoons from 1PM to 3PM. We have needles and crochet hooks -- and yarn -- available for your use. If you don't knit or crochet, but you'd like to assist us in our efforts to provide beautiful, soft warmth to our tiniest, neediest neighbors, please "Sponsor a Sweater" by donating to our PayPal account at Boqueteknittersandquilters@gmail.com. All funds go toward the purchase of yarn, fabric and batting.
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    I golf with one of the members of Panama City Chamber Of Commerce. He made the same statements as this article to me months ago. He has the inside information. After all, he is the new President's brother-in-law. We will see-----the assembly has a lot of control over this country that needs to be changed. Corruption and the Assembly will be the first problems to be solved in my opinion. He was on the Chamber Of Commerce long before Nito ran for office.
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    Sounds all fine and good, but we shall see if any of that happens.
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    June 23, 2019: At this 129th clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 28 dogs and 11 cats. Of the dogs, 25 were female and 3 were male. Of the cats, 8 were female and 3 were male. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,010. We had a new volunteer, Yulianis Camarena. She learned very quickly and we hope she will be a regular volunteer. See the photo album for this clinic here: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMWUEF_ofAErNyNCenU498RyHGKou_Hhob2hADP Our July clinic is on the 21st. Call or whatsapp 6640-3171 for appointments. Francia Pinedo has the list and she has assumed the responsibility of scheduling appointments and confirming them beforehand. ...always remember: TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Dottie
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    Holy Smokes. These people should apply for asylum in their home country at the American Embassy.
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    At first I thought my cat had jumped on the bed, and then maybe a kangaroo. I was in a deep sleep and it took me a few seconds to realize the whole world was bouncing.
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    Thank you for this post ..... this is the first that I've seen that most businesses will be closed on 01 JUL 2019.
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    Thank You Boquete! We collected 47 pints which will help 141 patients. Boquete Health & Hospice extends A Gracious THANK YOU To our blood donors, volunteers, Matching Fund donors, and our community partners who supported this first ever Blood Drive in Boquete. Of course, the real winners are the patients in need of blood. We are thrilled to report that 47 pints of blood were collected. Since each blood donation can help save three lives, 141 people are potentially impacted. Thank you, Boquete! Your support is truly appreciated by the blood recipients, their loved ones and all of us involved in this life saving initiative. Need help? Just call 507 6781-8250 (8am-8pm) For Blood - 507 6590-2000 (8am-8pm) To view on the TeleMetro video clip click on the link below:
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    Ones wonders why local drivers take such chances on a turn or a lane change when they are generally so careful not to go over a bump or a pot hole at more then 2 mph. You know, like wee little teeny tiny bumps and mini holes. If you are not careful while driving you can rear end these folks....or worse run flat square into the other ones that decide to cross in front of you at 5 mph....Its a loooong list as we all know.
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    Anita!! Yesterday we received a message asking for help for a small dog that was living in the streets of Alanje, La Concepción (2 hours from Boquete), Today the person who rescued her, came to Boquete with the little poor dog. She is the little dog that came today to DogCamp from Alanje La Concepción. The expat who found her told us that she had owners and the owners told him that they thought is normal that this dog is in this conditions. Poor babyWe feed her, of course she ate like crazy, drunk a lot of water and she received a warm bath.Now she is sleeping in a bed inside of a kenel in a separate area.Monday we will take her to the vet to make a blood test 🤩You can make a donation to DogCamp using: https://www.gofundme.com/help-to-get-the-new-land-for-dogcamp Paypal: paypal.me/DogCamp Thank you so much!!!!
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    JIMENEZ HANDYMAN SERVICES NOW OFFERS: -Architecture -Engineering -Professional Advice -Processing We Do: *Designs in 2D and 3D renders -Perspective -Interior -Exterior -Aerial view -Furnished floorplans *Architectural Drawings AutoCAD *Architectural Plan Printing *Topographical Plan *Work Programming *Land Surveying *Inspections, Quality Control *Structural Analysis *Appraisal *Estimate,Budgeting *Qualified Personnel Stamp and Signature *Professional advice on Urban Standards *Project Processing * Environmental Impact Study,( Categories 1,2,3) Email us at: jorgeji1997@gmail.com or Call: +507 6665-1975
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    Keith, is there anything in my post that asks for help? (No, Keith, you just always need to respond to almost everything I post, usually off-point from my post.) I have no need to contact Rodny, because I don't care WHY he didn't answer his phone. But because he didn't, I just will not renew my subscription.
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