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    I mainly wanted to see if others have the same problem. I didn't readily notice a way to contact the owners, and I sure as heck wasn't going to waste my time searching. I don't care whether ITS performance is improved or not.
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    Children's Christmas Party 31 December 2018
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    Children's Christmas Party 31 December 2018 YouTube: https://youtu.be/Pk_x8I9zlOI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100000700576218/videos/2276643559035641/ NotSereyus
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    Boquete's latest attraction is the Capilla de la Natividad, located in front of the Franciscan Seminary in Alto Boquete. The attention to detail and execution of the construction project has been extremely well organized and it prompted me to stop in the other day. (I am not a Catholic) The Capilla was built to hold a very detailed display, including over 1000 figurines, of the 18 stations of the birth of Jesus Christ. It was assembled by a family from David. La Capilla is open to all visitors 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 8: 00 p.m., 10:00 to 6:00 during summer, and 11:00 to 5:00 during the school year. This is an article from La Critica. By: José Vásquez Chiriquí - Wednesday, December 26, 2018 12:00 AM The structure houses 18 stations of the birth of the Child Jesus, embodied in more than a thousand pieces, which were located according to the biblical story with the main objective is to evangelize those who visit the chapel in this tourist region of the country. During the visit, people listen to the biblical narrations of the 18 stations, which become illuminated as the biblical passages are related with their respective readings. The Cardinal and Bishop of the Diocese of David, José Luis Lacunza, points out that it is an opportunity for all Panamanians and foreigners to have a personal encounter with the meaning of the Nativity of the Child God and the opportunity to visit this chapel and enjoy family the experience of finding all the passages of this birth which was built especially for the community. He points out that from the date, many people can visit this new chapel, which is unique in the country and will remain open throughout the year so that visitors to the Boquete district can visit it. Elida Nader, who visited the chapel of La Natividad, assures that every detail of the construction was taken care of to turn the structure into an environment that transports people to enjoy the Nativity and to reflect on the passages that are shown during the more than 45 minutes that delays the narration. He affirms that this new chapel comes to fill a void that existed in the community, since this structure allowed a family from the province of Chiriqui to decide to invest in the construction of this important work for the inhabitants of Tierras Altas.
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    Isabella’s Bakery & More. Isabella Fasano is owner and chef of this eatery located in Bajo Boquete, diagonal from the Police station and next door to an auto parts supplier. We enjoyed a berry pie with ice cream and took home an individual pecan pie. Her menu includes coffees and sandwiches. Special salads will soon be added. Here’ a copy of her business card plus some pictures.
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    I came across this article today in an online newsletter called Gardenista. It doesn't bode well for the highlands of Panama and many other areas of the world. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46845461
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    My kind of healthy. Lettuce on the salami, ham, bacon, and provolone sandwich that I'll be seeking. Maybe with fries. 😊
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    Panama Expat Exchange Forum
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    There's a link for contacting the owner at the top of the page, and I have contacted him twice. He is aware of the problem and says his computer team is working to fix it.
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    I noticed that yesterday. I was trying to get to a posted classified and no matter what I did it took me to the top of a scrolling list and I never did find the ad despite spending 10 minutes or so screwing around with it.
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    Boquete Flower & Coffee Fair January 2019 YouTube: https://youtu.be/y5-xPmhCVeE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100000700576218/videos/2298103240223006/?l=7393686365163526265
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    Traffic in downtown Boquete today (Saturday) was very busy. I’m standing on Calle Principal waiting and waiting to cross the street, when a gracious Panamanian male saw me as a gringa in a predicament. He said “follow me”, moved into the street, held up his hand to stop all vehicles, and we crossed the street safely under his escort. I smiled, waved and yelled gracias as my benefactor returned to his original position.
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    Velkys at Mail Boxes Etc. posted that they will be closed on Wednesday the 9th, and I have personally not seen any notice that says differently. It's a solemn day so turning it into a holiday weekend might not be appropriate.
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    Just a note to let the community know that the Handicap Foundation (FPI is short for Fundacion Pro-Integracion) pays for the services it provides to the handicapped members of our community in these ways: 1. We raise money from your generous donations. 2. We sell books every Tuesday at the BCP market. A paperback is $1 and a hardcover is $2. 3. We have several venta de patios every year. The next one will be on Saturday, March 2 and we're collecting your gently used donations now. You can leave them at our facility in Alto Boquete across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant or at the book table in the BCP lobby on Tuesdays. 4. We sell computers and miscellaneous electronics. All have been thoroughly tested by our electronic genius technician and are guaranteed for 30 days. All are priced way below comparable items on the internet. Currently we have two nice Dell laptops, a custom desktop computer, and an I-pad for sale. More are in the pipeline and will be released for sale soon. If you're interested in getting advance notices of newly posted items, email pjbarrett@aol.com with a short description of what you want. Thank you to the Boquete community for everything you have done this past year. Penny Barrett
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    Amazingly enough, statistics show that there was an 18% reduction in the number of traffic deaths in 2018 from the previous year and at 346, the lowest in over 20 years.
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    Day One of auditions for The Red Plaid Shirt was fabulous! I can't wait for Day Two, tomorrow, Thursday, January 3, 1-3 pm in the theater at the BCP!!
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    Make room in that trunk for one more person. I may be joining you! 😄
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    Yes. Makes me nervous when my husband trusts the other driver will stop at these intersections where he has the right of way. I just don't trust the other drivers. He wants to mount my seat facing backwards. ....no I think he'd rather put me in the trunk.
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    Everyone seems to have a collection of air travel disaster anecdotes to share, so I won't burden this note with my most recent misadventure. What I do wish to pass along is a sense that the golden days of COPA Airlines are presently likely to be behind us. I have enjoyed COPA's service, which is easily superior to that of most US -based airlines I have made use of in the past. But the company's new headlong rush into the future is diluting its competitive strengths. COPA has nearly 60 new jets on order, compared to its base of just under 100. The company announces new routes and destinations with regularity. To this observer, the challenges in recruitment, training, and infrastructure of such a high growth rate signal major trouble ahead. To which must be added the inevitable teething problems when the new Tocumen terminal finally opens. A commercial airline is an incredibly complex system, and is vulnerable to disastrous events when a simple link fails. Panama City is challenging Miami as the hub for The Americas, and COPA's day has dawned. The temptation to make the most of the opportunity is difficult to resist, and the company has succumbed. The price will be a decline in the quality of customer experience. The stock (listed on the New York Exchange) has had a nice run, but has dropped from its high last January at 135 to today's 76. The consensus of opinion expressed in the stock market is trending downward, but that rarely causes management or the Board to alter their strategic plan. I expect to have more frequent negative experiences in the future when traveling with COPA.
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    Oh, it happened. road rage with 38s1.mp4
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    Like my son says... "Pictures, or it didn't happen!"
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    MiAmbiente in Chiriqui (previously ANAM) has suspended access to Parque Nacional Volcan Baru.
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    Uh, oh...someone sent almost $300 to my Paypal account, so I needed to go through the hassle of getting the money and then closing my account. At that point, I could log in but could no nothing else--except RECEIVE money into the account, of course. I couldn't use the funds to pay anything and couldn't retrieve the funds. Against my better judgment, I sent a copy of my US bank statement, one of their ways to "unrestrict" the account. (My bank account was no longer linked, but of course they knew my bank--since they also knew minute details about my life from 20+ years ago that even I didn't remember). Ten days later, I had heard nothing from Paypal, even after I sent a message asking WHEN my account would be unlocked. So I went through the ordeal of calling them. This time the wait was only 30 minutes, and the young woman said, "Yes, we received your bank statement." To my surprise, during my conversation with the very first person, the steps online for unlocking my account were fairly easy. As soon as I had access, I linked my bank account, removed my funds, and closed my account. Goodbye, crooks!
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    For the third time in two days I witnessed drivers, most likely tourists, turning the wrong way down one-way streets. In one case, an accident barely was avoided. Another snarled up traffic pretty badly. Because there are no one-way signs, we all need to be extra vigilant at these intersections during tourist season. I find it interesting that Panama has adopted strict seat belt enforcement, signs (some) indicating curves, and even speed bumps, but somehow has overlooked one-way traffic signs. And in David particularly stop signs are a rarity or are obscured by foliage. I think this lack of signage poses significant hazards on the roads here.
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    Apparently the black car was racing with another vehicle when the taxi pulled out in front of it.
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