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    That is recklessly false. Right now there are two cruise ships where all passengers are quarantined. Given how rotovirus spreads in a cruise ship environment, those ships are not a good place to be, especially if you're not yet infected. Science is trying to fight the virus by detecting and detaining sick travelers at transit points. But infected patients do not show symptoms for several days but can spread the virus before they get symptoms. And it now appears that the virus has mutated a little, unfortunately into an even more virulent strain. It's not that it's more deadly, but each infected person now on average infects over 3 others. It's now spreading faster than the Spanish Flu of 1918. There was no way for science to fight that pandemic, and there is no way to fight this one. A vaccine wil be developed, but not until it's far too late. The economic consequences might well affect upcoming elections.
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    It's really hard to know for sure what is going on in China. The anecdotal reports are terrible, but they are very hard to verify. The reported numbers of the infection growth rate have slowly dropped from over 20%/day to about 10%, although that is still very alarming given the logarithmic nature of those numbers. From the time the virus was first detected and concerns raised, but before China imposed the quarantine on the city of Wuhan, over 5 million people left the city. They mostly traveled within China, but that's why there out outbreaks all over China now, and less so internationally. We need international observers from the World Health Organization on the ground in China. Some experts think the numbers of those infected is probably 10 times what is being reported. Certainly some mild cases are not being reported, but China also has an incentive to try to keep the public from panicking and not going to the workplace. Unfortunately, I don't see how it matters too much whether the number of infected is 3,700, or 370,000. We have no way of containing it until a vaccine is developed, produced, and distributed. The measures already taken have almost certainly slowed the rate of new infections but you can be sure that the number tomorrow will be higher with no end in sight.
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    Well, apparently he was resurrected. Multiple news sources now report that he is only in critical condition at the moment and earlier reports were premature.
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    All of these efforts might slow the spread of the virus, but I don't see how it's going to stop it. You can definitely have the virus and not be showing any symptoms. Screening at airports or other transport hubs won't catch all the infected people. There are people spreading the virus right now that have no idea they are doing so. Could it be here in Panama now? It's certainly possible and even if it's not, I think it's inevitable. It's possible, and maybe even likely, that this virus isn't as deadly as it appears. 3% fatality rate seems very high, but nobody has a clue how many people actually have it. Many cases appear to be mild We need to watch the actual death count over the period of another month or so to get a better handle on the mortality rate. This will obviously get worse before it gets better, and the economic fallout is probably far worse than most of us realize.
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    Authorities continue to react as if COVID-19 is a serious threat to all of us, while continuing to underplay the actual seriousness of it in their reporting. That's probably the best course of action because panic and overreaction is not helpful in any way. But, just to be clear: The virus is far more deadly than you'll hear on cable news. Here are the current numbers. As of this morning, there have been 77.969 confirmed cases of people infected. There have been 2,362 deaths so far. But that's not the ratio to determine mortality rate. The accurate way to look at is final outcome of cases where people have been infected. Of the the 78,000 or so cases since the start of the spread, 23,668 cases have been resolved, "only" 54,301 people are currently sick. 23,668 have been discharged and no longer have the virus. But only 21,306 were discharged alive. The others have died. That's 2,362 of 23,668. 10% mortality rate. We don't know the outcome yet of the 54,000 who are currently sick, but we can make some guesses based on the mortality rate so far.
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    BJBF GARDEN PARTY Hotel Panamonte w/ The Nighthawks 13 Feb 2020 YouTube: https://youtu.be/P3C4SZgtxi0
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    Hi, this is Javier, it is really sad but Oso couldn't make it. He was fighting for his life during the last 4 days. Dr. Tello just called us some moments ago and said that he was not having any improvement and the best will be to put him down. It is a shame that many people saw him at the first gas station in town (before we know he was there)... they drove their cars, walked next to him and nobody did nothing for him, nobody took him at least to the vet and then call us to see if we could take him at the shelter. Some people wrote letting me know he was there in the gas station, asking if i could rescue him, at the beginning i said : no, i am sorry i have many dogs now, the shelter is full... To see if someone take the decision to help him, but... Nobody appeared. I know, we are well-know for making a big effort to help abused, abandoned, dogs, cats in the community but we do want to be the only ones, we want that you take the decision to help more dogs, more children, more homeless, etc, without expecting that somebody else will do it, if you truly want to help, take action, offer suport, do something. Taking the picture, calling somebody else to do the job is not helpful at all and in the meantime Oso was suffering laying on the ground almost in the middle of the town. You dont need to call your self animal lover, dog trainer, doctor, phsycologist to try to heal the suffering of another being...just take the decision without excuses. 6 years ago, we worked so hard in every job possible we could find, knowing we could help animals in the future if we could open a shelter, one year later we opened the shelter(we were not DogCamp, just Javier and Magaly, two guys who help) we opened it with few money we could save (400 dollars) we were just expecting the best for the project and the animals and during the first 3 years we rescued almost 1,200 animals, just using our ideas, habilites, hard work, proving we are devoted to our mission and praying for you to join us to this cause. I am letting you know this because as you can see there is no excuses to achieve something, many of you know we practically do not have our own a place now for working in peace but we are still here, we are still here... i mean... there was no excuses to help Oso. I truly appreciatte people who support him and the dogs from here and anywhere else, you know who you are, i know who you are, Good, Krishna, Budha, Universe, will bless you all.
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    Agreed. A visit to their home within a dog shelter will tell you all you need to know.
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    Sad......very sad. Our hearts break for Oso. All I can say is Javier and Magaly are very special people. They have very little (...money a/o time for themselves...) personally. They dedicate their lives to dogs who need help. They are amazingly empathetic people. We all need to support them one way or another. God bless you J & M!
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    Mark your calendars for a very special fun filled weekend...March 13th and March 14th, 2020. Friday, March 13th we begin with a 🍷wine tasting party 🍾with booths along the riverfront between Boulder 54 and TapOut. Wine tasting will be followed by a special dinner and silent auction at Boulder 54. Saturday, March 14th, again along the river front walkway, International Sausage Festival presented by local Boquete Chefs. From 1-4pm music featuring oldies and gringo dance music at the band shell at TapOut. From 6:00-9:00pm music will switch to Panamanian in the band shell. More information on times, cost, local chefs, etc. to follow. Any questions email March Rosen - bglbyz1@aol.com, Joe Hart - jhartpi@hotmail.com or Linda Hart - lhart249@hotmail.com.
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    Javier, have you thought about asking for 12 volunteers who would each commit to buying 1 large bag of dog food a month for 6 months, so to help with the food costs with Dog Camp? I think I remember that you use about 1 bag of food every 3 days. Is that right? So if 12 volunteers would each commit to one bag a month, that would keep your out-of-pocket costs down. I would commit to 12 bags; 1 a month for a year. If 12 people agreed to do it, then we could coordinate with you for our delivery days so you don't get overwhelmed with too many bags at one time.
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    This is a seriously bad guy, and it would have been okay with me if they had not captured him alive. You know that he will probably escape again.
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    Bud, thanks for the nice review and excellent photos. It was truly a privilege to be able to participate in the creation of this show and work with so many talented performers. Kudos to all, but most especially to director, writer, drummer, and chief instigator Mike Schwartz. Let's do it again soon!
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    I don't think this is a very good idea. This isn't restoring natural beaches. There aren't any there. More importantly, the bay is a dead zone. Pollution and runoff from the city will continue to contaminate the bay. This isn't unique to Panama, by any means. All coastal cities do it to some extent. But because of the configuration of the bay, wave action is minimal and the water is more stagnant. Hence, the dead zone and why the waters will always represent a potential health hazard to beach visitors.
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    gracias for your continuous and dedicated efforts.
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    Seven actually. Lots of curves but I would not call the road dangerous. It's been well engineered all with broad, cambered corners, plenty of guard rails and markings.
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    Does anybody know whether the water service would be cut off without notice if one's waster bill isn't paid within a certain time?
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    I am amazed there is no commentary on this important legislation which is yet another step to eliminating animal cruelty and improper care of domestic animals in Panama.
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    Do you want to update your wardrobe? We have lots of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Also a motley collection of other stuff Lots of clothes at rummage sale prices. Check it out any weekday from 9 -3 While you're there, take a look at "La Tienda de Loesje" where Loesje has assembled a special set of collectibles, home wares, electronics, small appliances, etc. Everything is for sale. Are you a vinyl records aficionado? It’s your lucky week! Great collection of beautiful classical music on vinyl LPs at rock bottom prices. Head for the Fundacion Pro-Integracion (Handicap Foundation) this week, (between 9 am and 3 pm) and snap up some great classics. $1.00 per record We must clear these out now to make space for other treasures! All proceeds support our handicapped Boquetenos! Across the street from Chopsticks Restaurant in El Alto
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    Brundageba, As you can imagine, a network of pressure regulators for an entire subdivision would be costly in addition to the costs associated with the required routine maintenance. When I evaluated the Brisas subdivision years ago the realtor stated that within the year the roads were going to be repaved as well as the completion of a club house and pool too. They also told me that they were going to expand the road to Lucero to four lanes. Don't get me started on the realtors here in Boquete! As for adequate water service for that new subdivision on the road to Caldera, well, I think they're still trying to figure out how to supply water to Ricardo Perez's new 1,200 home subdivision in El Frances. Your guess is as good as any ones!
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    With the coronavirus severely impacting travel to and within China, there will be increased downward pressure on oil prices. Supply and demand is what sets prices, and demand is dropping.
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    Brisas Boquetenas: Water has been in sporadic shut-down mode for approximately a month. Rarely is there water flowing during the day. Usually we get water to fill the reserve tank at night. Our home is a lower altitude than those at the entry of the Brisas subdivision. I was told that those homes at the entry had been totally out for 9 days. Those homes as well had longer outages than we did in the same subdivision for the last month. For several months now we have had periods of water pressure so high the water lines ruptured in the usual areas that always break. So yes in Brisas there are problems that have yet to be resolved. Some broken lines here have been broken and leaking for months now. If the water is running down the road we know the water is on. We still use a children's plastic pool for extra water on hand.
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    On Thursday I arrived and departed through Tocumen and I can tell you that there are no visible precautions in place. Unless, perhaps, someone is actually arriving from China. Hand sanitizer here? Everywhere.
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