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    The MINSA site has, for about a week, listed an active case in Los Naranjos that is a domicile quarantine. That is just northwest of Bajo Boquete.
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    Articles such as this one excuse people who prefer to believe wearing a mask is bullsh** Yes the N 95 is the 100% mode of protection against virus particles. Here in Boquete: ( please do include that data for us) Where are they sold? Who can afford them? What value is knowing that its too expensive and not readily available? Early dialogue in the USA that negated the value of a mask did not help the USA public accept that covering the face and distancing is essential. As far as I can see, they still have not accepted that reality. As a nurse I hold fast to 1. Distancing, 2 Face covering 3. limiting exposure within closed confines. Those are principles well accepted and promoted by public health worldwide, MINSA of the Rep of Panama and as well the Mayor of Boquete.. This is what we must do. Here we do not have a choice. ________________________________________________________ Regarding the data presented by Denis Rancourt,PhD you presented: Denis G Rancourt , PhD is not a microbiologist. M.D. , Epidemiologist or a nurse. He is an ex-professor from the U of Ottawa. He was fired from the University and has ruffled up some of his peers. His M.O. is stirring the pot ( making trouble) He enjoys mustering up a conflict as seen by his past personal history. Here is the specific link: ( of articles he prefers to present to convince you the government has led you all astray) https://www.rcreader.com/commentary/masks-dont-work-covid-a-review-of-science-relevant-to-covide-19-social-policy Personally I'm inclined to read articles on a viral pandemic written by authorities in the field of medicine, biology, epidemiology.
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    A serious research paper, ten pages including at least 20 article citations, refutes the mask theory (except for the N95). THE RESEARCH IS CONCLUSIVE: MASKS AND RESPIRATORS DO NOT PREVENT THE TRANSMISSION OF VIRUSES Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhD researchgate.net Mon, 20 Apr 2020 20:47 UTC Abstract Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles. Furthermore, the relevant known physics and biology, which I review, are such that masks and respirators should not work. It would be a paradox if masks and respirators worked, given what we know about viral respiratory diseases: The main transmission path is long-residence-time aerosol particles (< 2.5 ^m), which are too fine to be blocked, and the minimum-infective-dose is smaller than one aerosol particle.
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    We are at last able to give you our good news about the future of BCP’s Tuesday Market! Over the years, BCP’s Tuesday Market has evolved from its humble beginnings at the Fundadores Hotel to its recent location at what is now TapOut. We are now able to move into a better location than ever before. As soon as the health precautions allow, we will be opening in the Arco Iris Room at the Feria grounds. As before, this is just over the bridge, but now on the left - the room is right on the corner. This room is so large that even obeying social distancing with 2 meters between tables, we will be able to have all our vendors under one roof. You will no longer have to brave the wind and the rain to reach everyone. The room is bright and clean, the lighting is good and there are excellent bathroom facilities We are very excited to be able to use this facility which is a very positive step from all that has gone before. We are working with MINSA to ensure that the market will be held in such a way that everyone will be safe. Whatever limits are put on us we will be ready to welcome you back. For more information email info@eventsboquete.org To inquire about being a vendor: email market@eventsboquete.org
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    Don Winner did not uncover wild bill it was the Bush brothers in Bouquette Don Winner was working with wild bill to get rid of the properties he was stealing from the killed victims Winner even bragged how he was a good friend and drinking buddy to wild bill .Winner Used his blog to sell the properties for which he profited. Then to save his ass he acted like he caught wild bill. Winner was nothing but a crook a liar and fraud and used his blog site to extort money from hiS victims. Put crap on his site and would only remove it if they paid.
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    I consider wearing my mask to be mostly a non-optional fashion statement. We exhale saturated vapor (100% relative humidity) and there are millions of small (sub-micron) condensate drops in every breath. If you are infected, those drops carry huge numbers of virons, enough to infect another person. None of these particles is filtered in either direction by anything less than an N95 mask. The US CDC publishes a journal titled “Emerging Infectious Diseases” and the May, 2020 issue carries an article stating that in 14 randomized controlled trials covering four influenza pandemics, the evidence is that face masks had no substantial effect on transmission. Here’s a link to the article: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article Here’s the Abstract: There were 3 influenza pandemics in the 20th century, and there has been 1 so far in the 21st century. Local, national, and international health authorities regularly update their plans for mitigating the next influenza pandemic in light of the latest available evidence on the effectiveness of various control measures in reducing transmission. Here, we review the evidence base on the effectiveness of nonpharmaceutical personal protective measures and environmental hygiene measures in nonhealthcare settings and discuss their potential inclusion in pandemic plans. Although mechanistic studies support the potential effect of hand hygiene or face masks, evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza. We similarly found limited evidence on the effectiveness of improved hygiene and environmental cleaning. We identified several major knowledge gaps requiring further research, most fundamentally an improved characterization of the modes of person-to-person transmission.
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    I believe it is reasonable to expect more posts of this kind. The degree of malnutrition of the Panamanian population has been massively increased due to the shutdown of the economy. Confinement has reduced vitamin D production, and wearing of masks negatively affected the blood saturation levels of oxygen and CO2. Widespread stress in addition to those physiological damages. All of which weaken the individual and collective immune systems. Measles, mumps, scarlet fever, even smallpox are some of the words that may return to the daily vocabulary.
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    We in the Boquete area have been very fortunate during the COVID crisis but a wave of new cases appears to have begun. Per the MINSA site as/of Midnight, Friday July 3rd: Bajo Boquete has one new case. Los Naranjos has added two more to make a total of three. Alto Boquete has added a new case. Planning on traveling to David? Take precaution as they have almost 300 active cases.
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    I thought so too, Keith, but when I went to get my permissio there were actually 4 lines, each for something different. I was out of there after 15 mins
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    Dear friends, Thank you so much for your very generous donation to DogCamp Boquete Foundation. With the help of members like you, DogCamp can stay strong in defense of helpless dogs. This is a critical time for Panama and many countries around the world. DogCamp needs the ongoing support of people like yourself to continue saving lives. We are currently taking care of 40 dogs at the shelter and another 6 living with our wonderful fosters. Rescuing a dog is HARD ! It's hard to see them arrive battered, abandoned, or starving. Sometimes, it is just as hard to watch them leave, even to the best of homes. However, for DogCamp, adoptions are critical to give our dogs the opportunity to have a forever home and a loving family. Additionally, adoptions allow us to make room for the many more dogs in need of loving care. ADOPT OR FOSTER A DOG! Contact us dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 65638686 / 69659423 IS TIME TO FIND A GOOD HOME FOR THEM! Wendy and Patricia, both are rescued dogs from a bad situation. They are 4 years old, they love each other and want to be together all the time. We tried to give in adoption and we separated but Patricia didn't want to eat for 3 days and she was sitting at the gate everyday waiting for Wendy, so Wendy had to come back. They were adopted together 2 years ago but their owner had a car accident and they couldn't stay in Panama and they had to come back to the States, it was so sad the day they had to leave them here. This time we want a home for them together, we know is not easy but is not impossible. They are so sweet, love the people and they are great with other dogs. Please consider to adopt them or foster them together Remember, often the difference between life and death is you ! Thank you so much for your help. DogCamp Boquete Foundation Javier, Magaly and the rescued dogs ! For donations, please use this PayPal from our friend Kirsten https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby (include a note please saying DogCamp) Or you can go by La Granja Boquetena and buy dog food or give a donation to our donation Casita or buy a nice washable mask, we have new designs!!
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    A Win/Win when we are all allowed to "gather" again. The BCP Theater still in place and use, The Tuesday Market Bigger and Better than ever... and a great place for Lunch and a cold one, Tap Out. Well done all the folks who worked so hard to make this happen for the Boquete Community. Gracias.
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    I've been told that all available slots in June and July have been scheduled and they haven't released the August schedule yet. My suggestion is to keep trying because some people cancel their appointment and that time slot will open up. Eventually they will start to make August appointments.
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    Our thanks for your environmental awareness on June 21.
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    Another home run for great food, fantastic service (home delivery), and for a good cause (ACCBoquete and DogCamp Boquete). If I was forced to fault something it would be too much food, but that is good for leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Congratulations to all who worked on this.
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    DENGUE: Lots of broken water pipes around where I live. Around them are ponds of water where mosquitoes can breed. We know that repair can sometimes be a ways off so a squirt of dish soap in a pond of water by your home will suppress mosquito larvae from propagation.
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    Hi Keith, thank you so much for your feedback, good point! If you would like to place a order without alcoholic beverages, you are welcome to contact me at 6678-6748 or write to marketing@therrockboquete.com and we will be glad adjust the package for you. The same applies for anyone who shares your concerns. Kind regards, Irma Marengo
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    Yes, and there are another three tropical waves marching in sequence behind this one. They are about 3 days' apart, depending on their speed across the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The three weather charts posted below are 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour looks ahead. They show the expected progression of the tropical waves. The major wind/precipitation occurs with and behind the wave, so it looks like Monday and Tuesday will be quite wet in Western Panama. Tropical Waves.pdf
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    Alison, I didn’t mention road protests. I agree, this thing isn’t going away soon, if ever. So the decision is individual as to how much exposure you are willing to tolerate. While I will social distance and will GRUDGINGLY wear a mask, that’s it for me. I’m not going to live my life hiding from something I can’t control. There’s a ton of things out there that could kill you, heaven knows I’ve been close more than once, but I am determined to enjoy the rest of my life and not live in fear.
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    ATTT Extends Until July 31 the Suspension of Fines For Expired License Plates The Traffic and Land Transport Authority (ATTT) extended until Friday, July 31, the suspension of the application of the infraction for circulating with expired license plates. They will not sanction those who have expired license plates. "This measure applies to all vehicles with a license plate whose expiration date corresponds to the months of March, April, May and June 2020," highlights a statement from the entity published on Thursday, June 11. For more details, please visit (scroll down to see the translated version of the news article): Membership on CL is ***not*** required in order to access this content. However, CL membership is free and opens up access to all of the content on CL. If you wish to register, click on the "Sign Up" icon in the upper right corner on the home page. Helpful hint: to get to the CL home page from anywhere on CL, just click on the masthead photo that displays at the top of every page. Click Here for more information about CL. Bud Huber and Marcelyn Jandreau Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life -- support@chiriqui.life Chiriqui.Life
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    You can borrow an oxygen concentrator from Boquete Hospice. Do a search on this forum for their contact information.
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    The report I read said that the police had let the protest through one of the roadblocks when a driver quoted the Panamanian Constitution. They only stopped the protest when it neared Casco Viejo, where the Presidential Palace is located. The relevant article is Article 38:
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    Something very serious should have happened to this gentleman for leaving Panama suddenly and leave all their subscriber hanging without any advance notice.
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    Alto Boquete now has eight new cases, Bajo Boquete has three active cases, plus a fatality. Los Naranjos has five active cases, one requiring hospitalization. Active cases in David are now 369. Puerto Armuelles is up to 90. The MINSA website added over 1000 cases on Sunday and the number of active cases nationwide is approaching 20,000. I would show the screen grabs but I don't have the time today.
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    One word “solyndra”. Haven’t seen a large solar or wind installation that hasn’t relied on substantial govt. Investment, after the investment goes away, the installations shut down
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    This post was neither discussed with nor approved by the family of Robert Kane. Bob was a very private person and would not have wanted his life displayed in such a way. Mrs. Robert Leven Kane
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    I just learned that Bob Kane passed away yesterday. Bob lived with his wife Anne in Jaramillo Abajo. I knew Bob because he used to play duplicate bridge with our local club.
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