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    " Nearly 80% of soldiers admitted to these hospitals ( in the Crimean War 1854 ) died from infections from being in the hospitals, not from their original wounds. Florence Nightingale helped to dramatically change these issues with improvement in hygiene and sanitation in hospitals, which helped drop the rates of infections. After the war, Nightingale set out on a campaign to modernize hospitals. She had a large influence on hospital design and nursing practices used today. " 1854 was before the discovery of germs ( ...bacteria, viruses etc. ) being the direct cause of infection. To see this pile of rotting infectious material (no doubt covered in flies) in the Republic of Panama in this day and age is criminal. This to me should be brought to the attention of the World Health Organization. I am astounded by it. Alison
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    Here's an observation. When we were stuck 6.5 hours in one place on the highway with the protest, it took about an hour or so and the street came alive as far as the eye could see. Folks were chatting, sharing food and helping one another. The kids from town were selling sodas, water and snacks from the grocery store. The predominant opinion among those inconvenienced was: " I know this makes Panama look bad to others, but these poor people deserve better and this is the only way they feel they can get anything done". What we didn't see was raised fists and an attitude of entitlement among the drivers. Oh sure, as you can imagine some were pretty upset...but generally folks just dealt with it . We had a whole mini bus full of old folks from a nursing home behind us . I took Flossy our dog inside to visit them and provide a pleasant break. Others assisted some of the old people to places where they could urinate and brought them food. The People of Panama are special. This is just one example of why we are glad we chose to live with them here. ALISON
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    This should come under the heading of "bochinche" and I won't mention my source, but I was told that the Ministry of Public Health was blessed with a new director about three months ago, and that this person went on a power trip, checking all the various sub-administrations and ordering a rigorous enforcement of all the laws and regulations on the books. One of the consequences was the shutdown of imports of cosmetics. It seems that samples were taken from a number of shipments of cosmetics and sent to labs, to verify that the actual ingredients correspond to the labeling. The uproar and blowback from the freight forwarders has resulted in a lifting of the embargo. There will likely be more scrutiny, restrictions, and delays in getting cosmetics imported than has been the case in the past, but nothing particularly onerous. New procedures and announcements will be forthcoming, but everyone is in face-saving mode, so it may take a while longer to clear up the situation.
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    Everyone has lost a little something or other going thru the security check at the airport. I have had numerous items confiscated such as tweezers, fingernail clippers, etc. Today topped that list of items. It seems that you are not allowed to carry a partially used roll of 1/4 inch double sided Scotch Tape in your carry-on. As the security gal flagged her supervisor over, he agreed that Scotch Tape was not allowed in your carry-on bag. Stunned, I asked why. I was told that it could be used to tie or bind a person. I considered his answer as I put my belt on, slid my 12 foot power cord for my laptop into my backpack ad picked up my 10 foot USB cords. Yes, we can't have people carrying on something they could use to tie or bind. Its a good thing security is keeping us safe from the terrorist flying out of Albrook Airport with Scotch Tape in their bag. Rest easy... they are on watch... just drop the tape and walk away
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    I was the week of July 18 to July 23 in David, Chiriqui for business purposes and visiting some projects in the province with a very tight schedule. I have to admit that from all the drivers in Panama the driver from David and Chiriqui in general are..... wow the worst. I warned my wife to drive defensively all time. It was amazing to see that they seems to be always in a hurry. I can accept that from any driver in Panama City because of the extremely heavy traffic but from a driver in David it is unacceptable. Looks like the main problem is speeding. Most of the worst accident ocurred because the driver was at very high speed and couldnt control his vehicle causing a terrible accident. The second cause of accidents seems to be distraction while driving. Technology is making idiot drivers. People cant leave their smartphones and wanted to be texting and chatting while driving making them to distract and cause accidents.
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    Margie is my neighbor. She is definitely a local person, a recently arrived expat with a lot of energy for various projects, including this one. Don't let the cynics get you down Margie.
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    If I recall correctly, there's no way a toad could enter your property via the fence. So he must have come in through the bars on a gate. Buy some fine mesh screen (metal or plastic) and affix it to the bottom of the gates. I just use twist ties.
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    I uploaded a document that gives instructions. If the vet has atropine, that is helpful too, after you've done the emergency treatment, which has to be done right away. Don't wait. Treatment for toad poisoning.doc
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    This is kind of a silly topic but one that everyone deals with. Coins In my move to Colombia, I needed to rid myself of all those US Coins, not to mention that wonderful dollar coin the "Martinelli". So what do you do with your all your coins? Put them in a piggy bank or blg jar? Unless you are diligent of using them as fast as they accumulate, you end up with a large amount. The banks always want me to roll all the coins and deny they have a coin counter. I suspect that is false but when the answer is no, you go looking elsewhere. The Rey in David has a coin counter for the public but there are a few gotchas. First is you have to dig out all of your Martineli's as it only counts US coins. Not hard to do. The next one is a hurdle I have cleared only once. The only person that will run the coin counter machine for you is the head cashier/manager. On my first visit I was told that she only does it in the mornings when they are setting things up. On my next visit (in the morning) I was told the machine was broken (Hmmmm...) That was also the excuse on several subsequent visit, yet it appeared the machine had been used. I did finally get my jar of coins counted and converted to paper bills but decided it was a losing proposition. The head cashier/manager was never eager to do it and it seemed like an awful lot of trouble for such a simple thing as turning on the machine. That made me wonder... what does everyone else do? Just hang on to the coins - which is what I would have done if I was not moving to a country they would be useless. To "coin" a phrase I decided to "buck" up because it makes no "cents", they are just going to "nickle and dime" you to death. Penny for your thoughts or give me your two cents worth!
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    It seems like it's been a long time since we've seen any public updates from either of the entities handling emergency incident reports, specifically Alto Al Crimen and Rodny Direct. Any statistics on the number and nature of calls received and the type of response that was required? Is the incidence of local criminal activity up or down, etc.?
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    Yeiks. San Jose' is very very close to the mouth of the Panama canal and Panama City.
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    Following is one of the comments about the article in Newsroom Panama: A subsequent poster noted that posting the picture of the harmless snake in conjunction with the report of a death by snake bite likely will lead to the unnecessary killing of harmless snakes.
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    Expect the Unexpected When Police were called away and left behind some traffic cones on the highway to Bocas near Chiriquicito, a couple of guys went into business for themselves. They set up a roadblock and were shaking down motorists while wearing vests from the D.I.J. They were later arrested and found to be members of the 'Kilamanjaro' gang. Two firearms were recovered. https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/Detectan-falso-reten-Chiriqui-detenidos_0_4809269055.html
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    Not if you are a surfer here in Panama Pacific coast J & N ! Winds are predominantly very strong onshore almost daily with very large ocean swells driving towards the land mass. It's not like those containers are new...they have been rotting in the jungle for a long time.
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    Read the book: Emperors in the Jungle Author: John Lindsay-Poland Duke University Press. The hidden history of the U.S. in Panama. This is investigative journalism at it's best. Among other topics it uncovers the US Army's decades long program of chemical weapons tests in Panama. It is well worth a read. Amazon.com has it. If you read this expose' you'd come to the conclusion that a heck of a lot more than 8 weapons are left.....deteriorating in the tropical jungles of Panama in various locations.
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    I don't believe that's correct, Marie. While it is illegal to turn left off Avenida Central onto the street when traveling north, I believe it is permitted to turn right when going south. That has been a two-way street (or at least used as a two-way street) for as long as I've been here. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Monday July 10 we were stuck inside the truck 6 1/2 hours just about 1/2 km from the intersection at Horconcitos. By the time the riot police arrived all fours lanes facing east had advanced forward ( the two active lanes as well the ones closed and under construction). Traffic behind us was as far as the eye can see. We were told that was the case as well on the other side of the protest facing west. Total impasse. On our return back yesterday 7/20 there were at least 20 or more riot police in full gear at the intersection. From the looks of the debris on and beside the road, problems there must be on-going. If that's what it takes that safe roads be made for teachers to drive to remote interior posts, then so be it. Two teachers had the road disappear and were hurled down a steep hillside to be buried under rocks and mud inside there truck where they died. Being a teacher here in Panama does not guarantee an easy assignment. I'm glad to see this protest even though we were inconvenienced 6 hours because of it. Alison
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    This video shows the work being performed at Los Ladrillos, at one of the spring-fed sources or 'eye of the water'. https://www.facebook.com/Alcaldía-De-Boquete-2014-2019-566693683441469/ source Alcaldia
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    Google results for "holistic treatment conjunctivitis". Medical resources such as Dr. Axe, Mommypotamus, and Holisticsquid recommend using everything from soup to nuts.
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    I'm now reluctant to say publicly for several reasons: I don't want to create new problems for anyone. Businesses compete. I don't understand this new complication. It seems harmful and indefensible from any perspective -- government, consumer, trade union, etc. I don't know who was being "harmed " by the status quo. I don't subscribe to "misery loves company" , either. Just because some couriers have problems does not mean that all must be required to have problems. I don't want my next shipment of perfectly innocuous blood pressure and cholesterol control medicine jeopardized. That's selfish, perhaps, but I am not convinced this problem is universal in Panama as to prescription medicine.
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    In the UK large supermarkets and retail stores charge 5p for each plastic bag you want – if you buy a week’s worth of groceries the 5p’s can mount up. It’s a great incentive to take your own shopping bags (as my mother did when I was small, as I did when I grew and as I do now). Smaller businesses can charge on a voluntary basis. The 5p is not a government tax and does not go into the government coffers but the government does expect retailers to give the proceeds to good causes – it is for the individual businesses to choose what to do and which causes to support. I’m sure if, worldwide, charges were levied for plastic bags we’d see a sharp decline in their usage.
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    Bonnie: Thanks for the thorough summary. Other than just directives (which I assume must have been from MBE), did Velkys have any copies of actual government orders or regulations? Based on just the August 1 comunicado, I am fully confident that it addresses only the subject of cosmetics. I also know that health supplements are not mentioned in the sections of the law quoted in the comunicado. As for alternative inquiries, maybe our diputada could ask for clarification. A non-warden could handle something like that to keep you from being involved. 'Any idea how any of this relates to the Free Trade Agreement? It was alleged to have the effect of removing tariffs from around 87% of imports from the US within a couple of years of its signing in October 2012. The official US government site, Export.gov, says this: Tariffs have dropped to 0% for 87% of U.S. Exports to Panama. Panama’s tariffs are already relatively low – an average of 7% for industrial goods, around 15% for agricultural products regardless of where the products are made. But a 0% percent tariff is a competitive advantage for U.S.-made goods. And U.S. products and services are already very competitive, with some 30% market share of Panama’s imports. Are we so unlucky as to bring in a lot of stuff that falls into the 13% that has import tariffs or other restrictions? Do you think the embassy could explain this oddity?
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    Hola, the restriction is only for cosmetics. Prescription drugs are allowed however we need to get a permit and the procedure takes takes 10 - 20 days. Suplements, vitamines and food also need a permit, but this process is easier and faster. Have a good weekend and please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information.
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    I gotta admit that that beats the confiscation less than a year ago of a mini tape measure that had traveled the world with me for over fifteen years. Shopping isn't the same without it.
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    Thanks for the heads up.
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    Oh darn - I read that as "live clams" and got all set to have some steamers.
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    Marcelyn and I had a similar experience many years ago when we were stopped on the InterAmerican Hwy while returning from PC to Boquete. We were there (meaning fairly close to and on the western side of Santiago) for about 3+ hours. Not a thing we or the others could do except to wait for the authorities to deal with it. I wouldn't call it a big highway party, but people did get out of their vehicles, walk around, talk, and food and water started showing up from the locals. Also, the absence of violence or raised fists, etc. Nice to see that people can still act with civility in times of stress.
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    It doesn't sound anything like IL too me. IL is targeted toward people looking to live internationally. This new site appears to be focused on events and classifieds. I don't see the parallel.
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    Absolutely untrue! I am behind this site, I have a background in social media and internet marketing, and I am local. My husband and I live here full time and we live in Volcancito with dogs, cats, horses and chickens. Here I am in the David Cabalgata with Edilberto Gaitan and Lauretta Bonfiglio. I just hosted the Volcancito Cabalgata on July 16th, you will generally find me riding my bay quarter horse stallion or my appaloosa mare in any cabalgata within 50 miles and often up and down Volcancito Road. Our group of riders is why Big Daddy's now has a horse parking sign. I am not sure which sites you are referring to as being like this one. In general the comment I hear the most is "thank you so much for doing this, is is so needed!"
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    Pat, Agree! If you go to the All About Boquete site, and click on, about us, this is the limited ( IMO) information you get: About Us Built for tourists and locals alike by a Boquete resident, passionate about getting Boquete wired and online. Construido para turistas y boqueteños por un residente de Boquete quien es apasionado de conseguir Boquete cableado y en línea. Phone/Telefono 507-6607-4060 (English) 507-6461-1871 (espanol) Contact Us On-Line / Contáctenos en línea You may contact us on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will respond to all on-line inquiries no later than 1 business day after you submit your request. Puede contactarnos en linea 24 horas al dia, 7 días a la semana, 365 días al año. Responderemos a todas las consultas en línea dentro de un día laboral después de enviar su solicitud. Thanks for visiting All About Boquete. Gracias por visitar All About Boquete. There is really no information about who "All about Boquete" is! Experience and background on who is behind the curtain would be nice. Also: " Built for tourists and locals alike by a Boquete resident, passionate about getting Boquete wired and online." Like we are not already wired and online???? With all the info about Boquete here on CL, Boquete Newslady, and the several Boquete Groups on Facebook, it would seem this All About Boquete would be redundant. Unless it is going to be set up for an advertising stream of income for whoever is behind it.
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    More feedback: The way these icons are set up, if you don't want anything to do with them, they are easy to ignore. If you want to keep them, let those who think they're useful click on them. The rest of us can ignore them. They are not obtrusive, just sitting quietly over there on the right side of the page.
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    I guess I don't get it. Where is the conflict? I see a difference of opinion about a one-way street, which was resolved with photos. How was Jim on Keith's case? What were "several members complaining about"? It looks like there was some sarcasm from both parties.
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    Thanks for the feedback. Please keep it coming. We will reassess in the near future. P.S., we are NOT trying to be like Facebook. Gosh no, never, no way José, The announcement only mentioned Facebook so that those who have no idea what reputation or reaction are here on CL could perhaps equate it to something like the Facebook "like" icon.
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    Just FYI . Activated charcoal will permanently stain material. We use it in the E.R. for poisoning and patients sometimes would spit it out everywhere. . Some of my uniforms and as well the divider curtains had permanent grey spots on them as a result .
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    Probably bullet proof. I doubt he's a popular fellow
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    1.6 ounces and she got over 6 years in prison with no prior arrest record. Meanwhile, they can break into your house, steal stuff, harm or kill you, and they can get away with that?
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    http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/chemical-weapons-from-secret-canadian-u-s-mustard-gas-program-in-panama-to-be-destroyed/wcm/576223a7-52c7-48e9-bf57-406bb91776cb http://www.mire.gob.pa/index.php/en/noticias-mire/10472-opaq-endorses-plan-for-the-destruction-of-chemical-weapons-on-san-jose-island-panama In the last article it was stated: "A group of specialists from the United States will train personnel of the Technical Explosives Unit of the Panamanian National Police in the process of destruction and verification, which will give Panama an installed human and technical capacity to address these types of contingencies. The logistics includes the equipment, facilities and measures to guarantee the safety of the personnel involved and of the environment. Opting for bilateral collaboration, and with the technical support of the OPCW throughout the process, Panama will achieve the results it has sought for decades. In addition, the demarche of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and collaboration between the Ministries of Security, Health and Environment will finally allow Panama to take concrete actions to dispose of chemical weapons in its territory." To me this sounds like the US will send some experts to teach Panamanian National Police how to remove these weapons. In this way Panama would become independent in removal of the dangerous material themselves in the future. Sounds like a real deal ( eyes rolling) USA will fund, teach, build facilities then skedaddle and leave Panama to do the job?...am I ready this right????
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    These articles do remind me a bit of paid ads in 1950s magazines like Adventure or Mans World.
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    It would be great if more airlines initiated a scheme similar to British Airways' "Flying Start". If you are on a BA flight, travelers are encouraged to donate their loose foreign change. There are envelopes provided in the seat back pockets of international flights, or you can give directly to the in-flight crew. Money collected from travelers has raised over 5.8 million pounds in three years to help disadvantaged children in the UK and in some of the world's poorest countries. Nice to think that coins which would probably be tossed in a drawer once you reached home can do so much good.
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    Having met the qualifications to be issued a residency visa is the primary requirement for obtaining an E-Cedula, which is basically an I.D. Card linked to registration in the national system.
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    I wonder what this means? Is he teaching others how to steal, launder money and generally get away with murder?
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    When my husband died, I discovered jars filled with coins. It would have taken days to sort them by hand and more days to roll them, so I bought a coin sorter and some "sleeves" that fit it. It came to over $600, so the sorter was worth the expense. Dan, you're welcome to the sorter and the sleeves that are left. Just give me a call for pickup.
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    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    If you buy a boat and decide to retire and have fun, make sure you learn about local conditions . Before the owner got his act together, locals had plucked off of the boat most of what was worth anything. Bottom line is you don't want to be dumb on purpose. Here was a guy's dream turned into a nightmare. Santa Catalina, Veraguas, Panama
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    I followed up on my initial e-mail to the U.S. Embassy asking for clarification. This is the response I received: "Hi Bonnie- We don’t have anything yet. If you receive questions, please provide the people our email address (panama-acs@state.gov) and we will let them know we are looking into it. That will also help us better understand the specific issues each person is facing."
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    Whysky, most of us try to abide by the laws of Panama. But, the problem here is that these rules seem to be invented by a bureaucrat based on his daily whims. As near as I can tell, all of the mail forwarding services were surprised by these new requirements. On any given day, you may or may not be able to obtain needed pharmaceuticals in Panama. These bureaucratic "whims" have a callous disregard for the health of people who are receiving prescriptions by mail. Your premise of adapting to and accepting the culture is quite similar to some comments that were made in a discussion last month regarding driving safety. When something is clearly screwed up, the right thing to do is to try to fix it. Death or departure are two alternatives that I prefer to avoid.
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    This topic came up in Expat blog about carrying around your passport. Our great friends P & B recommended this. Copy the front of your passport and latest entry stamp and get it laminated at Mailboxes for .50. to keep in your wallet. Unless of course you are going to the Fronterra.
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