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    Tears in my eyes, a smile on my face, and toes that are tapping. Thank you BHH (Boquete Health and Hospice)
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    Instead of banning plastic bags for these merchants and grocers, the laws should require the bags to be biodegradable. That way, residents would still have bags to clean up dog and cat poop, and you wouldn't have the unhealthy dirty cloth grocery bags which get contaminated by meat pretty easily.
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    I do not think anyone is arguing that there isn't a problem, nor that something shouldn't be done. To look at the problem realistically and then to say well lets ban plastic straws is a kin to trying to lower the level of the ocean with an eyedropper. To efficiently target the problem and actually make a difference, it is necessary to look at what plastic items are the biggest contributors. Certainly plastic straws are not a big contributor. It is laughable to say "well at least they are doing SOMETHING". Panama is probably doing more by banning the plastic bags than California is doing by banning plastic straws. Just because you are "doing something" does not mean you are making a meaningful difference. Also, I do not personally buy the argument that the US or "First World Countries" need to lead the way and that everyone else will just simply follow. This is just finger pointing in the other direction and is just as unhelpful as saying other countries are worse. There are many, many things a person can point to where the rest of the world did not follow the lead of first world countries. The cultures and economics are so vastly different that it is simply not possible even if they wanted to do it. The real solution is to create a bigger demand for environmentally friendly alternatives than there currently is for plastic. Putting money and research into developing such alternatives is much more constructive. You change the supply by changing the demand. If the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives outweighs the demand for plastic you take a great step forward in fixing the problem. The latest insanity is that now they are making sippy cups for adults as an alternative to plastic straws. Of course the cup and the new sippy top is made of .... plastic... and probably more plastic than was used to make the straw. Some solutions just suck.
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    This resolution did not call for military intervention in Venezuela. I think it is a bit pathetic to complain about the Maduro regime while abstaining on a vote of solidarity in the OAS declaring the Venezuela crisis as a threat to regional security. Nobody is talking about invading Venezuela, which would be an extremely difficult task given the topography. At least Panama didn't vote NO, despite the misleading headline.
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    Keith, You're correct, leading by example is one way to get people to conform. However, for decades first world nations especially in North America and Europe have implemented stringent pollution controls on fossil fueled vehicles as well as power plants in addition to enforcing strict recycling policies and it appears that third world and developing nations have not followed suit. Perhaps more time is needed. As for the TPP, that along with the Paris Accord was a big loser for the United States hence their lack of participation.
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    Any additional taxes on tourists, airfares, or airport landings will be a huge mistake, imo. Panama needs to stay competitive in those areas.
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    Dear CL Members and all your Expat and Panamanian Contacts. I hope you send this important video on. I have been amazed at how many do not know what BHH (Boquete Health and Hospice) Does and Achieves. This video really lays out the Whole Mission ... assisting the Entire Community... and the Cost...Zero...All Volunteers.
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    Frank's place in Caldera. I believe they charge $10 per car per day? Great facility and so peaceful there by the river. Changing rooms. Food area et...
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    This privately owned pool by Plaza San Francisco is larger than Valle Escondido's, I believe they're now charging $1.5 per adult per day.
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    Constantly increasing hurricane insurance costs encouraged me to sell my interest in a condo in Hilton Head, South Carolina a few years ago. Hurricane coverage is just another expense, such as HVAC, that isn't required to live in or around Boquete.
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    Diapers HAVE to be one of the most polluting items in Panama. Alternatives are easily available. Yet, we celebrate banning plastic bags. Think seriously, folks.
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    Slow lines at PriceSmart have been topped: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/08/article/shoppers-swamp-costco-store-in-china/
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    Bud, I subscribe to Cable Onda's 160/10 meg service and using Ookla's speed test ( www.speedtest.net ) I've been receiving 170/10 meg throughput for the last couple of years. I tested this morning and per the attachment I'm receiving 170/15 meg throughput. Let's keep this to ourselves!
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    Update on driving up.... "The Gauntlet...Restaurant Row".... past the Catholic Church … and towards the Panamonte Hotel and New Bridge. Tonight, for the 1st time in a while I took a chance on driving directly up to my turn off towards the Panamonte Neighborhood. I wondered how the Yellow Curbs were faring in deterring people from parking... Hurrah!! There were 3 cars (spaced out ..2 in front of one bar and 1 in front of another) … AND … They ALL had Big Tickets taped to their driver's side windows! Yay!!! This is just about safety, folks... so glad we can now get through without being "doored" or hitting someone. Also, the Panamonte Bridge is a Tourist Magnet… folks parking on both ends and walking over it and taking selfies…which is fun.. but just be careful driving in this area. Erin Ross
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    Saturday night after the BCP musical review program we drove the restaurant row route and noticed five vehicles parked in the yellow curb section. Sunday mid morning there were three cars parked there. (One grey pick-up is a “regular” that we’ve seen several times). None on Saturday or Sunday had tickets. Glad Big Tickets are appearing taped to windows because cars illegally parked here can be a scary drive home when car doors suddenly open or individuals casually step out of their vehicle without checking for on-coming traffic on crowded road.
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    Update on driving up.... "the gauntlet...restaurant row".... Tonight, for the 1st time in awhile I took a chance on driving directly up to my turn off towards the Panamonte. I wondered how the Yellow Curbs were faring in deterring people from parking... Hurrah!! There were 3 cars (spaced out ..2 in front of one bar and 1 in front of another) They ALL had Big Tickets taped to their driver's side windows! This is just about safety, folks... so glad we can now get through with out being "doored" or hitting someone.
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    The only "authorities" I see in Volcan are the police stopping cars to check for licenses, etc. It would certainly help more if they'd check for speeders and those who don't obey stop signs--who now have more opportunity to speed with the many additional paved roads. I even see colegio drivers speeding and not even slowing down for a stop sign. And parents trust their children with these irresponsible drivers?
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    These "get outta town (USA) before ya drown" pieces are becoming as ubiquitous as "(insert your favorite gripe here)". Their frequency has spawned the latest backlash, which is manifesting as the viral defense of just how great things are here in the Good Ol' Yew Ess of Aye. The priorities boil-down to quality-of-life issues: "I hurt and it sucks cuz it's so expensive to try to fix it." The touts of "Retirement Paradises" such as Boquete seldom do more than take a swipe at the veneer with a dustcloth; the realities of any change in any life are far too complex to comprehensively address. What has not been reported at all is the sweeping reform taking place in American health care, where the benevolent HMO's are joining forces with friendly Insurance Conglomerates and everybody's favorite Uncle Big Pharma in the plan now known simply as "America Greatness" Just place all of your money into the convenient slot in the front of the Suck-a-Tron, take a giant handful of Designer Drugs, then walk out that door over there and die. Safe. Convenient. Dignified. And, good for your Country, too! Preserve a robust economy for the entitled by becoming extinct. Now, more than ever before, it is time for all ordinary older citizens to become True Patriots. Why subject the next generation to the shame that accompanies becoming an Old Fart? Don't be a burden! Our slogan: "INSPIRE! EXPIRE!" That's real progress, wryawry
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    This is the Mayor's email address, available for anyone who didn't get a chance to express their opinion about the proposal at the Public Meeting which was convened for that purpose. alcaldiadeboquete@gmail.com
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    Climate Change has been a principal agenda item for world leaders at the G7 Conference in France this weekend and was the subject of a major bilateral meeting this morning. It was voted to send $20 million to the Amazon basin nations to assist in fire fighting there. Canada’s Prime Minister offered to send $15 million in aid and water bombers to the region. Most notably, the President of the U.S.A. did not attend nor did he participate in any discussions on the subject. Instead he chose to speak about increased U.S. production of fossil fuel in the form of LNG gas. He also criticized alternative energy wind farms. This is discouraging for the rest of the hemisphere, including us here in Panama.
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    Again, from us in the boonies, jealousy rears its ugly head....No fibre for you!
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    “Whoever has the Gold makes the Rules” ..or pays to have someone ignore them. This case was about a scam project from the word Go during the Martinelli era, where nothing was accomplished but millions of dollars disappeared. Among others, a former VP was involved which led to Superintendent of Banking forcing the sale of Banco Universal. Maybe the decision will be appealed.
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    Two different units of measurement make it difficult to get the picture.
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