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    Yacht transit of the Western Carribean is iffy, weather-dependent, and slow. I suggest contacting Princess Cruises and Holland America Cruises. They both have cruise ships departing Colon in the next week and arriving in Ft. Lauderdale three or four days later. Safe, comfortable, reliable, with doctor and infirmarty on board...
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    Hi Ian, I have done several grid-tie installations here in Chiriqui. The process you speak of is net-metering. This allows you to get a credit for the extra energy you produce using your solar panels. It's actually a pretty generous program, and makes grid-tie solar a no-brainer for anyone spending more than $150/month or so on power. You are credited 1kwh for 1 kwh, and if your production exceeds consumption, they will pay you the wholesale electrical rate (subject to a 25% limit based on your baseline consumption) ie: you can't use this to go into the business of electrical generation. This is great as in many residential situations, you generate power during the day, and use it up a night, once you come home. The process is somewhat tedious, but here it is in a nutshell: Your solar installer will work with an electrical engineer to handle this for you. There are 3 authorities to deal with: Naturgy (the power utility), Bomberos, and Municipio. -sign a limited power of attorney allowing the electrical engineer to represent you throughout this process -he will present the photo-voltaic electrical plan to Naturgy, along with property documents, etc... they will give you a provisional go-ahead -present electrical plan to Bomberos -once approved by Bomberos, apply for your permit from Municipio once that's approved, go back to Naturgy and apply for your bi-directional meter, and sign your net-metering contract with them. Naturgy will send over a crew to install the bi-directional meter, and conduct an inspection of the installation. The whole process from start to finish takes about 2-3 months. The installer generally takes care of this for their client, as it requires a lot of follow-up at every step. If you have any more questions, I'm glad to help. alain@siempresolpanama.com 6631-9193
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    It's easy for the peanut gallery to sit back and criticize someone who is trying to do a service for the community. I would like it if BD told us how he has contributed to our community lately.
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    It's my understanding that the inability to see the link on an I-pad relates to the settings of the I-pad and maybe also to the service provider. It also seems to me that BD was quite rude.
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    Before a group of good Boquete folks got together, Janeth's husband Eduardo had to carry her about 1/4 km to a neighbor's bathroom. He bathed her in an outdoor faucet in the yard. You see, Janeth is in a wheel chair and lives in a very small house up a muddy path. Now, the project is complete. Many folks contributed money. Some contributed faucets and sinks and toilets and tile. Some like Lyn Hall contributed material and her welding skills to craft a frame for the bathroom sink and some grab bars for the toilet and the shower. Joe Culleton was the tireless lead engineer and common laborer on the project. Ken Faust, master plumber supervised all the plumbing. In addition to the bathroom, the guys also installed eaves troughs and a downspout because they found the rain was leaking into the bedroom. They also added an additional outdoor sink. The only thing still needed is a shower chair and we're hoping somebody in the community will come forward to donate that. If that person is you, please drop it off at the Handicap Foundation across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant in Alto Boquete.
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    There are excellent doctors in Panama City. And he can be driven there.
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    Wow Keith. You sure are hard over on being positive about Panama government and the infrastructure. I never read anything you write that is even in the slightest negative about Panama. There are times when criticism is justified, in my opinion.
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    Former Mayor of Boquete Manolo Ruiz has been found innocent of charges that he used state funds for political purposes. The decision took about 4 years.
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    Note that the prices for the service are "quincenal" meaning every 15 days, so you have to double it to see what you would pay per month. Ahh the subtleties of marketing!!
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    I now am able to access the video on all my devices: desktop computer, iPad, and iPhone. I agree that BD was caustically rude. Those persons putting together the video are unpaid volunteers who offered their time to make available a presentation important to U.S. expats—a presentation that was “sold out” and that many who attended therefore were unable to participate in. I, for one, applaud their community service.
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    Yes, my vote. My objective in posting was to share useful, and hopefully accurate, information about obtaining a the new Medicare card to those who may, as I do, use a non-US mailing address with US Social Security. As to my "vote", it is due to my scar tissue from dealing with dozens of bureaucracies around the world, including the US. I choose the harder road, which is to minimize their opportunities for sudden "gotchas".
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    Complying with the SS administration's requirement to communicate a mailing address in one's country of residence doesn't affect the freedom of choice for a depository bank. Your mailing address can be in Panama, and your bank account for receiving social security payments in the US. That's my situation. As to "procedural difficulties with government", those are pretty much universal...
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    Hi, For anyone interested, I had lived with chronic low back pain , from mild to extremely severe for 30 years. Very frequent visits to a chiropractor who was very good at reliving the pain. Problem was it was temporary. I went to a few different orthopedic surgeons, who could find no explanation for the pain. No rupchured or bulging disc, with slight degeneration of vertebrae. The answer was " we can operate, fuse the 4th and5th vertebrae ". Fortunately , I refused this . Finally in 2000, I got an appointment with a Sports Medicine doctor who was experienced in Prolotherapy. I received injections near/close to the tendons that connect the facets of the 3rd vertebrae to those of the 4th and 5th vertebrae. These injection are Dextrose, Sarapin, Morrhaute Sodium, and small amount of Lidocaine. Doctor told me these should last from a few months to a year or more. I go once a year for these injections, and this last set of injections have lasted two years . I have been completely free of any pain for 18 years now. No pain at all. These injections have been used extensively for torn or injured ligaments by athletes, or injuries from accidents or other causes.
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    I also should add, Jim, that even were I inclined to "get legal" and reveal my foreign address by registering with SSA online, it's not possible to do so from Panama. And we all know what the likely wait period would be to speak to someone were I to telephone SSA in either the U.S. or Costa Rica. If I'm ever found out and chastised, I intend to point out how very difficult they make enrollment for persons abroad.
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    Jim, the MBE address is in Florida, but mail is then forwarded to MBE in Boquete. I'm not sure what you mean by "[t]hat will be worth clearing up." I have always gotten mail from Medicare at MBE. It's a much better alternative than depending on the slow, slow, slow Panamanian mail system.
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    As well as the tunnel from Boquete to Bocos del Toro.
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    They sell it at Mailboxes Etc also.
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    ACCBoquete is thankful to the great people of Boquete for attending our fundraiser for Bricks Path Ministries and raising $400.00 for the children's uniforms, school supplies, etc. It's our mission and our goal to assists people like Bill and Gina who work tirelessly to assist the needy children of Los Navajos of Boquete. THANK YOU BOQUETE!!!!
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    Today 52 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 4,839. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/125th.html It was another long day--Dr. Tello also performed several exams and other time-consuming surgeries other than spaying/neutering. Reminder: if you have not seen the youtube presentation by Francia Pinedo and me, please watch it. There is a lot of valuable information about the care of your dogs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3znLEnxip8 It is in both English and Spanish. Remember: I am not a veterinarian, but I can usually help with animal problems...excepting of course, broken bones and/or serious illnesses. If you want to visit my house regarding a problem with an animal, please call me in advance, 6517-8752 or whatsapp at 6361-3234 before 7:00 pm or after 7:00 am. I will usually not open my gate when my employee is not present. Our March clinic is already full. For appointments on April 28th, call or whatsapp to the clinic phone at 6640-3171. Love and big hugs to our volunteers, our Dr. Andres Tello, people who bring their animals, and those who contribute whether it is financially or otherwise. Please remember that is is our moral and spiritual responsibility to help those who cannot speak for themselves! Dottie
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    From our Founder, Ruby McKenzie Nearly 14 years ago, the first spay/neuter clinic was held in Boquete, Panama. We sterilized 21 dogs and cats. From there, a group of us came to understand that the answer to animal over population and having malnourished, injured dogs and cats in the streets was sterilization! Our quest began! Thankfully, after sterilizing over 15,000 animals in the Boquete area, that idea has been fully embraced by the local Panamanians and by wonderful people with big hearts who join us in helping to make a difference in the lives of the animals surrounding us. The low price we now charge, $15 per dog and $8 per cat, goes to pay our wonderful veterinarians and does not come close to paying for the anesthesia, medical supplies, and non-medical supplies used in the clinics. We invite you to join with us in this wonderful endeavor to alleviate the distress in the lives of our local animals as well as their owners. Please open your hearts and donate to this worthy cause. We have a great fundraiser right now with the opportunity to win wonderful prizes. We have the Happy Paws program where you can help us help folks like Sr. Rafael sterilize his animals and Carmencita with all the animals she brings to our clinics and to keep us going! See their stories below. We have established a non-profit 501(c )3 in the United States which allows you to donate to Animales for a possible tax write-off. It is called, Amigos De Animales, Inc. headquartered in Fort Myers, Fl. We are on the smile.amazon.com program where your everyday purchases can help support us if purchased through the SMILE program. Of course we continually have fundraisers like our annual calendar (sign up now to have your furry friend appear on the pages of the 2020 calendar), the upcoming Casino Night, as well as this latest fundraiser. Donate $100 and have a chance to win 3 different wonderful prizes! Thanks in advance for your new and continued support! Ruby McKenzie, Founder, Fundacion Amigos de Animales, Boquete. Contact me personally if you have questions or suggestions at rubym.animales@gmail.com. See what we have been up to: On Sunday February 17, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 145 animals, 77 dogs and 68 cats. We had five of our best vets working and the best volunteers in the world. This was a smooth running clinic, started by 8:30 and done by 3:30. We had more dogs than cats again, breaking with the trend of the past two years of having many more cats than dogs. And about those volunteers…someone asked me when I was working at the Jazz Fest, the Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival, how many volunteers we had working at any given clinic (upwards of 50) and why did I think we had so many who were willing to work for us. Good interesting question. I think the answer in part is that working at our clinics, you feel a real community involvement, a spirit that we are all in this together working for a common goal. And I see our volunteers all over town working or enjoying all that Boquete has to offer. We are a group that likes to get things done and enjoys doing it! Sheila, one of our VPs, was the volunteer coordinator among other jobs for the Jazz Festival. Leslie and Sherry not only work for Animales, but they also worked at the Jazz Fest and volunteer for Buenos Vecinos as well. To say nothing of the school Sherry teaches English at and has restored. What an amazing group! I would say to any newcomers, get involved, make a difference! Boquete is a place where what you do counts. Thank you to everyone who brings food to the kitchen at our clinics. It is enjoyed and appreciated by all. The next clinic will be Sunday March 31. To volunteer, contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com for a reservation, contact Magaly at boqueteanimales@gmail.com or phone, whatsapp, or text 6563-8686. Thank you! Keep reading to learn more about who we are: Carmencita Carmencita MacIntyre has been one of our collectors since our second clinic in 2006. She has brought hundreds and maybe even thousands of animals to us over the past years. Carmencita does not have a lot of money, but she does have a lot of heart. She goes out in to the fincas and remote towns and brings in dogs and cats to the clinic; she understands the good that it does for the animals and thanks to her, hundreds of cats or dogs have been helped through her efforts. We never know what to expect from Carmencita, whether she will be bringing in two or twenty-two animals but she always has a smile on her face.Read this story below that exemplifies her devotion to the local animals: Eleven PM on a Sunday night after the clinic, who else would show up on Gijs and Hanny’s door but Carmencita. Somehow this beautiful but very protective mother dog and her 5 puppies ended up in her car. The puppies still had their eyes closed and mom is very sweet but also very protective. She was used as a puppy mill but that horrible life is now behind her. This is a great example why we should help Amigos de Animales. In this instance, we know that we will have to sterilize the mom and her babies when they are ready and that Carmencita will not be able to pay for it. Amigos de Animales needs your help to keep those wonderful rescuers like Carmencita doing their great and important job. Meet Sr Rafael He lives on a fixed income yet he has been caring for over 18 cats on his property. Though he knew the benefits of spaying or neutering his cats, he also knew that he could not afford the cost nor did he have the ability to transport them to a clinic. Martha Miranda and Kirsten Quimby met with him and presented him with a solution, a sort of joint community effort. They would trap the cats in humane cat traps, bring them to our clinic to be spayed or neutered, and he would pay what he could; in this case he gave us 50 cents per cat. At our January clinic, they were able to trap 9 cats. More were brought in for the February clinic. Fifty cents for a cat to be sterilized does not begin to cover our costs for vet services and the medicines needed to care for these animals. That is where the Happy Paws Club comes in! You can help support our mission and alleviate the suffering of the animals in our community by becoming a member of the Happy Paws Club. With a small monthly contribution you can make a big difference. We have made it easy for you. Become a member at any level you choose and help us help the animals of our community like those of Sr Rafael. Happy Paws Club Bronze Member For $10 a month, you can pay for one cat to be spayed or neutered. Happy Paws Club Silver Member For $30 a month, you can spay or neuter 2 dogs or three cats. Happy Paws Club Gold Member For $50 a month, you can pay for 2 dogs and 2 cats to be sterilized at our clinics. Thank you for your support! Together we can make a difference. Upcoming Events Casino Night Boquete Has Heart is a joint effort by Amigos de Animales and Buenos Vecinos to benefit those in need throughout the greater Boquete community. This year’s event will focus on a fun Casino Night, great food, a cash bar, along with some terrific items featured in a silent auction. There will be blackjack tables, roulette wheel, food, a cash bar and silent auction. Tickets are $15 and will be sold at the Tuesday Market and MBE. Tickets will be $20 at the door. Save the date March 16, 2019 Our Fabulous Fundraiser Win a trip for two to Beautiful Boquete, Panama, the Valley of Flowers and Rainbows and be hosted by the people of Fundación Amigos de Animales, Boquete. Our mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and surrounding areas. We have sterilized over 15,000 dogs and cats during our 13 years of existence in Boquete.
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    National Police officers went up to the summit today and re-painted the Cross. The vandalism was roundly denounced.
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    Are extremely dry and wet conditions caused by politicians?
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    Yes, it does. Especially if the lake has a larger surface area now. I'm just not sure about climate change being blamed for everything. It is an easy and convenient excuse for a lot of folks and organisations.
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    It's been years since I've read the contract for the new locks but one of the fundamental differences between the old and new locks is that the new locks use pumps versus gravity to fill the locks via dedicated reserves outside of Lake Gatun. Drought should be much less of a concern.
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    And yet, how about the simple explanation - the new locks use a remendous amount of water but lake Gatun was not increased in size to provide it....
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    Morgan Freeman has been spotted around Panama City as he's here to inaugurate the new IMAX Theater at The Canal Museum at Miraflores. He narrates this short documentary which will be shown there. "Panama Canal : A land divided - a world united"
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    Thanks so very much to those of you who want to help. Valeria says she will return from the Comarca next Sunday and will come by my house. I can then get a better assessment of her needs. Of course all things are subject to change especially for a young woman in a whole new situation. I will continue to post here as I know more. I gave her some travel money, so she can at least get back to family and the burial of their loved one.
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    I believe that there is no postal delivery to MBE in Boquete, and so I'm guessing that your MBE address is Florida. If that is the case, then your MBE address is not "outside of the US". That will be worth clearing up.
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    I file US FATCA FBARs for several of my "digital homeless" friends here in Boquete. The term "digital homeless" is not a derogatory term, I first heard it from an MIT professor by the name of Dr. Nicholas Negroponte that I was honored to have worked with. The term refers to people who haven't embraced the computer age, he specifically used it to address the problem of corporations being run by executives who knew little of the benefit of emerging technologies thus hindering progress. As many of you probably know, filing these online is pretty easy these days unlike five years or so ago. We simply cut and past the information from the previous year's filing. Well low and behold, we found a minor error on one of the account filings, we added an extra zero resulting in an account balance of $2,171,000 instead of $217,100. One must ponder, does the US government even look at these? This erroneous filing was entered and submitted over a year ago, they certainly had plenty of time. I would have to assume no because if they did see a foreign bank account increase from around $200k to $2 million with no corresponding IRS tax filing wouldn't that be flagged? Doesn't Panama have kind of shaky past with banking?
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    Linda May Janssen, Canadian from Calgary, and her husband Doug. I need to contact them ASAP. If you can help, please message me, email me at dragonsflightstudio@gmail.com or Whatsapp me at +34 689844737 On February 20, 2019, she was involved in a single car accident in Boquete. The 2007 Nissan Xtrail was completely destroyed. She quickly left Panama. I am the owner of the Xtrail. She promised to pay the damages but left the country and did not leave any contact information. I need to reach her before the court date of March 20. Please contact me with any helpful information. Thank you Marilyn Jenkins email me at dragonsflightstudio@gmail.com or Whatsapp me at +34 689844737
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    Authorities are looking for some young people who defaced the Cross up there at the peak of Volcan Baru and then shared a photo of the act on social media.
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    Gloria Cruz was a younger woman who helped many expats. She translated, transported, did social security, ran interference with government offices, etc. She died unexpectedly Friday morning, March 1.
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    Gloria was my good friend , she has help me with many things over the last 6 or 7 years. I am sad to see her go . She is a real loss to the community and all who knew her . Always there with a helpful hand in any thing one needed . She will be missed ! Condolences to her family and friends which she has many ! Dean Stokes
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    I am so very sorry to hear this. Gloria was a lovely person, a good friend, and a trustworthy businesswoman. She helped me, made my life easier, in so many ways. My condolences to all Gloria's family and friends. I have been told that there will be a mass for Gloria today at 1:00 with the funeral following at 2:00.
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    Abraham Morales. He looks very familiar to me, RIP
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    Abraham died Feb.22, 2019. He drowned in the Caldera River.
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    I know this young man, Abraham, and his wife Valeria. They have 4 small children. He helped build my house and was a valued worker as well as a caring human being. Valeria came by my house today. She will return to the Comarca for a week and then return to Boquete...where she will have no job, no income, and children to care for, but to stay in the Comarca would deprive her children of the schooling they are receiving here which she greatly values. The reality for some who call Boquete their home is crushingly difficult and painful. Grateful I could put a human face on "just another bit of news".
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    Is this a joke post? Can’t find anything relevant on that website. Nothing about any channel, much less the liaison channel mentioned.
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    Wrong. It doesn’t show anywhere. Top, bottom, left, right, center, in between, upside down, or inside out. Are you saying I now have to go purchase a desktop computer to see something? Those TV guys are either a joke or incompetent. Get real.
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