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    I was at The Dog Spot this afternoon waiting to pick up one of my dogs when a gentleman came in. He waited patiently for his dog, and Roberto eventually emerged cradling a smallish dog that had been freshly bathed and groomed, announcing to me that and the dog was a recent rescue. He transferred the pup, about a year old, from his shoulder to that of the waiting man. The little dog’s tail started wagging so fast that it was quivering with excitement as the man held him close and began talking to him. It was such a heartwarming moment that I just had to pass it on. What a difference we can make in the life of a homeless animal.
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    During the month of May, obtain a Revisado inspection for the vehicle. You will need to have your insurance document and a copy of the Title with you. Take the original and a copy of the Revisado with you to purchase the 2018 Plate at the Municipality of Chame, and do so. Afterwards, tell them you also want to change the Municipality of registration to Baru. They will ask for copies of Revisado, Title, identification, insurance, and an acceptable receipt from an entity such as Gas Fenosa or Cableonda, proving that you actually have residence in Baru. They will issue you a document which, together with another set of copies, you will submit to the Municipality in Baru. Once re-registered in Baru, you will take the receipt which you’ll be issued, along with another set of copies, to the DIJ office in Paso Canoas for an Engine number and VIN verification. After their inspection they will tell you at which office of the ATTT Transit Authority, and when, your verification document can be retrieved. Once that document is available, submit it right there at the ATTT along with the original of Title, copy of Revisado and identification, and you will be issued a new Title which reflects the registration change.
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    This report on TVN 2, At least they got some press coverage! https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Protestan-terminen-construccion-policlinica-Boquete_0_4956254369.html
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    The airbag didn't deploy because the sensors are behind the bumper which seems barely impacted. Looks to me like the car was airborne when it crashed into the pole on a steep angle, mainly slamming it with the hood and engine. The terrain between the highway and the pole line is very uneven. Blown off the highway on a clear, dry day? Not likely.
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    My housekeeper, who has spent her entire life here in Palo Alto and whom I have never heard gripe about anything in the 11 years I've known her, just arrived for her weekly visit complaining bitterly about the electrical outages. Her last sentence was, "Pero la factura es igual." So it's not just us gringos.
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    After 6 years here, sadly we will be departing soon. So, I want to give a shout out about MBE. They provided us with great service during our entire time here, and they're a super nice bunch of people on top of that. For Mary, the Miami operation is simply a mail consolidation and distribution operation for the MBE offices in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Customer service on your account will come from the Boquete MBE office.
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    There seems to be no independent audits or the equivalent of an Inspector General for the Panamanian Ministries or oversight in the awarding of government contracts. Or perhaps I'm wrong, and the corruption extends into that process as well. There is corruption in every government and no shortage of people of any nationality willing to embezzle, take kickbacks, or otherwise steal government funds. But there is a difference between countries in their willingness to tolerate it or take aggressive action to prevent it and punish it. And if the corruption extends into the country's judiciary, reform is nearly impossible. Overwhelming pressure from the citizens is the best hope.
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    Caution. Someone is upside down in the median on the Via Boquete near the turnoff for Potrerillos. Another Chevy. The driver of this one says he was hit by a horse 🐎. At least he didn’t take out any electrical power poles.
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    That's 77 liters of booze for each person in the country. Stay thirsty, my friend.
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    I have never been asked for a “spot tax” in my 5 years here. Been stopped plenty of times, usually just to check my licence, a lot of the time I am just waved through. I do have a pretty good rapport with the local check point guys and give them cold water and cookies every now and again. The head of the police in dolega knows I am a retired copper and has dropped in once or twice for help in getting repairs done to various police vehicles. I have no problem with that and consider it community service
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    Continue to see people’s complaints on social media about vehicles being ‘improperly’ towed by the Police. A car can be towed for any of the following reasons. No. 8. Mechanical defects or body damage No. 12 Vehicles without a valid Plate No. 28 No Drivers License No. 29 Permitting an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle No. 30 Refusing to stop when obligated No. 34 Providing unauthorized public transport No. 34* Providing unauthorized public transport on the Corredores No. 46 Driving while intoxicated No. 61 Abandoning a vehicle on a public highway No. 65 Parking in a spot reserved for the Disabled No. 68 Street racing No. 70 No Insurance document No. 64 Improperly parked vehicle
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    What's your soup of the day today?
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    What time do you open? 😂
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    After having dealt with Boquete Online Services for the past couple of months, I have learned to take what they tell you with a major grain of salt . . . like maybe a pound of it.
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    Penny, Thanks for the suggestion to eat at Unplugged. It was very good and a lot of good food for the price. Here is a copy of the lunch menu. Sorry about the poor quality.
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    It was light enough to be blown off the road, but heavy enough to topple a utility pole?
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    Rodny, Though I am no longer in Panama, I did live in Potrerillos for 16 years. You have been and continue to be one of the greatest treasures of Panama. Gracias por todo lo que haces. Eres un joven especial. Saludos, Marion (Con Abrazos y Besos)
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    The title of this post would make a great book title. Instead it's an endless rerun of a show we've seen way too many times.
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    This seems to me to be a commendable offering from Rodny Direct. It would be my take on it that a voluntary donation to Rodny for his service would be in order.
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    Apparently an accident occurred on the highway below the Caldera turnoff checkpoint, causing a power pole to collapse in a tangle of wires. Multiple service trucks and police on site, with workers on several of the adjacent poles sorting it all out. It's wise to expect several more hours of interruption....
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    I am extremely happy with https://www.smartdnsproxy.com I had tried a couple others, but this one does everything I want very well.
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    When you have everything in life going for you , how do you end up like this? Very sad. We are ever so thankful for our simple life...married now almost 50 years. We have a simple home and a sweet dog. By some good fortune (we have no clue why we deserve it) we are retired in one of the sweetest places on earth...now for almost 11 years. We see the sun rise and set each day with the rainbows in between and have peace. Martinelli?...not so much. What a shame.
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    Good afternoon Mrs. Mary T! So far, we have not received your email. Would you be so kind as to forward your e-mail to boquete@mbe-ca.com? I would really appreciate. If you need any further information, you can contact us @ 720-2684 or you can pass by our store from Monday-Friday from 8.30am till 5.30pm and Saturday from 8.30am till 12.30pm. Please note that we are closed on Sundays. Arturo :-)
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    This project was a huge undertaking. This hiccup had some consequences like many first time projects do. You regroup and move on knowing you'll never make THAT mistake again. I applaud the effort and look forward to seeing how it grows!
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    Too bad. Organized recycling could be a worthwhile and maybe a money making project for a group. Needed: IMO Better communication.
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    I wouldn’t say that the recycling folks are not organized. I just question the wisdom of scheduling the one-day affair. Many of us knew that the likelihood for mass confusion was high. I, for one, applaud the organizers for taking on this daunting task and hope they learned from the experience.
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    Electricity back finally, after almost five hours. I'm with Doug: this gets really old. I find that it's impossible to plan anything because lights are required even to operate a gas stove. I've enjoyed Boquete almost as long as I can stand.
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    Thanks to Two Sailors (and others) for posting about this eatery. Marcelyn and I were in David yesterday for business, and stopped by Unplugged GstroPub for our admittedly late lunch prior to returning to Boquete. This was our first visit at Unplugged. Actually we were going to challenge Penny's assessment to the effect that they have very good hamburgers. But she was right. We have no idea where they get their beef, but it was very tasty and prepared to our liking. I ordered the patacones that Penny mentioned above, and Marcelyn ordered the green salad. Everything was tasty. The lemonade was good. I have never seen or tasted patacones prepared the way they do it, but we both liked them and thought that they will be our first choice for the appetizer when we next visit Unplugged, and visit again we will. As Penny mentioned, the entire luncheon was $7.00 per person. Other than the background music being louder than we prefer, there was nothing to fault at Unplugged. Good food, good service, great prices, etc. (BTW, when a meal is under $10 we do not inquire about a jubilado discount, so don't ask us about that.) We were a bit concerned in that we were the only patrons, but then again we did not arrive until about 2:15PM. We hope they survive because we do plan to visit them again (and again...).
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    Not sure but I think the access is near Km 8 southbound on the Via Boquete.
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    There are plenty of people enamoured with anything China claims to be behind. Sound economics don’t matter to them Lots of them would also “like to see a high speed train to Panama City” much like I would like to fly/drive a “helicopter/motorcyle” over the mountains to Bocas.
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    I bought a BJBF tile at Tuesday Market a couple of weeks ago. The table was inside by the serving counter.
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    Annnnnndddddd, we will see if the government backs down after the long haul bus operators object and start blocking the interamerican...Talking to a taxi driver last week in David, he told me the cost of a licence and a bus for the Panama-David route was over $1 million
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    A year or so ago I accidentally got onto the toll way at Albrook. It's not that hard to do if you're unfamiliar with the roads. I don't have a Panapass, but there is no way to turn around. I stopped at the toll plaza and an officer instructed me to pull over to the shoulder. He ran my license, and eventually wrote $10 on a scrap of paper and handed it to me and then walked to passenger side window, presumably blocking the view of any cameras. To be clear, he didn't actually ask for a bribe. However, I did pull $10 out of my wallet, and he took it and pointed to the next exit and waved goodbye. You be the judge. Maybe it was just a "spot fine."
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    And that doesn't count the number of tickets that didn't get written because of bribes...
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    Yah. Bill's getting a rainbow gut. I keep telling him he has to cut down. No restraint.
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    I appreciate the intent, but it's going too far to automatically bar a company with a foreign conviction. Those should be evaluated on a case by case basis. The conviction might be a shakedown by a corrupt foreign country. Panama shouldn't outsource its own sovereign decisions to the whims of foreign countries
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    Two Under Arrest & Investigation for Armed Robbery in Alto Boquete Two persons, 19 years of age, are under investigation with a provisional detention measure, after allegedly being linked to an offense of armed robbery of a commercial premises in the district of Boquete. The incident occurred on 14 January 2018, when two people entered a commercial premise located in Alto Boquete with a firearm and weapon (knife) in the early hours of the evening, threatening the owners and clients who were in the place at that time, to deprive them of money, cards, and cell phones. The Personera of Boquete in charge of the case, Gissele Acosta, began an immediate investigation and conducted a series of raids and proceedings in different sectors of the area, which led to the arrest of these two people, as well as the retrieval of the weapons used and the majority of the stolen goods. In a hearing which was achieved at the request of the Public Prosecutor, with evidence shown that they have in the investigation, having filed the charges for the crime of aggravated robbery (robbery), to the detriment of a mini super and to apply the measure of detention, a Judge of Guarantees legalized the apprehension. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/boquete-investigan-dos-personas-robo-minisuper/
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    Was this at Alto Dorado? Good work in solving the crime and apprehending the thugs.
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    One of the many things I like about Panama is that it is a baseball country; preferring baseball over soccor as does Cuba and the Dominican Republic. I tell my guests that Panama appears to have 3 "B" sports -- baseball, boxeo, and bicycling. Can hardly wait until the stadium is open in David. I think the grand opening is in March of this year.
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    It seems to me that the greatest asset of Panama is the canal. Unfortunately, it is also it's greatest detriment. As long as the canal brings in boatloads of cash ( pun intended) then no real effort will be expended on diversification.
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    Instead of new public projects, Panama ought to try to complete their current ones. Reducing government inefficiency would help, too. It takes forever to get permits for private projects.. The labor laws are so stacked in favor of the employee that it is easy to take advantage of the employer. Foreign investment in Panama is not actively encouraged. There is a lot that Panama could do to encourage growth, but I don't see any of those measures being discussed, let alone implemented. The exodus of North Americans living on tourist visas hurt the economy, regardless of any other merits of the new immigration policies. It could have been handled differently. Panama ought to explore the reasons why 47% fewer companies were created last year. From the La Prensa article: Last year we managed to hold a meeting with the Economy Minister, Dulcidio De La Guardia , on the issues that concern the private sector, but we have not been able to find a new date to resume the talks, he said. Are you kidding me? What does the Economy Minister do to earn his salary?
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    It's the EU who wanted this law in order to take Panama off of the "black" and then "gray list" of foreign tax havens. They want it to be a crime in Panama to do what they consider to be money laundering or tax fraud or tax evasion of taxes that are owed to the members of the European Union. They don't really care if Panama collects its own taxes or not.
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    If your experience is like mine has been, you will find MBE Boquete to be very responsive (and friendly as well). Velkys, Arturo and the others are very accommodating. I am one of their original clients, having been in Boquete now starting year 17. In all of those years I have never had reason to communicate directly with their facility in the Miami area. Customer interface is here in Boquete either across the counter or via email, and the courier/delivery interface is in Miami. You would be a client, not a courier/carrier. I recommend that you communicate only with the Boquete office. Sometimes they do get busy, but give them a day or so, and they will get back with you. You can call if you like, [+507] 720-2684, and I presume you already have their email. In my book MBE Boquete gets 6 stars on a 5-star rating scale.
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    These are dedicated folks. I don't see them giving up, and do I see them learning some valuable lessons. Let's substitute a helping hand for the criticism. As Penny says, "Bless their hearts."
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    Marcelyn and I dined last evening at the newly opened Butcher Chophouse, which is located on "restaurant row" here in Boquete, next door to Retro Gusto. It was a wonderful experience. The owners indicated that they had opened just a few days earlier. When we arrived there was only one other patron. Our timing was very good. The service was excellent, with all of the staff with whom we interacted speaking English. The menu includes domestic steaks, US steaks, Nicaraguan (surprise!) steaks, and Argentinian steaks -- your choice. Since we do not consume much, we ended up ordering a single entree, and we selected a US rib eye with a baked potato side and a grilled asparagus side, plus our drinks. Service was prompt, and obviously well-trained; e.g., when the steak knives were brought out they were meticulous about the proper placement on the table. While waiting for our food to be prepared, more patrons started arriving. It wasn't quite a full house, but likely was going to be after our departure. When the food arrived, it was a very nice presentation, obviously a large cut of beef (larger than we had expected), hot, and prepared exactly as we had requested. This was a very nice dining experience, with a warm and inviting ambiance. We definitely plan to return to the Butcher Chophouse. We understand hours of operation are 5:30PM to 10:00PM. This looks like another successful eatery by the same owners of A Pizza, Ottos Parmagiana, and Retro Gusto. We wish them continuing great success. Here are some pictures, not very good (iPhone only, as we had not planned to take pictures and thus did not bring our camera). First, a general view of the dining area, with the bar at the far right. Entrance to the Butcher Chophouse is in the upper right of this shot behind a wall. Here is the menu. Not easily readable, but maybe you can see what the selections are. Here is a shot of the kitchen area. Note the wood burning ovens (multiple ovens). And a departing shot with Marcelyn and the owner.
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