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    This report is from the Mayor's FB page. Mayor of BOQUETE CHECKS IN THE FIELD THE COMPLAINT OF CHIRICANOS ENVIRONMENTALISTS Opposing views have been generated in the last few days by work being carried out on the road going up toward the top of the Baru Volcano by the Ministry of Public Works. The Mayor, with the desire to issue a criterion as the situation in the field, visited the area to learn first hand about the allegations of environmentalists from our province. It is expected, according to the Mayor Emigdio Walker Vasquez, in the next few days will be bringing together all parties involved, in order to learn technically the situation that the environmentalists have denounced. During the tour, staff and volunteers of MiAmbiente carried out a day of cleaning in the Baru Volcano National Park. Public Relations Department
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    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters are pleased to announce the delivery of 33 blankets, 23 sweaters and 43 caps to the Clinic in Palmira, the Centro de Salud in Bajo Boquete and Nutre Hogar residential treatment facility for severely malnourished infants and children. Our members create hand-crafted quilts, blankets, caps and booties for our tiniest neighbors. If you knit, crochet or quilt -- or would like to learn how -- or even if you're just curious about our organization, please contact Brandy Gregory by replying to this notice.
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    That is the part about this whole story that makes me the saddest. No matter what the truth is here, it hurts all of us ex-pats. One stinker can make us all look bad. From the lady who screams for paper bags at the little clerks in Romero, to people who take advantage of locals, I feel like I have to remind my Panamanian friends that we are not ALL rotten, and there is no country full of angels. I think we are often held to a high standard, and are definitely observed constantly by the locals. It reminds me to be overly kind to those I interact with to try and counter some prior experience they have had dealing with one of our ruder ex-pats.
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    Obviously, I’ve gotten my priorities wrong and my sense of community is twisted. After all, there’s at least 14 families here who would rather squeeze a couple of dollars out of their castoffs than support an important local charity.
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    Ha Ha . Just not enough things to keep people occupied!
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    Just sent the Diputada a message congratulating her on the passage of the above legislation, and asking the status of her initiative to treat minors convicted of serious crimes with more severity. As I noted a few weeks back, there are recent cases where tougher penalties have been applied. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/chiriqui-condenan-menor-delito-abuso-sexual/
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    Heard some folks drove up the road in their 4 x 4. They said it was graded all the way to the summit and actually driveable!
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    Melissa Twohey, PriceSmart VP Corporate Foods, wrote this very informative explanation regarding their private label and the upcoming introduction of the pet food line. I am happy to answer your questions!
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    We have a policy of not disclosing our business affairs, but in general ASEP has provided information about how things work here in Panama, and made recommendations as to how to deal with public utilities (e.g., electric utility and cable service, etc.), and then interfaced with the utilities once we had done our job with documentation. We found the ASEP staff cooperative and friendly, never in a hurry, and conversations always in Spanish/Spanglish (but we were successful and I am definitely not fluent). In one case we actually got back a refund from a utility based on the interaction between ASEP and the utility. For those who may not be aware, ACODECO and ASEP are two totally different governmental agencies. ACODECO deals with consumer rights and issues. ASEP is the Autoridad Nacional de los Servicios Publicos -- in other words, the governmental oversight over public utilities (other than water/sewer related, which is IDAAN in many cases). We hear people frequently confusing the two agencies. Our experiences with ACODECO have been disappointing, but ASEP does a good job, in our opinion. The main thing for customers to do when dealing with either agency is to document everything. For instance, with ASEP bring in written documentation of every telephone call to the utility (e.g., Gas Natural will provide you with a ticket number for each outage/trouble report). Include summaries of who you talked with, scheduled service calls, who showed up when, and what was accomplished if anything. Etc., etc. Granted, it is a bit of a hassle, but doing the documentation thing has worked well for us when dealing with ASEP and the utilities. As an example, with sufficient documentation at hand, the manager of the ASEP branch in David actually called the utility and had a "frank" conversation (my terminology) with management level people at that utility. In summary, our approach of going in with a smile and a statement to the effect that "I need your help" (along with written documentation) works wonders. Leave the bad attitude at home. This approach seems to work well for us in almost all cases.
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    I do have one good piece of news that I should have reported earlier. None of the medicines or free eyeglasses they brought were stolen. Another group last week, 3 doctors and 35 construction workers who built classrooms , saw 150-200 patients a day and gave out nearly 500 prescription eye-glasses. So, this mission can continue as far as the work they were doing. They had already purchased their food at PriceSmart, and pre-paid the hotel before the robbery. The money was to be used to purchase additional medicines and things for the local Panamanians, not the doctors themselves. We do pay a local doctor approximately $200 daily to oversee us, but the theft mostly hurt local citizens and the poor doctor who lost his passport. Doug and I have put up a few folks in our house to defray expenses. I guess I'm more embarrassed and afraid Panama will be thought of as a dangerous place. These people went to Rawanda and Kenya recently with no incidents.
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    You're wrong on this. I have spent years working in virology research and your experience doesn't pass muster, I'm afraid. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the restaurant, based on your testimony.
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    Just curious how long after you ate until you got "deathly ill". Do you know what the "Classic Salmonella" incubation rate period is? It's generallly 2-72 hours, but could be up to 6 weeks.... To be accurately identified the actually food should be cultured in the lab... I have a feeling you ate from lots and lots of sources during a 6 week period. Why pick on the last place you ate? Do you know it could be Shigella? Or Campylobacter? The symptoms from those 2 are more severe than Salmonella. Was there blood in your stools? Hot food is very, very unlikely to be the culprit, it is much more likely in unwashed vegetables/fruits. Undercooked meat yes, but otherwise proper cooking kills most pathogens. I think perhaps you should share your SYMPTOMS here, rather than just your "feelings" on what you have. And never point to "who" or "where" in a public forum, as this can get you into huge legal jeopardy. I suggest you take the time in this same forum to "unpoint" your finger and possibly undo some damages. A trip to a physician/lab would have helped all of us. I feel so badly for any restaurant to be blamed based on mere assumptions. People often invest their life savings into their restaurants and have a right to not be devastated over some wild guessing.
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    David Cabalgata: in a bird's eye 19 March 2018, David, Chiriqui NotSereyus
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    This organization runs in the red every month. The cost for the spay clinics is at least two or three times what is brought in by charging the folks who are capable and willing to pay the small fee. The deficit has to be made up with fundraisers and donations. God bless these volunteers for finding a unique and fun way to raise money.
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    I went down on the elevator with a very nice young man and his parents. He looked at me and said: "I want to buy a cello and learn how to play". I looked at him an said:: "Me too. I bought one in Panama City, used after I heard my first concert of Dr Casal here. " He smiled and asked me for more information on how I found my cello. We both left enthusiastic hoping to one day be half as good as these players" These concerts not only bring enjoyment but as well encouragement to try something new. A bonus we never anticipated moving here ! Alison
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    We left a ton of stuff at the Handicap Foundation the other day and it is amazing what will be for sale. We dropped off an entire carton of DVDs and CDs......all in new condition. We left a swimming pool still in the box never opened we paid $80 for and other brand new things that we cannot use. Things like that...real deals for local folks. I do hope with the location on the main drag they will do well this year. We wish them well at the Handicap Foundation.
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    It's important to note that these two sales are not equivalent. At one there are 14 gringo families selling stuff at gringo prices. You should see the Handicap Foundation building. It's packed -- every inch has shelves and tables loaded with bargains. This is the sale the local population will go to and this is the sale I will patronize. It's impossible to calculate the impact of the private sale on the fund raising success of the Handicap Foundation sale. However, the fact remains that we asked Pat Mains last year to please not again schedule her sale on the same day as the Handicap Foundation sale and (I believe) she agreed. Yet, it was done again and done long after the Handicap Foundation had put their event into both the Ning and Chiriqui.life calendars.
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    My wonderful Panamanian friend looks forward to the big Handicap Foundation yard sale. She has limited funds and must use bus transportation but finds needed items at this sale. She proudly tells me about each purchase.
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    Most expats can Doug, but not necessarily locals who have limited funds and transportation, and who often make up the majority of shoppers.
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    I'll bet most people can visit both sales if they want to.
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    Both of these are major yard sales, held only once or twice a year. The Handicap Foundation sale was scheduled very early, was advertised, and was calendared. It is a major part of their funding. The private sale of similar size was scheduled later. The same thing happened last year, and the Foundation particularly asked the organizers of the private sale to please not compete with them again. That said, they're both on the same side of town and are likely to attract the same crowd.
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    The underlying and lingering problem here, as I see it, is the damage that's been done to the relationship between indigenous people and the expat community. Whether these allegations are fact or fiction, there's no doubt in my mind that they've have been spread far and wide throughout the hills and mountains by a very mobile population. How does that affect the indigenous peoples' trust of an already dominant culture? How is that repaired?
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    I didn't fully realize until I became a U.S. warden that there is a difference between the Ambassador and the Consul General of an Embassy. Although the titular head of the Embassy, the Ambassador serves as a chief representative of one country to another, i.e., in the upper realms of international diplomacy. A Consul, on the other hand, serves to assist and protect the citizens of the consul's own country. As the Ambassador works primarily with the heads of state of the other country, it may be unreasonable to expect him to have at his fingertips answers to expat questions. This leads me to wonder why the Consul General or the head of Citizen Services is not made available for citizen meetings of this type. The new Consul spoke the last time the Embassy visited Boquete, and she fully answered all questions asked. I and other Chiriqui wardens lunched with her afterward, and I found her to be up-to-date and knowledgeable about expat issues.
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    I have just completed planning and purchasing airline tickets for a month long visit to multiple cities in the US. Using the Internet to do so is a must and can be an exhausting process. If you are looking for the best deals with cheapest prices, things have changed in recent years. It used to be a quick visit to (Oribiz.com, Expedia.com, or Travelocity.com ) would be a great place to compare fares and find a good deal. Then, over time I noticed that sometimes going direct to the actual airline website gave a better deal or other flights that were not advertised. That made the process of getting the best deal a lot of work. There have been many other websites that advertise "cheap tickets". Visiting most of those is even more time consuming and rarely did I find better deals. That all changed when I have discovered two websites that gave significantly different and better information when planning a trip with cheaper airfares. The first one is called Sky Scanner. https://www.skyscanner.com/tips-and-inspiration/best-time-to-book-usa Not only do they give great pricing deals, they have a tool that shows how many weeks in advance to book plus many tools to find the very best deal. I used it extensively and was impressed with the volume and detail information available. We planned many one-way hops and the prices varied greatly. It is now my "go-to" website for getting airfare information, tho I often still book with the actual airline. The second one is called Skip Lagged https://skiplagged.com/ This site has some useful information but is more aimed at a traveler that does not have and checked luggage. Often times airlines will have flights that are multi-stop and are cheaper than direct flights to one of the layover points. I never understood why flying further was less expensive - can't we just pay by the air mile? For example, say you wanted to fly from Atlanta to Denver. The airfare for that direct flight might be more expensive than a flight that goes from Atlanta to Portland, with a layover in Denver. So you could purchase the longer flight to Portland but you would not board the plane for the second leg from Denver to Portland, thereby getting to Denver on a cheaper airfare. This would not work if you had checked luggage since your luggage would go all the way to Portland. On the other hand it provides a useful option for some people. They also give a very interesting graph of airfare prices between now and when you plan to go, helping you see when the cheapest times are to fly. So, if you are planning a flight, I would suggest checking out these two sites. Then book direct with the airline or take the information to your favorite travel agent. I have easily saved almost $1,000 over our extensive trip. I only wish I had learned of these tools earlier.
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    The job search continues in these sequels. I'm certainly impressed with the former Ambassador's sense of humour and his ability to connect with Panamanians at all levels.
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    Straight from the horse's mouth:
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    A record day! 64 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. Plus he also performed several other procedures, including an amputation that required 1-1/2 hours. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/113th.html We had a horrendous amputation that would have been totally unnecessary except for the inexcusably incompetent treatment by a Volcan vet 18 months ago. The dog has been in terrible pain all this time. We were appalled to see how the poor dog's rear leg and foot were badly misshapen, and his hip was even disjointed. The owner, who lives in Concepcion, apparently only recently discovered our clinics. She said the local "vet" had charged $600 and then told them the dog would be fine. And now of course, she had no money (zero) to pay for Dr. Tello's very complicated amputation. And he found pieces of plastic--and even an 8-inch length of a bicycle spoke-- that the "vet" had put inside the dog. Previously, Dr. Tello has performed amputations in 45 minutes. This one was so severe that the surgery took 1-1/2 hours. We didn't close the clinic door until 8:00 pm. To me, the treatment of this dog by the so-called "vet" was criminal! Contact me privately if you want more information. To see pictures of the dog before, during, and after the amputation, see the link on my web page. ---------------------- Follow-up on March 3rd--I wanted to make sure the dog was doing okay, didn't pull out his stitches, etc. So Betsy Barbeau called the owner to check. She is ECSTATIC! The dog is doing wonderfully, eating like a horse, is not in pain, and has no problem walking. Another success story! ----------------------- My sincere thanks to Betsy Barbeau. For quite some time while I've been "between employees," Betsy has graciously volunteered to schedule appointments and contact people to confirm. Fortunately, I bought a special "clinic phone" for appointments in Spanish. That way, anyone who has the phone will answer it to make appointments and use it to confirm appointments as well. ---------------------------- The March 18th clinic is completely full. We are already scheduling appointments for April 22nd. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who volunteers, donates, and brings their animals to be sterilized! Big hugs! Dottie
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    Last month Bud broke a tooth. A chunk just fell away. He wasn’t eating anything hard or difficult to chew, but a big part of that tooth was missing. This was a major and unexpected happening plus scary. A new problem and no dental experience in Boquete. What a blow! Using the Health Care Resources for Chiriqui Province maintained by CL moderators Doug and Jo, I called Dra. Monica Sanjur. Told her Bud was in pain and requested an emergency appointment. (She is located in new building not far from the Library.) Dra. Sanjur inspected Bud’s tooth within a few minutes after we arrived at her office. Took an x-ray and there was discussion about a root canal. More inspection and Dra. Sanjur checking on the condition of the remaining part of the tooth. Decision was for a crown. All measurements taken by the dentist and technician then sent to Panama City for preparing of this device. End result is “feels great, no pain” “Dra. Sanjur did a wonderful job”. And Now I Know about dentistry in Boquete.
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    There was an accident in front of my house last Monday. Would anybody be surprised if I said it involved a taxi that was going way too fast and attempted to pass another car on the right? Of course 10 taxi drivers stopped to help and I'm sure most of them were solicited to be witnesses. Very lucky that nobody was hurt. There were a mom and baby passengers in the taxi and it's a miracle they didn't go through the windshield.
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    Probably the best Mexican food I have eaten in years. Some highlights of the "Restaurant and Gift Shop"; Good parking Safe area Doors locked while inside Very clean Restrooms exceptionally clean Simple menu Great Service Honors Jubilado More than adequate portions More than reasonably priced I got out the door for $16.55 I had the special (one of everything)$8.50 She had the burrito $6.75 (brought half home) Two very good natural lemonadas $3.00 7% Tax Google maps takes you right to the front door.
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    These reports have nothing to do with the POTUS. They concern a management dispute at the Trump Ocean Club Hotel in Panama City.
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    Whatever the true facts are regarding the conduct of Dr. Handt, the arrest is not for sexual abuse at the mission. That would be prosecuted locally. He is being extradited to face charges in the US for a crime under US jurisdiction, presumably for sexual abuse of minors in the state of Indiana. The fact that there are no pending charges in the U.S. District Court Southern District of Indiana is probably irrelevant because such charges would typically be brought in state court, not federal district court. In any event, it may be difficult to follow further developments in this case from here.
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    I just wanted to provide an update and a recommendation ..... we went with Servicios Sanitarios Santamaria (772-6136) or (6500-2043). The two men who showed up were very polite, professional and did a great job!!! I've used several companies back in the U.S. and these gentlemen were so much better than them. They pumped out two tanks and cleaned out two drain lines. Very nice work and clean. I recommend them if you need septic or drainage work.
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    I went to ASEP several years ago and returned twice with additional paperwork that they wanted. Nothing came of it. It’s unreasonable to expect paying customers to buy a backup generator to cover frequent power outages. Most cannot afford one. IMO, when we pay our bill, we expect consistency of service, i.e., infrastructure that can survive all but the unexpected. The distracted driver clipping the utility pole was unexpected, and I hold no grudge against Fenosa for that extended outage. High winds and rain are not unusual here. Fenosa’s infrastructure and maintenance should take them into account. It is wrong to put the burden of consistent service back on the customer.
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    From the album Brundageba's Photo Album

    Great cabins, restaurant and pool. Beautiful grounds an they allow dogs ! We had a great time
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    I have been working with several groups of medical missionaries this last month. Yesterday morning we picked up a group of ten doctors at the David airport in our large van (we have a school bus, a large touring bus, and vans). They asked to stop at a bank to cash traveler's checks and to exchange some foreign currencies. After leaving the bank, they went to Pricesmart to get supplies for their stay here. Around 1 p.m. our hired Panamanian bus driver, a professional who drives even our huge touring bus, was tapped on the back bumper by a car. When they opened the door to inspect the damage, their van was rushed by the passengers from the car that had just rear-ended them. Our doctors were robbed of $8,000 in cash and one passport. We were able to get a license number (photo), and vehicle description, and gave the police the information (a "mere" 4 hour process of paperwork/interviews). I hope they catch the thugs. Crime is indeed rising here, and I hate that. One bad experience like this hurts the reputation of the entire country. I hate to think it, but it is possible it was an "inside job" , that someone from the bank knew we had the cash. Or perhaps the thieves merely watched them go to the bank and took their chances that it might be an amount worth going after. Who knows? But, I will now not open my door if involved in an accident until I am in a safe area, or the police are present.
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    9 hours doesn't mean it came from chopsticks. Whether or not you had chicken in your stomach has nothing to do with it. A virus, like norovirus, could have been in your gut for two days just waiting to explode. It's THE MOST common gastrointestinal disease and most likely what you had and you'll never know where you got it at this point. I really think this post should be deleted. It's irresponsible and potentially harming to the restaurant.
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    MP in Chiriqui starts research into murder of pastor The Public Ministry through the Section of Homicides and Femicides in the province of Chiriqui, began formal research into the crime of Néstor Javier Morales Ortega, a citizen of 51 years of age. His death was the last Tuesday 13 March In the early hours of the night in his residence located in the area of Paso Canoas Arriba in the district of Baru. Humberto Rodríguez Batista, the prosecutor coordinator, indicated that the forensic medical examination carried out on the body revealed the cause of death to be cerebral laceration caused by a bullet in the face. The Public Ministry in conjunction with other security forces are carrying out various investigative acts, in order to be able to determine the facts that generated this crime, and a link to the possible perpetrators or participants of the same. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/mp-en-chiriqui-inicia-investigacion-por-homicidio-de-pastor/
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    Seriously, I can't imagine any malicious intent. Every garage sale in the history of time runs on Saturday from 8-2. Even if it was planned to coincide, well maybe dueling yard sales will bring out more shoppers. And if it's only a couple of dollars of cast offs, as Keith implies, it's not going to be a big loss to anyone anyway.
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    I was there as well and recall the same comments " “I don’t know” “I”ll have to get back to you on that”. There were several folks asking him questions about problems they were having with getting their fingerprints for the FBI report. I thought his answer to them was a bit evasive. I was not too impressed with his overall engagement with the folks in attendance. Felt more like a PR event.
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    Please contact us,. We know many people in Boca Chica that would like to help the horses. 65638686 call me, Magaly
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    This is not true, but I am private messaging you a response.
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    BOCA CHICA in a bird's eye NotSereyus
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    This wasn't meant to start a political discussion but only to follow up on Ambassador Feeley's leaving.
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    They’re looking for O+ blood for the Bombero, Ricauter Rovira, who survived and is at Hospital Chiriqui.
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    Put them all in Trump Tower and weld the doors shut. That would solve two prolems.
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    From another front, I learned of these alleged abuses through my work with Casa Esperanza. Those Panamanians who work closely with these children are well aware of this man's actions and the allegations made against him in Panama. The Panamanian police have done nothing and the abuse continued because of their inaction! As in most child abuse cases, fear is the controlling factor the abuser uses to keep the victim from talking. Loss of employment by the families was a major player in this persons play book as I understand it. While there are those that say this kind of abuse is a societal issue among the indigenous, no child should ever be subjected to this kind of torture and any person committing crimes against children should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in my opinion.
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    Jimmie is adorable!!!!! Hope someone snatches him up.
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