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    I think your concerns may be unfounded, Siempre. Your initial post makes clear what your concern is, and everyone understands that discussions routinely move outside the bounds of the original post. The change in the title alerts readers to what is being discussed and makes the quality-of-water issue searchable.
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    Sounds like someone was conducting an IQ test on social media.
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    Siempre, when I first read this reply, I jumped on board with you. And then I read: which caused me to stop and reflect on your reply. (As an aside, I need to be careful here on this web site because I have been taken to task for being "caustic" was their word when I got a bit too aggressive in my words. They said I was attacking people, which is not permitted. I groused about that comeuppance for a while, including boycotting this web site. And then I went back and reread what I had written, and I ended up having to agree with them. What I was writing was how things are done on that cesspool of a web site called Ning. Anyway, Bonnie's reply caused me to be more analytical. I concluded that she was correct. The topic that Siempre started had a title that he gave it. But then it was the members here who took the subject in a different but related direction. And so the owners updated the title to reflect what was contained in the topic. The owners responded to the members content, and were not the cause for it to go in a different but related direction. Does that not sound like good management to you? But then you came back this morning, and this is what got my dander up. Siempre, you ARE COMPLAINING. Everyone on this web site sees that. Get over it. Slow down and take a deep breath. BTW, it is okay to complain. Personalty speaking, I am finding this expanded subject matter to be very enlightening. I am learning a lot here. And isn't that what these kind of web sites is about? For the web site owners, I hope you don't take my comments here as attacking a person. I am just trying to help him see the value of how this topic turned.
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    The Newslady always winces a little when she sends out one of these alternative medicine things. However, in the final analysis it's up to the customer do separate quackery from reality.
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    Yay, Chicorita has been reunited with her family.
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    Hello. I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I really appreciate the efforts put forth towards this forum .... the information provided is great!! Whether it's current events, news, or general questions, all of the content is interesting and helpful. THANK YOU to all that contribute ...... it is appreciated.
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    Bud and Marcelyn, Thanks so much for giving Chiriqui Province a great place to share information. I do appreciate a place where the disagreements are kept friendly, where information is always the best and most current. I know you put a lot of time and effort into Chiriqui.life while often taking the backseat in allowing both sides to speak respectfully. I want to take this time of year, when gifts are given, to thank you both for your efforts and gift to our community. You are one of the cutest couples I know. And you are blessed to have found each other. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to both of you!
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    I think News Boquete and Chiriqui Life are the two best sources for local news and discussion of issues. Beyond its social networking, the value of FB lies in reports on situations and issues not covered in the above noted resources. Giving it a quick look this morning, for example, I learned within the first few posts that a whole foods market is opening in David, that the water is back on downtown after a long hiatus, and that an errant goat has been blocking the Wilson Bridge. In the eleven years I've lived here, I've found that the more you know, the easier life is here.
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    IS YOUR DOG BORED ALL DAY? Learn more about the benefits of DOG CAMP Daycare Did you know that DOG CAMP can help your dog... ELIMINATE OWNER - ABSENT BEHAIVOR PROBLEMS BUILD CONFIDENCE DEVOLOP EXCELLENT SOCIAL SKILLS MAINTAIN GOOD PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH DECREASE STRESS Come to DOG CAMP and ask for our SUMMER PROMO DAYCARE!! We are open everyday since 8am And if you are thinking to adopt a puppy, young dog or an old dog, contact us. Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
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    Very professional company. I have two hearing aids that I purchased from them. Their tests were also approved, at the time I got mine, with the Veterans Administration(I don't know if they continue the service with VA). As a matter of fact the VA made the appointment with them for me. Highly recommend them and some of the Resound Hearing Aids are compatable with some cell phones for adjustments of the hearing aids.
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    I was fortunate enough to have a chance to talk with these young people while they were waiting to go into the parade in Boquete. They had the "Rose Bowl" banners stretched over their tubas and it caught my interest. They were so excited about going to the US to be in the Rose Bowl parade. They were practicing their English with me. I was so excited when I started watching the parade on Monday, I posted it on fb and messenger to everyone what channel they could watch it on in English and that Panama was going to be represented. So proud of these young people from Panama. Go Panama!!!
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    Wow, Bonnie that is amazing. If the drug were available here, I wonder how many of us European descent types would take it without a thought. Thanks, for the info, I'm going to be checking better if I get prescribed anything new down here. We do need to be responsible for ourselves. Lesson learned!
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    Don't forget about the moon landings in the late 60's and 70's that millions still think were fake. There is something weird about the need of many to suspect conspiracy. Years ago, I used to tell people that I saw the 100 mile per gallon carburetor in a display case in the Exxon lobby in Houston. (the rumor was that they had bought the patent in order to keep this gas-saving device off the market). At least 90% of the time, I was believed.
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    Happy New Year 2018!! The dogs from DogCamp say thank you for all your support during this year. With your help we could help and rescue many animals. Remember that we are only two person trying to help animals in the Community. Actually we have 39 dogs plus our own three dogs, total 42 dogs and 2 cats (Arf is in charge of 7 dogs) We are helping with extra bag of food to a poor lady who rescued six big dogs and sometimes she doesn't have enough money to buy food for them. Also we started to help, with Martha Beatriz, an old couple who rescued 12 big dogs, so sometimes we go to give them some dog food too. Here is the list of all the animals that are living at the DogCamp: Sophia and her 4 small puppies two months old Pancha and her 5 fat puppies seven weeks old Junior a puppy six weeks old Nino and Nina, lab mix, puppies four months old Nazca, Pepe and Wilson, meeium size, puppies, six months old Chiki and Pelusa, two small lap dogs Gracie, medium size, ten months old Mia, medium size, ten months old Mango and Bila, two medium size one year old Duke, medium size, eight months old Dora, Bobby and Negra, medium size, one year old, we rescued them when they were one month old with the mother (Arf is in charge of them) Chino, meduum size, one year old Jimmy, medium size, eleven months old (Arf is in charge of him) Precious, medium size, 2 years old Salvador, medium size, 10 months old Sasha, medium size, a husky mix, two years old, we rescued her when she was three months old (Arf is in charge of her) Sophie, big size, one and a half year old, we rescued her when she was one month old (Arf is in charge of her) Buddy, big size, seven years old, we rescued him when his owner wanted to put down at the veterinary two years ago (Arf is in charge of him) Five feral dogs, big size, two years old (Blanca, Chela, Chichi, Ronald and Snoopy) Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Food and supplies appreciated FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
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    You think they came up with the polio vaccine so they could lose money? How about whopping cough? Typhoid? Malaria? I can go on. Personally, I'd pay a hell of a lot more money to be cured than go through rounds of treatments only to extend my life.
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    I'll private message you. I think it would be fun to give a day to accept river water samples around the area and just see what we could find. We might not see all organisms without centrifuges and specialty dyes, but it would be interesting just to see what we could discover, if anything. It would certainly be fun for me to just look through a microscope again.
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    This is the result of what we called here: government and politicians "paternalism" or "populism". It is a bad strategy used by politicians to get support from uneducated, low income masses. The more ignorant and dependent thos people are the better for them to get their support at elections days. They create this kind of dependence and those people thinks that they deserve everything for free from government. I dont like to much all those "social" trips to poor areas in the comarcas to give food, clothing and toys a couple of times a year and what happened to the rest of the days in a year. I am a believer of this old saying: "Dont give people a fish.... teach them how to fish them." What is needed is to improve education. Increase health and create better conditions for creating good and new jobs. By giving away everything for free you create a society with parasites that dont want to work and pretend they deserve everything for free from the government.
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    He is a lucky dog!!!! Merry Christmas from Dog Camp!!!
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    Horrifying and sad. But I wish people would not call deranged criminals "animals." Animals do not commit wanton acts of violence.
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    People: In the last 6 months the ATTT or Transit Authority has launched an APP to be used on Android Smartphones. With that App you can denounce any driver that is committing a traffic violation. Also I have also seen that some people has sent to the ATTT Twitter account photographs with all the details of people committing traffic violations and the agency has identified the vehicles by the license plates and have fine them severely according to the traffic violation committed.
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    Alison: Bud and I have visited DogCamp taking bags of dog food and viewing the good work being done by Magaly and Javier. I believe they are making a contribution to our community by providing a caring facility for these animals. Hopefully as their business continues, they can continue placing DogCamp data on various local sites to help advertise their business.
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    This is a positive step in ensuring that vehicles maintain year round insurance coverage. Hopefully it will put an end to the old trick of purchasing a cheap policy by making a down payment, then using it to obtain the car's annual Revisado inspection and Plate. Afterwards, the person would quit paying and drive uninsured for the balance of the year.
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    Nancy and Nairn are two of the people who make Boquete a great place to live. The fact that they've donated more than $22,000 to charity amazes me. I'm a volunteer for the Handicap Foundation and I know that some of the money comes to us. Good job Nancy and Nairn.
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    Thanks. I have to say that Keith is a person that I do really admire because he is always trying to be informed and keep informed the community and people of ths sites he constributes with his posts about Panama. That says much about the kind of person he is. My respects to Keith.
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    I continue to be amazed at how inept some people are. Why advertise something happening in December in the month after? Why are you wasting my time? Yes, the words in the text say the right date, but the title doesn't. I think the NewsLady should just reject crap like this. How can I believe anything that is written by this guy?
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    Been closed for a while. I think they are going to demo it for the new on ramps and off ramps for the Boquete highway for Bonnie! BTW, Beef Restaurant near Happy Pet is a good alternative!
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    Thanks to Keith for the Rose Parade information and pictures. This thoughtfulness allows us on CL to enjoy this big, important time for Panama kids.
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    The most interesting thing is this is a public school located in the city of Chitre, province of Herrera. Young and very talented people from the interior. One of the best school band in Panama. With big efforts from their parents, family members, community those young people did a lot of activities to rise funds to cover the cost of the air tickets and expenses. They could make it. I feel so proud of those young students. Panama still have hope with these young people.
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    This explains some stuff: Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time, by Michael Shermer, available on amazon.
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    I regularly look up a drug online to find out whether or not it has been approved by the FDA. Many drugs prescribed and sold here in Panama are not. That doesn't mean they're necessarily bad, but it does call for further investigation about why it has not been approved by the FDA. Interesting story. This past fall, on a trip to Spain, I suffered a fall that put me in the emergency room. Upon leaving, I was handed two types of painkillers. On a cruise home to Panama, a British woman who shared our table asked what I had been given. She advised me that one was potentially dangerous for persons of northern European descent and that I should look it up before continuing to take it. I went to the computer and googled Nolotil, the name of the drug. What I found was startling. One news article related the story of an Irishman vacationing in Spain who had been prescribed the drug and died of septic shock. The article related, " While the drug is available and dispensed in countries like Spain, it’s banned in Ireland, the UK, the US, Australia and several other EU countries." Moreover, the man's son reported, “This is a known side-effect of the drug which the hospital doctors said is particularly a problem for people of British and Irish decent." And, “The second GP who sent him to hospital afterwards also stated it was ‘common knowledge’ not to prescribe English or Irish people this drug.” I quit taking it.
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    A country can never have too many Canadians! LOL
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    This news.boquete email was sent by the non-profit recycling group. They were incredibly sloppy with their wording. They wanted the newslady to send out a correction but it's the news.boquete policy to not allow "do-overs" and to encourage everybody to proof read their emails. I believe the group had found somebody near the CR border who would take the materials the local place won't take -- like colored glass and plastics. Their intention is to load up a trailer and take the stuff to the border.
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    I'm not sure who are the foxes and who are the chickens here, but please understand that I am not defending the practices of the pharmaceutical industry; there's lots to criticize there. Nor am I denying that there are effective medical treatments other than drugs. The kickoff for this discussion was about alternative therapies that claim to be cures for cancer and the underlying claim that their work has been suppressed by an unholy collusion of doctors and drug companies for financial profit. Any alternative practitioner with the hubris to claim he can cure cancer has forgotten the example of Steve Jobs, who had the wherewithal to try all the alternative therapies but didn't live to tell about it. And the broad charge of collusion is disrespectful to the many scientists who labor tirelessly in search of cures. One other thing. All these conspiracy theories--whether they be government cover ups of UFOs or of U.S. involvement in the events of 9/11 or in President Kennedy's assassination or doctors and drug companies covering up promising research for profit--demand that an awful lot of folks keep an awful lot of secrets. Very few people are capable of keeping a secret for any length of time. It's unreasonable to believe that hundreds, or even thousands, could do so about issues of this magnitude.
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    Thank you! There are plenty of scientists working for non profits on cancer research without a financial motive. And anyone who comes up with a cure for any cancer will be a world wide success and make crap loads of money. The reality is that scientists are very slowly starting to use the word "cure" for a handful of cancers like thyroid, testicular and a few others. These cancers have recovery rates in the high 90 percentiles now. If I'm not mistaken, even early diagnosed breast cancer has a recovery rate in the 90% range. Science is amazing!
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    Well. I know Ing. Roberto Roy. The only thing I can say, according to what I have known about him, is that he is a very good and succesfful professional, a very good public servant and a great businessman. Being in the construction business I know him from the CAPAC or construction chamber and this news have taken us by surprise. I seriously doubt about this bribery accusations. Let see what the investigations bring out to light.
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    Rescue dogs are the best kind. Everyone wins.
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    BEST CHRISTMAS EVER FOR PATTY!!!! Remember Patty? The dog that many people in the town, three months ago, wanted to rescue. Well today is one of the best day for her and for us. James Gaffrey took Patty to his home!!! Now Patty is the new partner of Wendy, she was adopted for James too!!! Now James has two beautiful rescued dogs!!! Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Food and supplies appreciated FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
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    Dunno Keith. It is hot in David, much cooler in Boquete at 4000 feet or so. If these folks had a brain cell between them the should be able to predict it would be a whole heck of s lot colder 7 thousand feet further up. Yes, make them pay for the rescue.
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    About twenty 'excursionists' had to be plucked off Volcan Baru last night around midnight, with the first group arriving to Boquete about 5:00 a.m. What's up with these folks? One guy there appears to be only wearing a t-shirt. Does anyone else feel that these tpes should be heavily fined or sentenced to community service.? These rescues cost money, and a lot of lost sleep, for personnel and volunteers who are putting their own selves at risk. No word as to whether the partiers are foreigners or nationals. https://twitter.com/BCBRP/status/944907296278228992
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    We lived at 8000 ft in the mountains in So Colombia back in the 70's. We had a small country cabin and our water came from a spring. There was no civilization above us apart from the local Guambiano Indians. The water was cold, clear and tasty and LOADED with Giardia Lamblia & Entamoeba histolytica . Antiparasite pills were sold in the local ma-pa stores and locals ate it like candy . No matter how careful you were...you got sick. It was just a matter of when and how bad. Drinking the water without boiling was out of the question. We boiled our water and yet Bill went from 180 lb to under 135 lb. He was just not as paranoid as I was with everything else..like salad and local ice cubes. He paid. It was an eye-opener and we will never forget it. ( we were young then...in our 20's...so it didn't kill us ....smile) Sometimes pathogens just spew out of mountains in the water.....before the water even hits a pipe. Regarding Giardia. You CAN have it and not be symptomatic. Stool for Ova and Parasites costs $3 at the lab by Multibank and results can be obtained within 24 hr. They can detect Giardia in stool. They do not test for Giardia in water and neither does the other lab by the bridge. Dixon lab is probably the best one for water. You will need a sterile plastic container and clean the faucet well, then get the sample mid stream ( let the water run awhile) If you have a home here, get reverse osmosis as well as ultra violet for 100 % security on your drinking water. Otherwise, boiling for at east 10 minutes works. We did that for 2 yr when we first got here.
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    What a good idea. I look forward to them (the interviews).
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    Keith, You wrote: "Are people really so naive as to believe that there wouldn't be interruptions to water service involved during a complete overhaul of the aqueduct system?" Service continuity is a vital component in any engineering project. Simple and effortless measures could've been taken to avoid many of the interruptions during this project but for many reasons weren't. There was and is zero supervision of this project and for good reason: There were no financial penalties written into this contract for time delays, quality, impact to community life, let alone end results. At least that's what two of the supervisors told me and it shows. To give you an idea, if this were a project in a first world country, there would be a team of people ensuring on a daily basis that the community would be minimally impacted and if not the project would be adjusted accordingly. Here, zero. It was sad to see the workers laugh at us when we had to carry my 87 year old neighbor in her wheel chair in ankle deep mud down the street week after week to see her doctor. I take it you must reside in a gated gringo community with private roads. I'm sure your community wouldn't accept that level of service, you'd fire them and replace them.
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    The US State Department doesn't monitor water quality or quantity anywhere in the world. Not here or domestically in the USA. Their focus is entirely on diplomacy and foreign politics. And one can question how well they do in regards to that. I'm not sure anyone outside of Boquete monitors anything here.
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    One of the things that drives me nuts about driving in Panama is the number of vehicles without functioning brake lights. It's not a huge percentage, but it's enough that it is dangerous to assume that the vehicle in front of you has them, and you will be alerted to sudden braking. Tailgating, especially without good visibility beyond the vehicle in front, is not a risk worth taking, in my opinion. The annual vehicle inspection required by law is a farce, as we all know.
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    Wow.....that's a lot of dogs there ! Thank you for getting back and as well the invite for a tour. Alison Bill and Flossy
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    In these two photos you can see some dogs that we have at the DogCamp, please come to see them and consider to adopt one of them
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    Hello!!!!! If you dont have a facebook page, we created two accounts, instagram and youtube where you can see pictures and videos, please come to visit us in our place and you will see 42 dogs that are waiting for new homes!!! All the donation that we recieve go to buy dog food, wet food, pay to the veterinary, pay spay or neuter clinic, make blood test, garden, stuff to keep clean the place, and more!!!! PLESE COME AND VISIT US! Follow us: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/javiermagaly_dogcamp/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKEKiQPBypEASCvRhe56QfA…
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    We have an exciting selection of live and silent auction items for you to bid on at our Casino Night Event January 13th at the Amigos de Animales Event Center from 5-8 pm. We hope to see you there!
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