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    I was at The Dog Spot this afternoon waiting to pick up one of my dogs when a gentleman came in. He waited patiently for his dog, and Roberto eventually emerged cradling a smallish dog that had been freshly bathed and groomed, announcing to me that and the dog was a recent rescue. He transferred the pup, about a year old, from his shoulder to that of the waiting man. The little dog’s tail started wagging so fast that it was quivering with excitement as the man held him close and began talking to him. It was such a heartwarming moment that I just had to pass it on. What a difference we can make in the life of a homeless animal.
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    During the month of May, obtain a Revisado inspection for the vehicle. You will need to have your insurance document and a copy of the Title with you. Take the original and a copy of the Revisado with you to purchase the 2018 Plate at the Municipality of Chame, and do so. Afterwards, tell them you also want to change the Municipality of registration to Baru. They will ask for copies of Revisado, Title, identification, insurance, and an acceptable receipt from an entity such as Gas Fenosa or Cableonda, proving that you actually have residence in Baru. They will issue you a document which, together with another set of copies, you will submit to the Municipality in Baru. Once re-registered in Baru, you will take the receipt which you’ll be issued, along with another set of copies, to the DIJ office in Paso Canoas for an Engine number and VIN verification. After their inspection they will tell you at which office of the ATTT Transit Authority, and when, your verification document can be retrieved. Once that document is available, submit it right there at the ATTT along with the original of Title, copy of Revisado and identification, and you will be issued a new Title which reflects the registration change.
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    This report on TVN 2, At least they got some press coverage! https://www.tvn-2.com/nacionales/provincias/Protestan-terminen-construccion-policlinica-Boquete_0_4956254369.html
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    The airbag didn't deploy because the sensors are behind the bumper which seems barely impacted. Looks to me like the car was airborne when it crashed into the pole on a steep angle, mainly slamming it with the hood and engine. The terrain between the highway and the pole line is very uneven. Blown off the highway on a clear, dry day? Not likely.
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    My housekeeper, who has spent her entire life here in Palo Alto and whom I have never heard gripe about anything in the 11 years I've known her, just arrived for her weekly visit complaining bitterly about the electrical outages. Her last sentence was, "Pero la factura es igual." So it's not just us gringos.
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    After 6 years here, sadly we will be departing soon. So, I want to give a shout out about MBE. They provided us with great service during our entire time here, and they're a super nice bunch of people on top of that. For Mary, the Miami operation is simply a mail consolidation and distribution operation for the MBE offices in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Customer service on your account will come from the Boquete MBE office.
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    Melissa Twohey, PriceSmart VP Corporate Foods, wrote this very informative explanation regarding their private label and the upcoming introduction of the pet food line. I am happy to answer your questions!
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    Manna Pack Rice Supplement, the “Golden Nugget” in BVB’s Monthly Basket Click on the link below to view this short video and find out why Manna Pack is a “super food”. Buenos Vecinos de Boquete has been receiving this rice product donated by Phillip McGuigan through his Amigos de Boquete Foundation for several years now. Manna Pack is a nutritional dehydrated rice and vegetable product that supplies much-needed nutrition to the children, elderly and handicapped clients we serve. https://youtu.be/oZzRFhcHC8s The members of Buenos Vecinos de Boquete and our clients are grateful for this healthy addition to our monthly food supply that we deliver. Thank you Phil McGuigan and Amigos de Boquete for your support!
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    Sometimes when I finish reading an article I know less than when I started it. This is one of those times.
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    Caution. Someone is upside down in the median on the Via Boquete near the turnoff for Potrerillos. Another Chevy. The driver of this one says he was hit by a horse 🐎. At least he didn’t take out any electrical power poles.
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    Dogs available for adoption! DogCamp has beautiful dogs ready for adoption!!!If you are looking for a new member of the family that will love you forever... So, come to the DogCamp, you will see many beautiful dogs spayed, neutered and with all the shots.DogCamp is looking for good homes, totally fenced.If you adopt a rescued dog from the DogCamp, you will have the perfect company in your live.Come to visit us. 🐕🐕🐕🐕 Wilson, 7 months old, neutered, with all the shots, medium sizeVery sociable, love to play with kids, he needs a fenced yard, he likes the company!!! Bila, 8 months old, spayed with all the shots medium sizeAt the begining she is a little shy, she is perfect with cats and all kind of dogs, she will follow you everywhere!! Brownie, 3 months old, neutered with all the shots, it seems in the future he will be a big dogA cute and sweet puppy, he loves to play all day with the other pups and big dogs, very sociable! Chiki, 2 years old, spayed and with all the shots, small sizeShe is so sweet, she was rescued by our friend in Potrerillos, she was on a chain, no food no water, now she is a happy dog waiting for her new home, she loves to play with cats and is really good with kids!! Ducke, 6 months old, neutered, with all the shots, big sizeVery sweet dog, loves the company, really good with cats and he likes the company of kids Junior, 3 months old, he will be neuter the next Sunday, february 18th at Amigos de Animales Boquete panama, small sizeHe is a great dog, with a big personality, he kiss the cats all the time!!! Mango, 8 months old, neutered with all the shots, medium sizeHe was adopted when he was 3 months old but his owner had to come back to his country, now Mango is available for adoption again Martita, female 3 months old, spayed and with all her shots, small sizeShe is so sweet, the perfect lap dog, she likes to play with kids and cats. Mascarita, 3 months old, spayed and she has all her shots, small sizeShe is very sociable and sweet, likes the company and is great with cats. Maxi, 3 months old, spayed and she has all her shots, small size.She is very sociable, love the company of people. Nazca, spayed, with all her shots, medium size.Very friendly, she is looking for a good home where the people love her!! Nina, 6 months old, lab mix, spayed and with all her shots.Great dog, very sociable with kids and other dogs and cats. Looking for her forever home!! Pancha, 14 years old, she was rescued at Finca Lerida, great dog with, very sweet.If you are looking for an old dog, she is the perfect match!!! Give to her an opportunity to have a human family! Pepe, 6 months old, neutered, he has all his shots, medium size.He is a great and sweet dog, loves the people and the company, a very friendly dog Rodri, male, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, neutered and has all his shots.Very friendly, loves to play and run all the time, is perfect with kids and loves to play with the cats. Rosita, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, spayed and she has all her shots. She is a lovely dog with a beautiful face.She will be a big dog Rottie, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, he is neutered and he has all his shots.Love to play all day, and he loves the kids and cats too Torito, 3 months old, one of the puppies from Pancha, neutered and with all his shots.He is soooooo sweet black dog, the perfect company, he is like a Labrador. Betty, 3 months old, spayed and with all her shots, She is so cute, perfect with big dogs, cats and likes to play with kids.
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    That's 77 liters of booze for each person in the country. Stay thirsty, my friend.
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    I have never been asked for a “spot tax” in my 5 years here. Been stopped plenty of times, usually just to check my licence, a lot of the time I am just waved through. I do have a pretty good rapport with the local check point guys and give them cold water and cookies every now and again. The head of the police in dolega knows I am a retired copper and has dropped in once or twice for help in getting repairs done to various police vehicles. I have no problem with that and consider it community service
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    The last week we received a call from Aimee Langton, she wanted to come with her kids to play with the dogs, it was a great opportunity for the dogs to meet these very nice little girls. They didn't show any fear to the dogs and the dogs were gentle, loving and happy, expending time with them. Adopt a rescued dog is the best option ever!!! Come to visit us and meet the big pack at the Dog Camp!! CONTACT US: Javier Madge: 6965-9423 Magaly Bustamante: 6563-8686 dogcampboquete@gmail.com SUPPORT OUR RESCUE AND ADOPTION ACTIVITIES: Donate funds: GoFundMe Donate food and supplies Visit Dog Camp Boquete Adopt a dog (or two) FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Dog Camp Boquete Blog Facebook Instagram YouTube
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    Continue to see people’s complaints on social media about vehicles being ‘improperly’ towed by the Police. A car can be towed for any of the following reasons. No. 8. Mechanical defects or body damage No. 12 Vehicles without a valid Plate No. 28 No Drivers License No. 29 Permitting an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle No. 30 Refusing to stop when obligated No. 34 Providing unauthorized public transport No. 34* Providing unauthorized public transport on the Corredores No. 46 Driving while intoxicated No. 61 Abandoning a vehicle on a public highway No. 65 Parking in a spot reserved for the Disabled No. 68 Street racing No. 70 No Insurance document No. 64 Improperly parked vehicle
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    We have developed a scientific theory based on a lot of observation points. We have collected at least 10,000 cans (2-3 large bags per week for several months). The cans are split into 3 categories--sodas and juices near schools/bus stops, various items scattered around, and the HUGE winner (at least 70% of the items) are light beers. Most of the light beers are in groupings of between 6 and 50 cans. Based on our observations, we have a theory that the vast majority of littering of aluminum cans is by young men, because in our experience young men are the ones who drink light beers in large quantities (alone or with others). This is unfortunate, because these are exactly not the people who are cleaning up litter. We see kids picking up cans for their school programs--YEAH to the schools and teachers supporting these programs. We see parents and grandparents teaching their children/grandchildren by picking up cans and explaining the importance of not littering. We see people our age and older picking up cans and other litter around town. So, the question is, what do we do about this problem? From our observations, it appears that the majority of the littering is done by people who are currently not being reinforced for better behavior. A suggestion we have is to charge an amount of 5 to 10 cents per cans and pay people back at the grocery store for returning the cans. This worked well in California early on in the recycling effort. Since beer sells for 50 to 70 cents per can, adding on 5 to 10 cents (and paying it back for returning it), might make a serious reduction in the litter, particularly for those people dropping large quantities of beer cans
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    What's your soup of the day today?
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    What time do you open? 😂
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    After having dealt with Boquete Online Services for the past couple of months, I have learned to take what they tell you with a major grain of salt . . . like maybe a pound of it.
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    Penny, Thanks for the suggestion to eat at Unplugged. It was very good and a lot of good food for the price. Here is a copy of the lunch menu. Sorry about the poor quality.
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    It was light enough to be blown off the road, but heavy enough to topple a utility pole?
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    Rodny, Though I am no longer in Panama, I did live in Potrerillos for 16 years. You have been and continue to be one of the greatest treasures of Panama. Gracias por todo lo que haces. Eres un joven especial. Saludos, Marion (Con Abrazos y Besos)
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    The title of this post would make a great book title. Instead it's an endless rerun of a show we've seen way too many times.
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    This seems to me to be a commendable offering from Rodny Direct. It would be my take on it that a voluntary donation to Rodny for his service would be in order.
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    Apparently an accident occurred on the highway below the Caldera turnoff checkpoint, causing a power pole to collapse in a tangle of wires. Multiple service trucks and police on site, with workers on several of the adjacent poles sorting it all out. It's wise to expect several more hours of interruption....
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    I'm probably being too picky here, but tax avoidance is perfectly legal and almost everyone engages in it to keep their lawful taxes as low as possible. Tax evasion is when you hide the fact that you owe lawful taxes. That's illegal.
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    I am extremely happy with https://www.smartdnsproxy.com I had tried a couple others, but this one does everything I want very well.
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    When you have everything in life going for you , how do you end up like this? Very sad. We are ever so thankful for our simple life...married now almost 50 years. We have a simple home and a sweet dog. By some good fortune (we have no clue why we deserve it) we are retired in one of the sweetest places on earth...now for almost 11 years. We see the sun rise and set each day with the rainbows in between and have peace. Martinelli?...not so much. What a shame.
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    Good afternoon Mrs. Mary T! So far, we have not received your email. Would you be so kind as to forward your e-mail to boquete@mbe-ca.com? I would really appreciate. If you need any further information, you can contact us @ 720-2684 or you can pass by our store from Monday-Friday from 8.30am till 5.30pm and Saturday from 8.30am till 12.30pm. Please note that we are closed on Sundays. Arturo :-)
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    I was so happy to read this. Good for the Policia on duty in Potrerillos!! Their proactive response came a couple of years too late in my case but I have no doubt that, on this occasion, somebody's life has been saved. Hopefully the Police will make much more progress in the fight to eliminate the gangs of underage (as in too young to be prosecuted) teenage members and are able to find and prosecute the gang leaders who recruit them -- and ultimately the legal system will sentence them -- maybe.....
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    What I can't comprehend is why the electrical main feed to Boquete wasn't ran under ground during the widening of the highway a few years back! Piss poor planning as usual here. Some idiot that can't drive runs off the highway and takes out a trunk line concrete power pole below los Molinos a while back and the whole area was without power for the day? WTF?
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    Electricity back finally, after almost five hours. I'm with Doug: this gets really old. I find that it's impossible to plan anything because lights are required even to operate a gas stove. I've enjoyed Boquete almost as long as I can stand.
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    Not sure but I think the access is near Km 8 southbound on the Via Boquete.
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    If only I were disciplined enough to keep my phone and pad charged. I COULD have had Internet, maybe, if I hadn't been running on fumes with the power was l lost. I'm still sick of seeing these rainbows every morning. Hearing the wind howl all night... Will it ever stop? I have 35 friends visiting mid March. It's getting closer, and closer to D-Day for me.
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    My name is Howard Green, an expat from the USA, and always an avid recycler and supporter of this program here in my new home, Boquete. Here is an introduction from the committee that is dedicated to making Chiriqui greener: Boquete February 1, 2018. To the Boquete Community: Boquete Recycle, Reduce, Reuse (Boquete RRR), is a committee created by citizens devoted to Boquete´s eco conservancy. We are convinced that a family who recycles makes the difference, and the only way to achieve this goal is by educating and creating awareness among students, business people and the whole community. Our group wishes to have your support to tackle this chore together. Please help us attain our programme of a clean and healthy environmentally friendly district for all “Boqueteños” and for those lucky ones who also happen to live on this paradise. This includes visitors who should be aware of their responsibility as well. We would like to begin by reducing all non-biodegradable materials such as: aluminum, iron, plastic, paper (white and colored) cardboard, and others; at home, schools, shops and businesses. At the same time, we want to teach everyone the reason why it is important to recycle these materials. We are working to accomplish this educational process at all levels. Also, we are organizing cleaning and collecting days for recyclable materials. This activity could be part of the social hours students have to comply at their own schools. Boquete RRR, wants the town of Boquete to be a role model in terms of cleanliness and beauty to the point that it will make us all proud. To all business people, we would like to include you in our data base of businesses committed with the environment. Thus, we are currently working to enroll everyone as part of our programme. We invite you all to become active collaborators of Boquete RRR and participate of the events the Committee members duly organize. Please support Boquete RRR pursue a better environment for a better quality of life. We thank you in advance for your collaboration and wish you a Happy 2018. Yours truly, Francisco Serracin President Comité Boquete Recicla, Reduce, Reutiliza ***************************************** Next i want everyone to see where Boquete's current recycling center is, Marked by the big red X. It is owned by a man in David who has one there, as well. Easy to find from the main street coming from either way. Just look for the large sign Boquete Bible Fellowship and turn as the arrow points (away from the biblioteca, across the street.) Next, you see the list of what is accepted there at this time. Its open 8-5 M-F. Finally, here is a map to a similar recycle center, that accepts exactly same things, located down the street from the Steak House in David. Note its marked with red X . Its harder to find as there is a wall blocking view of the collection yard but there is an office with door facing the street, 6395 Calle Alberto Osorio. o. The good news is that our group, is actively working with the mayor to help find a spot for a temporary collection of all items recyclable, INCLUDING plastics, water bottles, bags, etc. And all batteries, and equally important: Colored glass jars and bottles. We have already had one day in January where we collected HUGE amounts of these things and they were trucked to the frontier near Paso Canoas. i think that is becuase there are buyers in Costa Rica who handle those items whereas in Panama, no one will take them from the collection centers. Please keep checking our blog to see when the next collection will be. We have also had days where we all encouraged to gather and collect the bottles and cans which litter our highways and streets around Boquete. If you do not have room to store plastics, etc, until the next collection day, why not ask a neighbor if perhaps you can jointly store in a place they have until they all can be brought in. One last bit of advice: Please, please, wash your cans and bottles, first before you put them in separate bags and boxes so we do not have to sort them the day you bring them in. That was a huge task and we definitely could have used more volunteers to do this sorting at the temporary collection point. And if you arrive late, please do not leave your items unattended. That caused bad relations with the city and we need their cooperation to keep this project going. Thank you I welcome your additional comments. You can also email our group at boqueterrr@gmail.com.
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    Annnnnndddddd, we will see if the government backs down after the long haul bus operators object and start blocking the interamerican...Talking to a taxi driver last week in David, he told me the cost of a licence and a bus for the Panama-David route was over $1 million
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    Doesn't everyone know that STOP is an abbreviation for Slight Tap On Pedal?
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    But Bonnie, stop signs are just “advisory”. Everyone here knows that!
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    I would think it costs nearly zero dollars to start promoting anti-littering in schools. A few field trips for the kids to participate in trash pickup, might make them start telling their parents and friends to stop dropping cans, bottles, trash as soon as they are empty. But, as JohnF noted, if it is picked up and placed in bags, the bags need to be picked up before they are torn open by the many street dogs, or otherwise re-opened and re-spread along the roads. The idea of sidewalk repair is too elusive for me to even contemplate, but that would be a real boon to the tourism industry and us locals. I'd also like to see a good face-lift on downtown buildings that include minor repairs and colorful paints. Watching people take pictures at the bridge when the flowers are in bloom shows how people appreciate the beauty and color. Paint doesn't cost that much. Seems like some "Paint Paradise" group could organize to paint a few buildings each year as a volunteer project (split the cost with the building owner, perhaps?)
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    If the bureaucrats think this doesn’t matter to tourists, they’re wrong. I’ve heard a number say that they’re disgusted by the garbage. And by the sidewalks, which are perilous. If Boquete aspires to being a long-term tourist destination, they’re going to have to deal with this kind of thing.
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    I appreciate the intent, but it's going too far to automatically bar a company with a foreign conviction. Those should be evaluated on a case by case basis. The conviction might be a shakedown by a corrupt foreign country. Panama shouldn't outsource its own sovereign decisions to the whims of foreign countries
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    Looks like the car rolled before it hit the pole. It is a strange place to have gone off-roading this morning.
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    Was this at Alto Dorado? Good work in solving the crime and apprehending the thugs.
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    Ha, I think I have it's twin brother, Jefe. Rescued last week from volcancito.
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    Unless Judge Marcia Cooke is a real joker, I don't think Martinelli will be getting out on bail. Personally, I'm glad he's been dragging it out in Miami where he can't manipulate the Panamanian justice system and disrupt the current government, as he would be able to if he was here.
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    Exactly. The Panamanian government is just complying with mandates issued by the EU gang.
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    Never seen anything like it. It "looks" to be a semi auto bodge-up possibly based on a pistol frame. It's a mess, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous. Even a Kalishnikov is prettier than that thing. I'd like to have a closer look at it to make sure, but that's not likely to happen! Have to wonder if it has been modified into a full auto, that would explain the stock and front end as more fire control would be needed.
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