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    Thank you, Doug and Jo, for all your work on this Healthcare Resources program. I believe this information is helpful and at times very necessary when we have a medical problem. Good job!
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    We spent the day Monday getting the paperwork for our E Cedula in PC with our attorneys representative. We asked him what the Panamanians thought of this new train? He expressed that if you ask the majority of average Panamanians they will say what is the purpose of this train? For more tourist? He said many people of Panama are tired of all the corruption, lack of improved schools for better education, overcrowded Medical Facilities. Those issues are more important to them than a train to Costa Rica.
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    Well, inquiring minds, here's the answer. Following a recommendation by my friend Joyce who used to live in David we went to Mezcla Gourmet for a wonderful breakfast. I knew this place was great for lunch (super hamburgers) but didn't realize they were also open for breakfast. Had an omelet and the biggest hoholdre (spelling?) I've ever seen. It was great. Mezcla Gourmet is on the old David-Boquete road, on the left side when going to Boquete. Past the mosque and diagonal to the used car lot.
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    IMO, CL is the better site in the region/Province. It is very informative and offers insight not found on other sites. GREAT JOB!!
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    Thank you John for posting this excellent video. I understood that you were drawing a parallel that U.S. citizens could relate to.
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    Opal, Jimmie and Julian, three of our most recent rescues! For the cost of one ugly sweater, you can help to make make a huge difference in the life of animals like these. Please consider making a donation to our Holiday Fund Drive. Your donation will provide medical care and food for animals who would otherwise suffer. 100% of your donation goes directly to their care, as we have no administrative costs. Without you, these successes would not be possible. Remember, ARF is the only community based, all-volunteer- non-profit animal rescue organization in the Boquete area. https://www.gofundme.com/ARF2017
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    “Statistical information” should be available on various information channels, and on a timely basis IMO.
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    I am glad and very thankful for Rodney Direct. IMO an excellent program with great service and a reasonable price.
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    Well it's been a busy month in Boquete with Panama's Patriotic Holidays. More is to come. Our mayor announced the last two weeks of the month including this weekend will be filled with many cultural events. Beginning this Friday or Saturday at 5 P.M. in the main park, we gringos have named Central Park located across from the Restaurante Baru. There will be of Tipico Folkloric Dancing groups from all over the country and from other Latin American countries with the women in their Polleras (traje tipico). This is not to be missed! Another event taking place this weekend on Sunday Boquete's own Cabalgata (horse parade) riding down main street and to top it off hundreds of bands marching in Boquete town probably happening on the 29th. which is Independence Day from Spain. Wow! How exciting is this. Remember to do all your shopping in the morning before 10 A.M. as there will be much traffic going into Bajo Boquete and in town, as well driving out of Bajo Boquete early evening and later. Enjoy Panama and it's culture.
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    Marcelyn and I made reservations for this event at the Oasis for last evening. We arrived a bit early in order to get a convenient parking spot, and then waited in our vehicle for a few minutes before going into the restaurant. It was beginning to rain as we entered. The bottom line is that it was very good food and the usual outstanding service by the Oasis staff. Anayansi greeted us as we were being seated at a table for two. Then the buffet food service was opened, and there was quite a selection. The only thing we could fault for the entire evening was that we ate too much. Kudos to Anayansi and her staff. This event was obviously well planned and executed. Even the heavy rainfall and the faint aroma of a wood burning fireplace in the gazebo area added to the ambiance. This was a class act. Thank you, Sra Anayansi.
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    Mamie's class is great. I'm trying to get back in shape after a couple of surgeries and this class is just what I needed. There are people in the class that are both above and below my fitness level and it all works. Terrific class Mamie!
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    Hampton brings up an interesting point. My experience says that it is good business procedure to do a feasibility study up front. Unlike Hampton who suggests it is only about money, a feasibility study usually addresses other aspects of a large project, such as technical challenges, environmental issues, political winds, public interest and support, etc., etc. I disagree with his last sentence, which is his opinion. I don’t understand the continuing interest in connecting Panama City with Costa Rica. Can someone help me understand why Costa Rica is so important to Panama, other than being a neighboring country? If a train is built, I doubt that I will live long enough to see it in operation.
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    This satellite photo indicates that we have a few days to go, but, if you zoom in, it also indicates that the storm has moved westward. https://www.accuweather.com/en/pa/national/satellite I live in Palo Alto right on the river, a short way above the bridge next to The Palo Alto Inn that's been closed. What I've experienced today and tonight is, as the satellite suggests, much less intense rain and wind. Late yesterday, I understand, the police and Sinaproc approached neighbors farther up the road toward Tree Trek and suggested that they evacuate. The authorities did not visit me, presumably because my property is farther back from the river as a result of the 2008 flood. That flood took a chunk of my property. Afterward, the river itself was pushed north and levees were built. I believe the levees were breached yesterday, but the river itself still has plenty of room to stretch out. Those whose properties are closer to the river are in somewhat more dire straits should the rain pick up again and linger around. I'm not letting my guard down, though.
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    Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Skateworld in Alto Boquete for a fun interval training class! Weights optional. Bring Mat and water. Only $2 per class!
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    This is a great class! Mamie is great and a fun class. Worth $2.00! Easy to get to! Great for all levels. It is not at Skate World anymore. But very close by at an open-air roof covered Rancho.
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    ARF's December Report includes our survey results. Since it's longer than usual, it is attached as a pdf. I neglected to add a hyperlink to the craigslist story to the PDF. Please read the post here: https://www.littlethings.com/craigslist-dog-cat-aids-moving/ Thank you for all your support! ARF is the only community based, all-volunteer, non-profit animal rescue group in the Boquete, Panama area. www.arf-boquete.com December Newsletter.pdf
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    I like and appreciate CL Postings are helpful and informative about happenings in Panama (especially in this area) and I really like that we can ask questions and other members supply answers. Examples: glasses and flu shot data. I agree GREAT JOB!!
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    Boquete has a free online community information forum for the exchange of ideas, the posting of questions, and the sharing of local information. Chiriqui.Life (CL) has been in operation a bit more than two years and has over 1,500 registered members. It is becoming the preeminent information resource for those who want to receive unbiased (non-commercial) information -- the real story about life in Boquete and the surrounding areas. The information is posted by those who live and work in the region, and thus are "in the know". Chiriqui.Life (www.chiriqui.life) is devoted not to world affairs or gossip or political carping, but rather to discussions of life in Panama and Chiriqui in general, and Boquete in particular. Among its members are many Boquete veterans, long-time residents who possess a historical perspective and deep understanding of the issues we all face. The knowledge they have to share is invaluable to all residents, especially to those who are new or are assessing whether to move to Panama. Even if you have lived here for a long time, Chiriqui.Life can keep you informed of ongoing activities and special events through its “upcoming events” panel. That is because it has a sophisticated community calendar channel on which registered members can post information about their activities and events. Chiriqui.Life is locally owned and administered. It is completely free of sponsored ads, which means that you get information that is not biased toward a paying sponsor. Its primary goal is to bring the community together through the exchange of information and discussion of issues related to Boquete and Panama. Share your information and bring your questions to www.chiriqui.life. Sign up and join your neighbors and friends, Marcelyn Jandreau and Bud Huber Sole owners and administrators, and full-time Boquete Residents email: support@chiriqui.life P.S., It is suggested that first-time visitors to the website click on the "Activity > All Activity" link to view the latest discussions. If you need to research a specific issue or begin a discussion, utilize the forum categories, or try out the sophisticated search functionality on the website. P.P.S., We also recommend that you review our "Welcome Aboard" message at http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/11-welcome-aboard/.
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    We gave José Abraham Quintero a call and scheduled a car wash and wax. That all happened yesterday. Since he did not know the area where we live, he parked in town and then I picked him and his co-worker (Juan) up for the ride to El Santuario. After a cup of coffee, their work began about 8:15AM, and they finally finished about 2:00PM. We provided lunch for both of them, along with our housekeeper. That is our normal procedure, and so they were included in lunch Bottom line is that their work was far beyond detailing. A total "restoration" of our 2007 Toyota Fortuner. There wasn't one square inch of the vehicle's surfaces that wasn't touched by them. And the inside was not only cleaned, but the upholstery parts were shampooed. We are very pleased with their work and will bring them back for maintenance waxing, etc. Here is a STRONG recommendation. If you want your car pampered, then these are the guys to do it. They bring all the tools and equipment and supplies. We provided only the water and electricity, and a very dirty car. Neither José nor Juan speak any English, but they arranged for a friend to help us through the initial communications via a telephone call.
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    It seems like it's been a long time since we've seen any public updates from either of the entities handling emergency incident reports, specifically Alto Al Crimen and Rodny Direct. Any statistics on the number and nature of calls received and the type of response that was required? Is the incidence of local criminal activity up or down, etc.?
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    Now that we are down to one incident reporting service is it likely that more (any) statistical information will be made available?
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    I believe it’s called the Alto Dorado strip mall.
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    In Boquete, the best typico breakfasts are at Central Park Cafe, imo.
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    Exactly -- Olga's in el Alto is in the El Dorado strip mall at the end. Olga's in Bajo Boquete is actually named Punto del Encuentro but everybody calls it Olga's. Olga gives free hugs to all her customers.
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    I like “...good and so CHEAP...”, but have no idea where/who “Olga’s at Alto” is. Please clarify.
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    Agree. Well organized and great communication.
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    It is too bad the AAC org fell apart. Kudos to Bob and Tom for trying to keep it going.
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    Julio at Optica Lopez. Professional, friendly, technically proficient.
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    Avocado Trees Any time one chooses to grow a plant outside it's native zone, one takes a chance. If you prefer production over a particular flavor, then stick to whatever variety is commonly grown in the climate you live in. The Hass avocado was born in California along the coast, so that is the best climate for the tree. Panama's rainy season can be a problem! When you dig the hole for the tree, make it double wide and when you replace the soil around the tree, make sure that it is at least 1/3rd sand. Remember that the california soil is volcanic and sandy. While avocados like sufficient water, they need very good drainage. Planting on a slight slope is probably a good idea. The article below takes up the topic well. or How to Care for Hass Avocado Trees By Dale Devries; Updated September 21, 2017 There are over 500 varieties of avocados grown and the Hass is the most common now in the United States.. They have a dark green, almost black skin when ripe that is easily peeled to reveal the smooth green fruit. Care for these trees is minimal and the trees start bearing fruit as early as their second year. The root systems are quite extensive and will kill other plants within 20 feet of the tree. Water the tree, soaking the soil, and wait until the top of the soil is dry before watering again. The frequency will depend on the weather. Hot dry air may cause you to water every day, while you may not need to water at all during a rainy season. Place a top dressing of compost on the soil over the roots in the spring and summer of the first year. This will create a better draining soil plus place nutrients into the soil while the tree is too young for fertilizer. Apply a 2-inch deep layer of mulch over the soil in a 2-foot diameter around the trunk of the tree in the spring. Keep the mulch at least 6 inches away from the trunk itself. The mulch will not only help to retain moisture but will also keep the area weed and grass free. Begin to fertilize the tree in the second spring. Use a balanced fruit-tree fertilizer and apply in spring, early summer, late summer and late winter. Spray the tree with a chelated foliar spray of trace elements containing iron if the tree has yellow leaves. This is an iron deficiency that is common among avocado trees and is easily corrected. (Roher, up the street from Romero's, has some excellent foliar sprays.) Please always feel free to ask questions. I want your tree to produce! grayriverfarms@yahoo.com
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    Charles Schwab rocks! Great service! https://www.schwab.com/public/schwab/banking_lending/checking_account
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    Come and meet Jimmie and his friends Vito and Buddy! They're waiting for their new homes!
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    Not sure why similar parades with marching bands, military personnel, policemen, firemen, schools, children, baton twillers and thousands of happy citizens all celebrating on a day set out to mark their independence is demeaning to anyone. It was titled "4th of July" with quotation marks to associate it with patriotic public gatherings which is common to the US and Panama and many people understand the celebratory nature of that expression. Did not assume that some people would take it literally since the video is clearly labelled Dia de la Independencia in Spanish.
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    Hi Keith, today my vehicle was impounded at the Caldera check point. My drivers license was expired and I totally have no problem with paying the boleta. I just spaced out about being up to snuff with my drivers license, because we just returned from out of the country and I had not realized it had expired in July, What I do not get was that they towed the car to David. My husband or a friend could have driven the car home. We live in El Frances. I went straight down to David to pay the boleta and renewed my drivers license. The boleta was $50. The police officer had told me it would be $25. To get the car out of the compound was $185. Is there a list of tarifs for the offences? Or does the police not know what the fines are? Or do they make them up as they go? What has the vehicle to do with my expired license? The car is registered in my husbands name, all paper work up to snuff.( they did not even look at it) If the car would have no insurance or expired placa I could understand. I was done paying the fine and get a new license in under 3 hours. I could have picked the car up where it was parked at the Caldera junction. But the officer E.Rios (an older guy) told me it is the law and he cannnot change that. He was somewhat condescending. Where does it say that they can seize the car when the license is expired? In my humble opinion I think the impounding of the vehicles is a scam in most cases. Do you have any insights you could please share??? Kind regards( the impounded) Susanne Preuss
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    On Monday while driving the speed limit on the Boquete Highway going to David vehicles passed me at a very high speed. I was driving at the speed limit give or take 5 mph. So I started to count them. By the time I got to David well over 20 vehicles passed me at a very excessive speed! But let's crack down on vehicle paperwork. I understand there is money to be made there but really, where on Earth is their priorities?
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    I can’t buy your logic on this one, Keith. If someone is fined for having an expired license or expired insurance, he’ll be more likely to keep his license and insurance up to date, but I doubt that it’ll change other behaviors like speeding and running stop signs.
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    Thanks, Siempre. I think mine as out of date anyway as I’m pretty sure it predated 2007. I’ll check Mandarin. I wonder why they don’t have them at Sertracen. I guess that would make too much sense?
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    The Boquete community is a generous and supportive group of people. A little over a week ago Penny Barrett sent out a request to the Boquete community asking for financial help for Buenos Vecinos de Boquete. The response to her SOS has been amazing! We have added 11 new Coconut Foundation members to our list in the last few days. A Coconut Foundation sponsor is someone who donates $360 to feed a family for a year. You can find the list of these generous sponsors on our website: http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/how-you-can-help We have also received smaller but equally important donations. No donation is too small and all are appreciated. As Penny said in her SOS all of the money we receive is spent buying non-perishable food items for our 120 clients every month. Half of our clients are also clients of FPI, Fundacion Pro-Integracion, also known as the Handicap Foundation. We are truly grateful for the donations which we have received in the last week and for the faithful donations that are given to us throughout the year. We would like to give a huge thank you to Penny Barrett for sending out the request for help and to the Boquete community for their generous response! Gratefully yours, The Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Team
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    What a day to wash all the bedding. I've got a nice clean and dry mattress pad, wet sheets in the dryer and a half washed comforter in the washer.
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    We would like some blue candles, to match my mood. I suspect Gas Natural Fenosa doesn’t even know where El Santuario is located so I best not get too depressed if I don’t get my candles. Seriously, does passing out candles mean they expect a long outage? Our service has been out since about 2:15 PM today, and it was another ugly outage. By that I mean ups and down with heavy hammering of our appliances. As I was headed to the garage to take us off the grid then all power went away. My posting on Monday was correct. The restoration two days ago was only temporary. Tell my again why I enjoy living here...... And where are my candles?
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    I am unaccountably awake, and just experienced a short but noticeable tremor at 4:08 a.m. My cat leapt off the bed, but the dogs were undisturbed.
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    It's not clear to me what the speed of Japanese trains has to do with China potentially constructing a railway in Panama. In any case, I doubt the issue is of much importance to Panamanians, for whom punctuality is not a pressing issue.
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    That's a long planned outage without notice. Both my garage door and my gate operate by electricity. With some difficulty, it's possible to bypass both, but they're hard to reset once power is restored. As it happens, it was no big deal because I had no plans outside the house today, but I can't help noting that they have my email address because they send my bill by email every month. It seems to me it would have been easy to notify customers via email so they could plan ahead.
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    Judy, Look at the bright side, after a record breaking eight years of no GDP growth over 3% per quarter with the last president, Trump brought us 3+% GDP growth per quarter for two quarters in three months. The economy is doing very well. Have you examined the source of the donors for the Clinton Foundation's $1+ billion? You'd be quite surprised.
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    What a cute animal. Appreciate those Bomberos.😀
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    There are 3 charges: 1) fine for not complying with the law, 2) towing to David, and 3) storage charges for the impound lot.
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    View this email in your browser Amigos de Animales November Newsletter October Clinic Report On Sunday October 29, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 257 animals, 111 dogs and 146 cats. It was a long day, but we had 7 wonderful vets and many great volunteers working and we wrapped up around 5 pm. Back in our old location, we could not have done that many animals in one day - our record there was about 157 and we would have been working well into the night. On many nights we did not close up until after 8 pm. 257 is still not our record - in January of 2014 it was 258 at the school at Los Naranjos. That was a day! But this year was still one for the records, having sterilized 1918 animals in 2017 and bringing our total to 13,196 since 2005. It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of another clinic year, the close of the third in our new facility. We could not have done it without the generous donations by our old friends Jerry and Carole Loveless and Rob and Betty Eyehorn, who enabled us to make the bold move into property ownership and construction of the building that is the Ruby McKenzie Clinic. There are so many people to thank and recognize, starting of course with our volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible. We thank you, we love you, and we hope to see you all again next year. Thank you for showing up, setting up, staying late, bringing food, and being there to help us with our mission. Thank you also to the vets, the best ever, starting with Dra. Chely, profiled her. Wwe could not do it without her. Dr. Tello told us last year he was retiring, but he still managed to work at many of our clinics this year. We were happy to see Dr. Cesar back with us - he had missed several clinics due to illness. And to all the vets who work tirelessly every month to ensure the health and livability of our community: Dr. Virgilio, Dr. Manuel, Dr. Ricardo, Dra. Amanda, Dr. Aaron – thank you for your hard work and dedication. We are so pleased to welcome Dr. Linda Faris to Amigos de Animales. She has been a calm and steady presence in the Recovery area all year, and we are so grateful to her. She has taught us so much about animal care and how to safely help the animals entrusted to us. Many thanks to Heidi and Mike at Mike’s Global Grill. Every month they have donated pizzas for the vets and it is so appreciated. Thanks as well to Rodrigo Marciaq who brings us fresh lettuce from his greenhouses for a healthy addition to our lunches. Thanks to Magaly Bustamante, our appointment secretary, who set up our reservations and deals calmly with all the chaos on Sunday mornings. Thank you to our collectors, who have made such a difference in the lives of animals of our community and the surrounding areas. Thank you all for a very good year! The next clinic will be Sunday, January 28 Financial Update Oct 2017 Income Clinic Income 2,860.00 Donations 249.90 Interest Income 70.40 Membership 115.00 Total Income 3,295.69 Expense Building Repairs/Maint 181.83 Clinic Supplies 235.74 Laundry 107.50 Food/Kitchen Supplies 18.64 Medical 993.90 Phone Card / Internet 25.00 Salary - Clinic Coord. 260.00 Utilities 41.10 Tax 17.50 Vet Services 2608.00 Total Expense 4994.86 Net Income (Loss) (1699.17) Meet Dra. Chely By Ruby McKenzie, Founder We want to recognize and applaud the efforts of our local veterinarian, Dra. Tomasa Itzel Castillo M., or Dra. Chely as we all call her. She received her veterinary degree “Medico Veterinario" in Brazil from the Universidad Federal de Santa Maria in the late 1990’s and her post graduate degree in 2001. Panama had not fully developed a program for vets, so those interested had to go to other countries for their degrees. Her post graduate (Master’s) degree is in “epidemiologic” which is the advanced study of diseases, such as rabies in cows or a fungal outbreak in a defined population, affecting large groups of animals. After all, she lived in Chiriqui where there were a lot of cows! She opened her “office” for business in 2001. Actually it was just inside her living room in a sectioned off area with an exam table. Finally in 2004, she was able to build the office beside her house which we now visit. Dra. Chely began working with Amigos de los Animales before we were officially formed. She was at the first sterilization clinic in 2005, when 21 animals were sterilized, and since then has only missed one clinic through 2017. She is basically a very shy and humble person. She does not like to operate at the clinics (no public display for her!) but she surely knows how to mix our anesthesia cocktail and to inject animals with it at our clinics. She has been a mainstay for all of us. She did not start out as a “small” animal vet, but she certainly became one! She responded to our needs beyond all expectations! Through all of this, she is a single mother of one. Jonny, her son, was just chosen to do his post graduate work in Spain on a full-ride scholarship - only one of two in all of Chiriqui Province to be selected (and only 15 in all of Panama). Dra. Chely, is a compassionate, talented vet, a very good and tireless friend of Animales and a very proud, supportive Mom. Thank you, Dra. Chely Castillo for all that you do for all of us! Don’t delay, make your reservations for the January clinic! As you can see from our monthly financial report, we care for many animals each month, but the cost of medications, anesthesia, supplies, etc. far outweigh the income we generate from payment for our services. We never turn away an animal, regardless of the owner's ability to pay. We also have several great Collectors who gather animals from Boquete, Dolega, David and beyond and bring them to our clinic for neutering or spaying. Please help us continue to care for the health and well-being of Chiriqui's animals by making a donation of any size! DONATE NOW F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
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    I am always curious, if bitcoin and these cryptocurrencies are really an impact full thing or if they are just a bubble. The prices were rising exponentially. Really scared if investment is the right thing in it or not.
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