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    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters Today Delivered Love and 80 Quilts 48 Blankets 58 Sweaters and 38 Caps and Booties to the Clinics in Boquete and Palmira and to Nutre Hogar in David We meet Friday afternoons from 1-3PM at the Fundacion Pro Integracion (Handicap Foundation) in Alto Boquete across the highway from Chopstix Restaurant and Gluten-Free Gold.
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    We stopped in this three level store today and were amazed! It is a mashup of Ahorra, Conway and Super Baru with an array of additional merchandise that you may need and much that you might not. There are higher end clothing labels available such as Columbia, Izod and Italian makers. A huge selection of shoes, sporting goods, electronics, toys, jewelry, watches, home decor, kitchen and bath, a very large pharmacy and health and beauty area, and the grocery section is as large, if not larger than Price Smart. I found many American label foods at reasonable prices and items that are hard to find (or stock that is seldom replenished) like Blue Diamond brand Almond Milk, Ghirardelli dark chocolate and dill pickle relish. The fresh meat and fish section is very big as is the veggie and fruit selection. All prices seem to be on par with Baru or Price Smart although some are higher, some are lower. The feel is what a department store used to be in the U.S. The place was jammed today with shoppers taking advantage of many ofertas and live entertainment outside in the front parking lot. We will definitely make this a stop when we schedule our Price Smart visits.
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    Super well-organized event! Well done!
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    Very good information. We had Miranda and Contreras do our Foundation, Living Will, and Disposal of Body directive. They were very professional, timely, and worth the price.
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    We were there yesterday as well and left equally impressed. Unlike Conway and Arrocha, much of the clothing and merchandise on the upper floors is branded.
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    On May 20, 2018 at our 116th clinic, Dr. Tello spayed/neutered 47 dogs and cats. In addition, Dr. Tello performed several other procedures, including amputation of a dog's leg. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/116th.html See the information on my web page about the new law that could mean prison for animal abusers. They recently held a big training session for the Bocas del Toro area about preventing abuse of animals. In a picture, slide shows were presented and dozens of people were in attendance. Also good news is that the corregidurias, political appointees who have no real power, are being replaced by Justices of the Peace. They have more broad-reaching authority, including the power to levy fines and actually order people to jail. The clinics are a full-time job for me, but the work is a project from my heart, something I can't NOT do. I'm still bothered greatly when I see a suffering animal, or a female dog with big milk-filled teats. It's difficult for me to internalize the fact that we can't save them all. But we are making progress, both with the number of dogs and cats spayed/neutered and the fact that Panama is now serious about preventing animal abuse. As I created the web page for this 116th clinic, I happened to look back at the 8th clinic, which was on March 16, 2008-- exactly two years after we began the clinics. I was really excited to have rented the building that I still rent today. It is ideal for our purposes. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/Eighth.html. It is a very long web page but interesting to see where we were then and where we are now. As of that date, we had sterilized 378 animals, and to date the number is 4,417. Among the changes since then, the volunteers are all different today. In that web page, I mentioned the costs of certain medications and supplies. Like everything else, those costs are much higher now. And my phone numbers and email address are not the same as then. Also different from the earlier days: I walked door to door all over town each month, handing out literature about the benefits of sterilization and trying to sign people up for appointments. After I was able to stop doing that, then for a long time I put up 60 notices all over town each month, inviting people to register for the next clinic. Now, for a long time, it has been just word of mouth and clinics are full two months in advance. Good news in a way, and in another way, while people wait, puppies and kittens are being born to unsterilized dogs and cats. We will have two clinics in August to try to help this situation. Big thanks to Dr. Andres Tello, to all our volunteers, contributors whether financial or otherwise, and to the people who bring their animals to be sterilized. It is heartwarming to witness so many Panamanians who dearly love their pets! Big hugs, Dottie
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    Affordable Transportation to Carla Black's Annual Heliconia plant sale. Only $45 per person includes round trip transportation from Boquete and lunch at Burricos mexican food restaurant in Volcan. Bus leaves Boquete at 8am on Saturday, June 23rd. We'll have snacks and water on the bus for the trip to Volcan. This is a large comfortable bus. You will have several hours to explore Carla's amazing property and buy plants. Then we'll go to lunch at Burricos in Volcan before we head back to Boquete. We should arrive back in Boquete about 5pm. If you are interested, contact Jackie Lange at txjackie@gmail.com Payment must be made in advance. More details about Carla's plants for sale at: http://heliconiagardenpa.wixsite.com/heliconiagarden
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    It had been a while since we last enjoyed the Monday Pasta night at Los Molinos. It was better than ever! Great service, plenty of delicious food, and reasonable prices.
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    Boquete Newcomers and Others gather on the third Friday of the month for fun and fellowship. Location and event varies. For monthly details, join Meet Boquete Newcomers! Facebook group or email boquetenewcomers@gmail.com to get on the mailing list. It’s a great way to meet nice people, learn about the area or share your experiences. https://www.facebook.com/groups/905528012953480/
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    From what I have been told by Panamanians, one needs to get registered in the system. While it may not be a total necessity, I like to keep within the rules on this kind of thing. I am heading down today to find out.
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    Friends of Lee Ann Osbun are trying to contact her. She was last seen at her home in Los Naranjos yesterday June 1 at 6pm. She is an American ex-pat resident of Boquete, 72 years old and approximately 5’8” tall. If anyone has any information on her whereabouts, please call Jack Medeiros 6888-9162 or Gillian Seifert 6425-6676 or Heidi Rehm 6865-8873. Thank you.
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    Searchers have located Lee Ann alive and are bringing her up at this time from the location where she apparently fell by the riverside three days ago. This woman’s survival is due to the immediate and persistent action on the part of a number of her friends who used every means possible to find her.
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    Take an empty spray bottle, refill it with 50% water and 50% household bleach. First sign of any mold inside or outside (black or green), a few squirts, mold literally disappears in seconds. Also works wonders on white/cream walls and ceilings with mold spots. Bleach in this dosage is not harmful to plants or animals. Chlorine is made up of the chemical calcium hypochlorite at about 65 percent strength. Household bleach contains sodium hypochlorite, which is simply chlorine in its liquid form. Bleach, however, is typically only 5 to 6 percent chlorine
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    I've been using Pool chlorine tablets on my driveway and rockwall for several years. I apply it using gloves just marking swirls on the cement. This keeps my driveway and walkways from turning black for almost an entire year..one application. On my rock wall I first use a wire brush then the chlorine pool tablets. The rock wall goes from black to brand new. I get the tablets from Ivan's grocery store.
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    imo, restaurateurs and special event hosters here continue to eliminate a sizable segment of their potential market when they include alcoholic beverages in their dining package. Looks like a nice menu but I’m sure there are plenty of people who aren’t interested in paying for two Artisan beers they’re not going to drink.
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    We would like to invite you to our Seasons Restaurant this Friday June 1st from 6:00pm - 8:00pm to our all you can eat BBQ ribs for only $20.00 per person. Also includes a promotions of $1.25 for national beer like Panama, Atlas, Balboa, Soberana. Tell a friend invite a friend and hope to see you there. Lucero Golf & Country Club- Seasons Restaurant . Address: La estrella, Jaramillo Abajo. RSVP: recepcion@lucero.com.pa / 730-8101 Team Lucero!
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    Went to City Mall yesterday on a recce mission. After spending $75 in the grocery section (no meat or alcohol) I have to report we were impressed. Large, clean store, attentive staff, short check-out lines ( There are check outs on both sides of the store). Jocie, who is the grocery price checker, said that pretty much all of the prices were 30-60 cents less per item than at Baru or Rey. I was looking at 2 things in particular - toilet paper and kitty litter, as these are expensive at other stores. Good products available, and at prices comparable to, or less than PriceSmart. My PS “membership” is due in June, I suspect I will not be renewing. Only glanced at the upper floors but looked like a good selection of higher end clothing and furniture. They even have woodworking tools at reasonable prices. All in all, a great new addition to David and one that is going to threaten the stranglehold PS, Rey, Baru and 99 have on the consumer dollar. Worth the trip.
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    On May 10, 2018 ACCBoquete held a Mothers Day fund raiser for a new stove for the Boquete Police Department. Last week a new stove was delivered by Joe Hart, President and Franc Lugo, ACCBoquete member, to Lieutenant John Carolla and other staff members at the Boquete PD. ACCBoquete would like to express their sincere thanks to everyone who came to the fund raiser and also to those that could not be there but gave donations to make this happen.
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    The worst of this particular incident is that the local Police fleet has now been reduced by 50%.
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    Haha, there's no desire to be a know-it-all. Sharing knowledge or information just seems like a natural thing to do.
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    2 Bedroom 1 Bath Fully Furnished in Alto Boquete $600/month Available June 1 2018 Internet and laundry facilities included Short walking distance to San Francisco Plaza Easy access to buses and taxis Off street parking Wheelchair friendly Completely fenced Organic vegetable garden Friendly neighborhood of Panamanians and Expats Tobacco free environment This house is one of 3 on the same property. It provides both a sense of community while maintaining individual privacy. Well behaved dogs welcome. Please contact Evelyn at 6752-2283 or email: evelynkendall@gmail.com
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    Heavy trucks following too close and going too fast. This is very sad, for this man, his family and his emergency rescue associates that responded.
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    Justin Montiel, Jhony Carillo and Felix Perez were all acquitted yesterday by a jury in the murder trial of Jeffrey Josef Castillo last January in Dos Rios de Dolega. The family of the victim feels that justice was not served. http://elsiglo.com.pa/cronica-roja/quien-mato-jeffry/24066155
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    Saturday, October 20th, 2018. Now that is some pre-planning!!!
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