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    We attended this performance of the BCP Olde Timey Radio Show. What a treat it was. It was a nearly full auditorium, and the feedback we heard both during the intermission and post-performance chats was nothing but praise and appreciation. This was the third "episode" of BCP's Olde Timey Radio Show, and this was the best one yet. We heard and saw nothing that could be faulted. Hats off to the performers and the staff and crew that made this such a success. Here are some pictures taken during the performance: Mike Schwartz in his role as the emcee. The Spoon Full Blues Gang with Lee Sullivan on the saxophone. David Phillips on keyboard playing one of his original compositions. The sponsor's "wig skit" Michael Cooper on guitar. The Great Schwartz-o From the East reading sealed envelopes. Juan Pablo (from Venezuela) on guitar. Boquete Script Readers Group regarding "cheap airplane flights". Dan Curtis singing two songs (At Last, and What A Wonderful World). Dan McDonald from the Boquete Script Readers Group reading about the Thanksgiving "Pill". David Phillips playing another of his keyboard compositions. The "Quiz" with two people from the audience - Louise and Donny. Another sponsor's advertisement for Uncle Floyd and the Mobil Pet Store. Juan Pablo on guitar doing another number. The Boquete Script Readers Group talking about the invention of a new coffee machine. Spoon Full of Blues Gang doing another number. Curtain call. And finally, Phil Bennett, audio tech par excellence, who pulled everything together (having rehearsed in the dark with no electricity).
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