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    Well it's been a busy month in Boquete with Panama's Patriotic Holidays. More is to come. Our mayor announced the last two weeks of the month including this weekend will be filled with many cultural events. Beginning this Friday or Saturday at 5 P.M. in the main park, we gringos have named Central Park located across from the Restaurante Baru. There will be of Tipico Folkloric Dancing groups from all over the country and from other Latin American countries with the women in their Polleras (traje tipico). This is not to be missed! Another event taking place this weekend on Sunday Boquete's own Cabalgata (horse parade) riding down main street and to top it off hundreds of bands marching in Boquete town probably happening on the 29th. which is Independence Day from Spain. Wow! How exciting is this. Remember to do all your shopping in the morning before 10 A.M. as there will be much traffic going into Bajo Boquete and in town, as well driving out of Bajo Boquete early evening and later. Enjoy Panama and it's culture.
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    It seems like it's been a long time since we've seen any public updates from either of the entities handling emergency incident reports, specifically Alto Al Crimen and Rodny Direct. Any statistics on the number and nature of calls received and the type of response that was required? Is the incidence of local criminal activity up or down, etc.?
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    This week marked the visit to Panama of the wonderful former President of Uruguay, José "Pepe" Mujica, when he received an honorary Doctorate from UP and gave a number of excellent speeches. “Pepe” Mujica: The preacher of transparency Oscar Sulbarán Fri, 11/24/2017 - 23:04 "It's better to pay the price of irresponsibility than to muzzle society" Each one of the speeches made by the former Uruguayan president, José “Pepe” Mujica during his visit to Panama, were focused on fighting corruption. This Friday he participated as a speaker at the XXXIV ordinary session of the Latin American Parliament and highlighted the role the press has against this problem: “the lack of freedom is the greatest guarantee for acts of corruption to prosper. Freedom will not solve every problem but without a doubt freedom helps, in a great way. The journalistic affirmation hurts us a thousandfold, not always responsible, but it is better to pay the price of irresponsibility than to muzzle society if the phenomenon wants to be controled”. During his stay in the isthmus, Mujica was awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of Panama. He was also received by the President of the Republic, Juan Carlos Varela.
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    Boxing: finding a way out of poverty The country of Roberto Durán is still a boxing academy. In Panama City, in Curundú, in a place where a hangar used to be, the “Pedro Alcazar, the rocker” gym now stands. There, underpriviledged youths from areas of the isthmus’ capital come to take a step towards progress daily, through boxing. “There can be a world champion among them because they are poor and they are hungry to get out of poverty,” says Carlos Cruz, a retired boxer who won 37 fights in his career and who today is dedicated to training boxers. “We do not have money but the little that we have we share with them to give them their ticket, to feed them,” says Rigoberto Garibaldi, who now as a coach claims to be the only international medalist in Panamanian amateur boxing. Curundú’s gym is visited by boxing promoters from Colombia, Nicaragua and the United States for being considered a boxing academy.
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