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    WHY BOQUETE? People ask me all the time - Why Panama - and especially Why Boquete? Here's why: Two weeks ago at the Tuesday meeting the community was invited to a day of awareness (Heart in the Park) to learn how Boquete provides services for persons with disabilities. I mentioned the great work done by the Fundacion (FPI)better known as the Handicap Foundation - where recently volunteers went on a home visit and found a severely disabled man, living alone, in a shack with no roof, sleeping on cardboard using hose for water, his body racked with painful spasms. Yesterday, Romero got a new home. Two volunteers at the Foundation, Judy and Mike Hart asked him to come and live with them. He said "Yes."That's why I live here.
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    Chef Craig Jacobs has been an integral part of our team at Seasons Restaurant and his leadership and spirit of culinary innovation has been supported by the Lucero team. Craig’s efforts in the kitchen have helped Seasons achieve success. Craig Jacobs has advised us that he will be moving to Panama city to create a new Thai Restaurant. Chef Jacobs states that he "sincerely appreciates the opportunities and friendships" developed during his time at Lucero, adding that he wishes everyone at the restaurant "the best of luck in continuing as strong as ever. With any such departure comes the rewarding task of promoting a worthy replacement to the coveted position of Chef & General manager. Nadine Wilson has worked side by side with chef Jacobs and our team to understand and execute the culinary concepts and dishes at Seasons that Chef Jacobs has created over the past year. Nadine, born in South Africa is a Chef and manager with several years of both restaurant ownership and kitchen experience. Nadine is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu school of Culinary Arts. We look to Nadine to continue the culinary experience that Chef Jacobs has created and to bring her own style and flair to our patrons. Sandeep