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    How was our day yesterday?? 1. 8.45am Chris McColeman and Pauline Verkley came to walk the dogs, Chiki and Junior. 2. 9.30am Our friend Maureen from Angeles con Colita, came to pick up the cat traps that she borrowed from our friend Zoey Quimby. 3. 10.00am We received a call from our friend Laura Kasparian who was asking for help for a stray dog in the town. We went to get the dog and we notice that dog was very sick. We took the dog to Dr Chely who confirmed that the dog had distemper, so we had to take the sad decision to put sleep the dog😞. Is the first time that we do that. Meanwhile Javier was the whole time with the dogs at the DogCamp. 4. 4:00pm we received the visit of our friend Stan, who came to donate two bags of puppy food and one bag of cat food. 5. 4:30pm We received the visit of our friends Amy Brumfield and Jim Omer from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, to prepare the ideas for an oncoming project. 6. 7:00pm We received the visit from our friend Ilona Backeley who came to donate a bag of dog food. 7. 12:30am Sadie, the pregnant dog was birthing her puppies (10 beautiful doggies) If you want to make a donation for these beautiful puppies, we will be at the Tuesday market or you can come to visit the dogs at DogCamp. Thank you!!!!!
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    Last week we were invited to a friend’s house to enjoy the view from their balcony and watch the hummingbirds. What a treat to see clouds racing across the sky and thinking this is the top of the world. Started wondering about these tiny birds with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, measure about 3 inches in length, and have a heartbeat of 200 times a minute. I see them around our house getting nectar from colorful flowers using their long narrow bills and tongue. Their tongues are groved like the shape of a “W” with tiny hairs that help lap up nectar—-similar to a cat’s tongue. There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds and are found only in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. Most live in the tropics. And yes, they migrate alone, not in a flock. Have no sense of smell, but can hear better than humans. Now that name hummingbird comes from flapping their wings so fast (720 to 5400 times per minute when hovering) that they make a humming noise.The average flying speed is 30 miles an hour but they can travel as fast as 60 miles an hour. They almost never stop moving. Legs are so small and weak they typically can’t walk at all and use their feet for perching. Hummers are the only birds that can fly up, down, sideways, backwards and forward like a helicopter. They can even fly upside down. And Now I Know.....a bit more about the birds of Chiriqui. Below are two stock photos of hummingbirds. We find them difficult to photograph.
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    Because we work really really hard for animal welfare in Boquete. Today, we went to visit some schools for setting up the dates for our second year of Amigos de Animales - DogCamp Educational Program, because education is the key for the future. Thank you to Dalys from Amigos de Boquete and Sherry Shirritt!!!
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    Thanks to Chris Young and the whole Big Daddy's crew for doing the fundraiser event!! We are happy to see the community more involved in animal wellfare. DogCamp is working so hard every day to help more animals and find the perfect homes for them, 10 dogs were giving in adoption during the last month! Contact us if you want to be part of the DogCamp Team!! And the door prize Winners!!!! First prize: two nights at Big Daddy's Puerto Armuelles Hotel ( winner : Carol Volpe) Second Prize : DogCamp boarding service Two days for free ( winner : Carol Delonis ) thanks !!! Contact us if you want to adopt a dog or cat! 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com
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