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    We visited Sitio Barriles last Sunday. I have been reading about this site for a couple of years. This is a small site with probably the oldest known people occupying Central America before Baru's Eruption----Possibly Chinese and Africans (Pre-Colombia). The Link below gives a lot of details of the site. The tour guide doesn't go into details about the dates of the site. She did general explanations and dates. We had the Spanish tour guide and enjoyed the tour. There is an English guide but we don't know the days for this. The site is small and the original huge artifacts are in a museum in Panama City. The tour guide did say the area is full of artifacts from the same time period on private property but they refuse to allow excavation. The Link below has a good detailed discription of Sitio Barriles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barri les