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    MY IDEA???? Drive right on by. I don't even blink. It's an " I just don't buy it today moment"...then I go home and take a vitamin pill. (yup) Alison Time saver...no shopping no cooking...just swallow. Take a nap...
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    I think when you see the men out on ladies day (and vice-versa) you are forgetting all the people who have passes. For example, all agricultural workers, bank workers, grocery store workers, pharmacy workers, gas station workers, medical personnel, etc, etc. In general I would say that this draconian lockdown is working. And I agree with Allison that there's going to be a lot of general unrest if things aren't loosened up by May 1.
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    We informed our gardener about the possibility of a quarantine last week. We said that we would continue to pay him because it wasn't his fault and he still needed to provide for his family. He was most grateful ... especially when we gave him a little "extra".
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    Sad......very sad. Our hearts break for Oso. All I can say is Javier and Magaly are very special people. They have very little (...money a/o time for themselves...) personally. They dedicate their lives to dogs who need help. They are amazingly empathetic people. We all need to support them one way or another. God bless you J & M!
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    Seniors (who have more health problems, bad backs, hips, knees, etc) can't stand and wait 30-40 minutes. There has to be a better way. Do decisions makers read CL?
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    I went to Gago yesterday, same type of lineup thing. I don’t need anything so much that I’m willing to wait 30-40 mins in a lineup. Got what I needed at Dorado Plaza.
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    Can’t argue with that, Pantah. But, logic is something in short supply these days..
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    This is a google translation of the notice the mayor has posted on his facebook page: As of the date, the safe-conducts and circulation permits granted in the Boquete district that do not specify the date, time and reason for their circulation, are suspended. In the same way, as of the date, new safe-conduct requests will not be accepted both in the Mayor's department and in the Houses of Community Justice and Peace. Only those given by MIDA and municipal officials may circulate.
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    We told our 2 employees ( married) who work inside and outside for us for 15 years to "Stay home" and they will be paid. I am concerned for their family as well as Dave and me. They whatsapped me this week that they miss working .. and us. I am very impressed with how very seriously our local community is taking all the rules.Palante, Palante, Keep on Keeping on. Salud our dear Boquete.
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    Reason I asked is ...well everybody wants to work. Nobody is working. I used to write my own excuse notes in school so my mind goes to that....
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    Just talked to my gardener, told him not to come for a couple of weeks. He produced a "hall pass" showing that he was allowed to continue working. Good for him in taking the initiative. He'll be here as usual.
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    Bill and I are taking credit on yard care. Two Ngobe families. Sort of a form of Cooperativa. We loan...they return service down the road when they are free.
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    Agreed. A visit to their home within a dog shelter will tell you all you need to know.
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    Javier, have you thought about asking for 12 volunteers who would each commit to buying 1 large bag of dog food a month for 6 months, so to help with the food costs with Dog Camp? I think I remember that you use about 1 bag of food every 3 days. Is that right? So if 12 volunteers would each commit to one bag a month, that would keep your out-of-pocket costs down. I would commit to 12 bags; 1 a month for a year. If 12 people agreed to do it, then we could coordinate with you for our delivery days so you don't get overwhelmed with too many bags at one time.
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    gracias for your continuous and dedicated efforts.
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    Those are good questions. Seems to me the infrastructure is getting worse, even after all the promises of improvements. The Canal thing is fixable, but will likely require major cash, hopefully without the graft (fat chance!) While I agree, in part, with a limited quarantine in the current circumstances, the way the government has gone about it is nothing short of draconian. I can be out of my house for 4 hours per 168 hour week, too short a time to wait in line at Rey's. That, simply, is house arrest. Alcohol might have alleviated the situation a bit, but Panama and South Africa (great company) are the only Countries to adopt such a stringent measure. Would I recommend Panama to prospective immigrants? A resounding NO and for this main reason:. The breadth of government control and the ease that it was implemented over every aspect of our lives is just frightening. I can live with power outages and water interruptions but this has gone way too far. Ooops, time to get off the soapbox..
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