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    “Statistical information” should be available on various information channels, and on a timely basis IMO.
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    Now that we are down to one incident reporting service is it likely that more (any) statistical information will be made available?
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    The party just keeps on going. This is the biggest and most well organized Independence Day(s) celebration I can remember. Possibly due to more support from the ATP Tourism Authority than in previous years. Many more photos and videos here: https://www.facebook.com/lujamluz?hc_ref=ARRjG6VLEZPQQqB6H3oUdfNfx1KtLi-j-4getgFVrtWXYp90ITuZPr8I-mwhtMqLxWU&fref=nf
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    My Panamanian Son-In-Law spent 20 days in China last year promoting tourism for Boquete/Panama. This year he spent 20 days in Japan doing the same thing. He and another person were sent there by the Government Of Panama. They went on a grant provided by Panama. Varela and staff have been at this for his entire time in office. It's just slow going. The Chinese have been investing billions globally for some time. Panama will benifit in a huge way with this trip. I'm thinking the Education system might get some good direction now.
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