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    If I recall correctly, there's no way a toad could enter your property via the fence. So he must have come in through the bars on a gate. Buy some fine mesh screen (metal or plastic) and affix it to the bottom of the gates. I just use twist ties.
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    I uploaded a document that gives instructions. If the vet has atropine, that is helpful too, after you've done the emergency treatment, which has to be done right away. Don't wait. Treatment for toad poisoning.doc
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    We attended the 5:00 p.m show last night and got more than got our money's worth. Saw quite a few other members of the expat community there enjoying themselves too. A hard working troupe of performers made sure that no one left the big top without a smile.
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    Just FYI . Activated charcoal will permanently stain material. We use it in the E.R. for poisoning and patients sometimes would spit it out everywhere. . Some of my uniforms and as well the divider curtains had permanent grey spots on them as a result .
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    Anyone who has not yet given this video a watch is really missing a brilliant piece of work.
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