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    We have developed a scientific theory based on a lot of observation points. We have collected at least 10,000 cans (2-3 large bags per week for several months). The cans are split into 3 categories--sodas and juices near schools/bus stops, various items scattered around, and the HUGE winner (at least 70% of the items) are light beers. Most of the light beers are in groupings of between 6 and 50 cans. Based on our observations, we have a theory that the vast majority of littering of aluminum cans is by young men, because in our experience young men are the ones who drink light beers in large quantities (alone or with others). This is unfortunate, because these are exactly not the people who are cleaning up litter. We see kids picking up cans for their school programs--YEAH to the schools and teachers supporting these programs. We see parents and grandparents teaching their children/grandchildren by picking up cans and explaining the importance of not littering. We see people our age and older picking up cans and other litter around town. So, the question is, what do we do about this problem? From our observations, it appears that the majority of the littering is done by people who are currently not being reinforced for better behavior. A suggestion we have is to charge an amount of 5 to 10 cents per cans and pay people back at the grocery store for returning the cans. This worked well in California early on in the recycling effort. Since beer sells for 50 to 70 cents per can, adding on 5 to 10 cents (and paying it back for returning it), might make a serious reduction in the litter, particularly for those people dropping large quantities of beer cans
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    In my opinion, there should be NO disposable cans or bottles. We buy sodas and beer by the case in returnable bottles. It’s less expensive and helps the cause. Why would I want to pay extra for something only to throw it away?
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    Javier & Magaly's Dog Camp is great !! Our dog, Max is treated to Doggie Daycare every time we go to David. All we have to do is mention Javier ' s name and he's running toward the door, excited to go ! He comes home well cared for and exhausted after wrestling and chasing his friends. We love that he's learned to play gently with smaller dogs & puppies, and can now eat his dinner with the pack ! We never worry while he's with J & M and Max has a blast ! Such an INCREDIBLE deal at just $15 for the day 😆 We're signing up for Javier ' s dog training services, next ! Thanks to both of these dedicated animal lovers for all the many ways they serve our community ! Rod & Debe Emerson (& Max)
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