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    I spent some time with the mayoral candidate for Boquete this afternoon, Joswar Alvarado. Of course, I'm not allowed to vote, but he has a vision for Boquete including an office for foreign residents and fixing all the dang sidewalks in town and beyond.
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    Marcelyn, The Revisado inspection certificate you receive is valid until the end of the due month in the following year. For example, if the vehicle's renewal month is November, the Revisado obtained in November 2015 will be 'vigente' or valid until November 30th, 2016. The annual fee for the Plate would be due by November 30th to the Municipality where the vehicle is registered. Cost of Plates vary depending on the number of passengers the car is rated for and/or whether it's a truck or motorcycle. Current range is from $31 to $47. Taller QuickFix across from Plaza Los Establos now provides the 'inspection' service, saving a trip to David. There is no five day window anywhere in the process and third parties can do any of these steps.
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