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    Hank, to whom does the project engineer report? Is the Mayor the project head? Or a national figure or national agency? I'm still trying to figure out the supervisory hierarchy here. (Or is supervision responsibility as amorphous as execution responsibility?) I would be willing to give the Mayor a pass, like so many insist on doing, if I knew that there is nothing he can do, that he is not ultimately in charge.
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    I appreciate the Warden’s attendance and report. What beats me is why he had to be prompted to share it.
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    We at the Handicap Foundation (FPI) want to send out a huge thank you to the Boquete community for the wonderful and heart-felt response to this sad story. People brought in all kinds of stuff for the family. Some of it was not usable by these people and was set aside for the August venta de patio. But a truckload of usable items was delivered to the family. Just a point of clarity -- not all people who were burned out were Celia and Omaira's immediate family. A large extended family including grandchildren shared the hovel that was burned. Their current housing is temporary and we're trying to sort out a long term solution for these folks. Right now 19 people (5 adults and 14 children) share a space no bigger than 20' x 20'. In addition to the local folks who donated, we received 4 cash contributions from non-residents via paypal. In total, we received about $1000. Some of the funds have already been spent on sleeping pads, a bathing tub for Omaira, a mosquito net for Omaira's bed, shoes for the children, cleaning supplies and food products. The rest is being held until a more permanent housing situation can be arranged. Here's some photos: Here's a photo of Omaira in her wheel chair and her mother Celia surrounded by other extended family members in their new temporary housing. You can see some of the bed rolls and other necessities that your donations have purchased. Here's one of the Handicap Foundation volunteers showing the family some of the things that were donated. Some of the donations collected for this family. THANK YOU BOQUETE !!!!
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