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    This video from Panama Today is a terrific interview with an enthusiastic investigative journalist in Panama who worked on this case. She provides a summary of what happened, the consequences, and where it's going from here.
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    Prior to moving here, we changed our dog's diets over to Kirkland brand grain free dog kibble from a top quality grain free food from Nature's Variety...only to find the high quality grain free was no longer available at PriceSmart. We had seen it there on our prior visits in 2015 and 2016. The closest thing I could find is Triumph brand at the Melo's nearest the Conway/Arrocha center. It isn't cheap but our pooches seem to be fine with it. Both have terrible skin problems with grains. I hope that PriceSmart does offer the Kirkland brand grain free. I've always trusted the Kirkland brand items and have rarely been disappointed.
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