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    I recently inquired whether PriceSmart has stopped carrying the Kirkland maintenance cat food. here is the response I got on Feb 11. So if you're a "consumer" of the cat food, count a couple weeks from the date I heard back from Melissa. Also, Melissa said that they will continue to carry both the Kirkland and their own label food for a time to see how they are received. Per Melissa: "We’ll be watching the sales of the new Member’s Selection pet food before we make any decisions on the Kirkland."
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    Electricity back finally, after almost five hours. I'm with Doug: this gets really old. I find that it's impossible to plan anything because lights are required even to operate a gas stove. I've enjoyed Boquete almost as long as I can stand.
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    Thanks to Two Sailors (and others) for posting about this eatery. Marcelyn and I were in David yesterday for business, and stopped by Unplugged GstroPub for our admittedly late lunch prior to returning to Boquete. This was our first visit at Unplugged. Actually we were going to challenge Penny's assessment to the effect that they have very good hamburgers. But she was right. We have no idea where they get their beef, but it was very tasty and prepared to our liking. I ordered the patacones that Penny mentioned above, and Marcelyn ordered the green salad. Everything was tasty. The lemonade was good. I have never seen or tasted patacones prepared the way they do it, but we both liked them and thought that patacones will be our first choice for the appetizer when we next visit Unplugged, and visit again we will. As Penny mentioned, the entire luncheon was $7.00 per person. Other than the background music being louder than we prefer, there was nothing to fault at Unplugged. Good food, good service, great prices, etc. (BTW, when a meal is under $10 we do not inquire about a jubilado discount, so don't ask us about that.) We were a bit concerned in that we were the only patrons, but then again we did not arrive until about 2:15PM. We hope they survive because we do plan to visit them again (and again...).
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    Not sure but I think the access is near Km 8 southbound on the Via Boquete.
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    If only I were disciplined enough to keep my phone and pad charged. I COULD have had Internet, maybe, if I hadn't been running on fumes with the power was l lost. I'm still sick of seeing these rainbows every morning. Hearing the wind howl all night... Will it ever stop? I have 35 friends visiting mid March. It's getting closer, and closer to D-Day for me.
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    There are plenty of people enamoured with anything China claims to be behind. Sound economics don’t matter to them Lots of them would also “like to see a high speed train to Panama City” much like I would like to fly/drive a “helicopter/motorcyle” over the mountains to Bocas.
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