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    Rodny, Though I am no longer in Panama, I did live in Potrerillos for 16 years. You have been and continue to be one of the greatest treasures of Panama. Gracias por todo lo que haces. Eres un joven especial. Saludos, Marion (Con Abrazos y Besos)
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    Steak House is the bright yellow two storey building to the right of the bridge going into David. You can get there by turning left twice at the Ford Dealer.
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    I am, too. What a travesty. In fact, don't get me started. However bad your situation, there's always at least one that is worse. However, I don't believe that mitigates against the hope that your own bad situation could improve. Also, I have to admit that what was an exciting challenge at age 62 is a major source of aggravation now that I have reached 73. We oldsters just aren't as adaptable to adverse circumstances as we were in our younger years.
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