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    2019 Presidential Inauguration Day In observation of the Inauguration of the President-elect in Panama, Mail Boxes Etc., as public and most of the private stores will be closed on Monday, July 1, 2019. If you need information about your packages, please feel free to send to us an e-mail boquete@mbe-ca.com Arturo Gonzalez MAIL BOXES ETC. - Boquete TEL. 011 (507) 720-2684 / 1019 | Ave. Central, Edif. Don Andrés. Local # 2 Boquete, Chiriquí, Panamá www.mbe-ca.com
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    The only "authorities" I see in Volcan are the police stopping cars to check for licenses, etc. It would certainly help more if they'd check for speeders and those who don't obey stop signs--who now have more opportunity to speed with the many additional paved roads. I even see colegio drivers speeding and not even slowing down for a stop sign. And parents trust their children with these irresponsible drivers?
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    Ones wonders why local drivers take such chances on a turn or a lane change when they are generally so careful not to go over a bump or a pot hole at more then 2 mph. You know, like wee little teeny tiny bumps and mini holes. If you are not careful while driving you can rear end these folks....or worse run flat square into the other ones that decide to cross in front of you at 5 mph....Its a loooong list as we all know.
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    Thank you for this post ..... this is the first that I've seen that most businesses will be closed on 01 JUL 2019.
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    Thank You Boquete! We collected 47 pints which will help 141 patients. Boquete Health & Hospice extends A Gracious THANK YOU To our blood donors, volunteers, Matching Fund donors, and our community partners who supported this first ever Blood Drive in Boquete. Of course, the real winners are the patients in need of blood. We are thrilled to report that 47 pints of blood were collected. Since each blood donation can help save three lives, 141 people are potentially impacted. Thank you, Boquete! Your support is truly appreciated by the blood recipients, their loved ones and all of us involved in this life saving initiative. Need help? Just call 507 6781-8250 (8am-8pm) For Blood - 507 6590-2000 (8am-8pm) To view on the TeleMetro video clip click on the link below:
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    In the past, there were some requests for real vanilla extract at PriceSmart. At the time of the inquiries, real vanilla extract was $30+ a bottle. It's still a bit pricey, $25 + change, but at least it's here now. I don't know anything about whether it'll be a regular item or for how long it'll be on the shelves. But if you need real vanilla extract, it's at PriceSmart now.
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    We were counted in the last census (May 2010). No one was supposed to leave the structure in which they had spent the night until they had been counted, and until the census taker had placed a colored sticker on the structure. You then had a paper slip evidencing your having been counted. There were road checkpoints throughout the country and woe to anyone caught out and about without their census slip. One could show up during the preceding week at the local census office (it was somewhere in the Feria grounds) and be counted, and given a paper slip, so that if you had a major inconvenience on census Sunday of being house-bound until counted, there was a countermeasure. I suppose there will be similar measures taken next May.
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    Not being critical but I think you meant to say that the explosion rendered the building uninhabitable.
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    The attempts at translation of mainstream media articles by Newsroom Panama are pitiful.
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    I have Skype here in Panama. I don't understand the difficulty you're having.
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    thanks, I was caught up with the Spanish word. This photo shows the severity of the damage.
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    A very interesting story (if true). One error is "Colombia" spelled as "Columbia." (No thanks needed, Mark, from my editing of your piece.)_ But what struck me (and disturbed me) the most was the ego of a wealthy person who chose to spend "mega-bucks" to buy Noreiga's "mansion" (or anything else) to call attention to himself. "Bill Strong was not shy about getting what he wanted in life. After paying a price that the locals called “gringo loco,” Bill and Donna undertook a renovation of the Noriega mansion and grounds so detailed it might be thought a new construction. An authentic suit of armor guarded the main entrance. From inside, Bill thundered out Bach fugues on “The most expensive electronic organ that Yamaha makes.” What an egocentric person this Bill Strong is portrayed to be (and his "new" wife as well!). In my opinion they are who are people we do not need in Panama--or anywhere else, for that matter. For a fraction of the money spent to satisfy their egos, Bill Strong and his wife could have had a beautiful home in which to live and enjoy Panama--and then become involved (not just with money alone but with their own work also) to better the lives of the needy in Panama. Many of us--expats and Panamanians alike--who are not wealthy but who work endless hours at our own expense to better the lives of animals and poor Panamanians...well, to me, these people--Bill Strong and his wife--are an insult to us and they are despicable when they take from country instead of giving both their money and their physical work to help their adopted country.
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