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    For your information this lady was passing in front of Big Daddy and Chris told her to come have some water. She sat and talked to Chris and Joe for a while. After investigating we were told she lived in front of big gym..behind gas station. We went to look for her husband. He came to Big Daddy and rescued her. Thank you Nicole and Chris for taking care of Suzy. Blessings to you all! Judy Tovar
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    This baffles me. How do people get butterfly fluff all over their skin? And I would love to know what this evil butterfly that attacks ankles looks like.
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    Lost my Appetito for that service before I even used it. Also, Domino's Pizza is investing major dough $ in Chiriqui in an effort to expand their market share. IMO, their product is terrible.
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    We took 2 Uber rides in Panama City yesterday. The first was ~4 km and took 25 minutes (rush hour) and cost $4:18. The second was ~3.2 km and took 12 minutes and cost $2.53. I'm sure that, as gringos, we'd have been charged much more if we'd taken a yellow taxi. These prices are ridiculously low, and we cannot see how the drivers make any money.
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    Hogar San Miguel Arcangel David, Panama +507 775-9566 https://goo.gl/maps/FJYDEEYKagiBPbta7
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    A lot of poor Panamanian people don't have credit cards but yet pay a higher price for yellow taxis with cash. (they charge what they want to charge) Who is the winner (MONEY)? Simple answer-----yellow taxis with no meters. Medellin has metered taxis and it works well for everyone. I have found UBER the best taxi service with Cleaner cars, more amiable, dependable and the safest drivers. The poor people (LOSERS) suffer over not being able to pay in cash to Uber. The winner here is UBER AND THE LOSERS ARE THE POOR. The crooks in Panama wanted to make UBER leave Panama-----DID NOT WORK. Uber is a cheaper fare in Panama City on all routes. As usualy, the poor Panamanians get screwed. Uber's software on your cell phone tells you the price of your trip before you call them. Just as good as meters. UBER, does the vetting of drivers and cars. If you ever use one you will not go back to yellow taxis. Yellow taxis ( Panama City) are mob like operation in my opinion.
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    Señor Milqui was a gentle, humble man whose fried chicken was legendary. He will be missed. QEDP I read that the Kiosko will re-open on Tuesday.
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    Thank you so much for this submission. We are blessed with the facility and as well those that arrange these fantastic events. When we can't attend we feel bad, so we really do thank you for posting the concert so we too can enjoy the music.
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    I solved my particular spam problem. I discovered that in addition to real spam, every time I received a legitimate message in my gmail account, a "non-deliverable" identical message appeared in my spam folder...."can't deliver to muffiemae@yahoo.com." I discovered that I could set up a filter to automatically delete anything that contained "muffiemae@yahoo.com." So far, so good. However, I do have another computer problem: After a massive computer crash and loss of many files, when I click to open some of the remaining files, I get this message. I've done search after search and can't figure out how to get rid of this message and actually open the file. Information anyone? Thanks. Dottie
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    I don't live in Boquete. Got mine through MBE in David.
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    Good one Ricco, but it's not their fault that no one else is taking advantage of the opportunity to mount free advertising.
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    I find it amusing that American consumers are willing to pay a premium for "grass fed beef", which is what all the barely edible Panamanian beef is. Give me a corn fed T-bone steak, please!
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    Of course, we could just leave all the entirely natural, rapidly bio-degradable dog poop where it falls, or pass laws requiring that all dog owners teach their pets to use the toilet in the house or a cat litter box. : )
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    It was about this time last year that Ferrufino was busted for a DUI at the Caldera checkpoint when out on bail for alleged corruption. Guys like this only serve to point up the ridiculousness of a system which allows a 'Sorry, I can't be tried right now because I'm running for political office" routine. imo,the policy should be changed so that political aspirants must not be facing any criminal charges.
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    Michael died unexpectedly yesterday while playing music with his friends. He taught the 5 rites at the Haven and was the organizer of several musical groups in Boquete. Rest In Peace Michael.
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    A memorial mass was held today for Hanna, the youngest daughter of Dan Boville and Nixia Santamaria who died at 13 years old after a lengthy illness. RIP Hanna.
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    Rosie ran away during a thunder storm on Monday 31 Sept We live between Caldera and La Estrella on Rio Sindigo If you see her or have her please call Paul or Whatsapp 6913 3173
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    Many of us remember Barbara and Ian Phillips who lived in Boquete several years before joining the little migration to Spain;. I received this email from Carol Hurst (another ex-Boquete resident): It is with deepest sadness that regret to inform you of the passing of our dear friend. Ian passed last night at home in the company of his devoted wife Barbara and loving companions Tipper and Dodger. There will be a service TBA. Barbara would love to see you and appreciate your support. Carol Hurst Calle La Romantica, 12 Almuñécar 18690 Granada, Spain +34-699 802 223
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    Our housekeeper told us today that the owner of Milquiburger (near the Los Naranjos "Y") passed away earlier this week. He was suffering from a long term illness, but no details are known. For us "old timers", Milquiburger was known for good hamburgers, and especially for its fried chicken. RIP Sr Milquiburger
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    Why not rename this category to Casa Solutions?
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    Thanks Keith. I made a posting but it quickly drowned in a sea on Caca Soluciones. So I thought why bother? Have they made a donation to this website yet? Maybe its time.
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