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    I would have commented on this an hour ago, but the power was out.
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    Other reports indicate that he had a fairly extensive criminal history of child, woman, and animal abuse back in the States. Undoubtedly, he was here in on tourist visa that he renewed regularly, so he didn't have to undergo a law enforcement check. With all the griping about how burdensome the enforcement of the tourist visa limitations are, has anyone considered that lax enforcement allows scum like this to remain in Panama indefinitely?
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    It appears that the unfortunate misspelling in the headline of the story just above describes the situation perfectly.
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    Sounds to me like the people who have access to FB are the only ones who can and will participate in recycle.
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    The recycling dates are posted on FB by Pamela Olsen. The next one is Tuesday, March 26, i.e., today. The recycling dates are posted on Boquete Recycling on Facebook. I have suggested that she also post here and on News Boquete.
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    I've got both liquid and tablet Benadryl at home just for wasp and bee stings. I suspect a scorpion sting would be as dangerous, but I've never been hit by one. That's great as long as the stings occur near home and can get to the Benadryl within 10 minutes or so. Otherwise I might be out of luck. These fatal insect attacks are far less common than fatal vehicle accidents around here, but the threat is not imaginary.
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    Boquete Health and Hospice is a co-sponsor of the Boquete Blood Drive event.
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    View this email in your browser Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Newsletter April 2019 International Coffee Farms Corporations Joins Buenos Vecinos Food Delivery Representatives of International Coffee Farms Corporation Luz and Sawang joined Buenos Vecinos members on a food delivery in March. We are grateful to have ICFC as our corporate sponsors. It was a pleasure to have Luz and Sawang meet our clients and help with the delivery. All of the clients we delivered to on this trip are elderly and do not have a financial safety net. The majority of them are bachelors without any close family members to live with and care for them. The rest are elderly women whose families are struggling to provide for them. They all welcome the food support they receive from Buenos Vecinos every month. One of our stops was at Chichi’s. He lives alone in a tin house, suffers from diabetes and is unable to work. There is a government program in the area to build small cinder block houses for qualifying residents who are living on a poverty level. Chichi tells us that he is going to be living in one of those houses soon. Luz is pictured in the photos and Sawang was the photographer. We delivered food to Octavio’s niece Mariela. Octavio is in his 80s and lives in a one room house provided by government next door to Mariela. Mariela cooks the food that we deliver for Octavio. A resident of Potrerillos, Nino Espinosa, has been helping with our food deliveries for eleven years. We appreciate his involvement and help with our program. Aida has been one of our clients for nine years. Over the years she has been the caregiver for numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now Aida is starting to lose her mobility and her grandchildren need to help take care of her. Rosa is a breast cancer survivor. Her caregiver is her daughter who has a disabled child. Rosa is always happy to see us. Boquete Has Heart Sponsors Another Successful Fund-Raiser Last month’s Casino Night was not only an evening of wonderful food and fun, it also provided two local charities, Amigos de Animales de Boquete and Buenos Vecinos de Boquete some much-appreciated funding for their programs. The proceeds from the event admissions and, most especially from the silent action, will purchase the non-perishable food BVB provides on a monthly basis for eight families for an entire year. This is a tremendous boost and we want to thank not only those who attended and bid on the silent auction items, but also all the volunteers who spent months planning and then executing this event. And at the top of the list, a heart-felt thank you goes out to each of our generous donors who have shown us how much they care about our programs and our community. Bamboo Spa Look Good Panama Beth Abrahams Lori Cloutier Niscoromni Big Daddy's Janie Pageau Bocas Del Mar Hotel and Resort John and Liz Wiseman Boulder 54 Maria Bonita Taqueria Boquete Outdoor Adventure Morton's Bakehouse Byron and Dede Basden N&N Catering Cafe Central at Hotel Central Boquete Perfect Pair Casa Viejo Season's Restaurant /Lucero Golf Club Chop Sticks Restaurant Sharon Ball Dra. Vanessa Lambiz Show Pony Resort Fabric Art by Sylvette Day Sugar amd Spice Felipe Motta Terrace Bistro in Volcan George's Fireside Grill The Boquete Sandwich Shop Gijs and Hanny Hoogerkamp The Tree House at Rio Encantado Gluten Free Gold Bakery and Restaurant Las Olas Resort The Garden Restaurant and Country Yolanda Vega Store Family of the Month- April 2019 Meet Mariano's Family Mariano lives with his mother Iris and four siblings in a two room house provided by the government. It has no indoor bath room, no indoor water and no electricity. Iris struggles to feed and clothe her children, ages one to seventeen but she knows that education is important for all of them. Eleven year old Elizabet and five year old Eric have just begun their school year. However, Mariano’s older brother, Rogelio, was not able to afford school clothes and materials last semester or for this semester. He is endeavoring to find a way to return this year by finding nearby work, but has not yet been successful. Mariano, seen here on the left, is a typical sixteen year-old boy. He loves to hang out with his friends, to play jokes on his siblings, and to “fit in” with the people around him. He is a bright, attentive, and happy young man, but he lives with a disability that affects him every day. When he was three weeks old he suffered an ear infection and high fever that went undiagnosed for two months, leaving him almost completely deaf; now he can communicate only with sign language and gestures. Until recently he depended on the Handicap Center (FPI) for transportation expenses to the public school a few days each week where he participated in special education classes for the hearing impaired. This year is beginning well for Mariano; he is now starting to take a welding course at the Obispado in David. Currently FPI is supporting him, but ideally some person or organization will step forward to take over this modest financial commitment to Mariano’s future and to also provide him some attention and the encouragement that he needs to follow this important path. Iris believes that despite his disability, this training could prepare him to live a full, happy and productive life. Iris says that she is grateful to FPI for all the things they do for Mariano and to Buenos Vecinos for providing her family non-perishable food. This BVB donation to their pantry is one they can depend on every month, she said with a smile. How to help? If you would like to help our clients and the efforts of Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, we would appreciate your donation of any size. It is important for you to know that we are a small all-volunteer force with no administrative or overhead costs. Every dollar of your donation goes to the purchase or storage of food for our clients. When you make that important decision to help feed the less fortunate in our community, you have truly become a “good neighbor”. When you donate $360 a year or $30 a month, you will become a Coconut Foundation member as an acknowledgment of your concern and generosity. Donate Online: We use PayPal for easy and secure transactions. If you prefer to donate by cash or local check, please contact Louise Orr panamaleo@gmail.com for arrangements. Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page: Face book page: https://www.facebook.com/BuenosVecinosDeBoquete/ Website: http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/ Thank you! This email was sent to trishchristofferson@gmail.com why did I get this? unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences Buenos Vecinos de Boquete · Boquete, Chiriqui · Panama City · Panama
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    Perhaps I complain too much. I really do like living here.
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    This appears to be a global trend that sees the elimination of sedans. This image demonstrates that innovation in automobile design has pretty much disappeared.
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    March 24, 2019 - At this 126th clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 53 animals: 38 dogs and 15 cats. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/126th.html Plus Dr. Tello also performed complicated and lengthy surgeries (other than spaying and neutering) on four animals. So it was another long day. The extra surgeries and exams took much more time. I didn't get home until 8:00 pm, and then I had an hour of "must do" after-clinic duties that night. And once again, a feral cat got loose inside the building. John Gould sustained a very deep wound from the cat. Dr. Tello finally captured the cat with my Ketch pole (well worth the money it cost!) ...but of course before he could get near enough to use it, the cat had already caused a lot of damage. My employee needed to go to clinic the following day and repair the damage. Our next clinic, April 28th, is already full. We are taking reservations for our May 12th clinic. Very early because of Dr. Tello's schedule and obligations. Call or whatsapp 6640-3171 for appointments. Francia Pinedo has the list and she schedules appointments and confirms them beforehand. The photo album for this clinic is here: https://imgur.com/a/MLimVzO As always, my heartfelt thanks and big hugs to Dr. Andres Tello, to our volunteers, and to our contributors, whether financially or otherwise. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Dottie
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    On May 12th come and enjoy lunch and a movie to benefit Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary, owned and operated by Judy Odom. Los Mininos is a special place for cats with special needs, that are not able to be adopted, or who are waiting for their forever home. Doors at the BCP will open at 11:30 with lunch provided by Nairn Cutten. The movie, "A Street Cat Named Bob", will start at 1:00 pm. The movie is a true feel-good story of how James Bowen, a busker and a recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat. All proceeds from this event will go to the Sanctuary for food and medical care.
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    But the fact remains that not everyone chooses to use Facebook. And of those who do, how many are aware of Boquete Recycling and join the group so as to receive their posts? If this is the only way the recycling at the fairgrounds is advertised, the ads are reaching a small percentage of the Boquete population.
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    Thanks for this reminder about what wonderful work Boquete Hospice and Health does. Spread the word. Not enough people take advantage of what they have to offer. It's an outstanding community resource, manned by talented, dedicated people.
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    We want to thank everyone that took the time to offer what help they could and to share how we over came the transport problem. Thanks to God - Aubrey's red blood cells came up enough to fly (no cruise would take the responsibility). We are purchasing a reclining wheelchair (like a cerebral palsy person has) so he can be transported by plane in a laying position from Toucmen in Panama City (our tickets are for medical assistance). David airport is to small to accommodate us - Luis Acre taxi service out of Panama City (has all size vehicles), will pick us up at our home in Boquete along with our luggage and take us to Toucmen. I hope this information helps others in the future. Lynn Wilson
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    Former Mayor of Boquete Manolo Ruiz has been found innocent of charges that he used state funds for political purposes. The decision took about 4 years.
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    Thank you! Very smart of you. I didn't thought about it. Good to know! The advantage they have is that they have their own office. We work from our home. I hope we show a better image. Thank you for the advice!
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    Anyone watch the debate concerning the purity of Boquete's water on Tuesday night? This would have been especially important for those who believe our water is "bad".
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