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    Homicides are actually down from 2017, at least they were until a bloody month of August. http://laestrella.com.pa/panama/nacional/registra-baja-homicidios-comparado-2017/24069411 The number of Homicides committed per year has been steadily declining since peaking in 2009. These are the latest statistics for 2018. http://ministeriopublico.gob.pa/wp-content/multimedia/2018/08/Informe-Unidades-de-Homicidio-Enero-Julio-2018.pdf
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    This is a recent performance of Leonard Cohen's beautiful composition Hallelujah by friends Yella and Tom Werder, Yella's niece Samantha, and her boyfriend Seth Green
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    My phone lights up with an SMS message from Banistmo, about twice a week since the end of August, telling me that my debit card will expire soon and to visit a branch to request a new one. The card says it is "good thru 12/18", so the it seems that the bank is planning ahead to avoid delays in replacing the card. Nice. Hoping to put an end to the tiresome SMS nagging, I stopped in this morning at the Plaza Terronal branch, and was happy to find only a short line at the triage/receptionist desk. But then he declined my request, saying that my card is good through December, and that he could only accept my request after December 1. I nominate Banistmo for this month's customer (dis)service award....
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    I would like to register my opinion and experiences, but, as Citizen Volunteer Liaison (formerly Warden), I feel compelled to keep my own counsel. I will state the obvious, however: the Embassy would go a long way in restoring the faith of U.S. citizens if it would respond to telephone inquiries more than four hours a week and work harder to see that the federal benefits function is returned to Panama from Costa Rica.
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    A number of friends have told me that they would much prefer better service from the Embassy.
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    Today, September 28th, news sources are reporting that Facebook was hacked affecting 50 million accounts or more. It is highly recommended that you log into Facebook and change your password at this time. More information on the hack are available here: https://mashable.com/article/facebook-50-million-accounts-hacked
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    It is also on the shelves of Dorado Plus at the checkpoint.
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    They need tougher laws. Obviously what they have now is not working. If they caught 35,000 so far this year can you imagine how many are still out there?
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    I heard a rumor a month or so ago that the Baru Restaurant & Bar was under new ownership. Walking by today it appears they've erected a new sign by their bulletin board with the name: "Bamboo Restaurant & Bar" The old pole mounted sign is still in place. They've posted a new menu on their bulletin board with the new name with what appears to be the same fare but no prices.
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    Super Baru in David has this brand of powdered wasabi in a smaller 1 ounce can I believe for $3.95. They also have the small 1.5 ounce tubes of wasabi paste of the same brand for $4.21. One would think that the Super Baru in Boquete would stock it too.
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    The USA could donate it as a juvenile detention and vocational center and rent an efficiency for as much service as they are inclined to offer these days.
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    The ATTT Transit Authority has opened a Payment window beside their office in the Municipality of Dolega complex. This means it will no longer be necessary to obtain a Banco Nacional Deposit slip in order to pay for ATTT procedures such as issuance or modifications to Vehicle Titles. Tickets for speeding and other traffic violations can also now be paid there. Cash, Debit or Visa cards accepted.
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    That's my opinion. What impressed me about this case is that the deaths weren't blown off by the authorities as just being the unfortunate result of inter-gang violence, which they actually were. A total of 78 years were handed down. I posted this because there are still many people out there who believe that all juvenile offenders are immediately released and never made to pay for their crimes, and that's just not so.
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    This lengthy jail term seems to be a step in the right direction, albeit a small step. As for Alison's question: resources to help wayward youth, be they imprisoned or otherwise -- you gotta be kidding. As commented in other articles posted here and on other media, Panama has not committed the appropriate resources to basic things, such as education, water purity, health care, etc. This is not just my opinion, but one shared by many. Alison, good thought, and maybe it will happen someday.
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    Cheques are quickly becoming pasé as most transactions can be done electronically these days, either online or by card. People pay for a cup of coffee with their debit card here. Folks I know think Scotiabank’s Visa/Debit Card works well as there are no payments to make or interest charges to incur.
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    Best name for a band that I've heard for quite awhile. Maybe even better than "Black-eyed Peas".
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    I have to assume the Newslady means a green collar, not a green color. It gave me quite a start. 😀
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    Banistmo will have a lot of competition in that contest.
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    All things considered, it seems that it would serve us all well to be very careful that we reduce the possibility of needing their assistance . It currently is like trying to swim out to sea in order to catch an inflated beach ball with the wind at your back.
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    This presentation sounds like a boondoggle to me. A way to give a paid holiday to some NYPD people. What would someone from NYC know about the security issues here in our area? Totally different situation and different needs, and different perspective about security. I prefer that my tax dollars be better spent on something that will likely do some good for someone, hopefully to include me as well since I am the one paying. For instance, fix the social security contact points. I live in Panama, not Costa Rica where they don’t care about the US citizens who happen to live in Panama.
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    Sr. Cortizo , as the PRD candidate., will probably be the favorite to win the Presidency, as the other two parties, the CD and the Panameñistas, have had their turn under Martinelli and Varela. We have not had a PRD president since Martin Torrijos held the post from 2004 to 2009.
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