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    The CSS Polyclinica across from the Bomberos will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. as of September 1st. The schedule will be further expanded to 24/7 in December.
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    Just a side thought here: if Panama were to change its annual "revisado" process to include a safety and mechanical check of critical vehicular components (e.g., brake lights, head lights, brakes, turn signals, etc.) then perhaps some of these accidents due to failures could be eliminated.
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    I couldn't find any in town on Monday. Super Baru got some in on Tuesday. Onions are a price-controlled item in Panama. If farmers can't get a fair price for growing onions, they will plant something else instead.
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    Update on driving up.... "The Gauntlet...Restaurant Row".... past the Catholic Church … and towards the Panamonte Hotel and New Bridge. Tonight, for the 1st time in a while I took a chance on driving directly up to my turn off towards the Panamonte Neighborhood. I wondered how the Yellow Curbs were faring in deterring people from parking... Hurrah!! There were 3 cars (spaced out ..2 in front of one bar and 1 in front of another) … AND … They ALL had Big Tickets taped to their driver's side windows! Yay!!! This is just about safety, folks... so glad we can now get through without being "doored" or hitting someone. Also, the Panamonte Bridge is a Tourist Magnet… folks parking on both ends and walking over it and taking selfies…which is fun.. but just be careful driving in this area. Erin Ross
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    Well at least now we can drive down restaurant row without risking our lives. And they finally corrected the lane striping on our one way roads. Photos courtesy of Fran Hogan Photography https://www.facebook.com/franhoganphotography/
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    Saturday night after the BCP musical review program we drove the restaurant row route and noticed five vehicles parked in the yellow curb section. Sunday mid morning there were three cars parked there. (One grey pick-up is a “regular” that we’ve seen several times). None on Saturday or Sunday had tickets. Glad Big Tickets are appearing taped to windows because cars illegally parked here can be a scary drive home when car doors suddenly open or individuals casually step out of their vehicle without checking for on-coming traffic on crowded road.
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    Update on driving up.... "the gauntlet...restaurant row".... Tonight, for the 1st time in awhile I took a chance on driving directly up to my turn off towards the Panamonte. I wondered how the Yellow Curbs were faring in deterring people from parking... Hurrah!! There were 3 cars (spaced out ..2 in front of one bar and 1 in front of another) They ALL had Big Tickets taped to their driver's side windows! This is just about safety, folks... so glad we can now get through with out being "doored" or hitting someone.
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    I had to read the entire thing again and ponder it. So because too many college grads can not pass the entry exam into medical school , the move is to...eliminate the entry exam. It's like the vehicle safety inspection here. Too many cars could not pass one here. Solution? Eliminate the actual "exam"......all cars pass bald tires n all. Brakes? only an option.
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    A vote was held at the Public Meeting as to whether to proceed with feasibility, design, and environmental impact studies of the teleferico proposal. 9 opposed 10 abstained 96 in favour
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    It's easy to get excited about another tourist attraction coming to our community, particularly when it will be paid for with 'other people's money'. And any comparison to Medellin's Metrocable is spurious as theirs was built in the '90's, as part of an overall transportation system, in a city of 2.5 million people. Now apparently, a feasibility study will be undertaken for a 'Boquete Cable Car'. Acquiring new access rights across public & private land will be a factor. Also, counting the number of cloudy days over Baru during the rainy season should be interesting. But what will kill this wishful thinking will be the low ROIC (Return on Invested Capital). Who would put forward so much money (many, many millions of dollars) in an attraction with such limited revenue potential? China? The government? You? Me? There are a host of more important needs in Boquete . . . add this new folly to Panama's high speed bullet train.
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    Source of moisture needs to be eliminated first or it's a forever deal.
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    Bathers should be cautious of old ladies riding boats.........
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    Somehow I doubt that you’re the first person to make that observation.
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    Saw our new Acalde today with a small entourage with video cameras and clip boards clustered at the foot of the Puente Panamonte on the Panamonte side. Pulled over, smiled gave thumbs up and said "Muchas Gracias por tu Servicio para caminos y seguridad". My spanish may not be great but my intention was obvious... Smiles all around. Stay tuned.
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    John, You're correct, the speed limit on via Boquete has been reduced to 60 km/hr between the KM 35 restaurant just north of the high school and just south of the Oriana neighborhood.
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    From the album: Brundageba's Photo Album

    Santa Catalina July 2019
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    At this 130th clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 27 dogs and 15 cats. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,052. http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/130th.html Also see the photo album from this clinic at https://photos.app.goo.gl/b1JUd8W316X5PtPi6 Highlights: I had seen another male dog at the (newer) Berard's, very friendly and loving. He apparently was still another dog that had been dumped in this area, that then became homeless. Before the clinic, I gave the dog food from the supply of kibble that I keep in my car. My employee was to find the dog and bring him to the July clinic to be neutered. But on clinic day, the dog was nowhere to be found. Then I talked with the people in Berard's. They said the dog usually didn't come around on Sundays; but later in the afternoon, someone from Berard's called us and said the dog was there! John Gould and I went to get him. I paid to neuter him, and one of our volunteers adopted the sweet dog. ------------------ A young woman brought her two beloved dogs to be spayed. The dogs still had lumps, which she said were from bot-flies (torselos). She had taken the dogs to the local "Dr. Death" (alleged veterinarian), who injected some unknown substance and charged the young woman $50. We found that the site on one of the dogs was infected; in the other dog, the worm was dead but still inside the dog...that can cause a terrible infection if left inside. Fortunately, the young woman came to us. With a cost of only $25 each for spaying, there was no extra charge to treat the infected site on the one dog and to remove the dead worm from the other dog. Our August clinic is already full. For appointments on September 22, call or whatsapp 6640-3171. Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who brings their animals to be sterilized, to our wonderful volunteers, to the people who contribute food and drinks...and of course to Andres Tello, our excellent veterinarian.
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    Here are the slides used by Jo Clem in her presentation. Emotional Intelligence Presentation. Jo Clem..pdf
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    Hurrah hurrah hurrah! Every time I get home I breathe a sigh of relief having "run the gauntlet" safely once again. Then I negotiate the curve at Otto's and la Posada dodging the cars pulling into and out of their "parking spots", and the cars barrelling down from Alto Lino ... in order to turn right. Then just one last hurdle as I pass the Panamonte and peer slowly and cautiously thru the Bushes to see the oncoming traffic zipping over the new bridge (and annoying the taxis that back up behind me). Whew! Certainly keeps my mind alert and my driving skills sharp. We love it here anyway. Just ....Keep safe out there.
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    Cable cut, sending cable cars crashing to the ground in Canada's Howe Sound By Leah Asmelash and Melissa Gray, CNN Updated 0007 GMT (0807 HKT) August 11, 2019 PHOTO: A cable car rests on the ground at the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, British Columbia, after the ride's cable was cut early Saturday. (CNN) Numerous cable cars plummeted to the ground near Vancouver's Howe Sound after a cable was cut early Saturday, in what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said they believe was an act of vandalism. The Sea to Sky Gondola, a sightseeing attraction in Squamish, British Columbia, wasn't operating at the time of the incident, which occurred around 4:30 a.m. (7:30 a.m. ET), according to a statement on the gondola's website. No guests or staff members were injured and the attraction is now closed. "We believe the cables were cut and this was a deliberate act of vandalism," said Squamish RCMP Inspector Kara Triance, according to CNN news partner CBC. "At this time, it's a crime scene." @Seatoskygondola indefinitely closed. No injuries. Significant damage. Updates to come. #squamish pic.twitter.com/MmjSeAJjXv — Squamish RCMP (@SquamishRCMP) August 10, 2019 According to the CBC, almost all of the 30 cars attached to the cable fell to the ground. The cable holding the cars, the CBC reported, was just over 2 inches in diameter, and Sea to Sky had recently done maintenance on the line. Police are asking visitors to stay away from the area, including away from nearby trails. The Sea to Sky Gondola takes passengers to almost 3,000 feet above sea level, providing views of Howe Sound and surrounding waterfalls. Each gondola car holds eight people. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/10/americas/gondola-canada-crash-trnd/index.html
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    Commentary on the proposal can be made publicly at today's meeting.
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    Oh, John, I do. It is the only game in town. And you know what? I get consistent service from Naturgy. It is consistently lousy. Up and down all the time. Last weekend my UPS for the computer was screaming that the incoming voltage was 132. ☹️ Seriously, it seems to me that there is no redundancy in the power distribution here. Nothing but tributaries. One link damaged and everything downstream goes down. Since there is no pruning of trees that are close to power lines, well you get what is obviously going to happen.
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    Why, in Heaven's name is ANYBODY relying on Naturgy to provide consistent service?
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    So the irregularities and code violations that see this edifice encroaching on the public right of way and other properties will be ignored
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    It may already be a requirement that no one bothers with any longer. I had my first Revisado inspection performed in David in 2012 at Felipe Rodriguez. On that occasion my vehicle was put on the lift for an inspection of the brakes, and the headlights and turn signals were tested. That experience led me to expect the same in future years. However, since then I have gone to Felipe Rodriguez in David and then to QuickFix in Boquete, but the inspections have consisted only of the usual snapshots. My guess is that the requirement exists but that enforcement is absent.
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    Well, Bud, I'm happy for you that you had such a nice experience. Our experience applying for the original handicap parking permit also was simple and efficient. However, this time my now 79-year-old husband had to make four trips (from beyond Boca Chica to David) before the unpleasant woman in the SENADIS office would give him a renewal. Maybe a staff change since you were there? Jim is always polite and respectful and normally has excellent interactions with officials, but she was an exception. The first visit for the renewal application he went in, walking with a baston, and presented a signed and stamped statement from his neurologist affirming his incapacity, copies of his cedula and drivers license, and a copy of his original permit. She brushed it all aside and handed him a copy of the requirements, highlighting the line that said the doctor statement had to specify the need for using a baston. After three trips back to the doctor's office (twice he wasn't there) to get the requested specific statement, a second trip to SENADIS with all the written requirements in hand also met her refusal. A nice young man in the office helpfully wrote out exactly what the statement needed to say, so back again to get a third signed statement from the doctor, and back again to SENADIS. This time, dealing only with the nice young man as the woman refused to even look at or speak with Jim, the permit renewal was finally granted.
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    There are always some, who despite being unarmed with facts or specifics, can never resist the urge to quickly denigrate other people's ideas. I personally don't see any harm in studying the proposal.
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