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    Why?. I feel protected by the country I live in and love. I feel encouraged by the smiling eyes I see above the masks they wear. I am touched by the door guard who would not accept the $ gift I wanted to give to him for his family..."No he said, it is against the rules" ( I dropped it and hope that got it). I cry for my Ngobe friends I cant reach because they have no power to charge their phone or money to buy a card. They have no running water...no tank to store it for when it does not run. I fall asleep at night praying for them and all my friends here. When this is over I want to see every face. I do not want to see one lost to this virus ! Life's short. Panamanians are a robust caring folk that are genuine givers/helpers. How very fortunate that I am here with them through this I cry for all this happening to the people I love, yet I am happy here.
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    Microsoft and the CDC have teamed up to create a chatbot for evaluating people with possible COVID-19 symptoms. It's called the coronavirus self checker. You can access it from this web page.
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    Now there's a job for YOU !!!!!!!!!!! we'd all love it. (Bud here at CL?...he's been pretty busy)
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    Thanks for the nice post!! In regards to being able to be out, we have a permit stamped by Mayors office to be out and delivering food. Best regards, Chris
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    A gentle reminder: When you get home from the grocery store/pharmacy, unpack your items outside the house. Wipe them down with a disinfectant -- unwrap and thoroughly wash produce in the sink. Then either wash your grocery bags in the machine, or at the least, spray them inside and out with a disinfectant and let them dry in the sun. Or set up a "dirty zone"/"clean zone" on the counter. Unpack in the "dirty zone", wipe things down, and transfer them to the "clean zone". Have the sink full of water ready to receive any produce. After unpacking, cleaning and putting things away, wipe down your "clean" and (especially) "dirty" zones with disinfectant. Is this complicated and time-consuming? Sure! But it's still a good idea...
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    My woodturning days are done due to nerve degeneration and the mobility and numbness issues associated with it, so I closed my shop and sold my tools. I will no longer be selling my woodturning at the Tuesday if and when it resumes at a new location after losing the BCP facility as its venue. In recent years, I barely covered my costs, but did set up a table at the market every week to enjoy the international atmosphere and promote my fellow artisans and food vendors. This post is about people like me with pensions and other retirement incomes reaching out to help hardworking younger residents during this time while they are shut down and unable to sell their goods and offer their services. If this is the wrong forum - please advise on where to post. One artist whose family has become like my own is Richar Huisa, a multi-talented Peruvian expat artist with a wife and two young daughters. A couple of friends and I will help them financially through this crises, and recommend that others do the same for artists and vendors they know and like. I recently gave my old, but powerful, Lenovo PC to Richar and advised him on free, open-source software to get him started with graphic design for local businesses. Below is his first piece of commercial computer-based graphic. Please help him out by buying eggs from the vendor and suggesting other potential clients for his graphic arts services - and offering any suggestions in this thread about ideas for more business. His WhatsApp/Cell number is in the graphic (6462-9959) and his English is good. And please do the same for other local artists and artisans you might know.
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    We informed our gardener about the possibility of a quarantine last week. We said that we would continue to pay him because it wasn't his fault and he still needed to provide for his family. He was most grateful ... especially when we gave him a little "extra".
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    I gave my husband HELL for going to PriceSmart 2 weeks ago for things we didn't really need. There is a 2 week lag in data. What we are seeing now locally had contacts 2- 14 days ago...average 5 days. We will see increases here . Do NOT be frightened if you shopped in PriceSmart 2 weeks ago. That said: 1. continue careful and cautious self protection as the govt instructs. 2. Go shopping as little as you can...stay home. 3. Consolidate trips out and organize the time you spend out...make lists. IF you have NO MASK. You CAN use a cowboy bandana and use it over your face...no shame in that. It keeps YOUR hands off your own face !!! IF you have no more hand sanitizer or wipes: Make a bag to hold a Clorox soaked wash cloth and wipe your hands with it after you touch things. Spraying is being done now. It will decrease surface and air contamination. Be careful out there like its an Ebola infection....you'll be OK. People constantly exposed within tight confines are the ones that get really sick. God willing....not us ! I am washing all my money in a laundry bag in the machine. Coins in Clorox. I try to give exact change. If I get change, I hold out a plastic zip bag and the cashier puts it in there. You must act "as if" all surfaces are contaminate as well the air where people gather.
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    God Bless you BUD AND MARCELYN . We each have a role to play here. You are the information gatherers . As we all learn, we help others that have not ...yet. Its a process. It takes time. Panamanians for the most part have done such a great job it astounds me..................WE ARE BLESSED. Like it or not. We are all in this together.
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    This is WAR...don't let the enemy (virus) win it.......
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    Some of the isolated patients are experiencing diarrhea. COVID can transmit via stool. Hand washing is of utmost importance. I gave my Ngobe family we help a tablet of pool chlorine. I told them to put that in a 5 gal bucket next to another 5 gal bucket with fresh water. I told them to use the chlorine water to wash hands then rinse well in the fresh water. They do not have the ability to buy toilet paper all the time nor do they have a toilet like we do. They do not have running water. Water is carried by bucket.
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    When I went to nursing school I learned about epidemics, public health and as well isolation techniques for sanitary containment and protection. What I see now happening is a living example of what I learned in my nursing books. I taught nursing...so I taught how to do the things every citizen is now asked to learn now...and fast. Surprisingly enough what I find here in Boquete is an amazing understanding and compliance among citizens. Also what I see with this government and Gorgas Institute ( the virologists, epidemiologists , public health experts on and on...the team) is amazing data collection considering the size of the country and what I though was limited resources. That is HOW epidemics get controlled...data collection and acting on it. Hot spots are being isolated quickly and as well isolated by sanitary fences ( blockades in an out of hot spots) . Cases are being identified and separated early then followed by Public Health nurse monitors and police enforcement. Then an arrest and a whoppin $50,000.00 - $100,000. fine for violation of quarantine violation of a COVID positive home isolated case ! Impressive mandate and seemingly draconian some would say. Lets see how this rolls out. We will know in time. Folks seem to be doing well with all this like a new nursing student...they are passing class. I like what I am seeing. It's what I learned in school & has to be done to slow a contagious Pandemic. I thank God for what I see through my nurse's eyes. . In time, many many folks will be developing their own immunity with recovery from mild cases...that's the upside .
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    Shortly after my original post (3pm), I received word from a reliable source that he had just driven from David to Boquete with no problem. The utility bill suggestion is excellent.
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    Alcohol is a disinfectant. A sanitizer...a hand sanitizer. Works for virus as well. I think the use of "Antibacterial' is just a commercial presentation of a sanitizing product..
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    Sometimes the Newslady holds her nose and sends out an email containing claims of which she is skeptical. This happens with almost all of the alternate medicine, herbal cures, dietary supplements, and voodoo machines that folks in Boquete are so fond of. To ask her to determine the validity of any such claims is beyond her capabilities, desires, and time. Post your objections here and let's get a community dialogue going. That's what C.L. is all about.
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    Shame this was done too late and AFTER Carnival , when facts were out and clearly present of the disease's communicability in other countries. As this entire situation unfolds the professionals are learning how the virus transmits. Important to know: The virus stays alive 48 hr on hard surfaces. It is transmitted by droplet ( somebody sneezes who is standing close to you). The virus is NOT wafting in the air ( reassuring ) all by itself minus a sneeze. THE MOST likely mode any of us will get the disease is by TOUCHING a contaminated object and touching your face. Assume everything is "dirty" out there...protect yourself cautiously . Frequent handwashing is of utmost importance. Stay away from crowds ( ie: bus...take a cab) In time when this begins to play out people will become LAX...tired of it all. That is exactly when you must be very very cautious and not let up your guard...a few weeks from now right now. Begin to develop good habits. ALISON
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    Colibri is also doing an excellent delivery service!
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    Six beautiful 7 weeks old purebred Labrador puppies free to responsible, loving homes. Excellent conformation. Very intelligent. Socialized by daily contact with voice and personal handling. Mama Dog and Papa Dog both premier examples of the Labrador breed. We are giving them as gifts instead of selling them, due to pandemic. These pups are offered as your companion, best friend and burglar alarm. Contact: Jim Black 6737-5485
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    Here is an article explaining the problem and fix. https://osxdaily.com/2016/02/26/iphone-is-disabled-fix/ If you are unable to get the computer to recognize the phone, then you will likely have to completely wipe and reset the phone back to the factory default.
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    DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE WITHOUT HAND WASHING...be mindful of habits OK so the wind is blowing, my hair is in my eyes and I have allergies and my nose is running. ( I am in my own back yard) I realize how MANY times I have touched my face...nose, eyes. LOTS. I have a habit. I rub my nose. I can not stop even though I try. Now at this point of the COVID infection , we must just cover the face. Pick: fancy mask, bandana... put something over your face. The masks move and are a potential for self infection if loose , mis-fitting or manipulated. TEE SHIRT STRIPS. This works real well and for short term use works fine according to what I had read in medical literature. Take a tee. cut the body across in 6-8 inch strips. Cut one end. So now you have a long 8 inch wide strip. Take that and place over nose and mouth and tie behind the head,. You can double the layer. Experiment. Keeps the hair outta the eyes and hand off your face. It is much better than a mask that is half on or manipulated ( I see that an awful lot) I saw a show yesterday . It was an interview with an ER doc in N.Y. That was the exact message he gave. "Chances are slim you will get this, IF you don't touch your face, frequent hand washing....stop smoking "( hand to mouth) Say it again: AVOID HAND TO FACE CONTACT WHEN OUT SHOPPING This is war.....we will win and have one helluvah party ! ALISON PLEASE PLEASE help others to learn how to handle this. IF you see something say something. I gave the "don't touch your face" speech more times than I can count to a man servicing the cash register at a busy store. Interesting because we were talking about the value of a mask. I told him what I just told you. In that time, he tweaked his nose with his finger at least 5 times. Each time Bill and I said in UNISION ......"Dont touch your face" ( he was NOT aware he was doing it..its a habit HE has an he's not aware he is doing it..like me) Next week we saw him using a mask. Alcohol and hand sanitizer is hard to find now. Put a wash cloth soaked in Clorox solution.inside ziplocks (.I doubt you need 100%...just a solution) Use that for your hands a/o surfaces. Pack a few...off ya go ! When you get home...take care of the hands...hand creme.
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    Richar Huisa is the artist, and the egg vendors phone number is in graphic. I am not involved with the vendor, nor am I knowledgeable enough or qualified to comment on the "goodness" of organic eggs. I assume that those who are interested in and prefer organic food will be the ones to respond to advertising for such food items.
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    The government of Panama is expanding its quarantine to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, effective Wednesday, April 1st, at 5:00AM. Use the same hours and mobility based on last digit of the cedula or passport as is currently in effect -- except that women only are allowed out on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and men only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Everyone is to stay home on Sundays. All of this until further notice. A news article from La Prensa, and another from La Estrella have been posted on Chiriqui.Life (CL) website. Click on the below link to read them. http://www.chiriqui.life/topic/14130-panama-and-the-coronavirus-covid-19-pandemic/?do=findComment&comment=40142 These articles are in Spanish, but an automated translation is provided immediately below those two articles. You do NOT need to be a registered member of CL to view these postings. We recommend that you read and heed. Bud and Marcelyn Owners/Administrators of Chiriqui.Life support@chiriqui.life www.chiriqui.life
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    Merchants, if you own or operate a store or restaurant and need to install a temporary plywood glass protective covering while Panamanian edicts require you close up shop temporarily, call Taller de Wolff at 6955.0013 or 6520.7860 for a quote. tallerdewolff@gmail.com
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    Right here is a GREAT example of habit behavior you do without thinking. Ya gotta see this one ! VIDEO-2020-03-06-08-06-12.mp4
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    This is a google translation of the notice the mayor has posted on his facebook page: As of the date, the safe-conducts and circulation permits granted in the Boquete district that do not specify the date, time and reason for their circulation, are suspended. In the same way, as of the date, new safe-conduct requests will not be accepted both in the Mayor's department and in the Houses of Community Justice and Peace. Only those given by MIDA and municipal officials may circulate.
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    We told our 2 employees ( married) who work inside and outside for us for 15 years to "Stay home" and they will be paid. I am concerned for their family as well as Dave and me. They whatsapped me this week that they miss working .. and us. I am very impressed with how very seriously our local community is taking all the rules.Palante, Palante, Keep on Keeping on. Salud our dear Boquete.
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    Just talked to my gardener, told him not to come for a couple of weeks. He produced a "hall pass" showing that he was allowed to continue working. Good for him in taking the initiative. He'll be here as usual.
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    Bill and I are taking credit on yard care. Two Ngobe families. Sort of a form of Cooperativa. We loan...they return service down the road when they are free.
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    I’m still laughing. Find myself singing that song now as I wash my hands. Wash is not the right word. Scrub would be better. Several times a day.
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    The period for renewing any Drivers License which expires in March has been extended to April 30, 2020
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    wow thanks for the info .they made a mistake on my passport number and sertracen would not give me my license which expires in 7 days . i was the last customer at the embassy march 16th when they closed. what an episode. just a note on visiting the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Panama city. they would not let me in because i had short pants on. good thing i had my Panamanian friend Stanly the pizza driver with me. he took care of it all there
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    Coronavirus is teaching me a lesson of how humans respond to grief, fear, and stress. Some humans play the “blame game” and accuse others of causing the problem. Some try humor to reduce their anxiety. The bottom line is that stress makes some people say and do stupid things. I’m allowing my friends lots of freedom to express their grief, fear, or stress in the method that works for them and makes them feel OK. This coronavirus situation will pass. We will be better and stronger. Now I know.
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    The New York Times continues to provide excellent, up-to-date global coverage which I've been following. Subscription waived. "We are providing free access to the most important news and useful guidance on the coronavirus outbreak to help readers understand the pandemic. Sign up with an email address to read all of the articles on this page." https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/world/coronavirus-maps.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage&action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage#us
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    When considering the merits of Rife technology, I suggest reading the following (as well as many other similar sites): https://quackwatch.org/device/reports/spooky2/ https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325628 https://www.drweil.com/health-wellness/balanced-living/technology/ready-for-rife/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rife
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    Hurrah... i was headed there Wednesday, after checking to see if their office was going to be open. This is good news. Plus, while being at the end of a long line at Romero s, I and another gentleman of "a certain age", were ushered to the front of the line. Being a Jublilado has its benefits. Also want to thank Bud and Marcelyn for their suggestion of having something with your address here in Boquete , in your car, for the Check Point at Caldera, just in case.
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    Translation of Abstract from MINSA's COVID-19 Action Plan VIII. HOME CARE (HOUSEHOLDS, HOSTELS AND OTHER COMMUNITY SETTINGS). A. General Taking as reference the WHO interim guidance outlined in the document: "Home care for patients allegedly infected with the new coronavirus who have mild symptoms and contact management", published on January 20, 2020, we designed the guidelines to be followed by the rapid response team (ERR) at home, shelters and other community settings and promptly clinicians caring for patients with respiratory infection infected with COVID-19. It is important that the physician who is going to determine the patient's home isolation fully applies the definition of a mild case, as described below: Patients with acute respiratory disease evaluated in the outpatient clinic of health institutions or at home who do not require hospitalization (that is, patients who are medically stable on medical examination and can receive care at home) or, patients who are given discharge after a hospitalization with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19. If the patient meets the definition of a mild case and does not suffer from comorbidities that may increase the risk of complications, they can be attended at home, in a shelter or in other community settings, as appropriate, for observation over a period of 14 days, during which MINSA will make recommendations related to the subject for the patient, their family and caregivers. (SEE ANNEX 2) The same principle of home care can also be applied to post-discharge patients so that they can complete their recovery period at home up to 14 days. The decision must be made based on careful clinical judgment and based on the evaluation of the safety of the patient's family and home environment. B. Guidelines to follow: * Home isolation should be carried out with strict monitoring of the patient, so that the transmissibility between the patient and his contacts is limited, remembering that for COVID-19 the transmissibility is from 2 to 5 * The safety of the patient's home and family environment must be evaluated, so that it does not constitute a limitation to avoid the spread of the virus and for the care and recovery of the patient. * Patients who have mild symptoms and do not suffer from underlying chronic diseases (heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure or disorders associated with immunosuppression), which increase the risk of complications, may be cared for at home. The doctor must decide according to careful clinical criteria. * Ensure that the patient and the people with whom they live have clear and precise information on personal and collective hygiene and basic infection prevention and control measures, and that there is the capacity at home to execute them. * Provide constant support, information, training, and monitoring to ensure that the patient and caregivers have the necessary skills to use personal protective equipment (EPP) to prevent contagion to contacts at home, shelter or other community setting. * Establish a continuous communication channel through a home visit, carrying out diagnostic tests when necessary and following up by telephone until the patient fully recovers * Maintain epidemiological surveillance in the patient's environment, in order to detect symptoms among their contacts. C. Patient education Family and caregivers The patient and people living in the same home must be educated about the infectious agent and its mode of transmission and the best way to care for the infected patient. It is recommended to be very didactic in the instruction of the use of masks, gloves and respiratory hygiene and hand washing measures. The written recommendations will be delivered after explaining to them in detail about respiratory hygiene, followed by hand hygiene, among other things. Once the instruction is finished, make sure that it has been understood. You can ask questions or request that they demonstrate the use of PPE. The address and telephone contact details of the patients and family members must be recorded and the patient’s care will be explained and monitored by the health personnel in order to ensure the care of their health and their family at home. D. Patient follow-up In order to maintain an open communication channel for the entire duration of the care of the patient with respiratory symptoms, a suspected case or a confirmed case at home, a CALL CENTER 169 has been set up, centralized in the Ministry of Health, whose purpose is: - Respond to user calls by providing clear, accurate information on personal hygiene, basic infection prevention and control measures. Respond when questions or concerns arise. - Link with those responsible in each province and / or health region of the rapid response teams who will be in charge of activating the teams for home care and constant monitoring so that both patients and caregivers have the knowledge and the skills necessary to use PPE and to prevent contagion from contacts at home. Annex 1. DEFINITION OF COVID-19 CASE The detection of COVID-19 case will be made according to the following definitions: Suspect 1. Acute respiratory illness (fever and at least one sign / symptom of respiratory illness (e.g. cough, shortness of breath) in a person who, within 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms, was exposed in any of the following ways: i. Visited or worked in a country with community or sustained1 transmission of the virus ii. Close physical contact2 with a confirmed case of COVID-19; 2. Person with fever of 38 ° C or more and cough that requires hospitalization (Severe acute respiratory infection), without another etiology that fully explains the clinical condition and that presents with any of the following conditions: i. Travel history or a person who stayed in a country with community or sustained1 transmission of the virus; in the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms. ii. If the symptomatology occurs in health personnel who have worked in an environment where acute respiratory infections are treated, regardless of the place of residence or travel history. iii. The person develops an unusual or unexpected clinical condition, especially sudden deterioration despite appropriate treatment, regardless of place of residence or travel history, even if another etiology has been identified that fully explains the clinical presentation. 1 Countries with community or sustained Transmission: China, South Korea, Italy, Japan and Iran as of March 3, 2020. 2 “Close or close contact” is defined as: - Exposure associated with: medical care, including direct care for patients with COVID- 19; working with health personnel infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus; visiting patients or staying in the same close environment with a confirmed patient with COVID-19. - Work in close proximity or sharing the same work or school area with a COVID-19 confirmed patient - Travel together with a confirmed COVID-19 patient on any means of transportation. - Live at the same address as a confirmed patient with COVID-19. The epidemiological link may have occurred within a period of 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms or after the onset of illness in the case under consideration. Confirmed All patients who meet the definition of a suspected case and present positive laboratory results for SARS-CoV-2, endorsed by the National Reference Laboratory for Public Health at the Gorgas Institute for Health Studies and the Department of Virology. Discarded A case that does not show evidence of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 by laboratory techniques endorsed by the reference laboratory will be considered a discarded case. Imported An imported case will be considered as any confirmed case that after the epidemiological investigation shows that the infection according to the risk of exposure was acquired outside of Panama. Annex 2. HOME CARE STRATEGY FOR PATIENTS INFECTED BY COVID-19 WHO HAVE MILD SYMPTOMS The WHO recommends the following actions for home care: PRIOR TO SENDING A PATIENT TO THE HOME, YOU MUST VERIFY IF YOU CAN GUARANTEE THE FOLLOWING: The patient 1. You should limit your movement and minimize your access to shared spaces (e.g. kitchen, bathroom). 2. To contain the patient's respiratory secretions, you must use a surgical mask, which must be worn at all times if it is well tolerated. For those who do not tolerate the mask, you must strictly comply with respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette (if you have sneezes or coughs, cover your nose and mouth with your forearm or a disposable handkerchief, discard the handkerchief immediately and do hand hygiene) The room 1. If there is no room to separate the patient during his isolation, the other people who share the home with him must maintain a distance of more than one meter from the patient (for example, sleeping in separate beds). 2. The toilet must be well ventilated (for example, leaving windows open). 3. Do not allow visits. The caregiver 1. Must be a person in good health who does not have diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma or lung problems, low defenses. Caregiver skills 1. To enter the patient's room, the caregiver must wear a tight-fitting surgical mask to the face. 2. When less than a meter away, directly caring for the patient, the caregiver should wear a surgical mask, gloves, and a gown or apron when sensing that any splashing may occur. Perform hand hygiene before and after the use of personal protective equipment. 3. The mask should not be touched or manipulated while wearing it, if it gets wet or stained with secretions, it should be changed immediately by disposing of it in the garbage container. You should wash your hands well and dry them. 4. You should carry out hand hygiene with soap and water or alcohol gel, frequently, mainly after any contact with the patient or his immediate environment, as well as before and after preparing food, before eating, after using the bathroom and whenever there is dirt on the hands. 5. To dry your hands, use a paper towel, if not, you can use a cloth towel exclusively for that purpose. You must change it when it is wet. 6. If the hands are not very dirty you can use alcohol-based gel alcohol 7. To clean and handle surfaces, clothing or sheets stained with body fluids, you must. avoid contact especially with oral and respiratory secretions and with the patient's faeces, for this you must wear disposable gloves, surgical mask and plastic apron, apply hand hygiene before and after removing gloves. Skills for people who live at home 1. All people living at home should follow respiratory hygiene or cough etiquette at all times, especially those who are ill, when coughing or sneezing. Do it with the angle of the arm or with a disposable handkerchief; throw it in the trash and perform hand hygiene immediately. 2. People with respiratory symptoms should use a disposable mask to contain secretions. 3. Avoid contact of healthy people with contaminated objects of the patient (do not share toothbrushes, cigarettes, plates, cutlery, drinks, towels, sheets, among other things.) Utensils such as plates and cutlery must be washed with water and detergent properly after each use, and set aside for control. Cleaning and disinfection measures at home. 1. All the waste generated in the patient's room (gloves, masks, handkerchiefs, among others) should be placed in a container with a bag inside the room, and later disposed of with the rest of the household waste. 2. Avoid direct contact with the patient's body fluids, especially oral and respiratory secretions, and feces. 3. Apply hand hygiene before and after removing gloves. 4. Gloves, scarves, masks and all waste generated by the patient or patient care must be placed in a disposable bag located inside the garbage can. 5. Dishes and silverware should be washed with soap and water or detergent after each use, or with a preparation of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite. To prepare this solution, add 100 cc of 5.25% sodium hypochlorite and 900 cc of water to a one liter container. 6. Wash clothes, sheets, towels, etc. sick people with ordinary soap and water, or machine at 60 ° -90 ° C with ordinary detergent, and allow them to dry well
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    COVID-19 Testing In Chiriqui province testing for coronavirus is available at MINSA. In Boquete at the Polyclinic they have two test kits available, although those can be replenished from David if needed. Only specimens are collected here. The actual testing is done at the Gorgas Institute in Panama City, although other hospitals (e.g. Obaldia) will have the capability soon. The doctors in Boquete have been given the following protocol to observe in regards to testing: 1. If you think that you have symptoms of COVID-19 (COVID-19 is the disease caused by coronavirus) you should call your doctor if you have a private doctor. DO NOT GO to the doctor’s office or clinic. If you do not have a private doctor then the MINSA clinic (next to Romero’s) has established a special entrance for people who think they might have COVID-19. 2. The doctor will ask several screening questions to determine whether your symptoms are suspicious. 3. If they deem you suspicious they will make arrangements to see you at either your home, their office, or some other place where they can examine you. They will examine you and take your vital signs (respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure, pulse). 4. They will call the epidemiologist at MINSA in David and make a disposition. A. If and only if you meet requirements for testing and do not require hospitalization then MINSA will arrange for you to be tested. Probably they will send someone to your home to collect a swab for testing and you will be placed under self-isolation until the results are known. A physician will be assigned to follow up regularly with you. B. If you don’t meet requirements for testing then you will be placed under quarantine and assigned a physician for regular follow up. C. If you are ill enough to require hospitalization MINSA will arrange transportation to the Regional Hospital in David. Regional Hospital has only ten ICU beds - i.e. beds with ventilators for those who come down with the most severe form of the disease. If you have medical insurance that covers air ambulance evacuation to the USA, Canada, or elsewhere you might want to familiarize yourself with the details now. 5. If your test comes back negative then you can end self-isolation. 6. If your test comes back positive then you will need to remain in self-isolation for probably 14 days, or until you are cleared by MINSA or your doctor. 7. MINSA has established a hotline number for the public in order to answer questions and give out information. Just dial 169. We don’t know if there are English-speakers available at that number. Ted Harrison, MD Digna Diaz, MD For those who desire further detail we attach 1) MINSA's action plan for the country (in Spanish. About 40 pages), and 2) our English translation of some salient pages from that document. plan_de_accion_ante_un_brote_o_epidemia_del_covin-19_en_el_territorio_nacional.pdf COVID PLAN abstract.pdf
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    STATEMENT No.8 Saturday, march 14, 2020 The National Government continues to strengthen the provision of the health services network to anticipate the care of patients who require more complex care related to COVID-19. That is why yesterday the establishment of the national coordination of intensive care at the national level by Dr. Julio Sandoval was announced, with the aim of working in a coordinated and effective way between the health institutions MINSA-CSS and enabling all the equipment, supplies and human resources, to reinforce intensive care areas and enable additional areas in health facilities aimed at caring for seriously ill patients in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Government announces the formation of a national COVID-19 diagnostic network, in charge of Dr. Juan Pascale, director of the Gorgas Memorial Institute to massify laboratory tests through COVID 19 PCR with the aim of allowing patients with symptoms or history of exposure with positive people to access a test that allows health authorities to quickly know their condition with respect to the new coronavirus. In all the provinces and in the capital of the Country, the capacity to carry out the diagnostic test will be available in the main Health Facilities. Similarly, private hospitals with similar PCR diagnostic technology are authorized to purchase the necessary kits and make COVID-19 diagnoses. All the results of the diagnostic tests at the national public and private level are strictly communicated to the Gorgas Commemorative Institute, the governing body to inspect and validate the results. The MINSA announces that this network of services for carrying out laboratory tests will work in the San Miguel Arcángel Hospital, the Children's Hospital, the Santo Tomás Hospital, the National Oncological Institute, the Nicolas Solano Hospital in La Chorrera, the Cecilio Castillero Hospital in Azuero, Hospital Luis Chicho Fábrega in Veraguas and José Domingo de Obaldía in Chiriquí and the Caja de Seguro Social will announce the facilities at the national level that will do the tests. In addition, MINSA notified 20 doctors and 20 nurses to start their work as of today and collaborate with health authorities for home visits to positive people. On the other hand, MINSA together with the Ministry of Public Security began operations to enforce Executive Decree 472 that regulates activities or events whose organization involves crowds of people. As of the date, both the MINSA and the Ministry of Public Security will massify these operations in order to enforce Executive Decree 472. On the other hand, the National Government reports that as of today, March 14, 43 cases of COVID-19 are reported in the country, with 23 women and 20 men being infected; in addition 37 patients are in home isolation and six are hospitalized. 23 cases are reported in the metropolitan region, in Panamá Norte 6, Panamá Oeste 6, and San Miguelito 8. The Panamanian Government announces the temporary suspension of commercial flights from countries in Europe and Asia. All those related to the transport of medicines, surgical medical supplies, medical equipment and vaccines and humanitarian aid are excepted from this suspension. The National Government reiterates to the population to strictly comply with individual and collective respiratory hygiene measures consisting of frequent hand washing, avoiding contact with colds, sneezing and coughing covering the mouth and nose with the internal angle of the forearm , refrain from going to places with crowds of people, staying at home and working from home in all cases possible, heeding the call of the National Government and following the official accounts of MINSA. http://www.minsa.gob.pa/noticia/comunicado-no8
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    I was surprised to find Cascade dishwasher liquid at Ivan's grocery store. Also, I wish Price Smart would start selling the big blocks of pepper jack cheese again. it's been about 8 years now. I also miss the lasagna which was called Michaelangelo 🤢
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    If you wish to access the most reliable statistics concerning the coronavirus spread, there is a website that is updated every few seconds. It displays the number of confirmed cases, the fatalities, the recoveries, and the number of cases considered serious. You have to scroll pretty far down to find Panama, which as of this writing has 8 confirmed cases and one fatality (The 50-year old female principal of the big high school in San Miguelito who had just returned from a trip to Spain). The website link is: https://ncov2019.live/data
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    Keith, What conspiracy theories has the US been offering? I've read about the conspiracy theory that the CIA planted the Coronavirus in China but that certainly wasn't the US's doing. Conversely, many throughout the world have speculated that China hasn't been forthcoming with the Coronavirus.
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    New cases reported Saturday, March 7 in China: 99. Reminiscent of the 2009 Swine Flu (H1N1) panic. Big gains for Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, et al. This morning, US stocks open with a huge drop (1500 points on the Dow, 5.5%). Practically only gainer is Wal-Mart. Strongest stocks (i.e. least weak): Pfizer, Merck, Lilly. Interesting.
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    The seal on the news item above appears to say "Costa Rica" and does not appear to be a news item from Panama. Apparently, so far there has been no report of cases in Panama. This is a bit like being in Tennessee and learning that there are five cases in Kentucky, a hundred or two hundred miles away.
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    I have been researching flaviviridae, of which Dengue, Chikungyunga and Zika are the most notable. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavivirus They are all carried by Aedes Aegypti. Guess which plant type is most attractive to flaviviridae? Unfortunately, bromeliads.... including presumably our orchideas.
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    I suspected that the Air China flight would be in jeopardy since it was mostly a Beijing/Houston connection, and Houston isn't a receiving airport for China as of today. There are no direct flights from China into Tocumen, so that possibly helps a bit with infected travelers who could be detected before arriving here. But for the last few days, the number of reported infections is still growing at 20% per day. It doesn't take too long at that rate, compounded daily, before it becomes a huge number.
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