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    A dear friend of ours hit a fellow who tripped on the uneven sides of the road trying to cross the street in the middle of Boquete. The man stumbled & fell right in front of our friends car. The man died. Our friend was taken directly to jail. In the end it was considered an accident, but the case was left open and hanging. I mean consider that! The solution for stumbling over uneven roadsides and the control of rainwater flow are both issues of concern. One is not exclusive of the other.
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    Panamonte Bridge y mas The guys have been working nights and Sundays on the bridge and it's almost done. I think the November 28 parade route should be across the bridge. I'm so very happy. I've always said that driving in Panama in general and Boquete in particular is like one of those video games with perils coming at you from all sides. This morning, after hitting about 3 or 4 new dead-ends and detours I finally got to Alto Boquete. And then I had to brake hard for a small herd of goats who were off on a walk-about by themselves around Plaza San Francisco. While I was in multi-pagos (near the E-shop) this morning, at least 5 Panamanians came in and greeted everybody in the building. One of the things I love about living here. Everybody says "Buenos Dias" and nobody minds waiting in line. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and living here is near the top of the list. Even with the bad roads. 🤡
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    And the plastic bags are just part of the problem. I recently bought a 16-pack of Scott tissue at PriceSmart, only to discover that each ROLL of toilet paper (within the plastic of 16 rolls) is firmly wrapped in plastic as well. It takes scissors and determination to unwrap each roll. Also, the Member Select brand of papers towels wrapped in plastic (last time an 8-roll) has each 2 rolls also wrapped strongly in plastic. All this use of plastic is totally unnecessary! I buy the Member Select paper towels for the clinics...we use a lot of them, but they are not much better than 1-ply toilet paper. For my house, I buy the Bounty brand. More expensive, but they last forever...and the individual rolls within the plastic wrapping are NOT again wrapped in plastic.
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    Yesterday turned into a long day for a lot of people. The very sad spectator death occurred around the time the Gran Cabalgata finally started at about 4:30 and added a further delay to the parade. By the end of the day I had to lead a group of riders returning home up Volcancito Road in the dark with a vehicle & flashing caution lights.
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    You are an angel to put this site up, Bud. I am so grateful to You and Marcelyn for this venue and the many times we have posted and advertised thanks to You Both. May I also take a moment to thank the entire community. To any and all of you who have come to hear our music, supported the restaurants where we played, come to benefit concerts, etc. Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. When You are there to listen, our job does not feel like work at all, but rather like a joyful offering of Love. I hope You have felt the Love and know that it continues for You all - even all the way from Mexico. Boquete will always live in our hearts as one of the best decades of our lives. God Bless You All. yella & tom
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    Novey will exchange your bbq tank for a new one. There is also a place on the Pan American outside and to the East of David that will refill your tank. In the long run, it's much cheaper to buy a Tropi-gas or Pana-gas tank and regulator and make the conversion.
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    As of today there are no additional tables available at the Dec. 9th Christmas party. We are overwhelmed by the response to attend. If you are still interested, please contact Linda Hart @ Lhart249@hotmail.com and we will put you on the waiting list. Those who have received reservation numbers, please present to the hostess Sunday at the event.
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    And everywhere I have seen it introduced for that reason, it turned out to be a scam.
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    Panama the new flashpoint in China's growing presence in Latin America A spat over the site of China’s embassy has underlined the strategic value of the canal – through which two-thirds of ships to or from the US pass Mat Youkee in Panama City @matyoukee Thu 29 Nov 2018 01.30 GMT Jutting four kilometres into the Pacific, the Amador causeway islands separate the concrete and glass skyline of Panama City from the soaring iron arch of the Bridge of the Americas – under which 40 cargo ships pass each day en route to or from the Panama Canal. Linked to the mainland by a slender causeway, these strategic outcrops are home to a handful of derelict buildings once used to house US military personnel. But they have become a new flashpoint in the global rivalry between Beijing and Washington, as the US struggles to develop a coherent strategy to deal with China’s rising influence in Latin America China’s plans to build a new embassy on the islands were derailed after US officials pressured the government of Panama’s president, Juan Carlos Varela, to withdraw its offer of a four-hectare plot, according to senior Panamanian and diplomatic sources. “Of course there was pushback from the US: they weren’t going to allow a huge Chinese flag next to the entrance to the canal,” a diplomatic source told the Guardian. “But local pressure was also important. Handing over that land to the Chinese would have been a hugely unpopular move by the Varela government.” Panama’s government has insisted that the decision was based on security and environmental concerns. But a previous plan to build a new Chinese embassy in the traditional diplomatic district of Panama City was also blocked by objections from Washington, and Beijing has now established a temporary mission in an office block. The incident may prove to be a pyrrhic victory for Washington, however. This weekend, the Chinese premier, Xi Jinping, arrives in Panama for a visit aimed at cementing ties with the Central American nation. It will be the first such visit by a senior Chinese figure since Panama cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan to open formal relations with Beijing in June 2017. Since then, the two countries have signed 28 diplomatic and investment agreements, a $500m renminbi-denominated “Panda” bond is expected before the end of the year and Chinese contractors have won major contracts for a port, convention centre and a new bridge over the canal. The growth of Chinese investment and influence in the country has been the source of growing unease in Washington. In July, the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, ended a visit to Panama with the warning that “when China comes calling, it’s not always to the good of your citizens”. He added that state-run Chinese firms often operated with political, rather than market-driven motives. Xi’s visit comes amid an escalating trade war between China and the US, which has highlighted Panama’s strategic importance as a pinch-point of world commerce. Two-thirds of ships to or from the US pass through the Panama Canal – which was an unincorporated territory of the US between 1903 and 1979 and was home to dozens of American military installations. “Recent rhetoric from Washington suggests the US has not accepted that the canal has shifted from being a military asset to a commercial one,” said Eddie Tapiero, a competitive intelligence specialist for the Panama Canal Authority and author of a new book on China-Panama relations. “The US has a decision to make: does it accept free trade in the Americas or does it revert to a cold war approach? The latter would be disastrous.” Negotiations for a free trade agreement between China and Panama are at an advanced stage; Panamanian officials say the country can benefit from its growing role as a regional logistics hub, build its exports to China and protect local farmers. “We will become the gateway for Chinese goods into Latin America,” the trade minister, Augusto Arosemena, told the Guardian. “I think Panama will be an example of how smaller countries can negotiate with China.” Meanwhile, the US has been caught flatfooted: diplomats were unaware of Varela’s decision to establish ties with Beijing until hours before its announcement and the state department has yet to name a replacement for John Feeley, who stood down as ambassador in March saying he was “honor bound” to resign rather than serve under Donald Trump. Wei Qiang, the Chinese ambassador to Panama, has dismissed the “apprehensive, fearful and jealous speculations” over his country’s intentions. “China’s world vision is one of dialogue and accommodation rather than confrontation, we have no option but to let the facts speak for themselves,” he said at a recent book launch. But in recent years, Beijing has shown growing interest in strategic infrastructure projects in the region: Chinese companies are involved in a project to build a rival interoceanic canal through Nicaragua and investigated the option of a “dry canal” railroad linking Colombia’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Some Panamanians are also wary of Bejing’s intentions, said Euclides Tapia, a professor of international relations at the University of Panama. “The Chinese are here for the long term – and they’ve come for the canal,” he said. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/nov/28/panama-china-us-latin-america-canal?CMP=share_btn_fb&fbclid=IwAR0Jgq74aeV2Vn-mXdW0geJ8lxboTYkc30NqcWeebsHUhAQQW995GVWtFLs While Trump eyes Latin America with malign neglect, China sees opportunity. Read more https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/08/latin-america-china-us-trump
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    I'm so darn happy about this new bridge that I had to drive across it again. Drove all the way to Alto Boquete during the height of the parade. This would have been impossible in the past.
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    Lots of fireworks last night to inaugurate the new Panamonte Bridge. I drove across it this morning. Hoo Boy -- is it great !!! I didn't even get tangled up in the parade traffic.
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    Thanks, Marcelyn. It's work I can't NOT do!
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    "se tiene programado para los 6:00 de la tarde de hoy martes.." Luzmaldo Javilla, Alcaldia The President will also be inaugurating a new futbol stadium in David today.
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    Thanks to John and Keith for the above referral to Alarmas Gustavo. I had been told by someone else that Mandarin and Ivan cut car key blanks (I had bought them online via Amazon, but they came from China, which I have since concluded may mean to expect variances in some products). Mandarin tried, then they saw that I couldn't turn either of the cut keys in the door or the ignition, they tried a second time, but I still couldn't, turn them and they refunded the cutting fee. Went to Ferreteria Ivan and they absolutely refused to cut any car keys. I had also heard of another (to remain unnamed) business in David who told me they wanted to hold my car for 2 days to do the work. Called Alarmas Gustavo and was told they could do the cutting of the blanks and the programming of the keys' transponders in c. 2 hours. Went there today. Eduardo cheerfully took the two Mandarin-cut keys and an older original, recut the ones Mandarin had failed on, both worked fine, he had me out in a half hour for $20. Conclusion: Don't waste time, etc. Go to Alarmas Gustavo. : )
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    Widening of the road at the curve beside the "Recycle' spot.
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    It would seem that cement ditches on the side of the road would be added eventuality . Lateral connection lines have to be dug correct?. My hunch is they left the sides of the road like that because it's not a completed project. Also: Some of the drop offs on the sides are scary deep. The one that comes to mind is on the corner of the intersection on the road behind Los Establos. Bad intersection. We will all have to be mighty careful for awhile. Bill scratched our brand new car just trying to get our of a tight parking space. I was not a happy camper and neither was he after my " I told you so" squawking. I think marital counseling services needs to come along with this road project !
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    I attended this today, and it was fabulous. Turkey, ham, and more delicious side dishes and desserts than you can imagine. It was one of the best holiday meals I’ve ever had. Thanks to the whole Animales gang, particularly Sheila for her organizing and cooking skills!
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    A reliable source has told me that the "for-profit" recycling facility next to the Bible Church is willing to take everything including your plastic and glass (i.e. wine bottles). In the past they wouldn't take those two items. I like to support this facility as a family depends on it for income.
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    John, constructive criticism based on knowledge is one thing. Trash talking with no basis in fact is another. Of course Panama needs improvements. It's a DEVELOPING country.
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    Failed state is gross exaggeration. Libya is a failed state. Yemen is. Venezuela is closer, but even it isn't a failed state. Panama is not living up to its potential. That I firmly believe.
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    Which, I believe, the man was doing who was struck and killed near Sabroson.
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    I agree upfront that the roadways in Boquete are [slowly] getting better. However, I have concerns about the long term viability of some of the repaved roads. For instance, here are two pictures taken yesterday showing an edge of a street (behind the car lot that is behind where Banisto used to be located), and the edge of the pavement is already eroding from rain activity. Toward the top center of the first picture where there is a faint image of a car there is a section of the roadway itself (not the edge) that has literally disintegrated. I estimate that missing pavement area conservatively to be about 40 to 50 square feet in size. Are we getting quality road work?
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    The Consitution is the problem. No guidelines for corruption. No checks and balances. No redistribution of funds (taxes) equally to Provinces. Virtually no "School Boards" to put pressure on Panama Assembly. Criminal Code is a joke. Hardly a failed state. I'll stop now.
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