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  1. News Boquete

    News Boquete is a free community email-based news service. To request that your email be added to the subscriber database, please send an email to news.boquete@gmail.com and include your first and last name. The full name is important for the subscription to be processed. For more information about News Boquete, see https://www.dropbox.com/s/24y1vz2vae9iaen/News_Boquete_Policy.pdf?dl=0.

    The purpose of this forum is that of an online repository of the News Boquete email distributions. An online repository has been requested at various times since the inception of that email news service more than a decade ago. The roll-out of this website made an online repository possible. Note that News Boquete and Chiriqui.Life are not interconnected in any way; the postings are manually entered by the administrators of News Boquete.

    News Boquete is neither the originator of these messages (postings), nor responsible for their content.

    Posting of new topics in this forum is limited to those administering News Boquete. All emails disseminated by News Boquete are automatically archived (posted) here in this forum and become a new topic. Once a topic has been posted, CL members are then permitted to post replies; members just cannot start a new topic in this forum.

  2. Tuesday Morning Meeting (TMM)

    Boquete's Tuesday Morning Meetings (TMMs) are such a long-standing and ingrained part of life in Boquete that a dedicated sub-forum has been requested for its meeting announcements. The purpose of this sub-forum is to announce the speaker's discussion topic, which will typically be posted by the person scheduling those meetings.

    BCP is the entity that schedules these meetings. Accordingly, only BCP may post a topic in this forum. Members are permitted to post replies, but just not a new topic.

    Closely associated with the TMMs is the very popular Tuesday Market. Market activities generally will not be posted here as they are commercial in nature and belong elsewhere.

  3. TV Chiriquí

    This forum is used principally by TV Chiriquí to post links to their audio/video clips.

    The mission of TV Chiriquí is to provide high-quality informational and educational video productions of common interest to the Chiriqui Province. TV Chiriquí is a work in process. The studio is located in Alto Boquete and is available to the mayor of Boquete and other elected officials in order to provide vital and relevant information to their constituents and the community at large. TV Chiriquí video productions are created inside the TV Chiriquí studio and on location, as needed.

    The intellectual property of TV Chiriquí includes all productions created for TV Chiriquí by its volunteers. These include digital videos, still images, written text, and audio narratives. These productions will be published on social media websites. Additional translations or detailed summaries published in social media must be authorized and approved by TV Chiriquí. TV Chiriquí disclaims any and all responsibility and liability thereof for unauthorized/unapproved translations or detailed summaries published on social media. Translations of its intellectual property from Spanish to English (and vice versa, if needed) must be done by Certified Panamanian Translators.

    TV Chiriquí is owned and funded by Fundacion Amigos de Boquete. Fundacion Amigos de Boquete is a Panama not-for-profit foundation and humanitarian organization involved in various charitable programs in and around Boquete, Panama.

  4. US Consulate Panama

    Posting of new topics in this forum is limited to those administering this website and US Consulate designated personnel . Once a topic has been posted, then members are permitted to post replies; regular members just cannot start a new topic in this forum.

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