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  2. I should clarify my comment. It isn't NordVPN that is providing end to end, it is Protonmail. Sorry for any confusion.
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  4. John – we had the same setup: deposit from Scotiabank Canada (U.S. dollar account) to Scotiabank Panama. For $6,000 cheques, we were charged $16.15 ($15 +7% tax + 10cent timbre). Although it’s been about 4 years since we’ve made a deposit there, it’s stunning that it would have increased that much. Maybe inquire again?
  5. Mort's Bakery has a new owner. Are you sure they will be offering rye bread and onion bagels?
  6. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/saturday-downpour-brings-province-wide-flooding
  7. Good answer, Bonnie.
  8. http://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama/scores-injured-week-multi-vehicle-collisions
  9. Two Chiricano pedestrians have been bounced off cars and lost their lives this weekend, one in Paso Ancho, Volcan on Friday and the other yesterday near Las Lomas, David.
  10. Good seamstress in Boquete?

    No. I believe the sign says "Sastreria," which would make sense as a tailor's shop. "Modista" is close, though, meaning a designer or dressmaker, according to my research. I assume it denotes something fancier, more fashionable than a sastre or sastra.
  11. That is no longer true. Several months ago (and I use NordVPN all the time), they indicated that they can now guarantee end-to-end encryption for both Protonmail users and the general community (i.e. gmail etc). As for Tresorit, I had been signed up with them for about a year, but, someone, somewhere, put a lot of effort into hacking them and I am no longer sure how secure they really are.
  12. Preschools and kindergartens are not common in Panama, where extended family usually take on the responsibility of caring for children while parents work. Even if you can locate one, so far as I know they are not regulated in any way by the government as to staff-to-children requirements, adequate space, and background checks. In my view, it would risky to place a child there unless you are intimately familiar with the operation and its operators. Probably your best bet if you require child care is an in-home sitter whom you have carefully vetted. Or, if you know other expats with small children, perhaps you can share childcare responsibilities.
  13. ProtonMail (of which I am a lifetime patron/sponsor) only fully protects email when the emails are exchanged between ProtonMail users. Note that ProtonMail has somewhat limited functionality when compared with other email systems/clients, e.g., Thunderbird. For instance, ProtonMail now supports custom folders, but NOT nested folders. That is, in my opinion, a big drawback. ProtonMail does interface with regular Internet email clients and ISPs, etc., but the extra security has to be stripped out. It is more secure but not totally secure in that scenario. Further, it is my understanding (can be bad info here) that Protonmail content between only Protonmail users has never been compromised unless one of the involved parties has divulged the content. For those with an interest in very secure cloud storage, you may wish to check out Tresorit.
  14. Sept. 2, 2017, will be the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. 8am to 1pm. It will be at Heavenly's Hotel, which is right on the beach. It will always be on the 1st Saturday of every month. It is free for vendors. But you must bring your own table. Heavenly's Hotel is even offering a deal for vendors only. It promises to be a fun shopping experience. Come if you can. Then you can say you were at the 1st Puerto Armuelles Saturday Market. You can find more information, on livinginpanama.com/market
  15. Info re the Tuesday Market

    There is also Morgan's Bakery at the Tuesday Market. I love their rye bread and onion bagels!
  16. There is another horrid crash being cleaned up on the PanAmerican highway this morning near Las Vueltas in eastern Chiriqui. Bomberos are on site.
  17. While this may have been true at the time of posting, most of it is no longer true. Worldwide, companies and business with web presence are closing 'the last mile' where your information might be seen, which simply means that once it leaves your computer encrypted, no one but the end recipient can see it. As for the ISP being able to 'see your information', that, I doubt. Most VPN's use 256 bit SHA encryption, which apparently was developed by the NSA, and since the solution to that encryption problem involves the random 'guessing' at billions of whole numbers, it is unlikely that any ISP has the computing power to break your encryption. In order to do it they would need either a super computer or a server farm that covered 400 acres and used half the electricity in Panama. As far as your 'information travelling in the clear' from your computer to the ISP, this is simply not true. If you use VPN software, your data gets 'encrypted at source', in other words at your cell phone, or tablet, or computer, so it DOES NOT travel 'in the clear' to the ISP. I have confirmed this through my own tests using CocoaPacketAnalyzer, that monitors the information streams that are being send to the ISP, and trust me, the information is definitely encrypted. An ISP can however, had over your information stream to the NSA, who does have the capacity (if they also have the interest) to break your encryption. It can happen. Nothing is for certain. But definitely using a VPN is an absolute must if you want to keep you password and banking information secure. One of the most highly recommended VPN"s is NordVPN who has their servers physically located in Panama, they keep no logs, so as far as the NSA obtaining your information, it is a stretch. Even thought NordVPN has it's servers physically located in Panama, they keep no logs and your data is mixed in with numerous other users before being sent over the wires. In addition to those safeguards, you can also opt to have your data stream split over parallel servers, with encryption and anonymous mixing. However, since residential service providers such as Cable and Wireless (read AT&T/NSA/CIA) use a static IP address as opposed to a dynamic IP address, it does make it easier for the ISP to extract your particular information for further processing. It has been a great concern to countries like Brazil (and others in LatAM I Imagine), that at one time every single piece of data went through the US, that is no longer the case. As with everything else, the US is slowly being moved aside thanks to all the hooliganism that they get up to. If you really, really, really want to be secure, simply use an email program (such as Protonmail or PGP) that allows you to add a password to the data stream, in addition the SHA256 encryption, or simply use Brazil as your exit point as Brazil has a separate line and security entrance to the WWW.
  18. Upcoming ARF events

    ARF is a small non-profit animal organization dedicated to the rescue, care, foster and adoption of the unwanted and neglected animals in Boquete and the surrounding areas. Please visit our website at http://www.arf-boquete.com/ if you are interested in adopting an animal. You can also help with the financial support of these animals by clicking here http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html 100% of our donations go to the animals. Our email address is arf.boquete@gmail.com Please visit and “like” our Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/ARF-Adopt-Rescue-Foster-Boquete-Panama-260616740779036/ YouTube: Adopt Rescue Foster ARF Boquete Panama Also, please visit our sister site Pets Want Homes if you are interested in adopting an animal on http://www.petswanthomes.com/
  19. Good morning from Finca Santa Marta Kim and I are glad to be back to the farm for the month of August. If you have previously inquired about taking a tour of the farm, now is a good time. Guided tours with an organic lunch option are available by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays. See how we deal with the daily challenges of running an organic farm in Panama. Please contact me for more information. Sunday is the day to get your orders in for delivery to the Tuesday Morning Market in Boquete or Tuesday afternoon to Dolega or David. Deadline for orders is 7:00 AM on Monday. We also sell the following items weekly: Bok Choy Collards Cilantro Purple Daikon Radishes Organic Sweet Potatoes Organic Green Beans Organic Okra Organic Kale – 2 Varieties Organic Fresh Cut Herbs Pesticide Free Hydroponic Lettuce – 3 Varieties Organic Coconut Oil Fresh Goat Milk – Near Organic Free Range Chickens Free Range Eggs from Healthy Hens Organic Turmeric Organic Ginger Organic Galangal Herb plants Organic food products imported from the USA Essential Oils And much more. See our web site at www.fincasantamarta.biz for more information or to place your order. Phone Ron at 6459-5218 with questions or comments. Email questions through the web site or use fincasantamarta@me.com We also deliver to Volcan on Friday afternoons and ship to most points in Panama on Thursdays via Uno Express. And don’t forget to recycle your newspapers and fiber egg cartons with us. What can we harvest for you this week? Ron and Kim Miller and the FSM Crew
  20. I moved to Boquete from the States last Dec. with my husband and now 14-month old daughter. Trying to figure out where to begin researching and choosing a daycare/preschool. Any and all suggestions either for specific facilities I could visit or more general advice would be helpful. TIA.
  21. Brundageba's Photo Album

    Love it! You insane people! Keep it up! An inspiration for all of us!
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  23. Canadian Cheque Deposits

    Depends on whether you want dollars or balboas.
  24. Just curious if you Canadian expats would get better service at the banks here in Boquete if you wrote checks instead of cheques?
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