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  2. This concern about water and sanitation has been continuing for many decades. There has been some progress but as history shows it is mostly all about Panama City. Perhaps Varela's lack of accomplishments so far in his administration prompted the article above. It has the earmarks of someone trying to gain political traction. A good summary article states in part: According to Ordóňez, plans to build a water sanitation system for Panama City stretch all the way back to 1959, when the Panamanian government commissioned the first of a what turned out be a series of studies stretching across ensuing decades. If one wishes to see truly bad water and sewage problems, Colón would be a good place to look. Those folks have the misfortune to be on the wrong end of the canal and the wrong side of the isthmus. jim
  3. I receive normal old guy prescriptions like blood pressure and cholesterol stuff from the US. It's shipped to my Florida forwarding address and arrives here in a couple of weeks. Panama slaps a $5.00 per shipment fee for "pills" but with my medical insurance, they are still cheaper than buying in a pharmacy here. There's no procedure at all. Just expect a customs fee.
  6. You are correct and it's excellent advice to research more than one source. That said, folks new to the country tend to trust their lawyer. Our friend contacted his attorney from the USA after we informed him of the need for a multi entry stamp on his passport. He immediately got on the phone with his lawyer and was told it was not necessary. At that point his visa was still in the works and would have been possible. It's really unfortunate but our friend was in fact fined . This is one of the problems new folks who are still working and closing up affairs in their home country face when they begin process and have to leave, come back & possibly leave again. Having his car impounded was the final blow when he finally got here and was driving in his first couple of months figuring with his Jubilado Visa and a Florida Driver's license he was good to go. These things happen to the best of us....this man was no dummy. He has a PhD. He had good friends that advised him...yet still got stung......twice.
  7. I'm not sure how it was a few years ago but I've just filed my papers for residency and on the 6 month provisional card they gave me after filing, it specifically says directly on the back if you leave the country with an application in process without getting a multiple entry visa you will be fine $2000 upon trying to re-enter. Ive found it's always best to do your research on your owe rather than just relying solely on what your lawyer tells you. Things change fast here and not everyone knows everything. Durining my process if I asked 3 different officials the same question, typically I would get three different answers.
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  9. Quite a few years ago my neighbor was just off the boat all ready to reside in Panama. He had his Jubilado Visa in hand. He was driving and was stopped. The only documents he had on him were his Jubilado card and his Florida Driver's license. He was less than 2 months in the country on this trip. He DID not have his Passport nor did he have his Panama Driver's license. His car was towed and he was given a citation for driving illegally. It cost him some bucks. If you have a Jubilado Visa you must drive with a Panama License. As well his lawyer told him a multiple entry stamp was not necessary to purchase. OK so he left Panama after filing for Jubilado Visa went to the states to close his affairs there. He returned to Panama and was fined $1200.00 for failure to have a multiple entry stamp on his Passport. He thought he had his ducks in a row...but did not.
  10. There would no doubt be more reports if the proper officials knew the law!--and would act on the law. Filing a denuncia is a big time and hassle commitment.
  11. 34 Complaints of Animal Abuse in the first quarter of 2017 Catherine Perea | 23 May 2017 02.37pm The Circuit Prosecutor of Environmental Crimes Unit of the Section of Tracing Causes, Fatima Sánchez Marciaga explained that the number of pets who are victims or received serious injuries registered at the national level has increased, in the period from January to December of 2016, some 78 cases. The statistics for 2016 are broken down as follows: the First Judicial District that includes Panama, Colon, Darien, Panama West and Guna Yala was recorded 35 cases; the Second Judicial District that includes Coclé and Veraguas is recorded 11 cases; the Third Judicial District that are Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro was given a total of 24 cases, while in the Fourth Judicial District Los Santos and Herrera was registered 8 cases. However, statistics of the Public Ministry (MP) reflect the fact that in the first quarter of 2017, there are already 34 complaints of animal abuse, statistics at the national level. The prosecutor revealed that in the case of cats, the figure is on the increase and the deaths caused to pets are mainly by poisoning, however, stated that it has also given in dogs, being areas where there are farms as the village of Rio Hato, where you have seen in much of these events. These investigations have the support of veterinarians from the University of Panama (UP) and the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), however in many cases, people bury the animals and they cannot make the autopsy. Sanchez said that another difficulty faced in these investigations is the absence of witnesses, so that many cases end up filed. Other causes of death or serious injury are in cases of abuse to domestic animals which are beaten, burned, and there have been cases of zoofilia.
  12. They are looking for overdue tourists, not unlicensed drivers. However, the two could be coincidental in which case the vehicle may not be the only thing going for a ride to David.
  13. I'm asking again. Has anybody received medicines here in the mail? if so what is the procedure?
  14. The time is probably ripe now for snagging vehicles where people are driving after the 3 month time is up on their tourist visas since no more border hopping is allowed to renew.
  15. This dog was returned to owner - thanks to a wonderful "temp foster" and postings like this. " last night a sweet 16 year old girl and her father, they recovered this puppy. This is a story with a happy ending. They went home and so was their puppy very happy to see them too. Thanks for everything and for caring for the pets,"
  16. According to TVN, an anti-corruption organization in the Dominican Republic, ADOCCO, has information that Martinelli plans to enter that country in a clandestine fashion and that a place is being prepared for his use in Casa de Campo, Las Romanas. Panama and the Dominican have a functioning extradition treaty.
  17. Probably here, looks like it is finished, awaiting "tenants".
  18. I will but I have had a delay and thought I might take the repositioning cruise out of Colon next April/May instead. I will need to get some kind of residency as my 6 months runs out in the fall and just wanted to know if anyone has successfully received one of these new residency visas.
  20. "With a cost of B/. 24,287,264.12, it is located in Llanos de Hicaco, Corregimiento de Chiriquí, Distrito de David, and will house 950 male prisoners" Not sure exactly where that is but I suspect somewhere down in the flood plain south or east of David
  21. Welcome to the newsletter of Boquete Health and Hospice Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. A Word from the President of Boquete Health and Hospice Foundation With the successful fundraiser last November, the goals set for 2017, we knew that this year was going to be exciting and full of promise. Since February, we have given our website a fresh look, created a Facebook page, expanded our medical equipment for our loan bank and started a monthly newsletter to keep Boquete informed of who we are and what we do. At our May 13th monthly meeting we showcased our new video about Boquete Health and Hospice. All of the above has been initiated by our enthusiastic corps of volunteers and would not have happened without their selfless dedication to BHHF. David Wulf Are You Hurt? Sick? Need Medical Equipment? Equipment May Be Hard to Find -- or Too Expensive!! BHHF HAS A FREE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LOAN PROGRAM. In 2016, we loaned equipment -- wheelchairs, hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, crutches, walkers, bedside commodes, shower chairs, and other items -- to 135 people in the Boquete community. These clients used our equipment for a total of 408 months before returning the items to our storage locker. 26 % of the people who benefited from using these free loans were Panamanians -- we hope to increase their number through the community's awareness of our program. Our records for April 2017 show good progress in awareness about our free resources: Currently we have 24 items on loan to 14 Panamanian clients; 17 items are on loan to 14 English-speaking clients. To request equipment, just call our Administrator's phone number -- 6781-9250 or send an e-mail to There will be a conversation about your medical need, which can be done in either English or Spanish. In some cases, a visit to the home may be required to fully understand the medical situation. BHHF member volunteers will meet you at our storage unit in Alto Dorado to loan out the equipment; in some cases, like hospital beds, we will arrange delivery to the home. If you, your family or friends are in need of this service at any time, we hope you will call on us. Using the right equipment can bring relief, comfort and shorten the healing time. How We Help A Current and True Personal Story … What Boquete Health and Hospice Is There to do for YOU…. Life …. When you Are making Plans…. A story I wrote for my Husband By Erin Ross for her husband, Dave Ross. To My Dave: The Story of Your Stroke (because you say you have no memory of this). Sunday, January, 22, 2017 in our shower, you have a bleed in your brain. You said you felt dizzy and you lowered yourself to the floor of the shower. (You told me this later... the only thing you remember for about 2 months). 30 minutes later, struggling in 2 feet of water as your towel and body block the shower drain, ice cold water pours down on you. You are not one to yell for help, so instead you struggle alone to get up and drag your head up from sinking. You could have drowned. The doors to the bathroom and closet area are shut. Your wife hears your rescued pup, Ridley, barking ferociously, ferociously, in your bedroom. She goes to see why, annoyed at the barking… and realizes how much time has passed since you said “I’m going to take a shower”. She calls you… no answer. She bangs through the door. She wades into the shower pan, and holds a towel under your mouth because you are retching. She tries to lift you up. She thinks you have fallen. She wants to get a neighbor, but you say “No, I just need to get up”. So you are talking. The two of you struggle for too long because your wife thinks you had just fallen, and you were moving your legs and talking. When your wife finally gets you out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor, she asks “what happened”? You said “I am sitting on the bathroom floor and my right side is very weak”. The emergency bells ring in her head. She realizes you did not simply feel “dizzy”. Every Hemorrhagic Stroke is different. We did not have any idea what was happening at first. Our neighbors were caring, brilliant and steadfast. Our Community swept waves of support, food, visits, technical care, therapy care our way. Medical care was there at Mae Lewis. You spent 8 days in ICU and almost 2 months off and on in their Hospital rooms. You are home now. In May 2017, you are regaining your strength, and mobility, although your great inquisitive brain and all its talents, are straining towards, and have difficulty regaining, clarity. You also have difficulty visually. Today May 8th you were able to read a passage from a book aloud with our spiritual group. Everyone applauded and hugged you. Your humor, Spanish language and interpersonal skills never disappeared, amazingly. Boquete… We are sharing our story for several reasons. ONE ... “life is what happens when you are making plans”, and your life can be very different before you know it. At some point you grasp that and take care of what you need to do next. TWO … Make SURE that Anyone who needs to know … Spouse, Partner, Child, etc. … has the important information re: Banks, Passwords, All things required in Panama, also Instant money/credit cards/insurance to take care of Medical and other Bills. It will save many sleepless nights. THREE … We cannot ever thank the Boquete Health and Hospice organization enough!! All Free of Charge … *** Delivered to our home … a wonderful comfortable hospital bed, a walker, a commode extender, a commode, many paper and pamper supplies. *** Visits day and night from caring supportive Volunteers, both in the Hospital and then at home *** Delicious food deliveries every other day from caring Volunteers *** Calls from the Nurse Administrator *** Assist with some Dr. /Hospital issues Thank You Boquete Neighbors, Friends, and especially Boquete Health and Hospice!! Dave and Erin Ross Residents of Boquete for 12 wonderful years , with many more to come. Save the Date! Did you know 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 fall each year? Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for people 65 and over. BHHF will do a presentation on Falls Prevention at the BCP Tuesday Market meeting on June 13th. Come learn the simple things you can do to prevent falling. Boquete Health and Hospice has a new website. Be sure to check it out. We also have a Facebook page: Please Like our page and Share the contents with your friends and families. To Contact Us Hospice/Health: 507.6781.9250 Blood Donor Program: 507.6590.2000 E-mail: E-mail: Confidentiality All patient information shared with any Boquete Health and Hospice volunteer is kept in the strictest confidence. Copyright © 2017 , All rights reserved. Our mailing address is:
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