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  2. Delivery Day!

    Have needles, will travel! No end to helping others in this country if the spirit is willing and eyes are open to opportunities to help others.
  3. Delivery Day!

    Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle! No matter how skilled the knitters and quilters are, that represents a lot of time and love.
  4. I do have one good piece of news that I should have reported earlier. None of the medicines or free eyeglasses they brought were stolen. Another group last week, 3 doctors and 35 construction workers who built classrooms , saw 150-200 patients a day and gave out nearly 500 prescription eye-glasses. So, this mission can continue as far as the work they were doing. They had already purchased their food at PriceSmart, and pre-paid the hotel before the robbery. The money was to be used to purchase additional medicines and things for the local Panamanians, not the doctors themselves. We do pay a local doctor approximately $200 daily to oversee us, but the theft mostly hurt local citizens and the poor doctor who lost his passport. Doug and I have put up a few folks in our house to defray expenses. I guess I'm more embarrassed and afraid Panama will be thought of as a dangerous place. These people went to Rawanda and Kenya recently with no incidents.
  5. Thanks so much Bonnie!! I will keep my ears tuned for any phone call or whatsapp text. They called the number Doug and I gave them off the U.S. Embassy website. I do hope they keep the website up to date. We appreciate any help we can get. I was afraid it would take 3 weeks to get a new one, as all passports must be printed in the U.S. But, it seems there is a temporary one that can be procured in 1-2 days in an emergency. Hopefully, contact with a human will answer all our questions. I'll let CL folks know how it all came out.
  6. I have reached out to a contact in Citizen Services at the Embassy and asked her to contact Jo. I also will look into the issue of a citizen being unable to reach the Embassy in the event of emergency and will report back.
  7. Cobre Panama Mine in Panama

  8. Just to be clear, I was not with the group in David. We have a local coordinator in Boquete, staying at the Fundadores , who arranged for our bus driver to pick them up and take them where they requested. I found out about it when they got to the police station to make their report. The doctors proceeded to hold educational clinics today, and are trusting a few of us to set up the necessary appointments, flights, to Panama City, while they continue to offer their free help to the good people of Panama.
  9. Delivery Day!

    The Boquete Knitters and Quilters are pleased to announce the delivery of 33 blankets, 23 sweaters and 43 caps to the Clinic in Palmira, the Centro de Salud in Bajo Boquete and Nutre Hogar residential treatment facility for severely malnourished infants and children. Our members create hand-crafted quilts, blankets, caps and booties for our tiniest neighbors. If you knit, crochet or quilt -- or would like to learn how -- or even if you're just curious about our organization, please contact Brandy Gregory by replying to this notice.
  10. The director , who had his backpack with money and passport stolen, is American. There may be a few Canadians in the group, as someone needed to exchange currencies. There were no guns involved. The missing money was collected by people in the States donating money to them to be able to make the trip, and no doubt some was the doctor's own money. They have not asked for any help, but I'm sure they'd accept donations if someone were interested. The one big problem we've had all day is that no one answers the phone at the U.S. embassy so we can make an appointment. The director doctor is going to have to fly to PC to get a temporary passport, and that will take at least one night in PC. We just now gave them a website where they can write for an appointment, but it would be nice if the embassy answered their phone!!! Thanks for your thoughts and concern. I think we should all be concerned when something like this happens. Prayers the police get our perpetrators.
  11. It appears that this topic is going further south with little hope of becoming productive. And so we are locking it, but not deleting the content (else we will be accused of censorship). If anyone wishes to post more, first contact @Moderator_02 by PM (private message) or send an email to support@chiriqui.life.
  12. Titles are very prominent, Pat. Many may see it and not bother to read the discussion. Then the damage is done.
  13. I’ve been at Multibank and seen customers walk out the door carrying large amounts of cash visible in their hands. Usually happens on payday Friday. Probably not a good idea.
  14. "... If I were you, I'd be grateful for the "learning" experience you found here. Not only about food poisoning, but the legal jeopardy you were entering by continuing to insist it was caused by XXX restaurant. No one wants to attack anyone personally, it is just that some "newbies" are not aware of the slander laws here. In some ways, we were all trying to protect YOU. I know it may feel as if you were ganged up on, but I feel we need to get the "no slandering in Panama" message out. Even if it is a"true statement" in Panama, unlike in the U. S., you are not protected by being "right", you simply cannot publish negative things about a person or business here. " A) Young man eats at restaurant B) Young man becomes violently ill C) Cause cannot be determined via scientific method D) Young man is ill-advised to post *any* hypothesis towards public safety. Point well taken. Even though one of my Panama City lawyers told me that being "right" was enough to defend against a slander, I think - from what I have heard of the judicial system here - a judge or court will decide any which way they might ( shall we say ) be predisposed to decide. And how could one prove such an allegation, if it were in fact strictly an allegation ? Why should a sub-citizen ( in the eyes of the courts ) "play with fire" for zero reward ? Excellent advice, thank you.
  15. The usual MO in these cases is that bad guys were watching the Bank and followed you around from there or tipped their accomplices. A terrible way to say Welcome to Panama 🇵🇦
  16. Hooked on Panama, Hotel . Puerto Armuellas/Burica

    We made our third visit to Hooked On Panama and for the third time enjoyed this oasis south of Puerto Armuellas. Great accommodations, wonderful pool, nice beach for long walks at low tide. Very friendly staff and reasonably priced food and beverages.Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all were prepared very well. Great place to bring your dog. Although they are primarily a fishing lodge they do like to book with locals and expats to keep the place full. The road is undergoing expansion and repaving which will make it quicker to get to. Contact Dan at aquaad@ptpanama.com for Expat pricing.
  17. BVF 2018 Promotional Video

    I take no credit for that. it was Rod Parker - head judge of the competition
  18. Thank you for posting this. Bad news for the doctors, and a bad reputation for Panama. Lost passports and large amounts of money stolen really hurt the victims. Were any weapons used (guns, knives, etc.)? Is there anything the community can do to help? Just curious -- what nationality are the medical missionaries? Apologies for all of the questions, but this really ticks me off!
  19. BVF 2018 Promotional Video

    Nice video. Someone put a bit of tie and energy into putting it together.
  20. I agree with the earlier post: a person can not publish anything negative (rumor or accusation) that could cause potential damage to the reputation of an individual or a business here. Penalty for slander can be costly. This information may be a learning experience for some people. Please don’t delete this discussion.
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