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  2. https://www.prensa.com/impresa/panorama/el-ministerio-publico-inspecciona-videos-de-los-saqueos-del-pasado-fin-de-semana/
  3. https://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/main/6_Million_in_Sports_Center_Construction
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  5. This impressive condo with high ceilings, quality finishes and very nice furniture is on the penthouse level of the original high-end Las Olas Resort condominiums. A high-end view condominium right on the beach in Panama at an established amenity-rich resort. And furnished too? It’s a great choice. This oceanfront condo is your answer for enjoying the amazing Chiriqui province and beaches. This unit is on the third floor so the view is amazing. Just step outside and, you are right on the beach or the large fabulous oceanfront pool. The apartment is... https://www.casasolution.com/listing/penthouse-level-beach-condo-high-quality-three-bedroom-condominium-sale-las-olas-la-barqueta-chiriqui-province-panama-furnishings-included/ To go directly to more information, a more complete description and up-to-date pricing on this property, please visit our web site for this property at the link above. Also find hundreds of other Boquete area properties offered by Casa Solution, the Boquete Area Real Estate Leaders. We look forward to being of service. For Reviews of Casa Solution, please click here
  6. Under reported. "As if" this is a suggestion . We KNOW it's been a well orchestrated, professionally managed, progressive containment, begun quite early ... by government order under penalty of arrest for violation. News-lite
  7. Why not get crafty. Sew a mask with a pocket and slide in a square of vacuum cleaner bags...some of those bags are HEPA filters right? Toss the filter square after use Wash the cotton mask in chlorine IF we distance .(.. and now men and ladies' days) ...a bandanna (scarf) is better than nothing considering HAND TO FACE is the most common way transmission occurs ( apart from a sneeze in range) ....Its the things you touch and bring to your face. Bandanna does that job...right?
  8. More on masks: Can Masks Capture Coronavirus Particles? How Long Do Pollution Masks Last? | New Data Is Washing Masks Effective After Virus Exposure?
  9. Moderator comment: Below is an email received from the US Embassy in Panama City regarding possible US military evacuation/repatriation flights.
  10. Fox News continues to provide excellent, up-to-date global coverage which I've been following. Panama to prohibit movement during coronavirus outbreak based on gender https://www.foxnews.com/world/panama-prohibit-movement-coronavirus-gender
  11. An alternate title might be: GoGo for GaGo.
  12. https://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/main/Panama_Issues_25_Billion_in_Bonds
  13. Yesterday for the first time in more than a week I left the house to go grocery shopping. Put on my mask and gloves, grabbed my shopping list and headed to GAGO to buy fresh vegetables. Joined the line of waiting customers outside the door. When it was my turn to enter the store, the door monitor insisted I use the hand sanitizer that was available. Even tho I was wearing gloves, she refused to allow me entrance if I didn’t use the hand sanitizer. So guess what...I used the sanitizer‼️ Located in short order, and then purchased my needed items using a credit card (so I didn’t need to touch money). Everything worked fine. People were shopping quickly to allow other waiting customers room to enter the store. Wrestled my filled bags out the door and into the car to head home. A very few minutes later as I arrived down the hill into Bajo Boquete but not yet home, I realized no credit card in my wallet!! Turned the car around and headed back to GAGO. Joined the “Customer Waiting Line” again, but concerned and with worry thoughts. What happened to that credit card? Were my gloves too wet with the extra sanitizer solution so I dropped the card? Bless her ....the door monitor recognized me waiting in line and handed me my missing credit card!! Boy, was I thankful for that honest GAGO staff member. Reckon I dropped my credit card somehow as I squeezed out the GAGO door, she found the card, and remembered me. I am a GAGO shopper forever.
  14. Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above announcement. http://www.minsa.gob.pa/noticia/comunicado-no35-gobierno-nacional-aplica-nuevas-reglas-de-movilidad-para-disminuir-contagios
  15. Los asientos, que serán limitados según el comunicado oficial de la embajada, están restringidos para ciudadanos americanos y sus acompañantes. Todos deben viajar con pasaporte estadounidense válido o permiso I-551 ‘green card’. La elegibilidad del viajero se basará en orden de llegada y requiere un compromiso financiero por parte del pasajero. El monto lo calculará el Departamento de Estado de EEUU en base al costo de una vía y valorado como un ‘préstamo por repatriación’; monto que "no será negociable". Se monitoreará la temperatura y el que esté enfermo no podrá viajar, aclara el comunicado oficial. El traslado de mascotas podrá ser autorizado para el vuelo del 2 de abril. El equipaje máximo permitido será de 70 libras (32 kilos). Un tercer vuelo podría anunciarse para el 9 de abril, dependiendo de la demanda y las circunstancias, informó la embajada del país norteño. Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article. https://www.laestrella.com.pa/nacional/200330/programan-dos-vuelos-militares-repatriar-estadounidenses
  16. Moderator comment: Below is an unedited automated translation of the above news article. https://www.prensa.com/impresa/panorama/cuarentena-absoluta-mujeres-y-hombres-se-movilizan-en-dias-distintos/
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