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  2. You can pay Mae Lewis or Hospital Chiriqui with cash or credit card. They never rejected that. We never got sent to Regional.
  3. Great video - thanks Keith! I always thought it was just a drunken party. Nice to learn more...
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  5. This is an excellent short video, in English, about the Carnaval Queen competition in Las Tablas, created and shared on Facebook by Dan Usher. I went into Carnaval in Las Tablas, Panama thinking it was just going to be one EPIC party. Little did I know there would be an intense rivalry, fires that reached the sky and citywide water fights all in the name of tradition. It fascinated me enough to stop partying for a minute and set out to understand what was going here. So I made this video that attempts to explain the beautiful insanity that is Carnaval.
  6. Important post. Thanks Bonnie.
  7. In my role as one of two U.S. Wardens in Boquete, I have observed first hand the consequences of gringos having no health insurance. Only today I dealt with a case of a man being taken to Hospital Mae Lewis with a heart attack only to be transferred to Hospital Regional when it was discovered he had no insurance. He also had not registered to make his veteran's potentially responsible for some of the costs. I encourage each and every one of you who has opted not to have health insurance to pay a visit to Hospital Regional to observe what your care would be like were you to suffer an accident or illness requiring hospitalization.
  8. February 19th, 2017 - 48 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian. He also performed several exams and removed a venereal tumor from a female dog. To date we have sterilized 3,799 dogs and cats. See the link on the web page for the photo album of pictures taken during the clinic. 16 dogs and 6 cats were either last-minute cancelations or no-shows, which is deplorable. We will implement a new procedure in the future. Dogs or cats to be sterilized that have other issues (in heat, pregnant, tumors, hernias, amputations, etc.) require more time. When those animals are interspersed during the day, people who have animals for sterilization only have to wait too long. Therefore, animals with additional issues will be scheduled toward the end of the day. (Thanks to Andrea Gonella for the suggestion.) Our next clinic will be on March 19, 2017. Please call for an appointment right away. The clinics fill up rapidly. Thanks to everyone who participated in our clinics today, and to those who had their pets sterilized. Always remember that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Dottie
  9. To the people of Boquete re La Villa Café at BCP Like most of you, all the members of the BCP Council are saddened that Elizabeth/Lucy has had to make the decision to leave Boquete. She brought a phenomenal creativity and a formidable sense of style to the place and created for BCP and for all of us an amazing focal point and gathering place for the community. To say that she will be missed is an understatement. The BCP Council wants to be sure everyone understands that the Café will continue. After tonight’s farewell party and benefit for Elizabeth, the Café will be closed for Sunday and Monday (it is always closed on Monday) and will open in time for Tuesday Market on February 28 and be open six days a week from that day. Meanwhile, the BCP Council has already begun discussions with parties interested in running the Café and keeping it the wonderful center of community that has been achieved. Any and all of you who plan and have regular events here, please stick with the Café. We even have Elizabeth’s phone and website still active for reservations and planning. We will make the transition as easy on all as we can. With appreciation to all BCP Council
  10. 10:30 in the BCP Theater Tuesday, Feb. 28 – What is that creepy, crawly creature? Wes Campana will first describe the local insects with the most dangerous bites and stings and how to avoid them and what to do if bitten. He has three display cases with the examples. He also has a couple of power point slide and video clip presentations of those bugs and others. The talk terminates with a question and answer period. Tuesday, March 7 -- Allison Tilluma will speak about detoxification of the body, how the body naturally detoxifies, why it is necessary, and what we can do to support it in a nourishing and natural way. Allison is a local massage therapist, herbalist, and yoga teacher. She has been specializing in alternative medicine for the past 10 years after realizing Western medicine was not effectively treating her issues. Tuesday, March 14 – David MacKenzie will speak on “Diseases Are Your Friends” and are messages from your body (and God). Medicines are unnatural and toxic and just kill the messenger. David believes the great majority of diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle and we all need to know the biologically correct diet. Tuesday, March 21 – “Saving Your Brain” by local resident Ted Harrison, MD. Dr. Ted will tell us how to help avoid Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, etc. as you grow older. Tuesday, March 28 – Kevin Fisher aka “Sparky” will give a talk/demonstration on cutting edge light based wellness technology. These products are used for appetite control, cell repair, detoxification, sleep, pain relief, energy, stress, and inflammation control. FREE ADMISSION Tuesday, April 4 – Mike Petersen (BS Mathamatics and BS Information Technology) presents “The Universe, Q&A”. He will entertain questions about the Universe, regardless of content. Mike has made a life-long study of Cosmology and associated topics, and know that a Q&A on this subject would garner many, many questions. Many will not be answerable, but that is one of the points. Tuesday, April 11 – Four Boquete authors present their works: James Fletcher - Poetry ( Byron Edgington - Biography or essay ( Gabrielle Reynolds - Fiction (in progress) Tuesday, April 18 – Scott Yates will speak about the attributes and use of treated bamboo in construction of affordable kit houses already built and available here in Boquete. These are lightweight, ultra strong, energy efficient, quiet homes that are ultra low waste with natural light and beauty. Designs are available in ultra low cost 400 sq ft to luxurious 1800 sq ft homes. FREE ADMISSION Tuesday, April 25 – Jim Kavney will tell us about snakes in Panama – the good, the bad and the ugly. Jim’s love of Reptiles began when he was a youngster in New York and he became a Herper for life. He’s collected and studied snakes ever since and even worked a summer job with Ross Allen, one of the best-known herpetologist in the U.S. in the fifties. Jim’s goal is to teach us to identify and to not automatically kill the snakes we find in our yards and fields. Tuesday, May 2 – Dr. Bill McGraw will give a talk on the research he has done on coral reefs of Panama. Dr Bill Has been studying coral reefs in Panama for over 5 years and has documented the effects of the most intense el nino (2015-2017) in the past 25 years that has caused increased ocean temperatures and bleaching of coral ( He has visited every major reef system in Panama and has a scientific paper published in the Journal of Reef Encounters, regarding the el nino effect on corals at the Secas Islands., Did you know that corals have been reported to have been reduced by 50% in the Caribbean area of Panama during the past 30 years? Thankfully, although there has been widespread coral mortality, corals have found a way to adapt and survive the higher temperatures. Come and find out how they are doing it and what we can do to ensure the survival of one of the planet's greatest treasures. Go here to read more about Dr. McGraw’s work in Panama saving the shrimping industry and visit his website at Tuesday, May 9 – Evolution of the sports of Rock Climbing & Slacklining in Panama in general and Boquete in particular. Program presented by Cesar Augusto Melendez - Panama's first proffessional rock Climber & Sponsored World athlete and Ruben Dario Camarena - Panama's first Highliner. The presentation will include photos and videos. Tuesday, July 4 – Tom McCormack will tell us all about Panamanian legends, wives tales, myths, and superstitions. This is a very entertaining talk and will teach us all something about this place we call home. . To suggest a speaker or topic for these meetings please email BCP Tuesday Meeting To become a vendor at the Tuesday market, email
  11. Eventos de Marzo: Pintura, Fotografía y Literatura March Events: Painting, Photography and Literature Está cordialmente invitado a que nos acompañe y disfrute de los eventos culturales programados para este mes de Marzo. ¡Le esperamos! You’re cordially invited to join us and enjoy the whole cultural events programed for this month. We wait for you! Copyright © 2017 Biblioteca de Boquete, All rights reserved. Su dirección esta registrada en nuestra base de datos. Our mailing address is: Biblioteca de Boquete Calle Principal Bajo Boquete Boquete Panama
  12. Sandeep This is a very generous offer but I don't think there is a need for us to impose upon your generosity. In the end, we were all happy and quite amazes that Nelson and Enrique, and a woman whose name I don't know managed to recover so well. Your staff is great !!!
  13. Marcelyn and I noticed police activity at the "Windy City" Terpel Station as we were headed out for our dog obedience training session in Potrerillos. They were using tape measures kinda like a crime scene investigation. That was about 9:15am this morning.
  14. Yes, and I think there is yet a 3rd location but no idea where in David. jim
  15. Seasons did a great job in a crisis. They even had all the food we had pre-ordered. Hats off to the staff!
  16. I too would like to send my appreciation to Seasons for their quick response and making the Chicas luncheon a success despite the drama. Well done!
  17. I loved to browse Casa Decor. Patsi is a great designer and always had very interesting and unique items. I am afraid that the location on Volcancito is what did them in. The previous location on the highway was much better and had better parking. I wish them well.
  18. Not exacetly...2 blocks further north.
  19. Montanas Grill ....let's hope they are well funded and have experience here in Boquete!
  20. This tent has been used twice, 19 days total. It is in very good shape. New it costs $232.00, the rain fly cost $50 plus shipping (50lb) and tax the value is $382+ Asking $150 obo Tent: Rain Fly
  21. Penny I sincerely apologize to you and your group for how this event turned out. Would you please email your cell number to me so I may personally arrange to host your group at my cost. I am so sorry.
  22. This photo shows that a motorcycle was completely destroyed. It has since been reported that the operator, a 22 year old local resident of Alto Boquete was killed.
  23. I passed by the Alto Boquete Terpel gas station about 7 AM Saturday and there was a bad accident slowing down traffic. Lots and lots of onlookers, lots of police cars and a truck from the bomberos.
  24. It seems many of the folks leaving Panama City are doing so to avoid Carnival and Boquete is their destination. No Carnival here and it's easy to ignore the semblence of Carnival down the road in Dolega. No rooms to rent in Boquete and the restaurants are busy.
  25. I would not be surprised if Casa Decor has closed. For quite awhile now they've been having trouble paying people for sold consignment items. The business has been for sale. I've twice gone there during posted open hours to find them closed. If you have items there on consignment I would try to retrieve them ASAP.
  26. Coincidentally or not, there's been some action this week at the site of the old Las Ruinas in Alto Boquete.
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