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A Panamanian association dedicated to assisting first responders and needy community members.

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Joe Hart

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6521 2649‬
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  2. Happy New Year friends in Boquete. Many of you have asked "Who is ACCBoquete". The legal registered association name in Panama is ACCBoquete (Asociacion Cardad de la Comunidad de Boquete) . Now you know why we go by ACCBoquete. We started our Association 7 years ago under the name of International Police Association (IPA). Before we completed our membership with IPA it became apparent that money that we raised through our fundraising events would be split between the Boquete community and the IPA International Headquarters. Since we are serving a small community of Boquete we realized that the money we collect in "Boquete" should stay here to help "Boquete". So we started a new association, ACCBoquete (Asociacion Cardad de la Comunidad de Boquete). Our goal is to assist our First Responders....Police, Fire and EMT's of Boquete. We also support other Boquete charitable groups to help them achieve their goals. ACCBoquete is a sponsor of the new Recycle Group (RRR) of Boquete, financially and physically, to clean up the enviornment and educate the children in local schools of the importance of recycling. ACCBoquete has had fundraisers like our annual Poker Run, Oktoberfest, Christmas party and other fun fundraisers at Big Daddy's, The ClubHouse, The Garden and Boulder 54. We pay for Police car/truck repairs that results in police cars on the road for our safety. This past year we have provided financial assistance to the family of an injured Bomberos, to the widow and family of fallen Police Officer, and Financial assistance to the murder victim's family in Boquete. ACCBoquete raised money for a new stove for the Boquete Police Department and a refrigerator for the new substation at the Caldera Checkpoint. We made a cash donation to the JMJ Youth Group at San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church. Our fundraiser/gift donation 8th annual Christmas party at Boulder 54 was a huge success. We collected 138 wrapped Christmas gifts for needy boys, girls and babies in Boquete as well as provided cash donations for food to very needy families in Boquete. Gifts were given to Bill and Gina Bricks Ministries, Louise Orr with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, Hogar Triska, and Sara and Steve Hudson took gifts and food to Stones Creek Church. Cash donations provided food for Soloy Baptiste Church, El Faro Christian School and San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church for food baskets distributed around Boquetes to very needy families. Cash donations were also given to Quilters/Knitter group to purchase yarn and quilting material for the baby blankets, sweaters, hats and booties that they hand make. For the second year ACCBoquete members had a Bar-B-Que at the Boquete Police Department on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve for all the First Responders that are on duty these holidays, away from their families and loved ones. We served Chili hot dogs, chips, soft drinks, cookies and candies. Plates were prepared and taken to those officers working the check point. Our first fundraiser event for 2019 will be "A Elvis Presley birthday party" on Tuesday, January 8th at Big Daddy's stating at 5 PM - 9 PM. Chris will prepare a special Elvis dinner, there will be music by Elvis, a Elvis look-a-like contest. Lets see if any Ann Margaret look-a-likes show up! Fundraiser moneies to go to the Boquete Knitters and Hogar Triska. In March we are planning another Poker Run, starting and ending at The Clubhouse. More on this later. ACCBoquete has about 48 members. Annual dues are $30. , a one time fee of $11.00 for a ACCBoquete shirt and meetings are second Wednesday of every month at different local restaurants. All the money we collect goes back into the Boquete community. We have planned special trips occasionally and special outings. Besides providing a service to our community we have fun. If you have questions or are interested, contact Joe Hart, President, at 6521-2649, or any of its members for more information. Thank you Boquete friends for a great 2018 and we look forward to a prosperous 2019. Linda Hart
  3. Joe Hart, President of ACCBoquete and 2 members Javier Samaniego and Charlie Frogge and the Major of Boquete Police Dept. presented financial support to the widow of one of Boquete's own. The sudden loss of the family breadwinner can be devastating. It is our hope to bring some peace of mind to the family at this time. .
  4. ACCBoquete purchased a small refrigerator from LaReyna's in Boquete and delivered it to the Police Station and then transferred by Police truck to the substation at the checkpoint at the Caldera checkpoint. By purchasing the refrigerator at LaReynas, we kept the July 4th fundraiser money in Boquete. Thanks again to all who attended the fundraiser and made this happen.
  5. At the 4th of July fundraiser, ACCBoquete took up a special collection for the family of the woman who was murdered on July 1st. We added to the amount collected and 2 of our members delivered it with our sympathies on July 8. Thanks to every one of you who contributed to this special fund. Our prayers go out to her family. Thank you Boquete!
  6. ACCBoquete would like to say a big THANK YOU to all our friends in Boquete for making our 4th of July fundraising event at Big Daddy's a success. Here are the results...winners of the silent auction items were: Donna O'Brien, Heather Dyer, Franc Lugo, Joyce Kinnear, Javier Samaniego, Geovana Caballero, Doris Martinez, Rich, Vicki Phelps, and Patti Powers. The winner of the 50/50 Raffle was none other than ACCBoquete's friend, Leslie King, who walked away with $119.00! Congratulations to all the winners. As for the results of the fundraiser, we reached our goal to purchase a refrigerator for the Police checkpoint substation and then some. A special collection was taken for the family of Nurys Castrellon who was murdered last Sunday. We collected $168.00 to which ACCBouquete added additional money to round off to $200. This is in keeping with our Mission Statement which states we support First Responders and the Community. This is a horrific tragedy for the Manuel Castrellon family and we are glad we could help. We would like to extend our appreciation to the businesses that provided the gift certificates for the silent auction.....Sugar & Spice, Mail Boxes, Etc., Milano Italiano, and Big Daddy's Beach Resort. Thank you to Big Daddy's Chris Young, Justin Isham and all the staff for great food, drinks and service and Bill McGraw for the entertainment! ACCBoquete is proud to be apart of Boquete.
  7. ACCBoquete is hosting a charitable fundraiser to purchase a small refrigerator for the Police Checkpoint substation. Wed., 4th of July, we will have a special dinner of hamburgers, grilled chicken, baked beans, cole slaw, curly fries for $12.00 per person. Gift certificate drawings, 50/50 raffle live music to listen or dance to from 5-8PM. Its going to be a lot of fun and a great way to celebrate the 4th of July from afar.
  8. Our 3rd Annual Poker Fun....is like the Poker Runs done in the US by Car and Motorcycle Clubs. Ours is a 'Fun' because we WALK or drive around Boquete to various locations, where a playing card is drawn 'for your hand', and the BEST HAND wins a prize. There are 7 card draw locations, and you can purchase 'Wild Cards (up to 3) at the final stop. Best Hand wins our Prize, and there's a Lottery for additional Gift Certificates and prizes. The action begins at the Clubhouse at BCP at 2PM, on Saturday, Feb. 3rd where official score cards are purchased (2/$10, additional @ $5). Lottery tickets will be sold at the final stop.....Big Daddy's for final judging. Help us......Help the Community of Boquete.ACCB-PokerRunSign2018.pdf ACCB, the 'Association of Charity of Community of Boquete', is a Panama Association (Resolution: 02-PJ-02-2018). More information can be found on our website at: accboquete.org
  9. Bud, thanks for getting the word out on Oktoberfest. Just want to let you know that this is a joint venture between ACCB and Club Rotario de Boquete. Plans are evolving, but currently we plan to hold the festival from noon to midnight on Saturday, October 14 with 3-4 top quality local bands and plenty of beer, spirits and food from top restaurants. As you stated, this is a fundraiser with all profits to be shared between the two clubs to be used for community service projects in the greater Boquete area.
  10. Are You Interested in a Special Tour of the New Panama Canal and a Shopping Spree at the Duty Free Zone (DFZ) in Colon? The Asociación de Caridad de la Comunidad de Boquete* (ACCB) is scheduling a bus trip to see the new locks at the Panama Canal, and for a shopping spree at the Duty Free Zone (DFZ) at Colon. Not only are purchases at the DFZ duty free (i.e., no customs fees, no taxes), but they are also very low prices for just about anything you can imagine. The Colon DFZ is the largest duty free area in the Western Hemisphere, occupying more than 800 acres and having approximately 2,000 stores. This is a 2-day, 1-night round-trip excursion by chartered bus, departing promptly on Wednesday, July 19th at 7:00AM from Parque Central in Boquete. The bus is modern, well-maintained and well-equipped with two bathrooms, CD sound system, and individual movies, etc. The bus will stop in Santiago on the outbound leg (at Westland Mall in Vista Alegre, near Chorrera on the return leg) for food, drinks, leg stretching, etc. The fee for the round-trip chartered bus (and access to a merchandise van at the DFZ) is $110.00 cash per person, which is discounted for ACCB members to $100.00 cash per person. Meals, tips, lodging, tours, personal purchases, and incidentals are not included in the chartered bus fee. A non-refundable $60.00 per person reservation deposit must be paid by July 7th. The balance in cash is due upon boarding the bus in Boquete. The following estimated costs are with jubilado discounts: (a) admission to the Canal museum is $1.50, (b) Hotel Milan, maximum of two persons per room, is $40.00 with cédula and cash payment. Upon arrival in Panama City, the bus will take the tour group directly to the Panama Canal to view the new Miraflores Canal Observation Overlook and Museum during the late afternoon hours. Upon completion of sightseeing at the new Panama Canal, you will re-board the bus for transfer to Hotel Milan. The hotel has an attached cafeteria/bar. There are several restaurants, shops, and Veneto Casino within walking distance of Hotel Milan. Close by is a station to ride the PC Metro (the new subway). The evening is open for you to explore Panama City, go to a casino, dinner or whatever you want to do. On Thursday morning we will board the same charter bus and depart Hotel Milan at 7:00AM, stopping for breakfast at Nico's Cafe, which is just 30 minutes from the hotel. After breakfast, board the bus for the trip to Colon. Chartered buses are not allowed inside the DFZ, therefore a small merchandise van has been arranged for the tour group while inside the DFZ (cost is included in the tour fee) to drop off smaller purchases and continue shopping. Smaller merchandise will accompany the tour group back to Boquete on the chartered bus; large items (e.g., appliances, televisions, etc.) will require that you arrange for separate transportation to Boquete using commercial freight companies (e.g., Fletes Chevales, etc.). After several hours of shopping in the DFZ, you will then board the chartered bus for the return trip to Boquete. The return trip will include a food and shopping stop at the Westland Mall in Vista Alegre, near Chorrera. Expect to arrive back at Parque Central in Boquete about 9:00PM on Thursday, July 20th. Ask your friends and neighbors to join you on this special 2-day excursion. This chartered bus event is not a fundraiser for ACCB, but rather a not-for-profit community service event. ACCB is distributing this notice to determine how much interest there is in this trip. Minimum tour size is 25 people There is limited space so respond quickly. You will need a copy of your cédula or passport at the time of the deposit. Reservation deposits and final payments are to be in cash only. The DEADLINE for making a reservation is July 7th. Personal identity documentation needed during this trip are your cédula and passport. We understand the DFZ stores accept most major credit cards, and some may accept bank drafts on Panamanian banks. If interested, please email ACCB at accb-dfz@runbox.com indicating your name, email, telephone number, number of people in your party, along with their names (and emails if different). If you have questions please be specific in your email and we will get back to you. ____________________________ *The ACCB is presently completing the filing process for legal status as a Panamanian Association. The goal of ACCB is to provide assistance to first responders and the general community wherever needed.
  11. I've never heard of an "association" in Panama. SAs and foundations, yes, but associations, no. Or are you just being a bit loose with terminology? Can you elaborate a bit more on the structure and advantages of an association. Are there tax advantages for me if I were to contribute/donate?
  12. ACCB (Asociación de Caridad de La Comunidad de Boquete*) is sponsoring an Oktoberfest at the Boquete Feria Grounds on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. Oktoberfest means that you will enjoy music, dancing, German food, beer, etc. A major fun time. Join in the festivities with your friends and neighbors. Mark your calendars so you don't miss this special time at the Boquete Feria Grounds, which is located across the Feria bridge in Boquete. This ACCB event is a fundraiser. All proceeds go to our area's first responders (police, fire, etc.) and community members with special needs. Watch for more details in various community media. To contact the organizers, email jhartpi@hotmail.com [*ACCB is an association in formation.]
  13. The Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC) group is sponsoring a "Poker Fun Event" on Saturday, February 18th. A "Poker Fun Event" is a fund raising activity. This will be ABC's second such event. Here are some details about ABC and the upcoming Poker Fun Event. Who is ABC? ABC (Amigos de Boquete Comunidad) was formed to assist the Boquete Community, its citizens and residents, along with first responders, by providing training, support and aid. As mentioned above, there was a Poker Fun Event in 2016, and those funds were used to benefit several charitable organizations as well as the Boquete Police Department (including the porta-potty at the Caldera intersection police inspection point. ABC hosted a Christmas party on December 6th, 2016, at LaPosada to collect gifts for needy children of Boquete. Over 100 gifts were collected at the party as well as $50.00 in cash donations. Additional gifts were purchased with the donation money. The gifts were given to several groups to cover a wide geographic area of Boquete. The groups who received gifts were: Bill and Gina Brick's Park Ministries, Louise Orr for Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church benefitting children in the Los Naranjos area, and Miguel Castillo, owner of El Rocio Restaurant located behind the new Market. (Miguel has been hosting a Christmas party on December 31st for all the local children for the past 25 years.) We have purchased $100.00 of personal care products for abused young girls currently under the watchful eye of the Boquete nuns. It is our intention to continue to support all residents in Boquete. Now for our exciting upcoming fund raising activity, another Poker Fun Event: What is a Poker Fun Event? This will be our second annual Poker Fun Event that we've hosted in Boquete. It is a fundraiser to enable ABC to continue providing support to local groups and residents. A Poker Fun Event is an afternoon of walking (or driving) around the town of Boquete to the participating local businesses that are "card draw stations" (see the below list of the card draw stations). At each location you will draw a card to build your poker hand. The activity usually lasts about 2-3 hours allowing enough time to visit each location and enjoy their specialties. The last stop is Señor Gyros where the best poker hand wins. Extra Wild Cards can be purchased to increase your chances to win. Last stop is Señor Gyros where the judge or judges will be on hand to declare the winner of a cash prize. Besides the winning poker hand being a prize winner, raffle tickets can be purchased at Señor Gyros, and then a raffle drawing held for each of the many gift certificates that have been donated by local businesses. It is a great afternoon of fun. You do not have to be a poker player to play or win. Winning is not based on how quickly you finish, but rather your best poker hand. Mark and Gary with Señor Gyros are fabulous hosts and made a fun day even more so. Mark your calendars for Saturday, February 18th, 2017 starting at 2:00pm until 5:00 pm. Here is the general scenario of how a Poker Fun Event plays out. Show up at the pavilion/gazebo at the park in downtown Boquete shortly before 2:00PM on Saturday, February 18th, to register and to purchase your basic kit. That means that you purchase scorecards (2 for $10.00 is the minimum kit, and additional scorecards may be purchased at $5.00 per scorecard). Then go at a leisurely pace to a minimum of five card draw stations, but hopefully all seven of the card draw stations for best chances of winning the grand prize. Here are the seven card draw stations for this February 18th event: Big Daddy's Juice Mi La Karreta Retro Gusto Boquete Sandwich Shop La Villa Café Señor Gyros (this is the last stop; be there at 5:00PM for the judging, raffle drawing, and general good times) At each card draw station you will specify which scorecard that you are drawing for, and then draw a card that will be recorded on the specified scorecard by a draw station volunteer monitor. If you go to more than five card draw stations then you get to pick your best five cards, including your purchased Wild Cards for each Scorecard at Señor Gyros. At Señor Gyros, you will optionally have an opportunity to purchase wildcards at $1.00 each to improve your poker hand. Many local businesses have donated gift certificates for a raffle draw at Señor Gyros. These gift certificates are an additional way for participants to win. The businesses that have donated gift certificates are way too numerous to list here, but include things like discounts on car wash services, discounts on meals at various eateries, free bottle of beer with a meal, etc. For additional information or questions, please contact Joe and Linda Hart at lhart249@hotmail.com, or Ray Miller at ray2cleo@yahoo.com.
  14. Mark your calendar........ 0nly one month away. February 18, 2017, (2:00pm to 5 :00pm). This is the next POKER FUN in Boquete.
  15. Joe, Your posting was very informative. Thanks for taking the time to respond to the question. Let's hope that the upcoming Poker Run is a rip roaring success because the proceeds will be used for a worthwhile cause. For those who were not able to participate in the pre-Christmas party that you mentioned, you can see our posting about that event at:
  16. The mission of the Amigos Boquete Comunidad (ABC) is to assist the Boquete Community, its citizens and residents, along with the first responders, by providing training, support and aid. ABC was the former IPA (International Police Association) started in 2013. In 2016 we expanded our focus to helping the entire community of Boquete. ABC hosted a Christmas party on December 6th, 2016, at La Posada to collect gifts for the needy children of Boquete. Over 100 gifts were given at the party as well as $50.00 in cash donations. Additional gifts were purchased with the donation money. The gifts were divided up to several groups to cover as many areas of Boquete as possible. The groups who received gifts were Bill and Gina Park Ministries, Louise Orr with Buenos Vecinos de Boquete, San Juan Baptiste Catholic Church to children in Los Naranjos area and to Miguel Castillo owner of El Rocio Restaurant located behind the new market. Miguel has been hosting a Christmas party on December 31 for all the local children for the past 25 years. More recently we have paid for the porta potty at the police check point on the main highway at Caldera Road and purchased $100.00 of personal care products to abused young girls currently under the watchful eye of the Boquete nuns. It is our intention to continue to support all the residents in Boquete. This will be the 2nd annual Poker Run we've hosted in Boquete. It is a fundraiser to be able to continue to support local groups and residents. A Poker Run or "walk" in our case, takes place during a afternoon of walking around the town of Boquete to participating local businesses. At each location a card is picked to build your poker hand. It usually lasts about 2-3 hours allowing enough time to visit each location and enjoy their specialty. Last stop is Senor Gyros where our judges will be on hand to determine the best hand winner. Additional cards can be purchased to increase your chance of winning. There will be lots of prizes to win besides the first prize. Its a great afternoon of fun, it isn't based on time. Unlike the word Run, it should say Fun. You do not have to be a gambler or a poker player to participate and win. Mark and Gary at Senor Gyros are fabulous hosts!
  17. I notice that this event is advertised in the calendar and was recently posted by the moderator. I would like to know the mission of ABC (Amigos de Boquete Ciudad) and what a Poker Run is. More interest may be generated if a description of the organization and the event were included.
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