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Féria Internacional de David


Event details

The annual international fair in David is described a bit more (in Spanish) at http://www.prensa.com/provincias/feria-Internacional-David-arranca-marzo_0_4711028902.html

Also see 


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34 minutes ago, TwoSailors said:

Ahem....that is  211,000, not 211 million. 

As Admin, I will chastise the Moderator for making such a blunder. I have edited the Moderator's comment to correctly indicate 211,000, as opposed to the 211 million that he reported. Shame on him, and thank you for catching his blunder!! :$

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Don't be too hard on the Moderator.  The times we have been at the feria, it did seem like 211 million.  Herding this clowder is no easy task and I think the mods and admins are doing a great job!


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211 mil in spanish is 211,000.  Spanish is important here!!! lolololol

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