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Guided Meditation (Yoga Nidra) at Fénix Cafe / BCP Event Center


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This event repeats every week on Monday until 12/25/2017

Event details

YOGA NIDRA (Guided Meditation)
Mondays: 10:15 am, approx. 45 - 60 min
at Fénix Cafe 


Experience complete relaxation with ‘yogic sleep’ (aka Yoga Nidra). While resting comfortably, you are guided on a specific journey (which includes rotation of consciousness around the body, connection with breath, and archetypal visualization) that produces profound and proven results. The meditations are crafted to stimulate different areas of the brain while inducing complete physical relaxation.

Wear comfortable clothes. Pillows and blankets will be provided. This is a NON-PHYSICAL type of yoga. 



Yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The term yoga nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words, yoga meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and nidra which means sleep. During the practice of yoga nidra, one appears to be asleep, but the consciousness is functioning at a deeper level of awareness. In this threshold state between sleep and wake-fulness, contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimensions occurs spontaneously.

If the consciousness is able to be separated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways, for example, to develop the memory, increase knowledge and creativity, or transform one’s nature.

Yoga nidra can be used for directing the mind to accomplish anything.

The practice of yoga nidra enables one to receive intuitions from the unconscious mind. This state is the fount of artistic and poetic inspiration. It is also the source of creative scientific discoveries. The intuitions received in yoga nidra enable one to find within oneself the answers to all problems.

R – E – L – A – X

Yoga nidra is a powerful technique in which one learns to relax consciously. People feel that they are relaxing when they collapse in an easy chair with a cup of coffee, a drink or a cigarette, and read a newspaper or switch on the television. But this will never suffice as a scientific definition of relaxation. These are only sensory diversions. True relaxation is actually an experience far beyond all this. For absolute relaxation you must remain aware. This is yoga nidra, the state of dynamic sleep.

Through the practice of yoga nidra, we are not only relaxing, but restructuring and reforming our whole personality from within. With every session we are burning old patterns, habits and tendencies in order to be born anew. This process is not only much quicker than other systems which work on an external basis only, but the results are also more reliable and permanent.

For more information, including about the instructor, full class schedule, and more...   yoga-boquete.com

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