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Transformation Breath Workshop


Event details

Transformational Breath® Workshop

At the BodyMind Dojo, Boquete, Panama

Saturday, 9 February, 2019 from 13 hrs to 16 hrs


The Transformational Breath® workshop introduces this life changing, self-empowering integrative tool. The workshop includes the science of breath, a Breath Analysis and a powerful one-hour Transformational Breath® session. The workshop will be led by Kathleen Strong and Paul Radunz, both Senior Trainers of Transformational Breath®.

Transformational Breath® combines full connected breathing with sound, hands-on work, invocations, and movement to integrate and transform at the deepest levels of our being.

From these sessions people experience:

·       More energy and peace

·       Clarity and calmness of mind

·       Emotional integration of suppressed experiences

·       Connection to Spirit – more joy!

The cost of the workshop is $45. To register please contact Paul Radunz at InfinitePresence@rocketmail.com or +1 612 817 8186 (WhatsApp). Or contact Andei at gbvdco@gmail.com or +507 6678 3297

Kathleen Strong, MEd, LPE and Paul Radunz have been working together building communities through a variety of modalities which assist people in transforming their lives. Each participant experiences movement to higher states of consciousness and to a state of unconditional love – love without want. Love that replaces suffering with peace and joy, effort with play, and doing with being. They practice, teach and facilitate the self-empowering modalities of Transformational Breath®, Alchemical Hypnosis, Access Consciousness - Bars, Oneness Blessing and Reiki.

“Kathleen and Paul share their hearts freely and have demonstrated superior skills and Presence in their lives and work with Transformational Breath®.  I am honored they are part of this work we share." - Judith Kravitz, Founder of Transformational Breath®.

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