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Pilates at the Haven


This event repeats every week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until 05/04/2019

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Everyone has some sort of asymmetry in his or her body. The past creeps up; injuries and muscular/skeletal imbalances progress. Perhaps some muscles and/or joints are overworked and painful, whereas others are undeveloped and out of ones awareness. Enter Pilates to acquaint you with your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Pilates teaches You how to tune into and turn on your muscles to move with greater ease and perform whole body movement.  Pilates Shows the Way to Work On and Improve Whatever Shape You're In..

The Pilates System of Exercise is broad and diverse, makes anatomical sense, and is perfectly symmetrical. All movement is led from the core strengthening the abdomen and the muscles protecting the spine. Posture improves, one becomes better coordinated and more body aware, and the principles of balance are learned  Muscles are lengthened and strengthened, one gains greater control of his/her movement as awareness deepens, and the breath becomes longer and more relaxed. Overall, the body and mind become better integrated producing a greater state of harmony and well-being.
Pilates! For People Serious about Fitness and Health, or For Those who want to Get on the Path Toward Improving their Personal Situation.

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