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Concert Camerata Mario de Obaldía Alvarado

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This was another wonderful concert hosted by Fundación Biblioteca de Boquete. This concert featured several individual artists (Dafne Guevara on flute, Germán Pinzón on guitar, and Carlos Ortega on piano) and the Camerata Mario de Obaldia Alvarado with Xiomara González conducting and on violin. Thank you to Elsa Castillo for bringing these cultural events to Boquete.

Five musical works were published on the program brochure. One encore number was performed, making for six works being played. However, technical issues with the recording equipment resulted in an unusable recording for the encore. No still pictures were taken (again because of technical issues.)

Here are the video recordings made during this concert that can be published.






And the inside pages of the program brochure:

Camerata Mario_Page_1.jpg

Camerata Mario_Page_2.jpg


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