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    11/04/2019 01:30 PM      02:45 PM

    This event begins 11/04/2019 and repeats every week on Monday and Thursday for 50 occurrences

    Pilates at the Haven is much more than Just a mat class! Now... On 4 weekday mornings- M &Th., 8:30-9:45, & W & F., 10- 11:15 a.m.
          "A more appropriate title might be "Body in Motion." In addition to Classical Pilates and Yoga stretches, Exploratory Movement exercises are included in the format to add a therapeutic dimension. "As we age we all become imperfect; due to injuries, surgeries, emotional traumas, diseases and/or simply preferring one side of our body over the other. Doing fast, strenuous, repetitious movements serve to reinforce these asymmetries creating greater imbalances & eventually pain. Thus, therapeutic movement is included in the class format, to slow down and heighten our awareness of the body and how we are moving. We do mat Pilates during the last portion of the class, after performing wall, ball, walking, balancing, and weight sequences. Each class incorporates a diverse format for overall muscular strength, flexibility, balance, core strength, coordination, awareness, grace & good posture. All classes hold everyone's attention as they are a creative mix of a broad repertoire of possibilities."- Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor.   So,,,if you're looking to have a hard work-out & nothing more, Pilates at the Haven is not for you. Or if you're seeking all slow and relaxing movements, these classes too, will not suit you. However, if you're looking for a good work-out, to experience lots of diversity and to become more aware and precise in how you move... You found your class and you're welcome to join us!   Student Comments- "I come to class as I like having a teacher to look at me & correct what I'm doing. When I exercise on my own, I don't do anything new. Too, I know I need to be doing whatever I'm doing totally right to be good for my body. I've learned in class it's all about presence and form."- Alie M.- Pilates student of 6+ years.
    "Pilates is a wake-up call for my body. It's like we begin doing something new & my body says "Wow, I forgot that I use to be able to move in this way." Suzanne has shown me how often when I think I'm doing something correctly, I may not be moving in the right way, but moving in a way that's become habit & which I'm not aware of at all. Pilates has brought me back in touch with my body, and it feels great."- Julie A., a student who just began her 6th month of classes.
    " Pilates is a great work-out. It's keeping me strong & fit, which is especially what I want as I'm aging. I'm now 76 years old & sure don't want to lose it." -Judy S., Pilates student for 3+ years, who devotedly comes 2 x weekly.
    "I love and enjoy your classes. Find it "complete" and "balanced". Flexibility, strength and grace. Thank you."- Beba M.. a Panamanian student who really fits with the format as she was a gymnast when young.

    Ongoing Group Classes are on 4 Weekday mornings- Mondays and Thursdays, 8:30- 9:45 a.m. & on Wednesdays and Fridays, 10- 11:15 a,m.  Classes held in the beautiful Yoga/Pilates Studio at the Haven. Private Classes- for those not into group exercise or who want special attention- are also available.   Individual classes are $9 each for residents & $10 for tourists & guests. Two packages are available for everyone- 4 classes for $30 & an unlimited class package for $72; both to be taken within a month. All props- including mats, magic circles, stretchy bands, light hand weights & different size balls- are provided. However, do bring a Yoga mat if you have one to be guaranteed two for comfort, as we go down to the floor.
    Begin anytime!
    "Having been an instructor & passionate about movement for many years in many ways, I've learned Our Body/Mind has a multitude of needs as we age. To work toward filling these needs, the Pilates classes at the Haven are very diverse & an eclectic mix of several modalities." -Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates instructor at the Haven, teaching movement & exercise for 27+ years, a former Lic. Massage Therapist for 30 years and a Certified Yoga Therapist since 1991.
    Interested, but have questions? Email Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor, at suzeclare@gmail.com
    Looking Forward to Seeing to See You soon!

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    01/08/2019 03:30 PM      05:00 PM

    This event began 01/08/2019 and repeats every week on Tuesday until 12/31/2019

    Every Tuesday in the BCP theater, talks on a wide variety of subjects.
    To suggest a speaker contact talks@eventsboquete.org

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    10/07/2019 03:00 PM      04:00 PM

    This event begins 10/07/2019 and repeats every week on Monday for 25 occurrences

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  • Recent Event Reviews

    • BCP Holiday Open House
      By Moderator_02,
         We were not able to participate in this event due to absence from the area, but we understand from friends who supported this event that it was a HUGE success. Here are some of Clare Taylor's photos:

    • Community Christmas Party Hosted by Amigos de Boquete Comunidad
      By Moderator_02,
         Marcelyn and I attended this fabulous Christmas Party at La Posada Restaurant this afternoon. Besides the usual Christmas season festivities, one purpose for this party was to collect Christmas gifts for the local children. There was no entrance fee, but attendees were asked to bring wrapped Christmas gifts for distribution by the local churches. Our estimate is that about 50 people were in attendance, and all enjoyed the fantastic music of a seven member mariachi band. What a great performance on their part; they were very good at getting the attendees involved by singing and dancing with them. La Posada had extra waitstaff to take care of drink and food orders. The party was in a large room at the rear of La Posada -- could not have been a better venue for this kind of gathering.
      The party was planned and executed by a recently formed group of expats under the name of Amigos de Boquete Comunidad (ABC). Joe Hart and his wife, Linda, along with numerous volunteers put together this festive gathering. Our hats off to Joe, Linda, and all of their elves.
      Here are a few pictures from this event:

      A panorama shot of some of the attendees.

      The Christmas tree, prior to all of the gifts being received that were to be donated.

      The Mariachi Band

      Linda and Joe Hart, Dave and Erin Ross

      Special guests at the table with Joe and Linda Hart.
    • ARF Thanksgiving Meal
      By Bud,
         Marcelyn and I were participants in ARF's Thanksgiving Day event at the Animales Building. There was a LOT of VERY GOOD food, great conversations, visits with friends, etc. We estimate there were about 70 guests and maybe 15 worker-bees taking care of setting up, tending to the guests, etc. The background music was nice, and not so loud as to intrude into the conversations. The pecan pie was simply outstanding. Kudos to that chef! But I also do not want to take away from any of the other food items. I sampled all the food choices, and there was nothing to apologize for on that front.
      An unexpected plus for us was that we finally got to meet Beth Abrahams (it is kind of a long story, don't ask).

      Beth Abrahams
      We also got to catch up with all of the latest travels and happenings of our friends who were at our table. Met a few new people, etc.
      There simply was nothing that we could fault (not our goal anyway). This is the way things should be done, and ARF did it with all of their wonderful volunteers. If someone found fault with something yesterday, then I would chalk them off as being a token curmudgeon.  Thank you ARF! GREAT JOB!!!!

      Thank you to all who helped make yesterday's Thanksgiving Day celebration such a huge success, and special thanks to N&N:

      I will close with: we all have a lot to be thankful for.
    • One Night in India
      By JudyS,
         I think $55 for one person is a lot of money to spend on a dinner in Boquete.  I've never spent that much for an Indian dinner anywhere.
    • Plein Air Painters Art Exhibiton Opening Reception
      By Mary Ellen Watts,
         I am glad I will be there early so I can buy some of the art available for cash and carry!!! 
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