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And Now I Know — Blank Check Forms

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Visited our secondary (back-up) bank yesterday. Surprised to learn this bank does not have beneficiaries for an account. However, the more important surprise came when we were told our book of blank checks were not valid and if we issued a check, the bank would not honor (cash) it.

What to do? Order the current version of blank checks.

P.S.  We talked to a gringo couple later in the day and explained our experience at the bank. Their story is when they returned to Panama after a long stay in the US, they wrote a check on “outdated blank check form” which the bank refused and then charged  no-funds fee against their account. Yes, they had money in their account, but their check was not honored.

Their question to the bank personnel:  When were you going to tell us the bank had a new form for their checks?

Just a suggestion.......checked with your bank recently?

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