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And Now I Know — Mercado Boquete



Yesterday we wandered into Mercado Boquete (across the street from Romero grocery store). Why? Because I was seeking eggplant (berenjena) to make moussaka. Now I had searched for this purple vegetable in several different stores locally and in David. No luck.

In The Mercado I encountered mostly Panamanians, some folks were shopping and several were just talking with friends. And then at the fourth stall there was this wonderful lady selling my sought after eggplant or berenjena. I think my pronunciation of berenjena was far from accurate, but this polite and helpful Panamanian saleslady understood. She even responded back in English. Bless her!

So today I begin my cooking chores to prepare moussaka after my pleasant experience at The Mercado Boquete.

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The merchants in those stalls at the Mercado are very friendly and helpful. We especially like stall #4. She usually has everything we need including fresh romaine and butter lettuce.

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I agree. The saleslady at stall four is great. A real winner! Her location is now on my weekly shopping tour.

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