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  1. Mark your calendar. It's lunchtime in Boquete! Join us by emailing in your reservation to the email that's on the announcement. 

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  2. Very beautiful caterpillar. Very dangerous and bad sting. I found it on a putting green while golfing. We relocated it off of the putting green and hope it survives. I took the picture yesterday and had enough time today to research it and found the name and info.

    stinging silkmouth.jpg

  3. This article was published in La Estrella as we approach the 29th anniversary of the death of Arnulfo Arias.

    Arnulfo Arias and his Controversial Legacy

    Considered as one of the key figures in the history of political, social and economic life of the country, much about the ideas and personality of the leader and founder of the Panamenista political party remain unknown.


    If there is a character whose political roots were populist, but who was not able to use that advantage to stay in presidential power, that is, without a doubt, Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid, one of the most important pieces of the historical, political, social, and economic life of the country; the Panameñista doctrine still prevails, despite the passage of time.

    Beyond the political considerations which has obviously placed him within an exclusive circle among more well known Panamanians who may have had a greater impact they have had on the national life in all times, Arnulfo Arias Madrid is perhaps the longest established, most controversial character which Panama has had in the history of the country.

    Arias Madrid is considered a 'icon' of the Panamanian democracy; born in the household made up by Antonio Arias and Carmen Madrid in the community of San Juan, in the district of Penonomé, Province of Coclé, grew up being part of the elite 'interiorana' in the beginning of the 20th century.

    He studied medicine in the United States, specializing in psychiatry, obstetrics and endocrinology; his political life began as early as the year 1925, when he returned to Panama.

    Six years later, he led the Community Action social, political group in 1931 which overthrew President Florencio Harmodio Arosemena.

    In 1936, he receives a notable influence of European political and social currents of the era, in his posting as Extraordinary Envoy and Plenipotentiary to the Governments of Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark and England.

    Such closeness, mainly in Germany and France, fostered an extremely nationalist tone in his speech and political thought; ideas that had already been identified by the year 1934, when he was serving as the head of the Department of Health and Welfare.


    Arias Madrid always expressed this thoughts openly. Such a stance made him win followers, but also a plural number of enemies in the political and social realms.

    One of these positions was that of his open opposition to the United States in 1940, in his first presidential term.

    He pondered the refinement of the Panamanian democracy, through what he termed 'Panameñista', introduced a new Constitution and maintained a fairly open support for the so-called 'Axis powers', with Germany and the position of Adolf Hitler as leader, along with the empire of Japan and Italy.  Of course, the United States saw danger in these positions.

    However, there is a passage in the history of Dr. Arias that still today is a matter of analysis and disputes.

    Was he racist?

    The first thing in this case is to define 'racism' as 'the ideology that defends the superiority of one race over the others'.

    Mainly in his first presidential term, cut short by a coup d'état in October of 1941, Arias Madrid momentum in eleven months of government showed significant progress in economic, social, political and cultural life; of that management, survive the Social Insurance Fund and the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic.

    Why are we to explain that?

    Because they were achievements of a primary management which did not forget for a time the racist bias of the accusing the leader Panameñista.

    In August 1934, the third edition of the 'Health' Newsletter was published, the editorial note signed by Arias Madrid entitled: 'Eugenics, The Improvement of The Race', where his alleged defense of the Spanish language and made it's learning mandatory for foreigners, exhibiting a xenophobic bias.

    The editorial mentioned appears in full in the electronic portal www.panamaviejaescuela.com. And since its introduction, the position of Arias Madrid on the matter.

    In one of its paragraphs, Arias Madrid says: 'For this reason, we see with horror a black cloud of English being spoken in new neighborhoods of our city, and spreading all over the suburbs of Las Sabanas, Pueblo Nuevo, Rio Abajo…  This indicates that a large segment of our people feel the desire to take action against the degeneration of the race, or at least hinder as far as possible, the entry of parasitic races'.

    The 'parasitic' races referred to by Arias Madrid were: 'Chinese, Japanese, Syrians, Turks, other Orientals, Dravidian and blacks from the Antilles and the Guyanas', which were identified in the Act 6A of 1928, according to the article.

    The foregoing represents just short lines of this writing, unknown to a many Panamanians, mainly of younger generations, and that leaves the door open again to the controversy surrounding Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid.

    During the second presidential term of Arias Madrid, there was the Decree Law 12, of 10 May 1950, considered the main stimulus to economic activities and industrial promotion.

    However, there was little success in the development of his economic model in which priority was given to national production (important, but not realized) on imports and the dollarization of the economy, with an open economy, which finally took hold.

    On the eve of the 29 anniversary of his death, have not yet been revealed all the mysteries around the figure of the former President Arnulfo Arias Madrid; one of them, his thought, and ideology, and if his theory of eugenics had influence in several of his major decisions as President.

    In the 21st century, Arnulfo Arias Madrid continues to amaze the Panamanians, after his passage from earthly life in which his works and momentous achievements; also thoughts that were thought to be overcome, but that apparently are maintained as unknowns, such as that of what would have happened if your social and political model based on the eugenics would have managed to develop?

    Even in our days, such a premise amazes and cause fear, at the same time.


    Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid took an active political step and at the same time, controversial

    in this year 1951, Arias Madrid abolished the constitution of 1946 and restored that which was adopted during his first mandate, in 1941.

    Just eleven days into his third and final presidential mandate, he was overthrown in a military coup on 11 October 1968.

    On August 10 1988,  Arnulfo Arias Madrid, died at the age of 86 years ago, in the city of Miami, in the United States.



  4. When I was a young girl my mother would tell me that the older you get the faster time flies. I would laugh because I was too young to understand. Boy, do I now know what she meant. And I agree........time does seem to go faster as you get older.

    Anouk has been with us "and been our dog" for one year this month. Took her to the Animalis spay/neuter clinic, visit to Dra. Chely for check-up and shots, and of course a bath and trim. Then there was the dog obedience training. She has "settled in" and become our favorite (and only) dog. Even the neighbor cats (all seven of them) who arrive at our kitchen door for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus snacks are her friends.

    With Anouk's long hair I need to brush her frequently. Takes a lot of my time and she really enjoys it. Probably more than sleeping in her new house.

    It's been a good, maybe even great year!

    My big scare yesterday was when I found a cane toad (wow, a big one) in our yard. I know these   are poisonous. My question is what should I do to protect Anouk. I will take her to the vet of course, but how can I give first-aid immediately if she gets into a disagreement with this creature? All available information I found was several years old and I want current instructions.

    Need help, please.

  5. I am looking for an inversion table.  If anyone in the Boquete or David area has one they would like to sell, please contact me at mic1951co@gmail.com or WhatsApp 6623 4860.


  6. Twin Wolf Technology Group
    Latest Entry

    As I write this, I am shaking my head.   Another site hacked, this time one that hold passwords for thousands of people. 

    What I am commenting on is a service called One Login.  It is a password manager service.   The idea is to keep all of your passwords in one place and have a program or app on your phone keep track of them so they can all be very long and different.   You only need to remember the one password for the service and the rest is done for you.

    Well, OneLogin was broken into by hackers and all of the passwords, including the keys  to unencrypt them, were exposed.   If you have this service, you have already received an email about it.   For the people that do not have that particular password manager but do use a similar service I would like to caution you with a bit of reasoning.

    The old saying is "Don't put all your eggs in one basket".    A password manager does exactly that. It puts everything valuable in one place.   You are then trusting some company to keep the passwords to all your valuable information safe.   Consider this...  if you are a hacker, it would make sense to attack the place where there are hundreds if not thousands of passwords rather than trying to get just one password of yours.

    Personally, I solve the problem of having different passwords on different sites by making a formula out of them.  It is a rule that I apply to each website when they want me to create a password.   If follow the rule, then each site then gets a unique password.  I do not need to remember the password, instead I can recreate in my mind by remembering the simple rule.  

    Here are a few examples:
    Let's say this is my formula to make a password for any web site I visit:
    First two letters of each word of the website name,  followed by the year I was born, followed by a $ and then my initials in lower case

    Wells Fargo = WeFa56$DP
    Ebay = Eb56$DP
    Chiriqui Life = ChLi56$DP

    As you can see you end up with both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and a special character ($).   That meets all the recommendations and it is unique for each website.   Now when I visit in the future, I just think the rule out and I can figure out my password without having it written down or stored in a password manager.

    You can add other things and mix it with your own variations to make your formula unique.  Perhaps you want to use the first initial of all your kids names or maybe the last two letters of the website name.  The idea is to create a simple rule that lets you create a password for each site and makes it unique.   Keep the rule the same for every site and it will have enough variations to make a different password each time.   By doing this, you no longer need the password manager service and all of your accounts will not suddenly be exposed with a single failure should it get hacked.

    It is something to consider.    I have always said a password manager works right up until the company disappears or gets hacked.   When that happens, you do not have to deal with a single exposure, you have to deal with EVERY site.   In today's world, that can easily be 100s.

    Now... about saving the passwords in your web browser so you do not have to enter them each time - I will let you consider the risks when your computer goes into the shop for repair !
    Stay safe and enjoy the day

  7. Daniel and I are announcing the closure of Art Café. We thank all of our patrons who have supported us over the years, many of whom have become close friends. For us, it has been an act of love to provide a beautiful environment for the enjoyment of great food, art and music over these many years. It is time for us to move on from the restaurant life and, to that end, we're excited to introduce you to the new owner of our previous location on calle principal, restaurateur Gis...elle Young. She is the proud owner of Tre Scalini, an exquisite fine dining restaurant in Panama City. In the near future, Boquete will be fortunate to have the pleasure of hosting her new opening of Tre Scalini Bistro, which will offer a fresh international fusion cuisine for all of us to enjoy! She is in the process of renovating and remodeling so stay posted for the big changes underway. Here is a link to her restaurant website: http://trescalinipanama.com/?lang=en. We believe that we all will be very pleased to have this fine establishment right in our neighborhood!


  8. So we are busy preparing for our show next Saturday May 6, and I was thinking about the types of music one can find at an assortment of great venues here. So, I just wanted to get some feedback from you all about the types of music you prefer: when dining at a restaurant?

    When attending a concert?

    When driving down the road or At home relaxing?

    When having a drink?

    When at a party with friends?

    So far I've noticed the music scene here near Boquete seems to be composed of mainly 3 areas:

    1. Jazz & Blues

    2.  Rock: 60's, 70's & 80's and Oldies/Pop-rock

    3. Latin or Hispanic Music: Salsa/Meringue/Cumbia/Samba, Cubano, Panamanian,Tejano, Mariachi, etc.

    Have I forgotten any?

    What kind of music do you prefer to listen to? What genre of concerts or shows would you like to hear more often, or attend more of in Boquete? Who is your favorite Band or Artist? What Band or Artist would make you drive to David for a concert? What type(s) of music do you prefer to listen to at Christmas time? Traditional, jazzy, new music, latin music or Spanish, hymns/carols? Easy Listening, country, singer songwriter or folk type music? World music?

    Thanks for your time in answering. I think this could be very eye opening for the residents and the musicians in our area!

    Until next time,

    All the best MUSIC to you! DeDe & Larry :)

    (The photo is of Larry and I doing a 60's and 70's show at the ROCK in the fall of 2016, it was so fun and there were a lot of us locals singing along and dancing in the crowd...!)

    DeDe Larry Rock 7-27-17.JPG

  9.                                                                                  "Off the Beaten Path Trekking" 

    Explore, Dream, Discover, on foot with the best pioneer nature trekking group in Boquete. We have explored over 40 trails in this vast and beautiful area throughout the years

    Join us every Wed. & Fri. 

    This Week - 8:30 A.M.
    WED. NATURE HIKING 3+hrs. for Intermediate to advanced hiker, nature lover, photographer. We love breathing fresh air and love being outside! 
    FRI. EZ NATURE WALK 1-1/2 HOUR for Beginners, nature lover, photographer. We enjoy nature!
    We walk at a steady comfortable pace since, our primary interest is exploring, looking, admiring nature and discovering the unusual whenever the opportunity arises, which it has many times. Each of Boquete's seasons has something new to discover and to teach us about nature.   
    What to pack: during the rainy season (this year until December) need raingear., also pack binocs if you have them, water, sun block, camera, wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and hiking sticks, I have some to loan out. 
    Requirements: As always to be in good health and able to keep up with group, though as mentioned, we do not hike at a rapid pace stopping often to take in the scenery or discover something NEW. 
    For more info email jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces)
    Slowing down and going on a nature walks/hikes makes one more aware of their surroundings such as the different spice aromas flowing through the air or capturing a butterfly through your camera lens or looking at moss through a loupe lens in the rain forest. Nature walks are an interesting learning experience.
    For more information and to be placed on the Boquete EZ Nature Walks master list email Jere McCormick. 

    See you on the trails - Jere McCormick

    Photos from the nature trails around the boquete District. .

    Rio Chiriqui Grande (1 of 1).jpg

    David and Pacific Inlets (1 of 1).jpg

    Trail (1 of 1).jpg

    Out and Back (1 of 1).jpg

    Walking Back (1 of 1).jpg

    Hiking Day2 (1 of 1).jpg

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    Recent Entries

    Sandeep Lal
    Latest Entry

    Chef Craig Jacobs has been an integral part of our team at Seasons Restaurant and his leadership and spirit of culinary innovation has been supported by the Lucero team. Craig’s efforts in the kitchen have helped Seasons achieve success.

    Craig Jacobs has advised us that he will be moving to Panama city to create a new Thai Restaurant. 

    Chef Jacobs states that he "sincerely appreciates the opportunities and friendships" developed during his time at Lucero, adding that he wishes everyone at the restaurant "the best of luck in continuing as strong as ever.

    With any such departure comes the rewarding task of promoting a worthy replacement to the coveted position of Chef & General manager. Nadine Wilson has worked side by side with chef Jacobs and our team to understand and execute the culinary concepts and dishes at Seasons that Chef Jacobs has created over the past year. 

    Nadine, born in South Africa is a Chef and manager with several years of both restaurant ownership and kitchen experience. Nadine is a graduate of the Cordon Bleu school of Culinary Arts. We look to Nadine to continue the culinary experience that Chef Jacobs has created and to bring her own style and flair to our patrons.


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    Recent Entries

    Dixie Swim Club at the BCP
    "The set is looking great, the cast is well-rehearsed, sound effects are standing by – everything in service to the amazing script by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten.

    The Jones Hope Wooten team specialize in writing laugh-out-loud comedies and have been dubbed "America's Playwrights" largely due to their continued support of regional theatre. When Dixie Swim Club was proposed for the BCP, it was immediately recognized as a perfect fit for the fun-loving Boquete audience.

    This story of five women who reunite their college swim team every August – in a favorite cottage in the Outer Banks of North Carolina – offers a funny and poignant look at friendship through the decades. Tickets on sale now at Tuesday market and MBE for this not-to-be-missed romp."  Gabrielle Reynolds


  10. Boquete's First Poodle - Booca - Looking resplendent in his silver chain collar, contrasting black carabiner and new Rodny Direct hardwood custom-engraved ID tag. 

    Rodny Direct members exclusive - $10 for the first one, $5 each for additional - dog and collar not included.

    Back side can be customized to your liking

    Also works great for your keychain!




    IMG_3958 2.jpg


    IMG_1741.JPG   IMG_1706.JPG





    The Tide of Cybercrime is Rising Fast


    While physical crime against expats here in Panama is diminishing, cybercrime is rising world wide. Losses from cybercrime may already be greater than physical robbery. It is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world.


    Cybercriminals are targeting Seniors


    Anyone over 60 did not grow up with computers or the Internet from day one. Many of us openly admit to computer illiteracy. Cybercriminals are specifically targeting this group, especially relatively rich North Americans and Europeans. The criminals include enterprising ten year olds cracking your passwords and selling you out to sophisticated multi-national mafia-like businesses.


    How to Protect Yourself From Cybercrime


    A good friend of mine in California, Larry Magid, is a top computer journalist who has made his career mission protecting children and now seniors from cybercrime. Download his free Seniors Guide to Online Safety. Yes, it is safe to download :)


    In the rest of this article, we will take apart a recent incident and show the dangers of being hacked, which hopefully will inspire you to take steps to protect yourself.


    The Anatomy of a Hacking


    In the last week many of us became aware that a member of our community was hacked and as a result all of the people in his address book were exposed to Internet scams themselves. 


    We’ll Call Him Bob


    Many of you reading this already know the identity of the person who was hacked and that’s fine. He is not shy about what happened. If you don’t know already, it isn’t important to our story. 


    It all started with an upgrade of several computers to Windows 10. 


    While the upgrade want fine, a short time later Microsoft pushed an Outlook update to all his computers. While most of them were protected by a commercial anti-virus program, one was only protected by the Microsoft-provided Defender program and this computer became infected. Although we will never know for sure, apparently the attackers were ready for this Outlook update and may even have previously installed malware in his computer waiting for it to happen.


    Lesson #1 - Some computers are safer than others


    People have personal preferences for Windows PCs vs. Apple Macs and that is fine. However it is a simple fact of life that 99.99% of computer viruses and malware infect PCs, not Macs. There are technical reasons why this is true having to do with the fundamental design of the Apple OS X operating system, which like Linux and others, is based on the fundamentally secure UNIX operating system, the oldest and most widely used for secure computing platforms. 


    The awful moment of realization


    After the update, Bob turned on his computer and noticed very strange behavior as his file folders first showed up as empty and then slowly came back to “normal.” When Bob went to his email he made the startling discovery that his entire email contact list, dating back to the early 90s, was simply gone. It was also gone on all his other computers, which had “synchronized” with the master list kept online, which had been deleted by the hackers.


    Attempts to recover his contact list from computers backed up with previous versions of Windows failed. 



    Lesson #2 - Bob’s was using a “free” email account. Free email accounts are not secure or private


    You may wonder why Google, AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. are so magnanimous as to offer you free email accounts. It is because you are their product. Every email you send is read for salable information, every person in your contact list is sold to the highest bidder for advertising or whatever (IRS, NSA, front businesses for hackers, etc.). They own your contact list and as Bob found out, once deleted, it is gone forever. If you use a free email account, make sure you have a backup of your computer and an exported version of your contact list at all times.


    There are excellent, secure and private email services available from Godaddy and others, but they are not free. They never store your contact list, which lives on your own computer. In my view, they are well worth the extra money. 


    Bob is now manually recreating his contact list by going through every email since 1995 and recovering the email addresses. Of course, phone numbers and physical addresses are just lost. 


    This is what happened to Bob


    Once they owned his email account and armed with all of his emails, they learned about his bank accounts, which boards he sat on and much more. 


    The hackers emailed his personal banker in the US and asked to set up a wire transfer for something in excess of $17,000. Bob’s personal banker (at the bank he used to work for and who knew him personally) replied that Bob would need to confirm the transfer by phone. Promptly she received a phone call (from Indonesia as it happened) that Bob couldn’t come to the phone because he was in a board meeting, naming the organization precisely. Fortunately the banker knew Bob and insisted that the “real” Bob call personally. When “real” Bob called with a foreign accent, she hung up and immediately called the real Bob and the scam was stopped. But is was very close. 


    Meanwhile the scammers undertook to send scam emails to everyone in Bob’s contact list. Some claimed to be Bob who was stranded in an foreign city and needed money. Others, which many of us saw personally, were legitimate looking Dropbox documents with a secure PDF file that needed to be “signed for” with your email address and PASSWORD


    Since the scammers owned Bob’s email account, when people replied asking if this was for real, the scammers pretended to be Bob and assured them that it was a legitimate email. If you fell for it, they then owned your email account and you would likely meet the same fate as Bob. Very quickly, Bob deactivated his email account, but it was too late.


    How not to become Bob


        1.    If you are on the Windows platform you have to be super-vigilant about virus and malware protection, since Windows is the primary target of hackers. 

        2.    Internet and email scams affect every computer user whether Windows or Mac or Linux. Phishing, the practice of conning you into providing passwords to fake web sites, is very common. For example, if you get an email from Paypal asking you to verify your password, take a look at the actual email address of the sender - you will find it has nothing to do with Paypal.  The same goes for websites - take a look at the URL at the top of your browser - If it is not something like http://Paypal.com, you are being phished. 

        3.    Email addresses and passwords are regularly stolen from companies large and small. The only real protection is to eliminate the risk by using long, uncrackable passwords that are unique for every website you log into. Let’s face it, no one can remember all those passwords, so you need a commercial password manager to help out. This topic will be the subject of a detailed article to follow shortly. 

        4.    If you think your computer has been hacked IMMEDIATELY if not sooner, disconnect it from the Internet - pull the plug if you have to. As you are sitting there gawking, the hackers may be downloading all your email or other files, preparing to wipe your computer completely or hold it hostage for a ransom. 

        5.    MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER IS BACKED UP - ALWAYS. Make sure the backup system actually works.


    Next Up - Learning to Love Passwords


    Having an easy and effective password strategy is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself online. In the next article, I will talk about how to do that without pain and show an entirely new approach to generating and remembering passwords. 


    About the Author


    Dr. Sleepwell, AKA Mark Heyer, has been involved in the computer industry since the 1960s. He has designed and built computer systems, written hundreds of programs, owned a computer support company for professionals working at home in the Silicon Valley and served as executive director of customer service and tech support for a national Internet provider. 



  12. Update:  donors have gone, (4total) but have been unable to donate for various reasons.  SO, we are still looking for donors!  

    Please check out the requirements for donating at boquetehospice.org and on the left, click blood donation tab.  

    If you can donate, please call Charlotte  6693-5005






    In some ways, it's a tricky business. Just like a paying job, a volunteer needs to balance what they give with what is given back to them. If it isn't a good fit for some reason, then you start making excuses not to go. You're late one day, and then the following week you don't show up at all.

    What do the experts say about volunteering? I read a bunch of articles and took away four gems.


    To volunteer, find your passion, your talent, and go from there.

    The good folks at Amigos de Animales have been working with volunteers for a long time and most people I talk to say good things about them: their mission (spaying and neutering dogs and cats), their commitment (over 10,000 spayed so far and counting) and their attitude toward their volunteers (they think volunteers walk on water.)

    Alicia McGuigan, the Co-president and Director of Volunteers for Amigos de Animales, told me that her philosophy of providing good volunteer services is to: "Give a person a job that suits them and say Thank you."

    Ruby McKenzie, one of the founders of Amigos de Animales, noted: "Our volunteers are given options as to where they would like to work and if that is not working, we move them into other areas that might be more appealing. We put new people with people who know what they're doing. We don't let them feel neglected or confused."

    Sounds like a no brainer, but often agencies are so immersed in what their needs are that they forget about the volunteers who need to meet those needs and what they need. Because when looking at volunteers, you've got your techies/logical/practical types vs. your creative/pull a trick out of the hat types, or your extrovert vs. your introvert." A chatty people-person stuck in a small room using the copy machine is not going to stick around a long time.

    Find something that fits your talents and your personality. Then as you give, you're giving truly of yourself.


    Make sure the agency gives you training and then follows up to help you be successful.

    Alicia said that training is essential for their organization. They offer formal classes and then pair new volunteers with experienced ones so the newbies learn how to do things correctly. For Amigos de Animales, it is especially important because they don't want animals or volunteers getting hurt because they don't know they are doing, but all agencies that use volunteers should offer some sort of an inservice on their mission and how they will use your talents to accomplish it. Every organization has its own culture and value system, as well as its own way of doing things, and without training, there will be problems. I've seen agencies throw volunteers into complete chaos, and then complain when the volunteers contribute to, as oppose to minimize, the bedlam.


    Speak up, and do so with respect and consideration.

    "We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That's what connects us--that we're all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” Emilio Estevez

    There is just no way that you can volunteer, or frankly do anything in life involving other people, without misunderstandings or hurt feelings. Because we're beautiful wrecks.

    "Everyone has gifts. Everyone has quirks. Our job is to give practical ideas how how to handle tricky situations, " Alicia points out.

    When someone's quirks, or maybe your own quirks, cause problems for you, speak up. An agency won't know there is a problem if you don't tell them. Keeping your mouth shut just hurts everybody, but most of all it hurts you and those you want to help. If the agency blows you off, that tells you something. But if they address the problem, and the outcome is not what you wanted, know that just because it isn't your solution doesn't mean it isn't a good solution under the circumstances.

    Just say something.


    Work with people who appreciate you.

    "Volunteers come for 4-8 hours," Ruby of Animales told me."They are fed and watered and appreciated for the work they do." This makes sense from a volunteer appreciation perspective and also from a practical viewpoint. No one wants a volunteer with low blood sugar dealing with scared or angry animals. But any agency should provide tangible proof that they appreciate what their volunteers do for them. Because it's not what you say, it's what you do.

    Animales shows appreciation and respect for their volunteers through a gala every year. They host a big thank you party with food and drink for all. A fuss is made over those lovely volunteers, all who get an "Animal Lover" pin. I know of other agencies who make a big fuss, and it makes a big difference. Parties celebrate us and what we do, and what is more cause to celebrate than humans giving of their time and talents and doing wondrous things with them? It doesn't have to be expensive, it just has to be done with love and thoughtfulness.

    It just has to say to volunteers: "Damn you're good. And we know it. And we thank you."

  14. WAPO summarizes new Neurology journal article from Mayo regarding usefulness of mental exercise for staving off symptoms, if not disease of Alzheimers.  I'm happy with the disease if I (and others) don't suffer from (my) symptoms!

  15. You’re in for a special treat at the BJBF2016 garden party at the Panamonte hotel on Friday, Feb. 27: In cooperation and with support from the Italian embassy in Panama we were able to book the Luca Ciarla Quartet for a show at the garden party! Check them out at their website www.violipiano.it/quartet
    With their unusual instrumentation of violin, accordion and double bass they are creating a unique music experience! We are very happy to present this band at the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival 2016 and we’re sure you will love them! Their show at the garden party will be their only performance at the 2016 festival.

    Here's what the press is saying about them:
    One of the most original Italian jazz ensembles in recent years, the Luca Ciarla Quartet has performed everywhere at an international level, from Montreal Jazz Festival to Melbourne Jazz Festival. With Carmine Ioanna on accordion, Maurizio Perrone on double bass and Francesco Savoretti on percussions, jazz violinist Luca Ciarla has developed a unique sound, giving birth to charming and irresistible compositions and arrangements, natural synthesis between contemporary jazz and the familiar sounds of the Italian folk tradition and the Mediterranean area. Their latest album, ViolinAir, mostly recorded in Thailand during a long tour in Asia, presents original works and astonishing arrangements of classics such as A Night in Tunisia or Caravan. “…a gem of a record from a violinist who has clearly absorbed the history of his instrument from Joe Venuti to Michal Urbaniak to become very much his own man.” Duncan Heining, All About Jazz


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    Creating Cement Art - including Sculpture and Acid Staining
    In the Studio in Caldera at Black Rock Art Ranch


    by Chris McCall

    January 6, 7 and 8, 2016, plus four extra elective workshop days January 9, 10, 12 and 13 if you wish.*
    Class is From 10:00 till 12:30pm workshop time till 3:00pm. (Studio opens at 9:00am)
    Cost is $75 including all materials and supplies***

    Reservations: chrismccall@me.com, 6137-5602 - deposit required email and we will send Paypal invoice or you can deposit in the bank
    Directions to The Art Ranch on the web site.

    There is lots of one-on-one instruction during the workshop periods, and after class on the 3 class days. Many students work the whole time but many students just come to the class days if they don't have time in their schedule. You the student decide how much you want to do.

    Concrete is used widely in Panama for all construction. Concrete is also a great medium for crafts and artwork. In this workshop we will learn how to mix concrete and mortar, make concrete stepping stones with various designs and patterns, make concrete bowls and planters, bird baths, and any 3d shape plus acid stain concrete, and color concrete with liquid and powder dyes.

    January 6 - Working with concrete and mortar, 10:00am to noon with workshop time in the afternoon until 3:00pm — Please come a little early.

    • The tools you need for working with concrete
    • Safety procedures for concrete and acid staining
    • How to properly mix concrete and mortar including the common formulas and some of the additives used in concrete.
    • A slide show on the use of cement for counter tops and unusual house construction.
    • Adding powdered color to your concrete
    • Making molds for concrete
    • Arranging leafs for pleasing patterns
    • Planning for your 3d (sculpture project). Proper use of steel and the different types of wire that can be used for the artist. All students will make one bowl to learn techniques of working with forms. Workshop time will include one-on-one instruction in the first steps in creating your sculpture.

    January 7 - Sand Casting and Sculpture work (open at 9:00am with class at 10:00am and workshop in the afternoon)

    • Sand casting allows you to create very irregular shapes, beautiful bird baths form leaves, serving platters, bread dishes, only limited by the imagination.
    • All students in class will make a sand cast leaf.
    • Also during class students will clean up their bowl from the day before, learn to release the form, shape the "green cement" with rasps, sand paper and wire brushes.
    • Class will have discussion on the use of Ferro Cement.
    • Ferro cement is doing cement work over thin metal. Commonly used for sculptures and things like concrete counter tops. Using Ferro cement you can make almost any shape in concrete.
    • Preparing the metal, using rebar to support different shapes.
    • Scratch coating the metal and finish repello.
    • It is really easy to make wonderful pre Columbian type sculptures or anything that you can think of.
    • Workshop time will be one on one help with each persons projects.

    January 8 - Acid Staining and Finishing (open at 9:00am with class at 10:00am and workshop in the afternoon)

    • This is the day you finish all the projects you have been working on. Staining them and sealing them. Everything must be taken home at the end of this workshop day.
    • Safety precautions for working with acid.
    • Using and buying Commercial stains
    • Mixing your own stains from common chemicals used in pottery.
    • Preparing the concrete for staining
    • Working with old concrete and new concrete
    • Different methods of application
    • Making patterns with the stain
    • Using acrylic colors to fix areas that don¹t take or to add accent to the staining.
    • Sealing the concrete after staining Waxing the concrete

    Work Shop Days
    January 9, 10, 12 and 13 - Workshop Days 9:00am to 3:00pm  (you may come and leave as you desire until closing)

    During workshop days Chris will work one-on-one with each person helping them as they need it with there projects. There is no formal schedule, you may come any time between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

    The workshop fee is $75. Materials and space fee is included. ***Extra material charge for really large projects. Deposit is required and you may do so on the website via Paypal which accepts any credit card.

    The teacher for this workshop will be Chris McCall. Chris has been in the arts for many years. In 1985 he opened the Stained Glass School and Supply in Denver Colorado. Chris moved to Panama Central America in 2004, he designed and built a resort called Rancho de Caldera. In 2010 he opened his art studio in Boquete teaching cement art, stained glass, paper making, felting, and spinning and last year moved the Studio to Caldera. Caldera is beautiful, the studio is on a hill top so is cooler than Caldera itself because of the mountain breezes.

    You will leave the workshop with new knowledge, some beautiful cement art pieces and sculptures.

    Please email your reservation to Chris McCall, pay deposit on the web site - chrismccall@me.com
    For Questions call Chris at 6137-5602

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