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Thank you so much to all our volunteers and friends!!!

Thank you so much to all our friends and volunteers who came to help at the Vaccine and adoption event!!! 
Thanks to Charlie's Pet Fashion!!!
27 dogs received their vaccines, thank you Nicolas Mellana for your help. 2 cats were adopted, 3 pre Adoption of dogs!!! Great day!!
In August our volunteers from Guadalupano and Benigno Schools, are planning THE DOG FESTIVAL IN TOWN!!! 
DogCamp and Angeles con Colita will be there!

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete


Tax Deductible Donations to Nutre Hogar Chiriqui from U.S. Citizens and Corporations

Hola Boquetenos:   Nutre Hogar Chiriqui is a non-profit organization that treats 40 severely malnourished children who are transferred from the malnutrition ward at Hospital Materno Infantil Josè Domingo de Obaldia. Malnutrition is a severe problem that affects the poorest sectors of our province.  In Chiriquì 40% of the population lives in extreme poverty with the districts of San Lorenzo, San Felix, Remedios, and Tole being the ones with the highest incidence of malnutrition.   These facts place Chiriquì as the province with the highest poverty and malnutrition levels in Panama.   The main objective of Nutre Hogar is to save pre-school children (newborns up to 6  years of age) from severe malnutrition and the irreversible physical and intellectual damages that it causes in children.  A child`s stay at Nutre Hogar depends on the degree of malnutrition, but it usually ranges from 3 to 8 months.   The treatment of children suffering from malnutrition requires a specialized diet, adapted to the specific needs of each child.   At Nutre Hogar a medical team periodically supervises the children`s development, providing vitamins, medicines and other treatments until recovery is completed.   Once the child is healthy and returns  home, we provide an educational program with the family.  This program helps in the prevention of other malnutrition cases and serves as a community awakening to other parents.   To give you an understanding of the scope of our Mission…we need $25,000.00 a month to keep our center in operation.   Please Click the Link Below to View Our Introduction to Nutre Hogar Chiriqui https://youtu.be/E7hT1P3YUw ONLY THROUGH THE TRUST AND SUPPORT OF ALL THE PEOPLE AND COMPANIES THAT BELIEVE IN OUR MISSION, CAN WE CONTINUE TO CARRY ON THIS LOVING WORK.  THIS IS WHY WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR KIND DONATIONS.  HOPEFULLY NUTRE HOGAR CHIRIQUI WILL COUNT EVERY DAY WITH MORE HELPING HANDS.  PLEASE HELP US GIVE A “HOPE OF LIFE” TO ALL THE CHILDREN IN PANAMA THAT SUFFER FROM MALNUTRITION.    Donations from U.S. Citizens and Corporations Donations of $1,000 or more to Nutre Hogar Chiriqui from U.S. taxpayers can be made through our trusted partner, Friends of Amigos de Boquete, a U.S. 501(c)(3), so that the amount of your gift is tax-deductible under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.   To make your gift please email Philip McGuigan at ppmcguigan@outlook.com  with your preferred telephone number and he will call you to review next steps.        

Velvet And Her Four Babies! Need Your Help!

Velvet was dumped right before giving birth, despite having been someone’s well cared for pet. Kind people took her and her babies to foster for a few days, after that, our friend Judy Odom took the cats and gave them a lot of attention and love.
Now all the cats are ready for their forever homes.
Judy Odom spayed and neutered them, gave all the shots and she continues feeding them.
So now we would like to ask you for donations for these beautiful momma and kittens while they are waiting for their forever homes. Please consider to make a donation by PayPal with the subject "Velvet and kittens", we will appreciate all your help.
If people had not rescued her Velvet and her babies would have suffered terribly, maybe not survived - starvation or killed by dogs, or added to the feral cat population.

And Now I Know -- Horses

Did you attend the recent Rodeo at the Fairgrounds? The interest in Rodeo happenings in many parts of the world peaked my interest about horses. Ever hear of “The Pony Express”? This organization operated for less than two (2) years, made 400 runs, but became a legend in American history. During the 1800’s The Pony Express was a communication system that moved information (today’s internet, television, etc.) but was powered by horses. Now we witness these animals in a rodeo setting in Chiriqui where we see barrel racing, calf roping and other such activities. The method of the horse has changed during the last 100 years but I believe they are still used as a communication tool, just a different method for sharing information.




“Whale Watching Tour = Pearl Islands” with “Whale Whisperer” Anne Gordon

“Whale Watching Tour = Pearl Islands” with “Whale Whisperer” Anne Gordon This is Whale Watching at its best! Don`t miss out on this unforgettable trip . Whale season is from July 1 to October 15 July 27 to July 29, 2018 = Only 30 spots available Humpback whales Did you know that Panama is the only place in the world where Humpback whales from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres come to breed and give birth?   Humpback Whales are known as the acrobats of the sea because they spend a lot of time at the surface putting on a fantastic show of pectoral fin or tail slapping, breaching, spy hopping or simply resting at the surface. Watching the humpbacks is one of the most satisfying species to watch because you never know when they might breach (jump) completely out of the water and they are often curious about the boats and come super close, sometimes even swim right under us to do a little people watching of their own.          Whale Watching Guide, Spiritual Teacher, Whale Whisperer, Biologist, Dolphin Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurous, Inspirational                                                                                                                                                           The itinerary is: A.)     July 27 (Friday) – Leave Boquete 7:30AM. Travel by tour bus to Panama City. Enjoy mimosas and a continental type breakfast on the way. We will stop along the way for short breaks. Lunch at “Va y Ven” in Santiago (you pay for your own lunch). We arrive at Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel around 4PM.  That evening dinner will be on your own.       B.)   July 28 (Saturday) – Breakfast at “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel” (included) before boarding the 7:15AM bus to go to the Amador Causeway, where we take our boat our adventure starts.   Whale Watching tour   The Pearl islands are located about 35 miles South of Panama city.  We will leave Panama city at 8:00 am and head straight out towards the Pearl islands looking for whales and dolphins the entire time. We will stop on a small uninhabited island at noon and have lunch prepared for you on the island. We will re-board the boat at 2:30 pm to head back to Panama city, arriving around 5:00 pm, of course, looking for more whales and dolphins on the way.  The large boat is a brand new boat, which has open viewing from all sides, front and back, seating, shade, bathrooms, and all the latest safety and communication systems onboard. It is the perfect whale watching boat and identical boats are being used all over the world by other successful whale watching companies. Snacks and drinks are available onboard for purchase.    Included on this tour: Round trip transfer from Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel 1 day tour from Panama City around the Pearl Islands..with an amazing whale watching guide Lunch in an inhabited island..with a beautiful beach for swimming and/or snorkeling (bring your own snorkeling equipment) ***Snacks and drinks are available onboard the boat for purchase.   Things to bring:
Swim suits, water shoes, sun protection, cameras, snorkeling equipment Cash for refreshments/drinks      C.)   July 29 (Sunday) – After breakfast at “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel” (included) we will board the bus at 9:30AM…..and go visit the famous “ Biomuseo Panama”.  Biomuseo is located on the Amador Causeway in Panama City, Panama. It was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. This is Gehry's first design for Latin America. The design was conceived in 1999 and the museum opened in October 2014.   At 11:30AM we leave the Museum and stop at Westland Mall  to do some shopping and/or visit the food court (lunch is on your own).  We will be here for 1 hour. We expect to return to Boquete around 8PM/8:30PM. This entire package includes: The round trip bus, Continental breakfast on the bus on Friday, 2 nights stay at Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel with buffet breakfast included,  whole day whalewatching tour around the Pearl Islands on Saturday with an amazing whale watching guide, lunch is provided the day we do the whale watching tour (in a uninhabited island with a beautiful beach where you can swim and snorkel if you bring your snorkeling equipment), entrance to the Biomuseo Panama on Sunday, all you can drink of Mimosas/Wine/Water/snacks on the bus the whole trip.   A $200.00 “per person” deposit will be taken Monday, July 9, from 10:30AM to 12 noon at Malu Restaurant in Boquete.    We have been asked if we will accept the payment in full in lieu of the deposit and the answer is, of course.  Judy Tovar, English speaking guide, will be there to answer questions on this tour.   Final payment will be taken on Monday, July 16. Space is limited. Maximum 30 people.  Reservations are “first come/first serve”. Total package: $475.00 per person Rooms are based on 2 people per room. We have rooms with 1 “King” bed..or rooms with “2 Separate Double” beds. Single occupancy an additional $50.00 charge.  You have to find your own roommate. Please contact: Linda Hart - lhart249@hotmail.com Promoter OR Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net Easy Travel Panama (www.easytravelpanama.net)

And Now I Know — Mercado Boquete

Yesterday we wandered into Mercado Boquete (across the street from Romero grocery store). Why? Because I was seeking eggplant (berenjena) to make moussaka. Now I had searched for this purple vegetable in several different stores locally and in David. No luck. In The Mercado I encountered mostly Panamanians, some folks were shopping and several were just talking with friends. And then at the fourth stall there was this wonderful lady selling my sought after eggplant or berenjena. I think my pronunciation of berenjena was far from accurate, but this polite and helpful Panamanian saleslady understood. She even responded back in English. Bless her! So today I begin my cooking chores to prepare moussaka after my pleasant experience at The Mercado Boquete.




Buena Ventura

Very nice country club and facilities. Played golf there the second week in June. Jack Nickaulas course. The beaches there are nicer than up toward Las Lajas and Las Olas and the undertow in much less. I visited Playa Blanca and was not impressed. I'll do Bijao next trip. We stayed in Anton Valle up in the mountains. Anton Valle is actually the only city on earth built directly in the caldera of a volcano. Cheers




And Now I Know -- Beneficiary On Bank Account

A friend and I were enjoying a before dinner conversation last week when she inquired about who was listed as beneficiary on our bank account. I answered with certain names of people. And she said “are you sure, really sure?” Then she told me a scary tale. (This is a smart, clear thinking woman.) Recently when this couple visited their local bank and inquired about who was listed as beneficiary on their account, they were told two names of people they didn’t even know! So yesterday Bud and I went to our primary bank to check our account status. You guessed it. One listed beneficiary is deceased and another was someone that we don’t want near our financial matters. This bank charges $112 for a new beneficiary form but we agreed to pay — without a smile — because we wanted an immediate correction of this information. Decided not to delay this process while considering opening an account at a different bank. We also will be checking our secondary bank account in the next few days. How does this happen where names of people you don’t even know appear as benefactors on your personal bank account? Also learned that Bud is the “owner” of the account. Yes, I have check writing authority, but am not the owner, so settlement/change of ownership would eventually require probate thru Panamanian court system if there is no designated beneficiary. Note: My action item is every month check the paperwork data at the bank. Are you confident your bank account documentation is as you want it to be?




Pancha!!! Dog Camp Sponsor Program!

PANCHA! She was rescued in Alto Lino area, near to Finca Lerida. She is a good dog. A bad person cut her face with a machete, she is 15 years old, she came to DogCamp with six puppies, we gave the puppies for adoption and now she is a member of DogCamp!! She is part of our SPONSOR PROGRAM. If you would like to sponsor her, please contact us, with your contribution you can continue helping animals. Contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com

Precious!! Basset Hound Mix For Adoption!

Billy, our friendly and lovely dog and Precious!!! Precious is a Basset hound mix one of the best dogs ever!!! She is a rescued dog, she was in terrible conditions, a lady found her after somebody try to burn her. She is around 2 years old, very friendly and sweet, she love to play with all the dogs, puppies and she loves cats. Would you like to meet her? Contact us!!! 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com

Checko Available For Adoption!!

CHECKO!! Great and friendly dog, he is a Labrador - Rottweiller mix! Big dog!!!! He is two years old, neutered. He loves to play with all kind of dogs and puppies, he is really good with cats. Would you like to meet him? Contact us today!!! 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com

Thank You So Much!!! Dog Camp Fundraising Event!

Thank you so much to all the friends who came to Mike's for the DogCamp Fundraising Event. It was GREAT!!! Thanks to Mike's and Heidi Lim Rehm and the stuff for the excellent food, thanks to Jim Omer for all his help with the organization and the the raffle, thanks to Oscar Peña and Rod Taylor from @Boquete.ning for the video and promotion of the event, thanks to all the friends who donate the prizes, Fiona Grace, Patti Major, Doris Paredes Duque, Beth Abrahamas, Jim Omer, Heidi and Mike, Edgar Vargas for the music, Beth Abrahams, Lisa Mosley and all the people who came and supported DogCamp     

Saturday June 16th, From 10AM To 2PM Adoption Day At Amigos De Animales Event Center

SATURDAY JUNE 16TH, 10AM  TO 2PM ADOPTION DAY AT AMIGOS DE ANIMALES BUILDING!! DogCamp has beautiful dogs ready for adoption!!! And our partner Kirsten and Ray Quimby will have beautiful cats too.
If you are looking for a new member of the family that will love you forever... So, come the next saturday to the ADOPTION DAY at Amigos de Animales Building, you will see many beautiful dogs and cats spayed, neutered and with all the shots.
DogCamp is looking for good homes, totally fenced.
If you adopt a rescued dog from the DogCamp, you will have the perfect company in your live. COME AND SPEND TIME WITH NEW FRIENDS, WE WILL HAVE A DELICIOUS BBQ AND AN RAFFLE WITH MANY PRIZES, ALSO CHARLIE PET FASHION WILL BE THERE!!! 

DogCamp helping cats!!! :)

Today were rescued two cats, both really sick and one of them with a big tumor.
Both need surgery.
Here is the PayPal that we are using now from our friend Kirsten, so if you wants to help these poor cats, make a donation.
We have more pictures but they are really sad, if you would like to see them, please send to us a message or an email. dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 65638686 Here is the PayPal account DONATE TODAY!!!

Dog Camp Fundraising At Mike's Global Grill

June 7th 5pm (THURSDAY) Mike's Global Grill and Boquete Outdoor Adventure are organizing a new Fundraising event for DogCamp!!! Come on and have a great time eating good food and listening good music by Edgar Vargas!! 
Get your ticket at Mike"s, Boquete Outdoors Adventures office at Los Establos and DogCamp!!
We will have a raffle! Come and buy your tickets the same day of the event!!!
Contact us 65638686

Beto was adopted!!!! Thank you Julie Ann and Arlo!!

Thank you to JulieAnn Kehren and her husband Arlo who were fostering Beto-Boby, since today he will be part of the family and he is going to United States in two weeks! Another happy ending!!!!   Remember if you want to adopt a dog/cat or if you want to be part of our Foster Program... Please contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com