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Dog Camp Fundraising At Mike's Global Grill

June 7th 5pm (THURSDAY) Mike's Global Grill and Boquete Outdoor Adventure are organizing a new Fundraising event for DogCamp!!! Come on and have a great time eating good food and listening good music by Edgar Vargas!! 
Get your ticket at Mike"s, Boquete Outdoors Adventures office at Los Establos and DogCamp!!
We will have a raffle! Come and buy your tickets the same day of the event!!!
Contact us 65638686

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete


Panama Canal Jungle Day Tour

July 22 to July 24, 2018 Don`t miss out on this amazing “Panama Canal Jungle Day Tour” = Only 30 spots available                                                                                                                                            The itinerary is: A.)    July  22 (Sunday) – Leave Boquete 7:30AM. Travel by tour bus to Panama City. Enjoy mimosas and a continental type breakfast on the way. We will stop along the way for short breaks. Lunch at “Va y Ven” in Santiago (you pay for your own lunch). We arrive at Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel around 4PM.  That evening dinner will be on your own.            B.) July 23 (Monday) – Breakfast at “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel” (included) before boarding the 8:30AM bus to go to Gamboa (a beautiful 30 to 40 minute ride through the rainforest).     Explanation of the amazing tour we will be taking today = Come experience why many tourists consider this trip one of the highlights of their visit to Panama.                                                                                                     Panama Canal Jungle Day Tour Your day of adventure will take you to the waters of the world's most famous manmade lake. Lake Gatun is situated in the heart of the Isthmus of Panama. It was constructed between 1906- 1914 to make the Panama Canal possible.

From the lake's shore (at the public ramp in Gamboa) you will board our fast motor launches for a voyage of discovery. We will navigate above ancient routes that crossed the isthmus long before the lake`s creation.

Huge Ocean going ships can be seen transiting across this water bridge that links the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

We will glide past lush tropical forests to a scenic region of the lake and witness firsthand the splendor and excitement of the jungle. Exotic birds, monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and crocodiles are just a few of the animals that you can view in their native surroundings. The sights, sounds and scents that make up this tropical paradise will engulf you.

Our ultimate destination will be a big barge next to a private tropical island. A delicious native style lunch with refreshments will be served. Afterwards numerous activities are available at no additional costs.   Explore on your own while kayaking, swimming,  or fishing. Or if you prefer, just relax in the shade swinging in a hammock and sip a cool drink while taking in the beauty of the area.

Duration on the Gatun lake: 6.5 hours =Embarkation at the Gamboa public boat ramp at 9:30am.  We return to Gamboa at 4:00 pm.  Bus will be waiting for us to take us back to our hotel.  We should be back at our hotel around 5PM. Included on this tour: Round trip transfer from our hotel
Lake tour via motor launch with bilingual guide Visit of Monkey Island
Lunch and refreshments = Sodas and water are included.  Beer and Wine you have to buy
Optional Activities, such as fishing, swimming, and kayaking to a natural spring
Things to bring:
Swim suits, water shoes, sun protection, cameras, and cash for purchases (wine/beer/few souvenirs)          C.)   July 24 (Tuesday) – After breakfast at “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel” (included) we will board the bus at 9:30AM…..and go visit the famous “ Biomuseo Panama”.  Biomuseo is located on the Amador Causeway in Panama City, Panama. It was designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. This is Gehry's first design for Latin America. The design was conceived in 1999 and the museum opened in October 2014.   At 11:30AM we leave the Museum and stop at Westland Mall  to do some shopping and/or visit the food court (lunch is on your own).  We will be here for 1 hour. We expect to return to Boquete around 8PM/8:30PM.       This entire package includes: The round trip bus, Continental breakfast on the bus on Sunday, 2 nights stay at Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel with buffet breakfast included,  guided English speaking guide on the “Panama Canal Jungle Day Tour” all day Monday, the opportunity to kayak or fish on the Gatun Lake, entrance to the Biomuseo Panama, all you can drink of Mimonos/Wine/Water/snacks on the bus the whole trip. A $200.00 “per person” deposit will be taken Monday, July 9, from 10:30AM to 12 noon at Los Establos Plaza in Boquete just outside Kotowa Coffee Shop. Judy Tovar, English speaking guide, will be there to answer questions on this tour.  Final payment will be taken on Monday, July 16 Space is limited. Maximum 30 people.  It will be on a first come, first serve bases. Total package: $375.00 per person Rooms are based on 2 people per room. We have rooms with 1 “King” bed..or rooms with “2 Separate Double” beds. Single occupancy an additional $50.00 charge.  You have to find your own roommate.   Please contact: Linda Hart - lhart249@hotmail.com = Promoter OR   Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net = Easy Travel Panama (www.easytravelpanama.net)    

Private Heliconia Day Tour and Plant Sale-Carla Black`s Heliconia Farm in Volcan = June 20, 2018

JUNE 20, 2018 (WEDNESDAY) = only 30 spaces available   "Private" Heliconia Day Tour and Plant Sale = Carla Black`s Heliconia Farm in Volcan = Finca la Chichicas   (Carla will have a presentation at BCP on June 12).                                                                                       Carla & Angel’s home is surrounded by beautiful gardens with more species of heliconia than you can imagine, as well as other beautiful tropical plants including tropical water lilies. The garden is filled with beautiful heliconia flowers, magnificant views, water features, and hiking trails. The farm is called “Finca Las Chichicas”….named after the Panamanian common name of the most prolific heliconia in this country, Heliconia latispatha.         What is heliconia?
Heliconia, derived from the Greek word helikonios, is a genus of flowering plants in the Heliconiaceae. Most of the species are native to the tropical Americas, but a few are indigenous to certain islands of the western Pacific and Maluku.  They are a sister to the banana family and are closely related to ginger and Bird of Paradise. There are 250 species of all colors in shades of yellows and reds. Carla Black says she might have the biggest collection of  heliconia species in the world!   Plant lovers find the Panamanian tropics a lush wonderland of botanical curiosities. Heliconias are one of the more unique varieties of flowering plant found here in great abundance.   Many species of Heliconia are found in rainforests or tropical wet forests of these regions. Several species are widely cultivated as ornamentals. Common names for the genus include lobster-claws, wild plantains or false bird-of-paradise. The last term refers to their close similarity to the bird-of-paradise flowers (Strelitzia). Collectively, these plants are also simply referred to as heliconias.”   Every year..for 2 days only… Carla opens their garden to the public and they have an enormously popular sale of heliconia plants.  This year the plant sale weekend is June 23 -24, 8:00am- 4:00pm. This is the only time of year the general public is invited in to look around.   June 20 (3 days Before her Public big plant sale)…Carla Black will give us a “private tour”.  You will also be able to buy plants that day. This will give you a chance to enjoy their beauty and acquire them for your home gardens….in a “private” environment!  You are the “lucky ones” …..you will be able to pick and buy your heliconias before everybody else!!   ***Carla will accept “preorders” and set them aside for you to bring home in the bus on June 20.  Please review her website and let her know which plants you want to buy BEFORE we get there.  Reason for this is because it`s confusing to see what`s what without the cut flowers, or trying to remember which are for sale while on the tour.      Contact information for Carla Black:   e-mails:    heliconiatortuosa@gmail.com OR gardens@volcanbaru.com   Website:  www.heliconiagarden.com                             Today`s itinerary:           1.)    We leave Boquete at 8AM. Get to Volcan  around 10AM.  The drive from Boqueto to Volcan is a very scenic, beautiful ride. You will be surrounded by mountains and nature all the way.        2.)    When we get to Carla Black`s farm ….we will have a 2 hour “private tour” with her.       3.)   AT 1 PM  we will have lunch at “Mana Restaurant” in Volcan.     4.)   After lunch we will drive back to Boquete.                5.)  We should be back in Boquete latest 5PM.      People should come ready to walk, with sturdy shoes and walking sticks.  Bus will drop us off at entry of the farm. Walk from the entrance to where you can sit down is about 200m., down and up. For those of you who do not want to walk anymore,  you can sit in the garden while the rest of the group goes to the far corners of the farm.   This entire package includes: The round bus trip, coffee and cinnamon rolls before we leave Boquete, snacks, water and wine on the trip to and from Boquete, fee for private tour with Carla Black at her amazing heliconia farm, Lunch at “Mana Restaurant” in Volcan.       Total package: $80.00 per person  Please contact: Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com OR Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net  

Beto was adopted!!!! Thank you Julie Ann and Arlo!!

Thank you to JulieAnn Kehren and her husband Arlo who were fostering Beto-Boby, since today he will be part of the family and he is going to United States in two weeks! Another happy ending!!!!   Remember if you want to adopt a dog/cat or if you want to be part of our Foster Program... Please contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@gmail.com

What is the Party Bus?

What is the “Party Bus”!!!! Linda Hart and Judy Tovar have been organizing amazing trips to see the Embera Indians on The Chagres River, did 2 trips to see “Panama The Musical” play in Panama City,  we did the Ocean to Ocean trip by going to Colon to see the new set of locks and taking the train from Colon to Panama City..and have done some “day trips” to Dracula Orchid Farm in Cerro Punta, to see 2 of the Championship games at the new Stadium in David..and an amazing Cinco de Mayo Party in a Mexican restaurant in David. We organize everything for you so that you don`t have to worry about anything.  From the  moment you get on our “Party Bus” we take care of you giving you a Continental Breakfast and/or Snacks, Mimosas, Wine, Water.    We entertain you the whole way to Panama City and back.  We stay in super good hotels in Panama City..lately have been staying at the “Wyndham Albrook Mall Hotel”..which everybody loves. In Panama City we use Easy Travel Panama´s wonderful bilingual guides for our "personalized" tours.   (website: www.easytravelpanama.net) You can ask persons who have taken trips with us and they can tell you our trips are TONS of fun..and SUPER well organized.  We do our best to make each trip unforgettable. We will keep you posted as soon as we decide what other trips we are planning in the near future. If you have a group of at least 20 persons and have a trip in mind let us know and we would be happy to organize everything for you.  Please contact:  Linda Hart – lhart249@hotmail.com OR Judith Tovar  - easytravel@cwpanama.net   (website: www.easytravelpanama.net)

Personalized Bilingual Tours in Panama City and Nearby Surroundings

Subject: EASY TRAVEL PANAMA - PERSONALIZED GROUND TRANSPORTATION AND SIGHTSEEING Easy Travel Panama - Personalized Ground Transportation and Sightseeing   “Your personal English speaking guide in Panama”   Jack Hanna from "Into The Wild" with bilingual tour guide Judy Tovar, owner of Easy Travel Panama.   Easy Travel  Panama has developed a specialized "niche" in personalized tour and travel guide services. We offer packages that are specifically designed and tuned to your individual desires and requirements. Our drivers and tour guides are highly trained to provide first class service. We provide personalized ground transportation and sight-seeing service. From the minute you touch Panamanian soil our knowledgeable drivers and guides will receive and assist you in flawless English. We offer transportation and tours throughout Panama City and other nearby popular destinations. Our drivers/guides are knowledgeable about all aspects of Panama and its diverse cultures. We can customize Sight-seeing, Cultural, Historical, Panama Canal, Nature, Embera Indian Village, Train ride to Colon to see the New Locks and tour around that area, or Handicraft shopping excursions based on your individual needs and particular interests. Our drivers/guides, although very professional, are a lot of fun and very experienced working with international guests.  We have hundreds of totally satisfied clients and we are confident you will feel the same. Please check out our website so that you can see which tours you and your family would like to take with us. e-mail:  easytravel@cwpanama.net website:   www.easytravelpanama.net

Historic 2Bed/2Bath Home in Bajo Boquete - Close to Everything, Incredible Views, Sleeps 6 Available for 3 Day Minimum Stay, Weekly, Monthly or Short Term 3-6 months

Historic 2Bed/2Bath Home in Bajo Boquete - Close to Everything, Incredible Views, Sleeps 6 Available for 3 Day Minimum Stay, Weekly, Monthly or Short Term 3-6 months   Are you looking for a beautiful home right in town, yet very private and away from the hustle and bustle? This unique, one of a kind move-in ready home rests just three hundred meters above and overlooking Bajo Boquete within a brief walking distance to town and with an unbelievable vista.   Our airy and light filled furnished 3800 sq. ft under-air home offers:   · Two large bedrooms with optional 3rd bedroom, each equipped with three top of the line king size mattresses.   · Fifteen foot vaulted ceilings, terracotta tile throughout, many custom ceiling fans and large screened windows with expansive views.   ·  All rooms within the house are large, including the living area.  The master bedroom features an en suite bathroom with rain shower and dressing area with his and hers closets and built in dresser;  The second bedroom is the same size as the master with a separate spacious bathroom, also with rain shower.   Both bathrooms have great lighting, large mirrors, granite counters. The home is well-lit throughout.   · Massive, fully equipped gourmet kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops and butcher block prep station, standard sized double door refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster oven and includes knives, silverware and cookware.   ·. The living room has a comfortable sectional sofa and 62 inch flat screen television with a picture window looking out to the gardens, mountain and town below;  there is also a work desk and an over-stuffed reclining leather chair.   · Enclosed laundry room with a new full size washer and dryer.   · There is a very large covered terrace facing east toward the Jaramillo mountains and Bajo Boquete with a six top dining table, party size BBQ, rocking chairs and chiminea   Enjoy beautiful sunrises with your morning coffee and gorgeous afternoons and evenings with your favorite beverage.   · Beautiful gardens with old growth fruit bearing trees in season: banana, plantain, orange, tangerine, lemon, mango, guanoabana and fresh herbs:  rosemary, oregano, thyme, fennel, lemongrass and basil.   · This large private property is surrounded by towering bamboo stands, a mature pine and eucalyptus forest, lots of pretty trees, plants, flowers and an adjacent fast flowing stream.   · There is an unlimited supply of spring water - tested, fresh and safe.  Never run out of fresh water.   · The property is fenced with a gated entrance and covered two car parking.   · The home has gorgeous, completely unobstructed views of Bajo Boquete and the Jaramillo Mountains.   This very comfortable, fully furnished and artistic home includes all utilities, cable TV package and efficient, high speed wifi.   For 3 day, weekly, monthly or short term prices, please contact Nicole and Daniel @ Lavendergirl8088@icloud.com or WhatsApp: +507.6775.9485; we are available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding our beautiful property.  🙂   For photos, visit:   www.Facebook.com/CasaCieloBoquete  

Memories of our dear friend Dru Aguilar

Dru's Bench We have a seat and it's kinda neat, it sits in the yard with a view. We sit out there in the cool mountain air and think of our times spent with Dru.   There's such a breeze, and pollen...we sneeze and a moment of sadness wafts by. We miss you Dru.  We think of you, and those thoughts cause us to cry.   But in our seat that's oh no neat, we can see such a beautiful view. The sky up high, and birds flyin' by, and happiness in thoughts of you. A hummingbird drinks from a flower nearby; a hawk squawks chased by a bird. The sounds we hear make us feel you're near.  The sweetest sounds we've heard.   So cheers to you Dru !  YOU are the view: the flowers, the wind and the sky. We sit in this seat...oh so neat; You're near...so why should we cry ?   We love and miss you Dru! Alison and Bill Brundage

Agility project at DogCamp! Coming soon!!!

We have a group of 10 people from UK working so fast on the Agility project for dogs at DogCamp! Thank you so much to Jim Omer and Amy Brumfield from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, Ma;ana Madera Coffee, Value Motors and Nancy Bourque and his husband Gene for their support with this project!! Come to visit the DOGCAMP!!!   30361557_866376380231378_5475854337693450240_n.mp4

How was our day yesterday?

How was our day yesterday??
1. 8.45am Chris McColeman and Pauline Verkley came to walk the dogs, Chiki and Junior.
2. 9.30am Our friend Maureen from Angeles con Colita, came to pick up the cat traps that she borrowed from our friend Zoey Quimby.
3. 10.00am We received a call from our friend Laura Kasparian who was asking for help for a stray dog in the town. We went to get the dog and we notice that dog was very sick. We took the dog to Dr Chely who confirmed that the dog had distemper, so we had to take the sad decision to put sleep the dog?. Is the first time that we do that.
Meanwhile Javier was the whole time with the dogs at the DogCamp. 4. 4:00pm we received the visit of our friend Stan, who came to donate two bags of puppy food and one bag of cat food. 5. 4:30pm We received the visit of our friends Amy Brumfield and Jim Omer from Boquete Outdoors Adventures, to prepare the ideas for an oncoming project.
6. 7:00pm We received the visit from our friend Ilona Backeley who came to donate a bag of dog food. 7. 12:30am Sadie, the pregnant dog was birthing her puppies (10 beautiful doggies) If you want to make a donation for these beautiful puppies, we will be at the Tuesday market or you can come to visit the dogs at DogCamp. Thank you!!!!!    

And Now I Know -- Hummingbirds

Last week we were invited to a friend’s house to enjoy the view from their balcony and watch the hummingbirds. What a treat to see clouds racing across the sky and thinking this is the top of the world. Started wondering about these tiny birds with a lifespan of 3 to 5 years, measure about 3 inches in length, and have a heartbeat of 200 times a minute. I see them around our house getting nectar from colorful flowers using their long narrow bills and tongue. Their tongues are groved like the shape of a “W” with tiny hairs that help lap up nectar—-similar to a cat’s tongue. There are more than 300 species of hummingbirds and are found only in the Western Hemisphere from Alaska to Chile. Most live in the tropics. And yes, they migrate alone, not in a flock. Have no sense of smell, but can hear better than humans. Now that name hummingbird comes from flapping their wings so fast (720 to 5400 times per minute when hovering) that they make a humming noise.The average flying speed is 30 miles an hour but they can travel as fast as 60 miles an hour. They almost never stop moving. Legs are so small and weak they typically can’t walk at all and use their feet for perching. Hummers are the only birds that can fly up, down, sideways, backwards and forward like a helicopter. They can even fly upside down. And Now I Know.....a bit more about the birds of Chiriqui. Below are two stock photos of hummingbirds. We find them difficult to photograph.




Anouk’s Six Month Check-up

Dra. Chely is amazing. This was the day for Anouk’s check-up which included worming pills and rabies shot. Dra. Chely inspected Anouk’s ears and did a thorough exam of our dog’s teeth and mouth condition. All good news now, but Dra. Chely pointed to enamel lost because of bad diet fed by Anouk’s earlier owners. (Remember Anouk is a rescue dog.) Fur condition outstanding — shines. Dra. Chely asked what dog food we are feeding Anouk and gave immediate approval of our selection. Should mention she said “no treats” because Anouk is overweight and cautioned this is bad for her heart. Longer walks needed! Except for a weight problem (my fault because I am the “food lady”), Anouk’s heart, lungs, feet, etc., are in excellent condition.  Dra. Chely kissed our dog, gave her a hug and said to me “Anouk has a good home now”. Everyone happy and home we go.




Kenny Serracin Opening Night





Second year - Educational Program!

Because we work really really hard for animal welfare in Boquete. Today, we went to visit some schools for setting up the dates for our second year of Amigos de Animales - DogCamp Educational Program, because education is the key for the future. Thank you to Dalys from Amigos de Boquete and Sherry Shirritt!!!