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Alternating Tuesday Community Social Events -- Bingo and Team Trivia

This announcement is no longer active


Be advised that beginning in June 2019 there now are two different social events that are coordinated on alternating Tuesdays so that the Boquete community can enjoy both. One of those events is the Team Trivia, which is held at Skateworld in Alto Boquete. The other is Bingo, which is sponsored by ACCBoquete and held at La Posada in Bajo Boquete.

Here are links to the two calendar events to help you keep track of which Tuesday is which event:

Both of these events display in the "Upcoming Events" panel here on CL. While at the homepage, just look at the right hand side, and the next 25 events are displayed in chronological order.

CL Management urges our community to support both of these events, which means that you get to socialize with your friends, have some good food and drink, and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

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