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CL Software Is Experiencing Problems -- Now ***RESOLVED*** -- UPDATED May 24th

This announcement is no longer active


Update as of 7:00AM on Friday, May 24th.

The underlying failure of the CL software application has now been identified and resolved. Full service functionality is being restored, and should be completed within a few hours today.

The root cause was determined to be events having been posted on the CL calendar that contained bogus dates. We are assuming those postings were unintentional mistakes, but when the software attempted to resolve and compute 3,000 years worth of repeating events (take those words literally) the server just choked. Steps are being taken to assure "reasonable" dates will be enforced from this point forward prior to accepting event postings.

Again, CL management apologizes for the inconvenience. A huge amount of resources were expended in resolving this matter. Steps definitely are being taken to prevent any recurrence.

Total outage time was approximately six days (one day of complete outage, and five days of reduced functionality) caused by this errant posting of a flawed event.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

CL Management

Update as of 7:00PM on Tuesday, May 21st.

The underlying failure has been narrowed down to the calendar functionality, but there may be other unrelated spinoff issues. In order to restore some stability to the website, the calendar functions on CL have been temporarily suspended. That means that upcoming events will also not be displayed. That is not good news because CL has been the only widely used community event calendar.

We will update as more details become available. We request your patience, and we acknowledge that we are causing an inconvenience for many people in our community.

The software that drives the Chiriqui.Life website began experiencing problems on Saturday, May 18th. This issue is known to management and is being diagnosed. The functionality that is known to be most affected deals with what is known as the activity stream, but there may be other spinoff issues. This is a very subtle error which has been escalated to a high level within the service provider.

As soon as the trouble shooting determines the root cause then the error can be fixed, but again this is a very subtle error situation.

We regret and apologize for the inconveniences being experienced by our users.

If you wish to communicate with CL management, please send an email to support@chiriqui.life.

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